May you marry me?

May you marry me?

Today, this boy who is really cheeky but has never really spoken English in class came to me at the end of class, having mustered all the courage his small 14 yr old body can contain.

“Teacher I ask two questions. Can I help carry the box and may you marry me?”

Sigh even after 2 years, they’re still trying their luck hoping I’ll eventually say yes some day. Oh well at least he spoke English!


p.s: i know i’m being lazy with my blog, but I’ve truly been super occupied lately. School holidays just ended and I spent half the holiday at the beach and the other half preparing for interviews.

yes, it’s finally time to think about what I want to do after the fellowship! Sadly, I am not going to continue teaching in this current school I’m at now (due to many many reasons, nothing to do with my passion for teaching and the kids, obviously). The kids all know I’m leaving end of this year and have been giving me lots of excuses why I should stay. The best one is this:

“Teacher, I can’t wait to see you pregnant!”


“You know, we see teachers go from being single to married to being pregnant all the time. I’m sad I can’t see you pregnant. Will you stay here pleaseeee!”

Kids, sometimes I don’t know how much my heart can take the love I have for all of you.

Anyway I’m still looking for other avenues related to teaching, especially with younger kids so if you know anything, let me know!