MDG CONtest Hype


If you are one of those special ones who are interested in applying to US colleges and universities, we’re organizing a workshop for you! It’s going to be a 3 day workshop (1, 2 and 15 August) and it’ll only cost you RM25 for all 3 days. There’ll be guide on which college to apply to, a whole run-through on the application process and even mock interviews and resume reviews. Great event to go to if you are interested in studying in the US. More info here.

(I’ll be there too!)


Bad news: I’m sick T_____T

Good news: I don’t have to go to work! And I don’t think it’s A(H1N1) either since I’m not coughing or down with fever

Good news: I had the most happening weekend ever!

Bad news: I accidentally deleted all the pictures in my camera, hence there isn’t any proof of my happening weekend T____T Happening weekend also made me sicker 🙁

OK so today I shall blog about my haircut at Shawn Cutler!


So I guess I have nothing to blog about *gloom

You can all go now, there’s nothing to see here…

Sigh it’s ok since I’m awake at 9am and I don’t have to go to work, I shall talk about it even without the pictures.

Here’s the long story.

Thanks to my this post about Malaysian Dreamgirl, I won myself a RM500 makeover package from Shawn Cutler and a mini HP laptop! Yeah very exciting right?? So lucky right?! I thought so too. I was crazy excited when I first found out TWO months ago that I won all these.

So fast forward a few weeks later. I came back to Malaysia and was so eager to get that voucher from Shawn Cutler cause my hair really looked like shit. The thing is, I had to go through so many parties to get that voucher. I had to go through  Capxion Media (the organizer) and they had to get it from Shawn Cutler.

Now I don’t know whose fault this is but they said Shawn hadn’t prepared the voucher yet blabla so I can’t get it yet blabla….until….two months later.

Fine, so I persevered and stuck to my ugly hair. A few of you asked why didn’t I just go get my hair dyed and cut and this is why– cause I’m getting this voucher and I didn’t want it to go to waste.

Oh yeah, in the midst of the excitement of getting this voucher, I completely forgot about the laptop. Suddenly, sometime in July (2 months after I won the laptop), I got a call informing me that Capxion’s office was broken into. And guess what? My laptop was stolen……

But guess what again? The thieves didn’t steal my voucher wtf. I wasn’t very upset although I did feel like I was being scammed cause godammit I just want to color and cut my hair!!!!!

So lalala, I went through a whole lot of trouble to get the voucher and happy me got the voucher and went to Shawn Cutler two weeks ago.

Since the voucher is worth RM500 (as stated in the website), I was expecting a cut, color, treatment package. BUT! When I finally went all the way to Bangsar, Shawn told me that nooo, the voucher is only for ONE measly haircut. Right Shawn/Capxion, so now I AM being scammed. RM500 for one haircut?

At that moment, I truly felt like a donkey with a carrot dangling in front of him, only to have that carrot taken away after he has done all his work.

So I went back home with utmost disappointment. At night, Tim helped me and called up the CEO of Capxion Media and demanded for an explanation. After a whole lot of going back and forth, he finally agreed to compensate me with a goody bag worth RM400 and promised to get me the laptop once they get their insurance money (which will take 1 month)

I don’t want some stupid goody bag which is probably not worth RM400 and is probably filled with things I don’t want and don’t need anyway!!

But alas, what can I do? Tim went through a lot of trouble to help me and the CEO decided to throw in another RM100 cash. He said Shawn was the one who refused to give that RM500 makeover package although it was written in the agreement. But Shawn told me he was never told that it’ll cost him RM500 per package.

Right….so I’m back to being that donkey again.

Whatever it is, I’m just retelling the story as it is without being biased, cause I really don’t know who is at fault here. All I know is both parties are not delivering what they had promised!

But I don’t think there’s anything else I can do so I just accepted the stupid goody bag and got my haircut at Shawn Cutler yesterday. Nothing much to rave about the haircut cause my hair still looks the same hohum. Well, at least they massaged my neck now I feel like all my stress has been relieved wtf

So yeah, lesson learnt. I was too happy and excited about winning those prizes, hence the disappointment that followed was magnified ten times more. Like they say, don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Wah got idiom somemore wtf

p.s: did anyone notice the pun in my title!

