A brand new start

A brand new start

Hi guys!

So as you can see, my blog is under a huge spam attack! Every post has HUNDREDS of comments now, mostly spam. There are posts with THOUSANDS of comments!! Wah such a popular blogger huh now. People who are here for the first time would think I’m a super big shot. Talk about teaching also can get 1030 comments wtf

Anyway, I’m changing my entire comment system to Disqus to prevent spam now and sadly, it would wipe out ALLLLLLLLLL my precious comments from my entire blog. It was a really hard decision to make since I really REALLY value all my readers’ comments very much. In fact, I hardly care about page views but the number and quality of comments are very important to me.

But after I found out that even my readers who left comments are getting spammed too, I guess I had to do it.

Disqus is awesome cause you can like comments too!

So I hope you like this brand new start to my blog! And I’m also going to be moving towards more posts unrelated to teaching too, so yeap, a new start!