Pet Lurve

We all remember our lurve affairs, no matter how illicit or how innocent, how intense or how bland, how pleasant or how painful. Today I shall recount mine because I saw these two kickass videos:

This one is by Hamlet’s Hero! It’s actually a theme that I will use to if I have to come up with a video like this heh. But mine won’t be so artistic and dark lah, it’ll just be stupid and lame.

(spoilers for video, watch first!)
Instead of smashing watermelons and car windows, I will throw rice at Barry and make him knock his head on the wall out of rage and fury. This way, not only do I get to see his face being splattered with rice, I get to bully him without lifting my finger too nyehehe *ugly sadistic side of me emerging wtf

And why are they fighting over a snack?? It can’t be thattt yummy can it? (Actually I’ve eaten it and it is quite yummy hoho). But what can I say, couples fight over small things all the time. Reminds me of the days when I get mad at Barry when he took my burger away cause I told him to not let me eat cause I was on a diet =___=

This one is by AkiraCEO (as if he needs any introduction, so famous already!) and it is seriously seriously worth watching! I’ll tell you why later, you click and let it load first.

Okay watch already or not?? Need tissue or not?? Isn’t it so sad and touching T____________________T I got so emo watching it until have to pause halfway and distract myself by eating some snacks so I won’t cry wtf

Akira, tell me why are you so creative and talented??? WHY WHY? *shakes Akira hard
How come you can draw so well? Did your parents send you to art school when you were little? How come I went to art class when I was young but I can’t even draw shit now! (figuratively and literally. I can never draw a realistic shit lor without having it look like the shit in cartoon/comics). What are your tips? What do you eat? What time do you sleep? wtf

Anyway let’s discuss the video in great detail because it was so awesome like that. If you were to busy to watch it (shame on you, you should cause he took so much effort!), here’s a pictorial sypnosis.

It’s a story of a lonely cat named Miao

And one fine day, he found two hamsters at his doorstep

They became soulmates and spent many happy days..

And happy nights together

Until one day…….

(you have to watch the video to see the part right before this, super touching and sad like TVB drama T_____T)

one of the hamsters died.

And the other one left him too. SO SAD 🙁

But he was left with many fond memories of their happy times together 🙂

Ah, like I said, this reminds me of my happy times and lurve affairs with my pets too. Want to hear the history of my pets? Although it’s quite depressing..

I had a goldfish when I was 8, my brother was overjoyed and fed him the entire bottle of fish food one day. So he died. I took this opportunity to be educated on the insides of a fish, took a knife and split my fish’s stomach open. I then found out that fish don’t digest their food wtf. Bye bye fishy 🙁

I ‘had’ a kitteh when I was 9. A kitten walked into my house and I tied a bell around her neck and fed her char siew. Next day, my grandfather took the kitten on his motorcycle and drove her a few miles away. Bye bye kitteh 🙁

Out of the guilt of getting rid of my kitteh, my grandfather got me some hamsters. A few days later, my hamster gave birth and ate ALL her babies. Blood and headless baby hamsters were everywhere and the nine year old me couldn’t sleep for days. Hamsters were given to neighbour, bye bye hamhams 🙁

Finally, when I was 13, I got a virtual pet on this..virtual pet game thingy wtf. I remember spending many happy days with my puppy, dressing him up, playing beachball with him..until one day my computer was invaded with virus and I had to uninstall that game. Bye bye Zachary 🙁 (I named the puppy after my imaginary boyfriend wtf)

That’s my history with pets which as you can tell, is not a very happy one so I can totally feel Miao’s feelings T___T

Don’t worry Miao, you still have me. We can spend countless days teaching me how to draw and be as awesome as you wtf

The new cool: Reebonz

I’m constantly surrounded by people who carry high-end branded goods and could only stare in envy because I can never afford them T___T I remember once I bought an LV bag from a second-hand store for pretty cheap (still no idea if it was real or fake..too cheap to be real but the leather/stitching looks really real!!) and all my friends laughed at me so I never used that bag ever again.

