Post event: School of Tomorrow

As I’d mentioned in my previous post, I had the opportunity to attend the Beaconhouse School of Tomorrow Conference last week! It was really eye-opening to meet so many committed educationists and passionate thinkers, especially when I share the same ideals too. A lot of interesting discussions went on but I thought I’ll share very briefly some of the things I took note of:

1. The message of the entire two-day conference was clear: we NEED to reconsider the role of school leadership and think of students’ learning experiences. We can no longer adopt the traditional “I teach, you learn” mentality and we should move towards empowering students to take responsibility for their learning instead.

I really like this idea because 90% of my students are hardly responsible for their own learning, not because they don’t want to but because they are just so used to being fed information. So it was definitely good to learn other innovative methods I can use to cater for individual needs in the classroom.

Kasim Kasuri, CEO Beaconhouse, speaking at the School of Tomorrow Conference

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School of Tomorrow: Empowering Lifelong Learners

First of all, thank you all readers who approached me at the TEDx talk and for taking the time to attend! I had a lot of fun that day and I also met so many other inspiring people! It was definitely very nerve-wrecking to be on stage speaking to hundreds of people and although I’d practiced a million times, it was still a realllly huge challenge for me. I was actually going to reject the invitation to speak cos of my fear of public speaking but I’m glad I went for it!

If you couldn’t make it, you can watch the video later (will let you know when it’s up!). I spoke on my experience as a teacher and spent most of my talk focusing on the literacy issues in my school/community. I think (and hope) it was quite shocking but enlightening for most people since a lot of us hardly recognize the problem brewing in our own country.

I think it’s quite clear by now that education is an issue that is very very close to my heart (since I talk about it in every blog post haha). People often ask me what I plan to do after my two years with Teach For Malaysia, and though it’s a hard question to answer mainly because it’s so loaded, I’m extremely certain that I will stay in the education line. The short answer is: I’m going to teach in a primary school after this.

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Life on a budget

Remember my internship article I wrote for Prudential’s R U Ready page? I wrote another one for them and this time it’s about living life on a budget! As most of you would know, I’m a super thrifty person and used to get awards for being the stingiest person alive 😛

Read my article HERE if you want to know how I save money! Do like the article and the page too! I’m happy they chose me to write on this topic so I can spread my dogma on my kiam-siapness wtf

Do check out the entrepreneurs workshop that Prudential is organizing too if you’ve always wanted to know how to start your own business 🙂 It’s on February 18th in PJ Live Arts Jaya One! More info here.

On internships

If you’ve been following my blog since I started, you’d know that I’ve always been working random jobs since high school. From my time as a waitress, as an event promoter, as a flyer girl, as a nurse, as a trash collector, to all my many many internships, I’ve amassed quite an eclectic list of working experiences.

I’ve always wanted to talk about how important internships are for my own personal and professional growth but never really got around to it. Prudential approached me recently and told me that they want to create a platform for young adults to share experiences and advice on life. They found that most often than not, formal education does not actually prepare us for life at all. I cannot agree with them more!

So they created a forum for young people like me to contribute and I talked about how internships have prepared me for life after graduation (very happy with the topic :D) Do visit this page and like it, and while you’re there, read my super long (but very genuine ok) article and like it too!

Faster read ok I took a lot of time to write it. Actually, that article is akin to my CV except a lot more wordy hahaha. So there you go! my full resume for all to see. Please hire me wtf

Party with XPLAY!


I was invited to XPLAY’s last party at Opera, Sunway Pyramid a few months ago but I couldn’t make it! Apparently it was huge and featured lots of local and international artistes like Funky Kopral, Estranged, Projek Pistol and Wicked Aura, and MC Vibe.

