Ups and downs

Hey guys, check this out! Most hardworking (retired) blogger in the world man, blogging once a week! Though admittedly I have zero energy to talk about anything right now but when I saw the comments where so many people (all 8 of you wtf) encouraged me and said such nice things, so I felt a tad guilty if I don’t blog. And it’s good because I know for a fact that if I start typing, I can never stop one. Seriously, I can just go on and on about everything and nothing until my fingers die on me. The problem is always just finding enough motivation to start typing.

Speaking of motivation, I started something last week. So you see, this is the context. Ever since I became a teacher, I’ve been piling on weight like nobody’s business. I also found out that I have super high cholesterol (trust me, higher than anyone I’ve ever known) and my metabolic rate is so low that my food takes a week to digest or something ridiculous like that T___T

So I started cutting carbs from my life (only allow myself 50g a day) to see what happens. I’ve been eating normally before this (and if you know me, you’d know that my normal is below an average person’s meal portion), and I’m STILL putting on weight which baffles me to no end. I realize that if I want this to be successful, I need to announce my new diet plan to everyone I know. This is most commonly known as a commitment device, and since my reputation is on the line, I’d have no choice but to stick to it.

Except that unfortunately, in Msia, it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to have a low carb diet. The other day, everyone wanted to go to the noodles shop and I had no choice but to drink fishball soup and almost starved to death mid-day. Went to check my weight at the end of the week, guess what? gained 0.6 kg. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFffffff

But I’m sticking to this and upping my exercise routine (from once a week to hopefully 3 times a week….soon lol).


Anyway, on a completely 180 degrees unrelated note, I’ve been very obsessed about the MH370 mystery. In the beginning, I was crazily disturbed by it since a few of my colleagues actually are close friends with someone on the plane and she also works in our next-door office. We had an interfaith prayers the other day and almost everyone had wet eyes by the end of it.

So for the past week at work, I’ve been refreshing my twitter feed every 3 mins or so, hoping to finally hear something come out of it. Not only nothing positive did, things are starting to get more and more bizarre everyday that it’s painful to read anything on the news anymore. The worst blow is when the pilot is connected to Anwar and it was insinuated everywhere that he did it as a political revenge.

Horrible on all fronts. What if he didn’t, and he either comes back to see that the entire country turned against him, or to have everyone doubting and blaming an innocent man? If he did, we are in no position to make that judgment based on some weak statement by “an unidentified official” or his “friends”. It always always comes back full circle to Anwar doesn’t it? How terribly creative.

Seriously, after spending so many years in solitary confinement patiently, and finally getting a chance to fight for what’s right and being pushed back by the ruling coalition over and over again, to getting sentenced another 5 years yet again – and now this.

As an agnostic, it’s very difficult for me to pray to nothing but I really sincerely hope that 1. this has nothing to do with politics , 2. that they are all safe somewhere awaiting rescue, and while they’re waiting, they have been feasting on delicious food in an island somewhere and living in oblivion to the chaos that has befallen our country, and 3. that we remain united and steadfast in our strong support for each other in this difficult time, and will not let anyone, especially not our “leaders” and media divide us further.



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  1. Rachel Seet says:

    Sweatlee, the trick behind dieting is to cheat your tummy! 😀 you need protein! Protein takes twice as long to digest compared to carbs! So in another sense, you’ll feel full longer when you have a protein-laden-less-carbs meal compared to entirely less-carbs meal. Could go for boiled or fried eggs mainly the whites not the yolk! 🙂 and exercising goes together in increasing your metabolism rate too though I gotta admit I still have to work on this haha so ya for sad people like us whereby our fate is to just balloon up just by breathing, we gotta work harder and be more cautious of what we eat 😀 good luck!

  2. Tenshichn says:

    It’s so true that the absurdly twisting updates r driving everyone off the news. It’s like oh, this story didn’t work. let’s think of another story to tell. =( really hope everyone is safe and sound..

  3. Agathagir says:

    Heyy! I sent you an fb message , regarding where we could send our preloved books/letters to your old rural school ? Is there an address for them? 🙂

  4. don says:

    Hello.. i bet your cholestherol level cant beat me or my bf when we went for first check up 3 years ago. I was 7.2 and my bf was 9! Is this not the most ridiculously high for an age 26 girl!! ._.

  5. Petite SS says:

    You Can read the book The Four Hour Body by Tim Harris. I’m a petite girl (152cm) but last year my weight was at 49kg and it shocked me! It’s true that it is really hard to maintain a low carb diet in Malaysia and I totally understand how all your friends are gobbling noodles and rice while we ear fishballs, wontons or sui gaos. What more for me whose favourite drink is teh ais 🙁 but it actually works as my colleague did this and she lost 10kg in about 3 months. Try snacking on fruits when you’re hungry. Green tea helps too.

  6. prav says:

    Hey, im being a littleee bit nosy here but have you got your thyroid function etc checked oht? Only asking because it sounds very unusual to gain weight when you arent eating much!

  7. Francesca says:

    So good to see you writing again now!! you got our support on being healthy diet. it takes lots of discipline and I know how hard to do that in Malaysia cos you surrounded by food and people who loves to eat : )
    You can do it! I moved to Seattle bout 8 years ago and yes, it is easier here : ) but it takes time for me to change my view bout what I am putting inside my body. Once you get the idea that our body is what we eat, it changes you for the better

  8. Chester says:

    Hey..thought wanted comment on your cholesterol when i first saw it during your earlier post. So happened I also found that i have the same issue right after CNY. Here is my reading before and after (just less than 3 weeks to make the different), although many ppl (doctor, doctors, pharmacist, friends, google, etc etc) telling me diet will not be fast and would not be much different but the result is evidence. im 29 btw. No medicine. Just sharing with you what I did to bring down my cholesterol, as im shocked myself how fast it came down (i think it went up already since i start slacking after the good result lol). This is resulting from the doctor wanting to put me on medication which i refused.

    BEFORE (19 Feb 2014):
    TOTAL – 7.2
    HDL – 0.97
    LDL – 5.4
    HDL/LDL ratio – 7.4
    Trig – 1.8

    AFTER (10 March 2014)
    Total – 4.6
    HDL – 1.3
    LDL – 3.0
    HDL/LDL ratio – 3.5
    Trig – 0.6

    Yes just less than 3 weeks. No statin.

    Things I do/eat:
    – biogrow daily 4 – 5 scoops
    – run 9km/session (an hour) for 4 – 5 times a week
    – 5 green juice daily in the morning (apple, green pepper, celery, cucumber, bittergourd) –
    – no outside food, all cooked at home.
    – change white rice to brown rice
    – salmon (tefal pan fry without oil, just add some mix herbs)
    – steam chicken breast (de-skinned)
    – cherry tomato, almond etc
    – no coffee
    – no alcohol/smoke

    Goodluck in bringing down urs! 🙂

  9. aylwin says:

    You’re the most beautiful teacher ever. Wish I had teachers as gorgeous as you.

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