What to do! You know how stingy I am so even if I ever save enough money I don’t think I’ll have the guts to spend them. High-end luxury goods never have sales and even if they do, you’d have to camp in front of the store for days to get it. Seriously, what has the world come to when people have to suffer to give their money away wtf

Anyway, I’ve known about this site for a while but never really got a chance to explore it. is an exclusive and private members-only website that caters to people whose eyes light up when they see SALES and to those who want to be able to afford luxury goods (aka me).

Their current events: Prada, Fendi and Balenciaga! (QUICK Prada’s ending in 1 hour!)

So how does Reebonz work? It works on an event-to-event basis where they will feature a certain brand for about 2-3 days for members only. You seriously have to be alert and look out for your favorite brands cause they get sold out SO FAST!!!

That’s cause you get to save up to RM500!!! Not only that, you don’t have to camp outside the store and risk contracting cold, don’t have to line up and get pins and needles, heck you don’t even have to step out of your house lah ‘nuff said.

(btw, white Prada wallet *salivates)

I was looking at their past events and saw that they featured some of my favorite brands before!

When I said favorite, it doesn’t mean I own these stuff it just means I want them very badly but cannot afford wtf. I can’t even count with my fingers how many times I’ve stepped into a Bebe store and come out empty handed…

Basically this is how Reebonz works:

You just have to be a member to view these events and the best part is…it’s free T____T tears of joy at anything free

Because you are a reader of my blog which is what makes you super awesome and unique and everything nice, here’s a link to get invited as a member! Alternatively, you can also enter “sweatlee” into the invitation code in Reebonz’s front page at

Good luck, and happy shopping!

Dell Design Studio

NEW blog post under this advertorial! My first video in my short hair! =D



No seriously, desperate is not even as desperate as how really in desperado I am. I adore my Dell laptop but it’s almost 3 years old and I’ve ran out of space and the cost of buying an external hard drive is just as much as buying a new laptop =___=

Also, I cannot deny that the number one reason why I want a new laptop is cause I want a built-in webcam *simple minded wtf. I don’t want to have to lug the webcam around and I want to be able to bring my laptop somewhere and just camwhore at whim ok such an important thing to be able to do!

Seriously if I have a built-in webcam I think
1. I’ll be happier cause can camwhore more and you know how webcams take amazing camwhore pictures wtf.
2. there’ll be more camwhore pictures in my blog whee! not that there aren’t a lot already..and
3. I can take more makeup and hair videos!!! And random hi my name is suet li I actually don’t sweat that much kinda videos that everyone is dying to see

Pokoknya, I want a new laptop lah

What’s better than having a built-in webcam? Having an AWESOME DESIGN COVER! 4 GB RAM! 320 GB harddrive! Dell Design Studio lines have ALL of these and are super affordable too 😀

These days it’s so hard to find a laptop that looks nice AND has good specs AND cheap tsk tsk.

Introducing: Dell Design Studio

OPI-inspired designs. Well, what can I say, it’s about time they take us women seriously wtf

Very niceeee (I love the white one!!)

This Mike Ming’s designs are really nice too!

All for the price of…jeng jeng jeng.. under RM 3,000! Dell’s online promotions are always really fawesome one lor.

More info on the laptop specs:

Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor P7450
Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64bit (English)
320GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive

Click here to view more designs! They have sooo many other cool designs.

Recently, they also had a Dell Design Studio Make It Yours contest for people to design their own laptops and here are the winning designs!

Best entry:

Old Style by Amirul Hasrie. Lucky dude will walk away with vouchers and a Design Studio laptop with his own design!!!

Most popular design:

Dell by Sin Ong Toh

Sigh why didn’t I join! If I had joined I would have submitted this:


The best of sweatlee. Not only will I not win, they will probably reject my entry on the basis that it’s a complete mockery of the contest wtf

Anyway, to tie this back to my point of this post, we all want the new Dell Design Studio laptops! So if you’re looking for one, get it online cause it’s easier and cheaper! They’ll even ship it to you as soon as the next business day to show you what the meaning of awesome is.

More HERE!

Mamee Instant Noodle Golden 8 Contest


This is yet another Chinese New Year away from home! How sad 🙁 Every time when this time of the year rolls around, I’ll just spend the entire week sighing and mopping around the room. All you guys back home, better appreciate your time with your family, all those angpows and ESPECIALLY the food!!