There was also a battle of the bands! (tell you a story, I used to date band guys so I was quite crazy over bands for a while. That was also when I started getting gung ho about learning how to play the drums, started falling in love with local bands (DISAGREE!), started being all hipster..and I also organized a battle of the bands. The story is, I managed to get Dragonred and Disagree to perform for us, FOR FREE. The event was terrible, the bands in the competition were bad, the venue was bad, the crowd was meh..but can you believe it! I damn cool wtf)

Anyway, XPLAY is hosting their next party again but this time it’s going to be at Johor! So for all you southern folks who hate coming to KL, don’t miss this out!

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Are You Moist Enough?

Remember the Vaseline event I attended a few months ago? Well, guess what, now Vaseline is throwing another event for more bloggers! The best part is….it’s going to be a poolside party AND WHO DOESN’T LIKE POOLSIDE PARTIES???! (people who can’t swim and who always get thrown into pools why of course)

It’ll be in Luna Bar, one of my favorite places in the world!

Nuffnang + Vaseline are throwing a massive sunset poolside party to celebrate the importance of our skin and will be inviting 75 bloggers and their guests! I unfortunately will not be here anymore for the party but since I’m such a kind-hearted soul whose life purpose is to share exciting information with people, here’s how YOU can get the invites:

Step Numero Un: Go HERE:

Here, if you missed it.

Since I’m so kind, another link here.

And here.. ok you got it.

Step Numero Deux: Submit a picture of yourself to your photo gallery

Step Numero Trois: Use the same photo in your blog post entitled Are You Moist Enough? and highlight the importance of moisture to your skin.

Step Numero Quart: Submit the permalink of your post and you’re set!

Not only will you stand a chance to win invites to the party, you get to win cash prizes too!! Which is why I’m submitting my own entry as well cause although I won’t be physically there who knows maybe I can win the moolah $__$ hoho

Prizes for Best Written Blog Posts

1st Prize – RM3,000 cash + RM100 worth of Vaseline products
2nd Prize – RM2,000 cash + RM100 worth of Vaseline products
3rd Prize – RM1,000 cash + RM100 worth of Vaseline products
5x Consolation Prizes – RM200 cash + RM100 worth of Vaseline products

Mmm, I know you want this!!

Admit it, your skin is begging for some!

So this is the picture I submitted:

Cause it shows the most skin hahah.

Anyway why is moisture important for your skin? I of all people should know this because I was born with incredibly dry skin and have been applying moisturizer since the day I was born. No kidding! The doctor pulled me out of the womb, saw my skin, shook his head and motioned for the nurse to bring her some Vaseline moisturizer.

There was even a period in my life where my mom had to apply pure Vitamin E oil on my skin cause it was way too dry and it was peeling! Serious business ok.

So to answer the title of my post, I think after all those years of soaking myself in moisturizer, I’m actually pretty damned moist right now. If I’m not I seriously should just kill myself and do my mom a favor from all those years of 9pm “Sereneeee (yeah my name is Serene you don’t know ar), time to apply moisturizer!” and me groaning and her yelling and me dragging my feet over and her slabbing a million tones of lotion on me.

Skin is after all the biggest part of your body and should therefore be the most important part too. There’s no point buying expensive clothes and shoes and makeup when your skin looks like shit, so better start taking care of it!

All this talk on moisturizer is making my skin feel thirsty hahaha *slabs on some

All Hyped up

I’m in a good mood because the clothes I ordered from Hype arrived the other day!!!

Excitement in a package

First dress I ordered is this seemingly innocent floral dress..

With a freaking heart-shaped cutout at the back!!!!! It was love at first sight when I saw it and I knew I had to get it ♥

I saw this next but wasn’t sure if I should get it. After all, it’s just a normal little black dress..


BUT IT ALSO HAS A FREAKING HEART-SHAPED CUTOUT! How to resist T___T Not a single regret, love it to bits!

The next top I got is this toga floral top, but I like to pull it down and make it a tube top instead. I’ve always wanted a frilly floral top but never found the right one.

