About Me

10 Things You Ought to Know About Me

1. My name is Suet Li

2. You may notice the generous use of wtf in this blog and there’s really nothing I can say to justify the usage of such a crude word/phrase. Take it with a pinch of salt; I use them as a punctuation to end sentences to somewhat lessen the harshness of certain statements.

For eg, compare “I am a cow” and “I am a cow wtf”. The former implies that I do really think I’m a four-legged mammal while the latter just means I’m joking.

3. I’m a senior at Mount Holyoke College (in Massachusetts, US)  and am a big proponent for the American education so feel free to email me anything you’d like to know about studying in America! (But do read my FAQ first ok!)

4. I’ve been blogging for more than six years now woot

5. Oh, I take a lot of vain self-shots. And I really mean A LOT. Don’t mind them if you’re not into encouraging others’ narcissistic behaviours. Like most bloggers out there, I find it a need to grace my blog with meaningless pictures from every angle possible. Actually, try it too. Taking pictures of yourself can sometimes make you feel more connected with your inner self haha who am I kidding wtf

6. I am 22.

7. I like to stare into space.

8. I’m out of things to say

9. so maybe it should be 9 things you ought to know about me instead wtf

10. <empty slot for till I think of something about myself>