Anyway, a CNY contest for those who would like to win some cold hard gold and cash this year. Mamee is organizing a Golden 8 contest for all Mamee lovers out there and you might stand a chance to win gold bars worth RM8,888!

The contest runs from 3rd of January to 31st March 2010 (88 days!) and the prizes include:

Grand Prize: 3 x gold bars worth RM8,888 each

How cool is that! I rather get gold bars over cash anytime cause they have so many more uses! You can use them to make gold jewelries, sell them for cash, throw them at snatch thieves, as torch to illuminate your house etc the list is endless! Cash you can only use to buy stuff and as toilet paper if there isn’t any wtf

Cash prizes: 13 x RM1,888 on Sundays and 75 x RM888 bonus daily prize on top of contesting for the gold bars!

If you’re a fan of Mamee instant noodles, this isn’t hard at all to win. All you have to do is buy one bundle pack of Mamee Instant Noodles and you’ll find an SMS code card inside!

Comes in five different flavors: vegetarian, curry, tom yam, duck and chicken!

OR get the Mamee Express Cup Multipack and get TWO SMS codes!

Once you’ve gotten your code, send an SMS and sender with the most submissions that month will win the gold bar! If gold bar is not enough for you and if you are lucky enough to be the 88th sender of the day, you will win a bonus prize of RM888 on weekdays and RM1,888 on Sundays! *eyes go $_$ with all that cash

One SMS costs RM0.30 so the nerd in me did a simple calculation to see how many SMSes can RM8,888 buy and it comes up to 29,626 SMSes!!!! And one packet of the noodles cost RM3.50 so one SMS costs RM3.80 and so RM8,888 can buy you 2339 SMSes! Whoa that’s 78 SMSes a day and you definitely don’t need so many to win!

Or you could throw an instant noodle party on the pretense of celebrating CNY to get those codes! Or you could buy and ship them to poor Malaysian students studying at Massachusetts in the middle of the winter (aka me).
OR!!! Best idea ever!!! You could buy them and give them to homeless people!! Seriously that’s like double kill cause you perform an act of kindness=feel better about yourself=increase your karma points=god of fortune will favor you more and give you more luck to win the gold bars! Always good to be kind during CNYs =D

Or you don’t have to do all that crap, just buy one time and bank on your luck to win. And then you can proceed to email me and gloat about it =_=

Good luck then 🙂

Samsung Corby Paint Fight


I KNOW WHAT I WANT FOR NEW YEAR!!! (Shut up I know nobody give gifts for new year)

I want a new phone! I’ve been wanting a cool touch screen phone since I was born but all I have is the lousy Nokia 8250 with blue screen and monophonic ringtone T__T

I used to want Iphone but now I have my eyes on another cooler phone! Samsung Corby cause it has FOUR COLORS! Iphone pales in comparison tsk tsk


Anyway I know noone will ever buy me a phone so I have to do it myself! Even though I’m no longer a scrooge, I also didn’t get rich overnight so I have to depend on other means to get this phone heh heh heh

My other means is damn fun and easy and doesn’t need a lot of energy/intellect so I’m all up for it!

1st step: Sign up for Samsung Corby’s Paint Fight

After signing up, you also have to choose a team color (white, pink, orange, yellow) and submit a picture of you wearing something of that color! I chose white cause as much as I like pink, I don’t have pink clothes..

2nd step: You can either choose to attack the other phones with your color, or defend your phone!

3rd step: I really suck at paintball (haven’t tried but I know I’ll suck) but this I can do! Here I am spraying white on my phone to defend it!

You only get 10 paintballs so use them wisely! As you can see I kinda suck at this too FML suck at the real one and the virtual one =__=

But it’s so easy right?? To win, just recruit more people into your team to earn additional paintballs. If you get to be in the Top 25, you win tickets to play on the ground event on the 16th of January, where members of the winning team will EACH get a Samsung Corby! The top player from each color team in the online paint fight wins a phone at the end of the contest period (31st Jan) as well! Happy happy =D

Join the competition here, only takes a few minutes and so easy to win! My score is 8 now so I think you can easily beat me T___T But just you watch I’m going to get higher in no time and win the phone!