The last thing I got is this cardigan and it’s only been a week or so but I’ve been wearing this so often cause it’s so versatile! Can wear with a black dress to look dressy, or with a plain tank top to look casual. I especially love all that studs cause it makes me look like a stud wtf *lame is a Singaporean online boutique I just found out about recently and I fell in love with it instantly mainly because the clothes are A LOT better than most online boutiques. After receiving the products, I can assure you that they are of super high quality as well! Well worth the already affordable price 🙂

Plus, their models are so damned hot. Seriously. I’m not even kidding. I sometimes go to their website just so I can stare and drool at their models wtf

More clothes here:


Anyway, I only have two more weeks until the end of my internship. How upsetting because I’ve only begun to really learn how things work here and despite how frustrating things may be sometimes, I still really love this job!

But I’m also looking forward to going back to the US for my senior year. Senior year will be very exciting this time because I will be living in an apartment! with my own kitchen and bathroom (but have to share room with three other friends). Lots of partying and debauchery, lots of laughter and tears, but also lots and LOTS of stress because I will have to figure out what’s next after college. .. ….

Argh, I’m actually dreading it already T___T I thought I just finished SPM a few days ago?? Has it really been 5 years?!

Secret to great skin

I was invited by Nuffnang to an amazing event last month!!! Super excited cause it was the first event I was invited to since I’m always away. Once I heard the organizing brand of the event, I was immediately sold. It was Vaseline’s launch for their new line of products and I’ve been a Vaseline user for years so of course must go and kaypoh!


The launch was at this spa place called the Villa Manja and it was sooo beautiful! A very relaxing place provided that you are not a klutz who would fall into the pond hahah


The entire place was set up to feature all the Vaseline’s moisturizers!


Intense rescue for those with dry skin aka me!


With Aud 😀


Ray Guinoo, the senior brand manager of Vaseline, gave a short introduction on the importance of daily moisturizing to our skin.

To be honest, I cringed a few times cause I almost never use moisturizer unless my skin starts to peel. How could I have forsaken the most important part of my body tsk tsk T_T
Seriously I have an alarming amount of wounds all over but I’ve never really bothered about them before. Two huge scars on my knees from basketball, one on my toe from falling down the bike while I was trying to fly a kite (don’t ask) and some on my arms from being a klutz..

After his talk, I looked at my scars and could instantly feel them looking at me with intense rage and hatred for not giving two hoots about them……………………..*instantly slabs on moisturizer


We were then entertained by three elegant dancers which further reinforced my desire to learn how to dance heh


Jojo Struys with Zalina, Kimcun and Daphne Iking talked about the importance of skin to them! Do you know you’re supposed to moisturize everyday because your skin loses almost 100g of water daily? *feels guilty again


All the beautiful women from all walks of life! (except Ray lah, he’s obviously a man)


All the Vaseline moisturizers!

As you can see, I’m quite proud of this picture because it’s a perfect showcase of my l33t photography skillzz
From L-R: Aloe Cool and Fresh (a light moisturizer for those who don’t like the oily/thick feeling AND it smells really good!!), Healthy White (with sunscreen protection too!), Total Moisture (ten times more moisturisation for those with dry skin) and Intensive Rescue (contains Glycerin, advanced formula to help heal dry skin)


After everything, we were all treated with a ten-minute shoulder massage! Woots I can has happy!


And we were also given a hamper full of Vaseline products! I can has happy 2!


And after that I went to Nuffnang’s office to see my old colleagues. This is Firdy! And I included this picture cause my skin was glowing for some reason (maybe cause happy to see Firdy) so I guess it’s quite related to this post haha

Thanks Nuffnang, Unilever and Vaseline for inviting me to this amazing event!

The Axe Effect

So something weird has been happening lately..