Say no to domestic violence

It’s a great Sunday morning and I finally have time to sit down, breathe and blog!

So my job! I’m now interning at an NGO that helps women and children who live in abusive environments by temporarily providing them shelter, advocating their rights to them and basically help them resettle in whatever ways that we can.

My first week of work had been fun cause I was supposed to just come up with programs for the children and talk to them etc. Usually, I like love adore children but these children that I was dealing with were very very difficult. Eventhough I tried my best to be patient cause these children have been through hell, at the end of the day I just wanted to scream and throw my hands up in the air (like you just don’t care wtf). They almost never do as told and they start hitting each other whenever I look away.

I haven’t found a way to deal with them yet but after a few days, I found a way to enjoy their antics. Although they usually drive my blood pressure up, there were a few moments when I just melt into a puddle of messy goo. Once, I brought them to a nearby park and they went insane with happiness.

(I think they don’t get to go out and play a lot. Some kids told me that they never really get to play and watch TV. Doesn’t this sadden you when you think back of your own childhood? You get to watch TV anytime, play with toys etc and these kids live in a place where they can’t just do what normal kids do)

Anyway, so I brought them to the park and let them play whatever they want to play. It was a big havoc. They were running around and it was hard for me to keep counting to see if everyone was still there. They were fighting in different groups and it was hard for me to stop both groups. Finally, it got late and I had to go back so I told everyone that we had to go.

Guess what? Nobody wanted to leave. There was me alone who reallllllly needed to go, and 9 other kids who refused to go back. I pleaded and scolded and pretended that I was leaving anyway but nobody cared T___T

And then these kids suddenly just started singing. They sang a Tamil song and even danced along like in Bollywood films. Even the 3 year old one sang and danced!! How could I possibly be mad at these cute albeit monstrous creatures? They saw me watching them then they came to give me a hug and said they really like me T_______T How manipulative! Cause then I let them play a little longer *weak

I’m so sad that for some of these children, it’s not a question of whether they’ll fare well later in life or not. For them, it’s merely a question of survival. Can they even survive in this cruel society given their background and current circumstances? What will happen to these innocent children, thanks to their abusive fathers?

Working here just makes me want to grab every single man and strangle him to death wtf. I told Barry that after reading all the case studies of these abused women, it’s so hard for me to believe that men are nice anymore. Most abuse happen after months and years of marriage, so i guess we never really know a person. I walk on the street and look at each couple and wonder, will this seemingly nice gentleman beat her later? I look at married couples with kids and wonder, is the smile on the wife’s face telling me something? Am I being deceived by their faked happiness?

Anyway I’m probably thinking too much into this. For me, the lowest ever possible thing a man can ever do is hit women and hit children. That is a complete sign of weakness. I’m saddened even more when these wives come to believe that being hit is okay because they asked for it by disobeying their husbands and because it’s okay for men to hit women.

In a lot of the cases, something usually happened like the man had an affair or the man got retrenched, before they start abusing their wives. THIS REALLY ANGERS ME! As if it’s our fucking fault that you are cheating on us and you are so bad in your job and that’s why we should be beaten!

ok chill chill wtf.

I think that’s why a lot of the social workers there are rather cold about all these. Because if they are so hot-headed like me, they would so find all these men, put them in an island and let them abuse each other to death. Oh, but before that, cut their penises off first just for the fun of it. I’m such a dangerous person to be around with teehee wtf.

But *serious voice* whatever it is, it’s never okay to hit women and children. You’ll be ruining more lives than you can ever imagine.

Kopi O




I don’t even want to talk about what happened cause it was so stupid!!! ARGH but anyway I will talk about it cause I’m still very angry at myself.

So you guys know I have an exam today right (8.30am to be exact)?

Yeah so I told myself that I’d spend the entire Friday studying and will take two exams on Saturday! Very ambitious!

And you know how when people want to study the whole day, they drink coffee right??

Yeah so I wanted to prove to myself and people that I’m so studious and hardworking that I’ll drink *gasp* coffee!! and study the night away! (I ended up watching grey’s anatomy, gossip girl and MDG the whole afternoon and only started studying at night but that’s beside the point wtf)

So that’s exactly what I did! I got a cup of coffee and drank half of it proudly and started studying, completely oblivious to the fact that I CANNOT drink coffee.

