A teacher’s worst nightmare

A teacher’s worst nightmare

These are some of the updates I posted on Facebook recently so thought I’d just put them here too.

Last week, something horrifying and traumatizing happened, and it’s especially scarier now that i’m a teacher so i feel like a parent to all my kids.

After choral speaking practice, the kids left and went back home. I drove out to get lunch and I saw a crowd a little further down the road from school. I rolled my window down to ask if anyone needs a ride, and the sight that greeted me back shocked me so much my heart stopped.

Lying on the road, was my student. There was blood all over his face and arms and legs. Someone carried him into my car and we immediately rushed him to the clinic. When we were there, I held on to his hand while we waited for the doctor. His face was in an UTTER mess. His lips were split, there was thick red blood all over. On his eyelids, on his nose, on my hands, on my baju kurung. He was semi conscious and was slipping into unconsciousness, so I had to keep telling him to WAKE UP! Don’t sleep, please hold on! I’m here look at me! while maintaining eye contact. It was hard because I’m really not a fan of gory films but I need him to know that I’m there.The doctor took over after that and his friends (all kids from my class) helped me clean the blood off my car. There were stains all over. Splotches on my seat, on my badminton racket, on my shoes, on my books, on my dumbbells. But we cleaned and cleaned in silence.

He was then rushed to the hospital in a further town because he suffered memory loss as well. He was riding his bike when he lost control, and he was flung out of it and hit his head on the lamp post.

I will never forget the look of fear and pain in his eyes, the blood on his long eyelashes, him softly saying “tolong…tolong…tolong” despite us being in the clinic already. Just thinking about it gives me the lump in my throat. I really hope he gets well soon!

This was my initial post. Two days later, we heard that this boy had been discharged from the hospital so we went to visit after choral practice!

Before I went in the house, all my kids who were already there rushed out to warn me of how gory his face was. I cringed but rushed in to see him, and found him sitting sadly on the couch. His face was indeed a mess – he had seven stitches on his forehead, three on his lips. His lips were swollen to three times its size and he’d lost a few teeth. His whole body was covered with wounds as well, and he can’t walk nor move much. He also broke a rib.

He was clearly very very down and sad. The first thing he said to me was “Teacher, sorry saya tak dapat pergi choral speaking (sorry I couldn’t go choral speaking)”

When I heard that I was so freaking sad!!! This kid just went through a really bad time and all he thought of was upsetting me. The conversation moved on to his accident, to road safety etc but then he said again:

“Teacher how was the choral practice?”
“Teacher, I’m sure everyone will perform well”
“Teacher, I wish I could join choral”

Again and again. I was so touched I wanted to cry. Even thinking about it again makes me want to cry. I told him that the spot is still open for him but he doesn’t have to perform, I just want him to go and see his friends perform, provided of course if he’s healthy enough. His mom who was there was happy and said she gives her consent for me to bring him out. His eyes lighted up and he said he really wants to go. Everyone who was there clapped and cheered. It was such a joyous moment T__T

“Teacher, do you think people at the event will laugh at my face?”

“No way, I’ll laugh at THEIR face if they do” (I know I’m such a bad role model hahah)

Then after a while, he said: “Teacher, thank you for saving me. I heard you asking me to wake up wake up don’t sleep. I couldn’t remember whose voice was that but now I remember”

T______________T I had to tahan macho cos so many students were there but I was really touched. I kept looking at him and smiling cause he looked SOOO sad but then he started tearing so I teared too wtf *weak

Then I remembered that I’m a teacher and I should be stern and all so I gave him (and other kids) a good lecture on road safety and how he’s been given another chance at life and how he should appreciate it and how hard his mom raised him and so on. After being a teacher, I’ve learned to spin a ton of moral values out of any situation. If I take SPM Moral again, I’d have gotten A1 for sure this time!