I’m getting married!

I’m getting married!

So I have no idea if anyone is even reading my blog anymore given the lack of activity in the past…6 months hahaha gosh I’m a horrible blogger. I’ve been meaning to blog about this proper on my blog but you know how it is…life just catches up with you. Also I Dayre quite a bit (it’s like blogging, but on mobile. Check out the app and follow me!).

Like the title suggests, yes I’m getting married! It doesn’t feel so shocking or jaw-dropping to me now that it’s been FIVE months since I got engaged haha. But I still want to post it here since my proper blog here works better as a journal than dayre, and I just want to make sure most of my important life moments are recorded in this platform that means so much to me.

I won’t be writing a detailed post of how everything went down, which you can read about it here: https://dayre.me/sweatlee/vhSydBOHpU. A LOT of things happened prior, during and after the proposal so do read it if you’d like some drama in your life hahah

Oh! You can also read the proposal story from HIS point of view too: Part 1, Part 2 – Quite nice and refreshing to read this from the guy’s POV cos it’s usually the girl who tells the story! But now I know how much work actually went into making the proposal a successful one 😀

So yeap, I’m now someone’s fiance (and have been for the last 5 months). It still feels a little strange at times cos I still feel like I’m so young, but in actual fact I’m in my late twenties now! It’s been more than a decade since I started blogging, and it’s quite weird to see how much of my life has been documented in here. All my ups and downs, all my joy and sadness, all my love stories with myself, others, with education, all of ME.

And now you’re going to see me become someone’s wife! And soon…someone’s mother! and soon…ok not so soon, someone’s grandmother! HAHA

But ok let’s rewind a little from the grandmother part. Now it’s the joyful challenge of wedding-planning T___T

Which to be honest, hasn’t progressed very far at all *weak laugh

It’s honestly such a PAIN! I mean, I do want to enjoy it as much as we can together, but it’s been quite stressful. If you google wedding planning, you’ll find crazy amount of resources and it gets overwhelming. Doesn’t help that Pinterest has soooo many beautiful pictures and you have this unrealistic expectation of what your wedding could look like.

And then..you talk to your parents..and things just start getting downhill from there.

As you can probably tell from the above picture, we’re both of different races, which makes the intercultural bit a nightmare! Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s beautiful and kinda nice and we’ll have very cute babies (hopefully lolololol). But let me give you an example why it’s a nightmare. My mom picked a few dates for us after consulting with a chinese fortune teller, and then now his mom will go consult with an indian fortune teller too to get a suitable date according to the indian calendar!

Which is why we STILL have not chosen a date yet hahahha..ha…ha *sad laugh

And this is just the date ok. Don’t get me started on the kinds of CEREMONIES we need to do, and what I need to WEAR and who we need to INVITE. *tears hair out

Anyway, I guess it is quite exciting lah. We’ve started planning slowly on our Excel sheet labeled “THE WEDDING”, have looked at a few venues, and I even have my own secret board on Pinterest! Heh

ISN’T THIS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BRIDE YOU’VE EVER SEEN?? I’m so happy I get to wear saree cos I love how it covers unflattering parts and still look so elegant and demure. Plus, the makeup and jewelry are beautiful <3

So…that’s all I have on my secret Pinterest Board HAHA. I’m the laziest and most unenthusiastic bride in the world. It’s funny because I think I’ve thought of how my wedding would be like before, but when it’s finally time to get married I just couldn’t be bothered. So much unnecessary work and effort and money!! for what? Ok I guess for the most important day in your life. No big deal wtf

I think I need a wedding planner, but I’m also determined to plan this wedding under very very low budget. Say, RM20,000 max? Is that even possible? I’ve asked around and the average price for weddings these days is anything from RM40,000-200,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111 *FAINTS

Ok to redeem myself, I’m not that lazy la, I have been doing a bit of research. On some nights when I have trouble sleeping, I’d google for wedding venues and read reviews from people who’ve gotten married. Actually, you know what, I should totally blog about it cos it’s actually quite difficult to find a lot of blogs documenting their wedding-planning journey!

I need to find a way to hold myself accountable though cos what might happen is you’ll read my next blog post 6 months later and I’m already married wtf hahaha #lazybrideislazy