Yeah guess what happened?

I finished studying at 1.30am..and I tried studying more but I’ve already read everything like a million times!! so I went to bed…

and didn’t sleep until now.

now: 11am


FML seriously! From 1.30am, I lay in bed praying that I’ll fall asleep ASAP but I was wide awake! Except that I wasn’t wide awake enough to study further but awake enough to not fall asleep. Don’t you just hate that???

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the stupid clock tower is so near my room that I can hear the stupid chime everytime an hour passes!

Ding dong ding dong, ding ding (2 am)

ding ding fucking ding (3 am)

ding ding fucking ding your head lah ding (4 am!!!)

repeat until 11am

NOT ONLY THAT, the girl upstairs was moving her stuff around until 4am???? Move dead body ar?????

GOT SOME MORE!!! at 4am, the birds started chirping and singing outside my window?????? This is not some fairytale/cinderella, don’t sing outside my window!!!!

And I couldn’t even take my exam at 8.30 cause my brain was so dead I didn’t even know the answer to 1+1! window ah? 1+1= window wtf

T____________T *kills self

Thank god my exams are all self scheduled, meaning you can take any paper any time in this 6 days so phewww. But I wanted to finish them early lah!

And this is ALL. MY. FAULT! Why oh why did I want to conform and act like I’m so studious I need coffee to stay awake when I don’t even need to T_T Coffee is evil! evil evil fluid that’s secretly attempting to take over the world by first keeping me awake for ten hours.

How leh it’s 11am now and I don’t feel sleepy but my brain is dead. and my exam is in 2 hours! Now I’m drinking as much water as I can to flush all the caffeine out but what if I fall asleep during exam! argh stupid suet stupid suet!

MDG: Ming

After watching this week’s videos (which are amazing! I love how they visited their homes) (shit, you can really tell what a big MDG fan I am T_T Sorry I really need a break from all my work sometimes), I’ve made up my mind.

Ming is so definitely getting my vote this week! She was already my favorite before this but after watching her video, now she’s my ultimate ultimate favorite!

Why should you vote for Ming? (btw I’m not her friend and I don’t know her at all)

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Quiz of the day

If you wake up feeling like shit without any apparent reason at all, do you:

a.) lash out on everyone around you?

b.) pretend you’re okay and put on a big smile?

c.) skip all your classes and sleep the whole day away?


d.) click on add new post, write a post titled ‘Quiz of the day’ and then proceed to do all of the above?


is my last day of work!

I’ve never been so happy since…I started work *wipes tear

I mean, I do like my job (not really haha) but it’s so dry and mundane! I dread going to work everyday ok wake up at 6am and wish the boss will call me and say today don’t have to go work cause..the office is infested with cockroaches or something wtf. Research work is soooo boring especially when you’re researching oil/petroleum blah.

It’s a good experience yeah but I’ve really had enough.I don’t know how my other colleagues can stand doing that every single day and they are all so hardworking! The earliest I’ve been to the office was around 8.30am and everyone was already doing their work! The latest I’ve ever went home was around 6.30pm and everyone was still busy doing work T_T I’ve NEVER ever seen any of them goofing around before. No facebook/blogs/youtube nothing! Only work work and work. The pay must be reallyyyy good then.

Yawn will continue this post tomorrow. Sorry for the abundance in advertorials lately, have to earn enough for my flight back =( Bye!


I’m so angry at so many things lately *shakes fist in anger


I seriously super duper damn kao hate mosquitoes. My hatred for it grew ten-million-fold these past two weeks cause they keep biting me for no good reason at all! Ok that’s stupid of course they have a reason to bite me but the thing is, I sleep with my brother and HE NEVER GETS BITTEN. So angry!! For the past two weeks, I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night to scratch away and to spray Ridsect every 10 minutes or so. And they never die!!!

I bought whatever you can find in the market to kill mosquitoes to put in my room but I still get bitten every night T__T I’m contemplating if I should apply mosquito repellent all over me before I sleep every night now boohoo.


SEE!!! These marks are almost a week old so they look like chickenpox now but they used to be much bigger!

