It took me two years to see changes in this one boy but I think I’ve finally seen a glimpse of that elusive light at the end of the tunnel today!

This boy is pretty good in English but he is so super stubborn and refused to do homework for the two years I’ve taught him. He slept in class, was never on task and ignored my consequences. When asked, he said he just doesn’t care that much about English.


The crumpled paper on the left was submitted by him a few months ago, after much force and as you can see, he did it very grudgingly.

I don’t know what I did or why he suddenly turned around, but he finished his homework for the first time last month and when I read it, it was actually really good! I read it out in class and was all praises when he finally admitted that he used google translate.

Well….the fact that he even cared enough to google translate was enough for me. T___T (tears of joy)

But things started getting better! I told him I know he can write it well even without help and the week after, he submitted his essay (the one in the middle, written in pencil) and proudly announced to the class that he didnt use google translate this time!

I corrected it immediately and told him I’ll use it to put in the showcase file for this class, but I need him to correct it first and rewrite it in pen. Give it to me next week, I said. No, I’ll give it to you tomorrow, he said.

True enough, tada! I got it the next day. I read it a little; it was flawless and beautiful and was written so neatly and look at that amount of words!!!! Tears were streaming inside me but when he gave it to me, I said coolly, “I hope there are no silly mistakes this time”
To which he replied, “if there are I’ll rewrite it right now”

T__________T *clouds parting *birds singing *harps playing in the background

I swear I died and went to heaven right at that moment. But of course I had to stay alive so I can write about it here wtf

Why oh why did you wait two years to do this?? Right before I leave?? *holds his shoulders and shakes him for answer

But I know exactly what his reply would be. “Better late than never, teacher”
(To clarify, I’ve used all kinds of techniques with this kid. Affirmation, praises, calling home, home visits, disciplinary punishments, serious talks about future, begging on knees, kind words etc, NOTHING has ever worked. But then again, it could be a combination of all these that finally worked. Gosh I don’t know, it’s so hard to tell sometimes with kids! I just hope he keeps this up)