I bought a new phone cause my blackberry died on me in India, and I’ve been going on an Instagram frenzy! I’ve been posting on Facebook a lot more and Audrey thinks I should post those pictures up here too, since I’ve obviously been neglecting my blog lately.

So in an effort to win back my readers, I’m going to blog as often as I put pictures on instagram!! *cheers

Well I’m going to TRY my best since it’s actually quite a lot of hassle to post at so many different places, but I will cos I’m still a blogger at heart 🙂

For this post, I’ll post up a few of those I’ve already posted on fb with the same captions too.

March 5

“I try and try to no avail everyday, but I’ll get up, dust the hurt and frustrations off my knees and try again.”

Wrote this after a TERRIBLE class and I needed to motivate myself to get back up again.

March 6


“You can destroy the posters all you want, but I’m just gonna make some more #nevergivingup”

After the terrible class, I made a new poster of the rules/policies of our class since they tore down the previous one.

March 7


“I don’t know what it was that made this super challenging class so amazing today – maybe cos I called the naughty ones out in assembly yesterday and they’re all scared now, or the change in seat arrangement to sitting in groups and giving group points (they could never do this before), or the fairly interesting activities, or maybe just their current mood, OR even a combination of all the above – but I’ll take whatever little or small successes I can get right now 🙂 #smallsteps”

Tried out a few new things and surprisingly, that same crazy class went REALLY well that day!

March 8


“So glad that all the preparation for these centers paid off 🙂 but still need to find ways to push my kids further and not rely on me too much!

Today I took the role of a cameraman in class, and told them that I’m not a teacher so they can’t ask me questions and they will have to figure out the answers among themselves.
Still need lotsa work to get them to be more independent, but they really did try hard today *proud”

This was another class. Remember I spoke about incorporating values in class? This was me trying to instill the values of independence and teamwork in the lesson.

Okay these are just the teasers, I’ll post more in a few days! (che wah got teasers some more hahah)