My arm. I have like 10 bites on each arm T_T and 20 on each leg ok T____T

Last Friday, a mosquito actually bit my eyelid AND the fold inside my ear!!!!!!!! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?? How did the mosquito fly into my ear, sneak itself into the fold and bite it!?

Then today, all hell broke loose when some stupid mosquito did something no other mosquitoes should ever do. It…bit…my…face T______________________T

Rule no. 1 for mosquitoes all over the world: thou shalt never touch a girl’s face, EVER! or hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

Cannot see? Let me point them out

Ok so fine they don’t look that prominent in pictures but I swear if you see me now you’ll think that someone just beat the crap out of me cause my face is red and swollen all over! >=(

Disgusting picture of my ulcer T_T damn painful can die

I hereby grant myself the ultimate mission ok exterminating ALL THE MOSQUITOES IN THE WORLD. Touch my face again and you’ll die!


You know what’s the worst thing in the world? My grandma wanted to name me Suet Moi omg let me die now T_T thank god thank god thank god someone chose suet li instead if not I’ll have to answer to everyone who calls me ah moi. Can you imagine that??

Anyway, last week, we were walking back from lunch when one of my heels got stuck and I tripped. Right when I tripped, some stupid rempit on a bike wolf-whistled at me and called me ah moi. YOU WANT TO SEE AH MOI?? I’LL SHOW YOU AH MOI DUSH DUSH DUSH

Nah, a clearer pic wtf.

Anyway it happened quite some time ago so I’m not that angry anymore but right then I was so mad!! maybe cause it was embarrassing enough to trip and not have some rempit watch me fall…..


ok that’s an unfair generalization. I usually adore old people and feel sad when I see them and try to help them do whatever but I really hate this particular old man!

What happened was, last week when I was in Giant, there was this..60 year old man in front of me pushing his trolley. I was pushing my trolley with my mom behind him and we (both me and the old man) were kinda looking to our right cause someone was selling something. Suddenly, the old man stopped abruptly which caused me to bang my trolley into his feet.

He then started yelling at me and said I’m stupid for not looking at what was ahead of me. I was very apologetic at first cause for one, he was old and I respected him and his heel was bleeding from that collision so yes, I was really sorry. I told him I was very super sorry and he still kept scolding me!!!

He started saying that I have no eyes and that I shouldn’t talk next time when I’m pushing the trolley. WTF? I couldn’t take it anymore and retorted, saying that he was the one who stopped abruptly first and that he too, was looking at the salesman on our right.He got extremely mad that I talked back at him and started cussing at me. WTF?!?!

I was so mad cause a crowd was forming to watch this drama and he was making it seem like it was completely my fault!!! I do admit that I was wrong for not stopping in time cause I was busy looking to my right but I already said sorry what!! I then asked him what does he want from me? I already said sorry and he still kept yelling at me so does he want like compensation or something wtf and he got angrier cause I’m supposedly ‘younger and I shouldn’t talk back’

He thinks being older means he is always right ah! He thinks younger people should just always admit that they’re wrong and bow to him and not talk back! Finally, knowing that I couldn’t do anything about it, I just walked away. Last I saw, he was still yelling at me =.=


Walao have you heard about the whole scandal??Ok if you haven’t, don’t bother, cause it’s just a waste of your time. What I’m really upset about is how people take that opportunity to flame ME too. Someone said I’m just some girl who talks about my stupid life and ugly boyfriend and doesn’t think I should be famous. (siao one if I don’t talk about my life then talk about what! it’s a personal blog what not entertainment/celebrity gossip blog) Not only that, I notice that lately I’ve been getting relatively more negative comments than I usually do.

Yes I know I shouldn’t get upset over these lowlife people who are just hiding behind pseudonyms and their computers whose single best achievement in life is flaming me or other bloggers. I also know that they are only sour/bitter/jealous for god knows what reason.

Honestly. Honestly. Honestly. Sometimes I wish I don’t have a blog or I should disable comments or I should lock my blog because I’m not the type of person who can take harsh comments and pretend that I don’t care. because. I do. I really don’t understand why they have to say stuff like that. I’m just a very very regular person who happens to blog. I’m not a celebrity blogger (i don’t know what that means), I’m not talented in any way (HAVE YOU SEEN ME DANCE/SING/ACT?!?! capsed cause I really suck at dancing/singing/acting), I’m not tall or slim enough to be admired like models and I just happen to be lucky sometimes.