A few friends of mine have been calling me up to tell me that they saw my boyfriend hanging out with different girls and they were quite concerned. When I first heard it, I was very confused as well and obviously didn’t believe them. But today, I saw a bunch of papers in his pocket:

Ok fine, so I didn’t “see” the papers, I looked for evidence in his pocket and found them. Oh well but you know what I mean, see/found no difference lah wtf
Soooo like the typical intrusive girlfriend that I am, I asked a detective friend of mine (yeah so I actually hired a detective…that’s not weird at all no) to sort of spy on him.

Spy is quite a strong word lah, I just asked him to you know..follow him around and take a few pictures. Totally not weird at all, girlfriends do that all the time. He just showed me the pictures so I thought I’d share to see what you guys think.



Why suddenly so many different girls approaching my boyfriend???

I confronted him with these pictorial evidences and he was equally confused as well as to why he is attracting more girls lately. After a looong confrontation and interrogation, we finally came to a conclusion that all these happened ever since he started using Axe.

But how can that attract so many girls??? It’s merely a deodorant.. heck I don’t even use deodorant but still can attract guys WTF (you know, natural pheromones wtf)

That was before I watched this video and found out for myself why they were actually attracted to Barry..


First of all, why are all the girls so pretty wtf

Secondly, can Axe really change how the girls see him?? (must watch the video to find out. EH watch lah I susah payah do)

What is Axe, really? Axe is actually a household brand in the US and is branching into Malaysia. It’s a line of deodorant body spray catered to men and its tagline is it will get you girls in no time (like my boyfriend, who attracted 4 different girls in a few hours alone)

Axe Click – fresh and airy with a tinge of spice

Attracts glamorous girls

And camwhores wtf

Axe Pulse – fresh and energizing with a sexy citrus scent

Attracts sporty and active girls

Axe Vice – arresting fusion of fruity sweetness

Attracts nice pure girls

Axe Dark Temptation – An oriental aromatic and woody mixture

Attracts sophisticated sensuous ladies (Nerds are very sensuous one ok. I would know cause I’m a nerd wtf)

So guys, go get your Axe today to witness for yourself the true power of the Axe effect.

Girls, time to put your boyfriends on leashes! Hahaha

Also, remember to be a fan of Axe on Facebook to see more videos on the Axe Effect (although mine still the best nyehehe tak tau malu)

(Disclaimer: no girls were let near my boyfriend in the making of this video wtf)

P.S: Thanks Ringo for the wigs! ♥ Without them my other identities would not have emerged hahaha

Sabo King

I was stalking random people on Facebook last week when I saw this video by Castrol Malaysia:

It’s about two DJs (DJ Fara and DJ Jane) from Hot FM and One FM who were supposed to interview famous football players because of the football season. They were jealous of each other so they decided to sabotage the other by spiking each other’s drink! Not going to tell you what happened after that cause it’s quite funny hehe

Inspired by this interesting concept, I kepoh kepoh wanted to spoof this video and make my own video of me sabotaging someone very special to me wtf

So without further ado, here’s my video!!!

Did you watch it?? Must watch ok I so susah payah forced Aud to be my victim hahaha. Did you see her face when she got strangled wtf

With my partner in crime. We got soooo many stares while doing this video ok! We were at the Chic pop bazaar so if you saw two crazy girls running around like orang utans trying to sabotage each other, that’s probably us..

It’s not easy to 1. think of what to fight over and 2. think of ways to sabotage such a tiny girl without looking like a big bully wtf
In the end, we settled with fighting over a dress cause we’re both girly like that haha

If you are too free with nothing to do like me, go spoof that video and go sabotage-crazy as well and post your video as a video response like what I did too!

If you are not natural actors (like us wtf although we’re quite lame actors =__=), go watch the other three videos by DJ Fara and DJ Jane on Castrol’s Facebook!

Here are the videos in case you’re too lazy!:,,

But most importantly, remember to watch my video ok!! Who knows maybe while you’re watching it in Starbucks or something, some famous director walks behind you and sees us and thinks we have potential wtf *shameless