About Me


Hi, my actual name is Suet Li and sweatlee is just a silly internet moniker I randomly came up with when I first started blogging at 16 years old. I thought I was extremely clever for thinking up a fun way to spice up my boring girl-next-door Chinese name (fine, it’s not boring. My grandma gave me that name after her first choice was rejected profusely by my parents) (ok if you really want to know, her first choice for my name is…..*drum rolls*……Suet Moi…..*cries. Thank god my parents said no to that or I’ll live my whole life turning my head everytime a construction worker wolf-whistles and calls me Ah Moi)

So where was I? Right my internet moniker. I came to realize later on that I wasn’t clever for thinking up a silly nickname, but it just goes to show how I live my life which translates to everything I do, including blogging. I make fun of myself quite often and my self-deprecating humour is what makes me and my blog. Everytime I introduce myself as Suet Li, everyone’s instant reaction would be “What? Sweat as in…perspire? Peluh?”

Yeap. Hence, sweatlee. If I’m the first person to call it out, then it ceases to be a joke!

I’ve been blogging for over 10 years now and the evolution of my life as a blogger is a pretty interesting one. I started as an incredibly naive writer who blogged about mundane things like my favourite singer (*cough* Jay Chou), to talking about my life as an international student in the US (you can find the posts under Categories), to eventually talking about my life as a teacher in a rural school for two years.

I’m no longer naive, nor am I studying or teaching, which explains my lackluster postings in the last year as I’ve only started searching for my new identity as an adult in the working world. What in the world do adults in the working world blog about??

Well, I guess it’s worth a try to find out 🙂