I’m lucky that I found out about relatively affordable American education and that’s why I’m studying in the US now. Why get jealous cause of that? Anyone can study in the US what! I’m not even rich and I don’t attend events/party so why get jealous? Yes, I found someone who loves me very much but so can you what! (sounds like a self help book wtf if i can do it, SO CAN YOU! *points at you wtf)

If you really can’t stand me then just go away lah T_T if you can’t stand my wtfs (which if you notice, have been reduced a lot), if you can’t stand my face, if you can’t stand how emo/mushy I can get sometimes, if you can’t stand how people read me  even though I’m not pretty/have a stupid life and ugly bf then just fuck off la.

(i have a lot more to say about this, will continue in another post)

(ok screw it I shall never touch this topic again cause someone told me if you want to publish something about yourself online, you should be prepared to get criticisms which I totally disagree! Why must people behave like that towards other fellow human beings? Why must people vote CRASH  when mazlan won his car on flyfm?? argh this seriously makes me want to lock my blog. A blog is supposed to be a place where you can talk and share about your feelings and life and if doing that means you have to put up with mean, uncalled for comments, then I seriously am not ready for it)


Went to Bijou Bazaar for the first time last week!

I drove all the way to cheras and then to bangsar then to midvalley then to curve and then back! omg what an achievement for me ok i usually only drive to the kopitiam behind my house to tapao food wtf

at kimgary, our official meeting place haha

bought this top at the bazaar for rm20! *big wet eyes

p.s: i came to work earlier today just so I can blog and everyone came even earlier than I did to do their work! *gasp* i’ve never seen more hard working people than this bunch



Back story again if you didn’t read my previous long entry. Basically, I had a very bad experience with Firefly and blogged about it right. THEN, there were these two fellas by the name of TORO and ALAMAK who started bashing me saying that I’m rude and that I didn’t check with Firefly properly before flying. From their ip addresses, they are apparently from the same company.

That is not all! Later, another commenter by the name SUPERMAN said something about how Airasia isn’t as good as well. He also has the same ip address…coincidence? I think not.

Anyway, I didn’t give two hoots about them since their english is so bad and I didn’t fully understand what they were trying to say anyway. So, I went out for lunch and came back to see another 3 comments from the same person (same email address, same IP) but with different names.

First he called himself TORO and said we were bought by Airasia. Then he called himself JOJO and said I’m a bitch and he wanted my number. THEN, he called himself VIVI and agreed with me that he had the same bad experience too?!?

Keep in mind these are all the same person, disguising himself with different names.

It’s ok this is where it gets reallyyyy interesting..

Google Queen Jiameei then found out that one of the commenters’ email address leads to more clues..he commented in this photoblog before under the same email address and not only that, we also found out from an online classified that…



So, from there, I got his full name, phone number AND address! omg google rocks.

I was already pumping with adrenaline wtf and wanted to find out more about these people. Why were they so gung ho in bashing me in the first place? Who are they?? Why are they bashing Airasia too?


I googled his full name and phone number and found out that he actually works for firefly………………


Seriously I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry T__________T

do firefly actually pay these people to read blogs/forums and see if anyone writes anything bad about them and ask these people to further bash these poor customers who were cheated and just wanted to warn other people too?

aren’t these firefly staff supposed to give legit support and explanations instead of bashing people like that?

hmm do you think I’ll get in trouble for exposing them? First of all, they are the ones who came to MY personal blog and said I’m wrong in complaining about firefly and I should write it to the right person with proper english with solid proof instead of my saliva?

Sigh seriously. YO you firefly staff! listen here! Please read this before you further miscontrue my post. First of all, we are not mad that firefly had technical problems with their plane and thus they had to cancel the flight. BUT  we were mad because we were NOT informed of the cancellation and had to find that out ourselves. Plus, Firefly did NOT take care of us, did NOT advise us with other alternatives nor did they try to repent for their mistakes.