My Top 5 Treat List

I’ve thought long and hard on the top five things I want to treat myself with and yet I couldn’t even think of one! Am I that easy to please?? I could easily say a trip to Hawaii or something but it’s not really something I’m dying to be treated with..

Anyway, after thinking super duper hard about it, these are the top five things I would like to treat myself:

5. A slimming package

OK I’m tired of looking at myself and thinking how nice it would be if I was a little slimmer and not do anything about it. I’m way too lazy to go to the gym and I don’t want to not eat! If only all those slimming centers actually work..

4. A pintu suka hati (dokodemo)

They didn’t say anything about not having fictional things in your list wtf. A pintu suka hati (the door in Doraemon where you can just name a place you want to go, open the door and tada there you are!) will potentially solve all my unhappiness and will make me a very very happy girl 😀

3. A trip to anywhere with my family

I haven’t been on a trip with my entire family in a loooong time so it’d be amazing if I can treat them with a trip! To somewhere like Bangkok where I can shop!

2. A Dell Inspiron 13

I’m not kidding when I say I’ve visited almost all the computer shops in Hong Kong to scout for a new mini laptop.
I’ve always stared at my classmates’ mini laptops in envy cause they can type their notes in class, chat on MSN and go on Facebook at the same time! Seriously what more in the world can you ask for??

I’m using a Dell laptop now, against my dad’s wish cause he thinks Dell laptops die fast but it has served me well for the past 2 years!

Dell Inspiron 13 comes in three colors- no prize for guessing which color I want! Haha tekkk wrong!!! wtf so lame. I know I look like someone who would choose pink cause I have so many pink things lately but no I actually want white!

It is 13.3 inches so it’s not exactly too small like a mini laptop (how to watch dramas when it’s so small!) and it’s small and light enough to carry around!


1. A day where every thing in the world doesn’t have a price

Don’t you think this is the best thing ever? Ok I don’t know if my list has to comprise of material things but I can’t think of any so this will do. I’ve always been quite a scrooge so when I buy something, the price is always the most important factor.
Now imagine if everything is priceless!!!!!!!!!! *dies of happiness

Why I’m doing this list is cause Dell is collaborating with Nuffnang for an amazing giveaway contest! They are giving away THREE Dell Inspiron 13 to people who can come up with the most creative list ever.

Obviously you can so tell that I won’t win with my unfeasible pintu suka hati and priceless day wtf. But it’s good that I won’t win cause there’s less competition for you! See how thoughtful am I?? T___T Sacrificing something I desire so much just so my readers can win it T___T I should win the award for the blogger with the kindest heart wtf

Anyway, more on the contest here! You just have to write a My Top 5 Treat List, include why Dell Inspiron 13 should be one of it and send an email to

Also, because I’m so kind and thoughtful and everything nice, if you buy this laptop before the 10th of November, you can get a RM100 instant cash rebate! Use this coupon code 7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3 online or call 1800-88-0301.

Good luck guys 😀

McD Coke glass!

Guess who’s back?

Back again?

I’ve been craving for McDonald’s since forever which is really rare since I’m not a fan of fast food at all. So off I went to McD to exercise my very broken Cantonese to see if I can get my burger and one of these glasses!

I had Maria take a video of me speaking Cantonese!!! I’m actually quite a banana so I was pretty shy but I did it! I’m not putting the video up cause there was too much background noises and you can barely hear me speak.

I asked the lady if they had the promotion and I didn’t know what ‘promotion’ and ‘McValue’ and ‘glass’ are in Cantonese so I said in English and she asked if I wanted coffee WTF

She then called the manager over and suddenly my Cantonese became super good and I asked him fluently if he had the promotion. Actually I still didn’t know the word for promotion but I just said it in a very Hong Kong/Cantonese tone wtf. Pro~mo~tion~ wtf.

Anyway he said they had it last month or something and it’s now over so no free glass for me T________T

The glasses are collectible items so people line up to get them and they run out really fast! You lucky people in Malaysia, make sure you go get it now ok!

