A brand new start


A couple of days before 2014 ended, we moved into our new home! Well it’s not exactly ours since we’re just renting, but it’s still extremely exciting for us as we embark on this new journey to be adults.


It’s a pretty small place, just enough for the two of us, but we wanted somewhere where we’d feel comfortable and want to go home to. This place is pretty far from the city but has great facilities! Shops are really close by, we feel safe and just love everything to do with this place. Plus, it’s brand new so we don’t need to do tons of cleaning.

One huge sofa, one table, a bed, kitchen cabinet and a few shelves, and this place is all furnished!


It has a gym too..which I’ve yet to use. I really need to cancel my gym membership now.. :(


Time to build our bookshelf..


Tada, and I did this almost single-handedly too! Super pleased with it cos it’s only RM59 from Ikea :D :D #elcheapoisback


The wardrobe was quite difficult to transport in a Myvi and took two days to assemble, but also very very happy with it cos it’s only RM299. It’s almost impossible to find a 3 door wardrobe for this price anywhere!


On NYE, we had our first group of visitors over to celebrate New Year! Thank you for coming all the way here despite the traffic Jammie, Kelvs and Hawa <3


Before the clock struck 12.

We wanted to watch the fireworks in Desa Park but we heard the traffic there was HORRIBLE. So we went downstairs and hoped that we’d be able to see it from here instead.

True enough…


TADA! Very lucky to get a clear view of the 8-min fireworks show!

No need to get stuck in traffic for hours, no need to wade through human traffic in an overcrowded place, no need to wait aimlessly making small talks. So happy T______T I love my new place T____T


The next day, we chilled at home talking about everything and nothing. Suddenly spoke about a business idea and this is Kelvs, who immediately sprung into action creating a business plan and pitching it to us. Lol so that’s how we started our year.


We watched this indie film about multiple realities called “Coherence” projected on our wall after that. Movie started out slow but ended up being a surprisingly good film!

The pic is not of Coherence, it’s the new Hindi film called PK staring Aamir Khan, which we had to stop halfway while watching cos the subtitle sucked so bad and I couldn’t understand a thing. Need to start learning Hindi so I can be a true blue Indian woman.

☑ Worn saree (multiple times)
☑ Tied own saree (with youtube’s help)
☑ Eat Indian food on a weekly basis
☑ Prayed at temples
☑ Celebrated Deepavali
☑ Watched most popular Hindi and Tamil films
☑ Can recite a few famous Rajinikanth quotes
☑ Watched a few Indian movies in theater
☐ Cooked Indian food
☐ Speak Tamil/Hindi



This is from today where Karthik made freshly-brewed coffee with our new coffee machine generously sold to us at a very good price from a blogger friend (thanks Jen!), and we spent all afternoon lazing around drinking coffee and listening to songs on Spotify.

I can’t believe we’re such adults now, living on our own and all that. It sometimes still feels very strange that I’m now in my late 20s. Can you believe it?? If you’ve been reading since I started blogging, can you believe that we’re both (if you were presumably in your teens when you first started) in our late 20s??!?!?!

We’ve passed our quarter life crises, have completed our studies, have worked a few years, are at a marriageable age (HAH) and in a couple of years, will probably have kids :O :O :O I still feel so much like a kid, no idea how I can take care of more kids! (as much as I LOVE kids)

Funny how being an adult is so daunting, no matter how long I’ve been an adult.

I think the scariest part is having the freedom to decide how I want to live my life. When I was younger, it didn’t quite matter how I want to live my life, since I feel like I have tons of opportunity to change things around. Now that I’m close to being 30, every day seems so..important. It’s like if I don’t choose wisely how I spend my days now, I’ll never get those days back ever again and my life will remain unaccomplished and mediocre forever.

Ok I need to restructure my thoughts around this better before I write them out so it doesn’t sound so bleak and sad haha. Why am I always still at a soul-searching phase?? How come it doesn’t ever end!

Anywayyyyyy I’m going to start the year the healthy way by going for a swim now, hope you’ll have a great 2015 ahead!


From the both of us :)

This year, I’m anticipating a thousand times more “So when are YOU getting married??” questions. How dreadful T__T You’ll find out when we send you a card, asking that question just makes everyone feel awkward…..
And having been to so many weddings this year, I don’t think I’ll ever be ready. There’s way too much pressure so if I ever do get married, I’ll invite 100 people at most! Oh wait I haven’t talked about my sister’s super small and intimate wedding. Maybe in the next post!

  • jan

    Wow. Great! Wish u the best in 2015 and more…

    • sweatlee

      Thanks same to you! :D

  • Zoe

    Ahhhh the promise of a new year and a brand new place to call home….such a good feeling!

    • sweatlee

      It really is!

  • http://www.butabanasaurus.wordpress.com/ Suu

    D’awwwww! Happy new year, Suet! Happy that you’re back on the blog!

    • sweatlee

      Happy new year Suu! Thanks for still reading :D

  • Tina Ng


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      omg what did I do to warrant such affection??

  • yo

    So great seeing you to be back in blogging again! you are always my inspiration to try to make more contribution to the society. so please blog more though I know you are super busy :)

    • sweatlee

      Thank you!!! I will try, thanks for reading :)

  • Kelvin Tan Kuan Fook

    OMG YOU’RE BACKKKK!!!!!!!!!!

    • sweatlee

      Lol I’ve been back for a whileeee

  • Georgie

    I think we will always be at the “soul-searching” phase.

    My work in consulting and industry has taken me from New Zealand through to LatAm. The more I see and experience, the more I tend to indulge in “soul-searching”. The more I think I know, the more confused I become.

    I do know that it feels ‘worse’ as we approach a ‘milestone’. Similar to you, I will hit the big 4-0 in a few years….. and I’m still soul-searching!

    Miss your stories as a teacher. Interesting!

    Maybe Tolstoy is right:

    • sweatlee

      Ah, so I’m not the only one who is constantly trying to figure out who I am. Thanks for the link, it’s a great read, and thanks for reading!

  • Krystal

    whattt please please please please PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE update more !:( I miss all your posts and frequently (as in daily) go back to your archives, just because I miss you and your writing so much! *cries* Also is it still possible to send books or materials to you guys? Or am I too late ):..

    • sweatlee

      Haha ok I’ll try updating more! Though it’s considerably more difficult now than before for some weird reason. What kinda books and materials do you have? I’m no longer teaching but my bro is! If you’re willing to send them to Sarawak that is..

  • Ashley

    U ARE BACK!!! :)))
    I really enjoy reading all your posts la, blog, dayre, ig~
    I can feel you are so much happier now.. been following you when you were still at the states~ Wish you the best of luck in everything :D

    • sweatlee

      Thank you so much for reading and following me still!

  • tintin196

    why is it speak hindi/tamil? are they like cantonese/hokkien? and what does karthik speaks?