What they did do however were, they tried to give us more excuses on why the plane was delayed, they told us how they always make an effort to take care of their customers by transporting them to other alternative flight arrangement and then tried to buy us off by offering us a ONE way ticket to any domestic destination valid for 3 months.

1. Firefly DID not take care of us, there was no effort in their part whatsoever. There wasn’t anyone there to tell us what to do, noone to tell us to take the next flight, noone to tell us that the flight was cancelled due to technical problems.

What were we supposed to do? The next firefly flight is at 8am the next morning, the airport closes at 11pm so SHOULD WE STAY ON THE STREETS?? The town was 30 minutes away, there weren’t any taxis in sight at all and we didn’t have much money left.

2. ONE way ticket??? Dude, cheat us already somemore wanna earn our money?!!?!? If one way then we still have to buy the other way what! There is NO way I’ll ever fly with firefly again.

3. please tell your staff to not leave their email address when they want to flame someone


sigh please just give us back our money and let me get on with posting my redang pictures T_T


Before I can comfortably settle on talking about my fabulous trip, I must first write a VERY VERY angry post about some stupid airline company that completely spoilt this whole trip for me.

And that stupid airline company is surprise surprise, FIREFLY! FIREFLYZ SUCKS FIREFLY SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS (please let this appear in google search)

Anyway, back story. I booked SIX return tickets from Firefly from Subang to Kuala Terengganu TWO months ago. Then, four days prior to the trip, I found out from the hotel that firefly changed their return time from 4pm to 10pm, which shocked me terribly cause I had to hear this from the hotel and now I have to wait another 6 hours!!

SO, we talked it over and said fine, it’s okay, we’ll just wait 8 hours in the airport since there’s NOTHING we can do about it anyway.

Happy happy times in Redang and on Sunday, which was the day we were supposed to come back, I received an sms from Firefly saying that our flight has been delayed to 1.30 am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111

WTF???!?! (1)

First, they delayed our flight from 4pm to 10pm and now to 1.30 am??!? 9 hour delay????

Ok fine we were super angry but there was really NOTHING we could do and we really just wanted to get home. Firefly said they could refund the money but we would have to find another alternative to come back. Then, we went to the airport and to our dismay, we found out from the airport staff that the airport closes at 11pm and it’s impossible for the plane to land at 1.30am sooo, the FLIGHT WAS FREAKING CANCELED.

WTF??????!!!? (2)

They did not even tell us the flight was canceled and we had to find that out ourselves ok!!! If you haven’t gotten the permission to land in a closed airport why did you have to send smses to everyone to say that you’ll land at 1.30am!!!!

Burning with rage, we stomped to the firefly counter and demanded for an explanation. The staff there couldn’t do anything so I demanded to speak with someone who has more power. This guy from MAS came to me and said very nicely that they will refund the money AND reimburse us the price difference if we buy an Airasia flight since it’s THEIR fault anyway, not ours. He said all we have to do is go back to Subang and show them our airasia tickets. Satisfied with this, we went and bought tickets to fly with Airasia instead (which gave us EXCELLENT customer service by the way).

SO today, Barry and I went to the Subang airport to show them our airasia tickets, hoping to get our compensation and refund back BUT THEY TOLD US THAT WE CAN’T!!!!

1. They told us that they don’t give compensations and only give refunds

2. They told us to email the management instead if we want compensation and it’s up to the management to decide if we’re entitled to the compensation

3. They told us that they are only a budget airline so they have limited planes

4. They called the MAS guy who told us we can get the money and apparently he said there was some communication breakdown and that he DID NOT say that


First of all, it is not OUR fault that the flight got cancelled. Being stranded in a foreign place, we had NO other choice but to take whatever available flight back home and thus, we had to pay around extra RM100 each for the airasia flight since we bought it on the day itself. Things they should compensate us for:

1. price difference between the two flights (RM100 each, there were 6 of us)

2. cost of the phone calls  since we had to keep calling them to find out about our flight status (at least RM20)

3. taxi ride back from LCCT since we had to take airasia (RM60 x 2 for two taxis)

4. We had to take leave today to settle this and now it’s not settled! (RM100 for our one day’s pay)


We were already VERY considerate because all we wanted was compensation for the price difference which is about RM100 each and they couldn’t even do that? And their excuse was ‘oh we’re only a budget airline’. The thing is, including the rm100, we paid almost RM350 for our flight which wasn’t cheap at all for a budget airline ok!!!! ZERO fare?!?! fuck you zero fare. We paid for service so by right, we should get it shouldn’t we?

