Thank You Teacher promo video

I was very very fortunate to be approached by NTV7 a few months ago to do a documentary on a teacher’s life. The producer for the show interviewed me early last year for Malaysia Hari Ini and thought it’ll be nice to do a longer feature!

Honestly I’ve been super stressed up about this since the filming took about two weeks (spanned over a few different months) and already I was super busy in school. But I’m glad I did it cause it pushed me to try harder for my kids and of course I could also use it as an incentive.
“Do better cause you’ll be on TV! Do you want your family and friends to see you not putting in your absolute best??” and it REALLY worked!

It’ll be shown on NTV 7, 7.30 pm, next Tues 10 DEC. The promo is out for it too!

I won’t be here next week (going to Cambodia for a week!!) so let me know how it goes 🙂

p.s: yes I cried A LOT during filming hahaha. Emotional lah this teacher.

p.p.s: please ignore my fat face and pimples T__T


  1. SadSweatleefan says:

    I wanted to send you something for you and your kids but its pass the due date.. ): Can we still send it to the mail address on your facebook events or not?

  2. Yie Sue says:

    I am truly touched by your passion in teaching and it is very blessed to do things that you are really into it. Is there any other way watching this show online? I am from Singapore.

  3. B says:

    Your passion is so inspiring! It burns right through the TV screen! I’m not just saying this as one of your biggest fan but you really do touch me with your sincerity, passion, integrity and hard work towards what you believe in.

  4. Joshua Rockerfeller says:

    Hye ! Teacher , i just saw your program on Ntv7 . Its was one amazing thing that you have done to the kids and its not easy . WELL DONE to you , im doing English Education first year and you really made me excited to became a teacher in the future . Thank You , hope to listen to you more ,
    *FACEBOOK: Joshua Rockerfeller

  5. Dan says:

    I’m quite impressed with you, I did came across your blog before though I’m not an avid follower. I saw your show on ntv7 last night. What I like most about you besides your dedication to teaching, is your non-discrimination towards races, you treat all the kids of different mixes of ethnicity with love. That’s admirable, and do continue your efforts.

  6. janet says:

    Agree with Dan. You are an inspiring person,, I hope my daughter will be like you, and to have more teachers like you in msia. I grew up in real kampung in pendalaman sarawak, until primary 1 I follow my mum to a small city for my primary school, surprisingly enough im always in top 3 in class without all the tuisyen or extra class. I always thought that teachers are just for guidance, and its always depend on ourselves to get a good result. However now I have my own daughter, I would like for her to get exposure from all the early education esp on the play learn method like in montessori schools. I hope our education system will get to another level by people like you.

  7. Bear Seal says:

    Remind me about my mother, who is a primary school teacher. Thank you for being a teacher, I hope it is your passion. I hope you will bring understanding and enlightenment to the students.

  8. J says:

    I’m not from Malaysia, but I’d love to watch if you manage to get hold of a copy and upload it. I started tutoring weak students a while back with the sole intention of supplementing my income as a graduate student. Even as a tutor I get emotionally invested and totally know where you’re coming from in feeling exasperated and helpless when you can’t get through to them. I’ve no doubts you made an impact on them over the two years. The good ones usually do, and with the amount of effort you’ve put in, I’d say you went over and beyond what a good teacher does. Kudos to you 🙂

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