You can go to London, Paris or Rome

You can go to London, Paris or Rome

You know I have this really weak and challenging class and I dread it so much whenever I have them the next day. What I did not realize is that this class, this awful gut-wrenching bloody-tears-inducing class is the main reason why I work so much harder each day.

For my other classes, I can do a mediocre job planning and it’ll still be fine but with THIS class, they’ll slaughter me alive in five seconds flat if I come in unprepared. Sometimes I tell myself that I hate them so so much, and yet I know they are the ones I would go the greatest lengths for.

This class has a huge problem with motivation so today I thought I’ll bring the world to them. We wrote an essay on our dream holidays last week and almost all of them wrote their dream holiday is to go Seremban or Malacca. They basically don’t know where else they could go otherwise!

So today we looked at pictures of Paris, London, Egypt, the seven wonders of the world, Disneyland! the Aurora!, Hawaii! and while I got more and more excited when I talked about those places, the kids got less and less interested and more belligerent.

“Ala who cares about those places!”

“What is that mouse in front of Disneyland?? Why would I want to see a mouse??”

“Big Ben? Big Bodoh la!”

Honestly, I was super heartbroken la. First of all, I spent hours preparing for this lesson and felt like a fool standing in front getting all excited for nothing. But then it sank in. Of course they don’t care, they don’t even know what Mickey Mouse is!!!! They don’t grow up watching western shows and reading about these places, so of course it meant nothing to them.

After like 30 mins of me basically trying to get them to be excited by masking my disappointment and maintaining my enthusiasm, they reluctantly started writing their letters on their dream holidays to Sawittri.

But what I did not see coming was while they worked on their letters, they started getting interested in those places. They started asking questions about Eiffel Tower, and how much would it cost to fly to London, and if Taj Mahal is really that beautiful, and teacher, best tak pergi Disneyland?


They came to my computer and started drawing the places in their letters and putting so much effort into making the Eiffel Tower more beautiful than it already is.


I was so close to giving up on them, and what they really needed was for me to be really REALLY patient and to show them what they’ve been missing out on. One day.. my kids will conquer the world and will then realize what their teacher was so excited about.

(I know sometimes I sound so positive in my long posts but in actuality my kids are still as challenging as always, stealing my cellotape when I was collecting their letters, throwing papers everywhere for this maid to collect and shouting like hooligans when I let them out of class..but I guess a little positivity won’t hurt)


p.s: Loga’s letter was the most impressive one. after getting the instructions, he took his chair and went to the furthest corner of the room to finish his letter. he pasted bits of TFM’s logo (don’t know where he got them from?!) and added so much stuff into his letter. SO PROUD CAN CRY.