DO WE LOOK LIKE BITCHES TO YOU, FIREFLY? If not, then why are you screwing us like bitches?!

And now they want us to send an email to them to complain and they’ll only get back to us 48 hours later.

WTF???! (4)

I know their dirty trick ok don’t think I’m stupid! They want us to send them an email, then they’ll reply 2 days later and dilly dally and then another email blabla and by then, we would be too tired to continue and will say ok fuck this forget it and they’ll win!!!! NO WAY OK FIREFLY DON’T THINK YOU CAN MESS WITH US LIKE THAT.

And why was the flight cancelled in the first place?? The explanation they gave us at first was that the plane is grounded (WTF?) and then told us that they don’t have enough planes! How can! I booked this flight TWO WHOLE MONTHS ago and if you don’t have enough planes, then you’re NOT DELIVERING WHAT YOU HAVE ADVERTISED. Or better, if you don’t have enough planes, THEN DON’T START AN AIRLINE COMPANY. 

How do you expect to compete with Airasia if you don’t have enough planes? Airasia is a budget airline too and they seem to be running smoothly. They never cancel flights, and they always treat their customers with utmost respect. This is the first time I have taken a Firefly flight, and already it is proving to be a horrible mistake.

Firefly claim to have their customers’ best interests foremost in their mind and company philosophy, but what they have done/told us thus far is “screw the customers”. Seriously I AM not going to rest until I get my money back at least. (seriously am I wrong in wanting to get my money back? Are they right for screwing us around like this and then pulling a -oh we’re only a budget airline- trick on us??)

EVERYONE, please spread the word around! Airasia is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than firefly, in terms of service, how they deal with customers and even the planes are much nicer! After what I have experienced, I’ll never ever fly with firefly again, and maybe not even MAS. Don’t get cheated too!


Tze’s, Jiameei’s, Aud’s

p.s: I made a scene at the airport and a few customers came and asked me what happened. I told them about it and apparently, their flights were delayed as well and they said they’ll never take Firefly again. Hmmp! so I wasn’t the only one!



The Dark Knight



I watched The Dark Knight already *gloat gloat gloat until face bursts wtf

Thanks to Nuffnang and Nokia, I got two tickets to watch the premiere + dinner (free food, i’ve never been happier =D)! Initially I only got one ticket but Barry the smelly said if I ever go watch batman without him he has no choice but to ignore me forever cause you have no idea how big a batman fan he is!!!

For one whole week before the premiere, he kept reading stuff about batman online and apparently there are a lot A LOT of viral websites out there! They created some websites for Gotham city, gotham police, some sites created by the Joker, some sites that lead you to a treasure hunt with the joker etc etc read more about it here! I also got a call from Jim Gordon wtf

Anyway I’ll *try* not to spoil anything but I just can’t resist spoiling it!!!!!!!! CHRISTIAN BALE WAS SO HOT MMM HEATH LEDGER WAS DAMN DAMN GOOD! After the movie ended I felt so sad almost wanted to cry cause he’s now dead T___T he can’t see how good he was and how everyone loves him but maybe he’s watching from heaven T____T

Ok I shall stop here or else I’m gonna end up writing about what happened…But seriously go watch it! When Barry was raving about it to me for what seemed like forever, I just waved him off cause I just couldn’t believe how good a superhero movie can get but this really surpassed my expectation. It was really really good, so good that I gave it 10/10 in IMDB! (I gave spiderman 6/10 wtf I hate the spidey guy lah see don’t even remember the name already did I say CHRISTIAN BALE WAS DAMN HOT AND HEATH LEDGER WAS DAMN GOOD?)

Oh we watched in GSC Signature in Gardens! It’s cheaper than gold class but better than the normal one and the seats are really comfortable! And they gave us free popcorn too thanks nokia and nuffnang! It’s so good to be home *big wet eyes


Random photos of the day:

I really need to do something with this teddy. Mom wanted to throw it away but I didn’t have the heart to T___T After all, we’ve been through some special

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