Anyway although I didn’t get my glass, I got my burger that I’ve been craving for!

Shogun burger is pork fillet with egg and it’s super super yummy. I’ve always wanted to try a pork burger and having it with egg is really the best combination ever! (anything with egg is the best combo for me hahaha you put something disgusting like…coffee with egg also I’d eat it wtf)

But nevertheless, I still love the choices in Malaysia more. They have the Ayam Goreng McD, yummy =)


I have the glass in purple and now that McD is giving out SEVEN colors, I really want the pink one!! But well, I will get someone to help me collect it, so when I’m back, I’ll be able to hug all of them to sleep (and crush them and get pieces of glass all over me in the process wtf)

It’s seriously too easy to get these glasses; you just have to buy one large McValue meal and a sundae and it’s yours for free!!

Did someone say FREE??

Yeap! Today’s color is Royal Purple!

Which I have too =D

If you want a certain color, remember to check out the website to see when the color of your choice will be launched ok!

I also did a personality test in the coke website to see what glass color suits me best and lo and behold…

Pink!!!! It is truly meant to be.

Except that I can’t get my hands on it! GRR. Go get yours now at the nearest McD! Remember: you only have to get a large McValue set AND a sundae and you get a glass for free.





*goes crazy

My Life Saviour

I’ve been away from home for about 3 years now and it’s always such a pain to communicate with my family and friends back home! My family and I personally use iTalk frequently so we can talk to each other so this advertorial is so perfect for me =D

My mother hates anything to do with computers and the internet connection in Malaysia is quite bad so we don’t like using Skype and MSN that much.


On days when I miss my family..


And when the connection fails to go through after a million times of trying..


Using an prepaid calling card like iTalk with your cellphone is definitely the best way to get much clearer and faster connection =D


Also works in emergencies like when you are waiting for something and want to talk to someone far away (eg: boyfriend in the US T____T)


Or when you are shitting in the toilet in your dorm in Hong Kong but suddenly feel like talking to your best friend in

Do you spend RM500 a month calling your girlfriend in Penang when you’re in KL? Do you waste hours each day trying to teach your parents how to use Skype? Have you lost touch with all your friends back home when you’re studying in Australia?

The possibilities are endless! Using iTalk not only saves you money and time but saves you the possibility of losing your friends too. (wah I can work in their marketing department already wtf).

You all know I’m in a long-distance relationship too so I talk to my boyfriend on a daily basis. I’m always out these days so it’s very hard for us to talk online so I use iTalk here all the time too! Their rates are actually cheaper than the IDD cards here so I get my mom to buy it for me from Malaysia 🙂

That’s why it’s my life savior *big wet eyes

Why iTalk is amazing:

  1. You can find it almost anywhere! I get mine in petrol stations alllll the time!


  1. But you can also get it at 7-elevens, e-Pay and major banks too!
  2. You can use it with any mobile phone number, just activate it!
  3. You can use it with fixed lines, mobile phones and computers!
  4. Lowest call rates nationwide and IDD (25sen a minute mobile to mobile, cheaper than prepaid!!! So iTalk is not just for overseas calls! And as low as 10sen/minute for IDD calls)
  5. FREE 10% talktime when you buy the RM30 or RM50 iTalk card via softpin! (limited time only)

It’s actually really easy to just activate your iTalk card and save it to your mobile/landline phone so you don’t have to keep entering your pin number each time!

Better go get your iTalk with free 10% talktime now before I ask my mom to buy all the cards in all petrol stations and 7-elevens wtf.

Complete Facial Routine

Since I’ve written on my usual makeup routine, I’m going to write on my usual facial routine now! To be honest, I never really cared about taking care of my face and thought make up will just be enough. But now I realize that there’s no point buying expensive makeup to cover your flaws when you can just use better skincare products in the first place. (cue: clouds part and angels play their harps at this magical realization wtf)

Now my skin is very sensitive and dry, just like my mom’s, and I have to be very picky with skincare products. My mom used to buy me a whole range of Shiseido and Dermalogica products and because they’re so expensive, I always used veryyy little of them on my face. Remember how a small sample of Shiseido cleanser lasted me for 4 months?? Yeah I’m stingy like that.

