My kids’ first trip to KL

My kids’ first trip to KL


I miss my blog! And my readers! (anyone still reading? haha)

Truth is I really really want to start blogging actively again but you know what happens when someone stops exercising for a long time, they just get super lazy. Even when I’m relatively free now because of the school holidays, I much prefer just posting on facebook/instagram instead.

BUT! I want to blog more often again since having them on here is a much better archive than on other social media platforms. So here goes!

It’s been a pretty crazy month since I last blogged. In fact it’s been a SUPER crazy two years since I last blogged actively (a post a month doesn’t quite summarize how it had been). I’ve fallen so much that my knees are all scraped and bruised now, but I’ve also been picked up by numerous people along the way that has made this journey more tolerable for me.

So let’s see, where do I begin? I think I’ll start slowly, by posting bit by bit on things I’ve been wanting to talk about. I’ve even thought of writing more personal stuff so I’ll put them in protected posts and send the passwords to those who subscribed last time! But scared they don’t read my blog anymore and I’ll be spamming people >.>


I started the above three days ago and got distracted by things and forgot to continue T___T HOW lah like this.

I was mainly distracted by this:

photo (1)

Haih so cute how to abandon him to blog instead?? Since I’m so free, I’ve been camping at Aud’s place to help take care of baby Jude (aka Fighter) and he’s become soooo adorableeeee! He now knows how to stare at you with big round adoring eyes and knows how to smile to melt all your worries away!

Speaking of adorable, let me tell you about the time I brought two of my students home for the weekend! Actually I feel so lazy talking about it on my blog cause I’ve already talked about it on my facebook/instagram/twitter. How to feel semangat to blog with the existence of bite-sized social media??

Anywayyyy, so I’ve always wanted to do this before I stop teaching. Early in the year, I told the kids that one of the rewards for doing well and showing improvement in class is a trip to KL and I’m glad that my mentor, Sawittri, organized an outing for us so that I finally have a reason to bring the kids back!

Honestly, I REALLY didn’t want to do so at first. Of course it’ll be nice for the kids but at the same time, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to mix my kampung cikgu and my urban city girl’s lives together. I’d have to bring them back to stay in my house for 3 days and they’d follow me everywhere you know!

But I’m so glad I did it because I know for a fact that they will remember this for life.

First of all, it’s because I chose the two students who have NEVER been to any city before, much less KL. They both come from challenging backgrounds and are still one of my best students ever. One of the girls’ family cannot even afford spending RM 46 for school trips so all 7 siblings have never been to KL before. When I told them about this trip, they couldn’t sleep for nights (reported by their families hahaha) and were so excited!


This is when they got to my house and I gave them ice cream. They spent the next 30 mins or so just watching the pool and commenting on everything that’s happening. SO ADORABLE LIKE CRAZY!

You know, coming from the city and from a more privileged background, I don’t think I’ve met anyone quite like these kids. Not just these two girls but most of my kids in general. They are extremely extremely respectful, caring, helpful and humble. Everytime I think about them, I always feel like I’m the one who is so incredibly lucky to have met them.


We went to 1utama that night with my family and walked around!

The next day, we went to FRIM for jungle trekking! Not really anything new for them since the jungle to them is like a “kebun” behind their houses hahaha


Then we had scrumptious food at Hotel Armada! It’s their first time at a buffet so it was really overwhelming at first. Doesn’t help that I forced them to try food like pasta (hated it), sushi and wasabi (they almost puked lollll), and mint ice cream (TEACHER why the ice cream got angin?? HAHAHA)


But I think they did enjoy getting to eat as much as they want 🙂 I know I did *glutton wtf


Then we went to the TFM office in KL Sentral!


“WOW teacher, your office can see the whole city! We want to work here when we are adults too!”

You have no idea how much I want you to be able to do that too when you grow up..


We went to KLCC next using the LRT and it was my kids’ first time on a train. They were very very impressed and it made me feel sad a little that I hardly use the train now and always resorted to driving instead.


I’m like their paparazzi lol.

Made them order the drinks on their own (in English!) if they want me to pay for it.


Finally, the magnificent KLCC!


We had dinner at the food court (cause I’m quite broke haha) but wow, I didn’t expect my kids to enjoy it that much. They couldn’t stop raving about the sizzling noodle and the variety of food and it just made me feel like I’ve really taken things for granted these days.

Heck, the whole trip was such a humbling experience for me honestly.

When I asked the kids how was their sleep, the first thing they said was how comfortable and nice the mattress is.

When I asked them what their favourite part of the trip was, they said they loved walking around the mall and eating ice cream with my family.

When I offered to buy them gifts, the first things they bought are all for their families first. And then they didn’t want to get anything for themselves to help me save money.

Where to find kids like this these days??


Around 10 pm, after 14 hours of being out, I asked the kids if they were tired.

“No lah teacher, I usually sleep at 1 am!”

“Yeah I sometimes sleep at 3 am you know!”

Barely 3 minutes into our car ride home, they fell into a deep slumber all the way till we reached home hahahha

The next day when we had to leave to go back to our village, they were SO SO SO sad and promised they’ll come back here again and will study really hard. I have complete faith that they will not let me (and themselves) down 🙂


In my next post, I’ll talk about my last trip to my village and the whole week of farewell with my kids (super emotional one haha). Stay tuned wtf