The once in a lifetime opportunity

Sorry I’ve been missing again! I went to Cambodia two weeks ago and had an AMAZING time, which I promise I’ll talk about soon cos it’s so amazing I want everyone to go there!

Anyway, while I was away, the documentary came out! THANK YOU SO MUCH to people who watched it that day!!!! But I know a lot of people will not have the opportunity to watch it since it’s on a weekday night so here’s the link to watch it online:
(It’ll probably link you to the homepage if you’re using your phone, so search for magseven and it’s titled “episode 39, magseven 2013”)

Unfortunately, I can’t upload the video on youtube due to copyright issues, so you’ll have to watch it on The sucky part is you’d have to sign in but you can use my account if you want! (username: sweatlee, pswrd: sweatlee)

Tell me what you think of it! Some parts’ voiceover are done in the studio so it sounds a bit different. And yes, don’t have to tell me I look fat and have a lot of pimples, I’m aware of that! For some reason, people think I don’t know and find it crucial to point them out wtf. I barely have time to put on makeup for this T___T REALLY not easy to be a teacher.

Alright I hope you’ll like it! And I’m really happy that all the students featured here did really well for their PMR too!! 😀


  1. staplebullet says:


    You still look very pretty! This is coming from someone who has been reading your blog since you were still in college ! I miss reading your blog entries!

    The video is really inspiring! I find myself crying when you cried too wtf.
    I’m studying to be a radiographer. Even though we are two different occupation, but your journey as a teacher for TFM really inspires me to give back to the society.

    Oh! I’ve went to Cambodia on a volunteer program recently and I had a lot of fun too!

    • sweatlee says:

      hello! thanks for still reading! hahah actually when i rewatched this i also cried when i cried on tv wtf hahaha. yeah i really like cambodia! so cool, what’s a radiographer?

  2. yuhhui says:

    Niceee !! you look so professional and i think you’re a wonderful teacher. It’s seriously very inspiring ! Like your dedication towards your students. Btw, you look really pretty lah..=D

  3. YT says:

    Suet you are amazing, not a lot of people willing to take on such challenge and follow it though so well. You have done great, and it might be a life changing English lesson for some children too! All the best for the future and happy new year 🙂

  4. hildamilda says:

    I just watched your video too! It did make me tear a little inside too, I’ve always been following your teaching journey on your blog and I just wanna tell you that you’re such an inspiration and I’ve really got to salute you for your passion and determination. I really hope there are still teachers out there who are as passionate as you in teaching (: #TeamSweatLee

  5. kreazi says:

    That was an extremely amazing video (hahaha, I laughed when you suddenly realized you said too many “extremely”)… and I teared when you teared as well. Very touching and although I haven’t been commenting much, I still follow your blog posts from time to time. You have done a great job and being a lecturer myself, I understand how frustrating it could be sometimes! Well done 🙂

  6. Jamie says:

    You are such an inspiration to our generation and people! Keep the spirit going!! What you have given to the kids are just way beyond. You are beautiful inside out!

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  9. Bella says:

    Same here, watching it from the UK & it’s blocked 🙁 Anyway Teacher Suet, I like that you give out your username & password for us to watch that video, it’s so thoughtful. No one likes to create a whole account only to find out it’s blocked outside the country eishhh. That aside, you’ve done a wonderful job :’) On behalf of the Malaysians abroad & my future kids too (lol), THANK YOU.

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  28. Janice says:

    Hi Suet Li, thank you so much for such inspiring video that make me tear. You inspired me so much. Your strong spirit definitely taught me to not give up easily in things we do. My university was promoting tfm for a few times and it never hit me about this things as im really not smart enough to share my knowledge but watching this touches me on how you never give up to share your knowledge with this kids. Way to go! 🙂

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