Anyway now that I’m a lot older, I told my mom that it’s up to me now to take care of my skin! And my mission ever since was to look for a skincare range that’s not too expensive for me but good enough for my sensitive skin.

I know this sounds fake but I’m really not lying when Cellnique approached me right at this moment to try out their products and do this write up for them. I was apprehensive at first cause Cellnique’s products aren’t cheap and I still have to replenish my stock with my own money later.

Lo and behold, a solution to my all worries! Cellnique actually has a range of skincare products catered just for stingy and poor student like me! b.liv is a range of salon products where it’s just as good but more affordable for students and young adults. I like the sound of this already!

So they gave me a whole lot of products to try out and I’ve been using them for more than a month now. Let me show you my complete facial routine! I’m without makeup so it doesn’t look that weird that I’m washing my face with makeup on wtf.

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A Toast to the Best Man

I got an email once, asking me the secret of maintaining such a long relationship when we are sometimes seas and mountains apart. To be honest, it isn’t easy being in a relationship, long distance or not. In fact, I think it’s even harder when you see each other everyday cause we tend to pick on little things to fight about.

Despite how hard it is, I think one of the reasons why we managed to hold on so long is all thanks to my wonderful boyfriend. (no thanks to me seriously, I only know how to pick fights wtf) He has been the most patient man I’ve met and I’m always amazed at how he could withstand all the challenges in sustaining our relationship.

When I was asked to write this Honda advertorial where I was supposed to nominate one person in my life who possesses certain themes and qualities, I wasn’t sure who I should pick.

The themes:

1. Challenge
Standing up to challenges in life, even against all odds, and succeed in accomplishing goals otherwise not achievable if not for the challenging spirit.

If I’m shameless enough, I would have so nominated myself for this! Teehee wtf

2. Refinement
The relentless pursuing of perfection, constant learning, patience, and un-ending commitment to strive for the best in everything that one does.

I think upon reading this, most of you would have guessed that I will nominate Barry for this. So, I was very determined to NOT nominate him cause otherwise there wouldn’t be any elements of surprise in my blog wtf. I wanted everyone to think I would nominate him and then go tada! See, my life is not all about him!

But after thinking sooo soooo hard, I found out that aside from my mother, I don’t know anyone who embodies these two qualities as much as he does. So, as much as I don’t want to choose him, I had to cause he’s the only one who would do these stupid videos with me.

Watch these videos to find out!

1. Standing up to challenges (aka me wtf)


2. Being patient

Scenes in these videos only show a very tiny part of how much he has to put up with. I’m not kidding when I say I’m a very difficult person to live with sometimes (but when I’m not difficult, I’m a super amazing girlfriend! But those moments are quite rare wtf)

I think I’ve written A LOT about how we’ve persevered throughout our long term and long distance relationship, but the truth is that he’s the one holding us together through the challenge of keeping our relationship alive.

The distance really gets to me sometimes, and I end up taking it out on him, and I’ve even asked him a few times for a break from each other, but he’s been infinitely patient and has always clung on because he “knows something is worth fighting for when he sees it.” (aka me lah awww wtf)

Where mere men would have thrown in the towel after my first tantrum, he’s been the calm stabilizing factor in standing up to Distance and saying “Bugger off, you’re not getting in between Suet and I!” So yah, if standing up to Distance and The Temperamental Moods of Suet isn’t challenging enough, then I don’t know what is wtf.

Anyway, you readers have read about how great a boyfriend Barry is to me already. So do you think he should be nominated?

If you have someone in mind that embodies either one or both of these themes, do visit the Honda website to nominate someone. You can also view the current nominations for inspiration and check out the contest details!

Now if only I have a boyfriend who’s a blogger who will blog about me like this too *BIG HINT TO BARRY OOI* 

Why do I blog about how great a boyfriend he is all the time and how bad a girlfriend I am now his harga saham is damn high and mine is probably non-existent already wtf. Pay people also they won’t take me as their girlfriend T___T