so angry!!! why do those professors think we have no other classes except theirs! why must they give us so much pressure! seriously why am i doing this! why am i studying econ and history of chinese civilization and game theory and french! why am i paying so much and travel so far to cause undue stress upon myself! why didn’t i just stay in malaysia!

why am i here why T___T i’m so stupid seriously today i was walking with these two other girls from my econ class and i was telling them i’m kinda scared for the econ final and they said don’t worry the midterms weren’t that hard anyway………..what do you mean! i got C for my midterm what do you mean it wasn’t hard T__________T

i swear i’m the stupidest girl on campus why i everything also cannot do ask me to differentiate native rulers and foreign rulers in ancient china also i cannot do! ask me to interpret confucius’ the great learning also i cannot do! ask me about my prediction of agg. expenditure due to the US recession also i cannot do T____T i can’t even decide properly when to use passe compose or imparfait T____T

why am i torturing myself why do i have to learn all this crap can i just go to some cooking/cleaning school where they teach women how to cook and clean and stay sexy until they die please!

Haih let me be the first to open such a school la. everyday learn how to sew/cook/clean/do makeup/stay slim only so fun. haihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mary lyon (my college’s founder) is gonna rise from her grave and haunt me for life wtf cause so un-feminist.

complain so much also no use still have to get back to reality….like now……………………………….very sad angry frustrated annoyed huuhuh maybe cause period coming also. why does it suck so much to be a girl huhuuh everytime have to waste money on pads/tampons/bras and if boobs not big enough then feel insecure if tummy not flat enough then get called a wild boar HAIH

anyway this is a video of what we do when we’re bored/how i release my anger/why we are the fun-est couple ever


no i’m serious wtf

p.s: eh i suddenly have a great idea! should i just quit college now and become a full time blogger wtf i shall take one year to study the skills of how to be world no. 1 blogger and earn my living like that! great idea suet! *pats self and throws books away

p.p.s: most beautiful french song =)






Good day because! wait you won’t believe this! but i’m gonna tell anyway! CAUSE IT’S 20 *gasp* CELCIUS OUTSIDE!

I really couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it *big wet eyes. I’m feeling so good now! So good that I’m listening to Bob Marley’s Jammin’! hahaha I feel sooooo good! Spring has cometh, finally =))))))

So I went outside with just a tshirt and a very thin jacket and saw everyone in tank top and shorts! And I saw everyone having picnics on the greens and some of them are naked o.0 Sorry didn’t bring my camera haha. Ah, I’m such a disappointment amidst all these brave people!

Oh speaking of that, someone recently told me that someone said I like to brag about my perfect life and I call myself thy king? Haih I called myself thy king cause I wore skirt when it was 5 celcius outside and I have a sense of humor ok. I was also coincidentally reading Kim by Rudyard Kipling which then inspired me to write in old english la haiyo.

And what’s this about bragging about my perfect life! Seriously do you see me showing off my expensive clothes or bags ar? That’s because I don’t have any! all my clothes are below $10 and I have a brandless bag wtf like that also wanna show off ar! Don’t judge me so quickly if you don’t bother reading everything I said and just scroll for pictures. If you don’t bother reading about my failures and rejections so how can you say I have a perfect life? If I seem like I do that means I work twice as hard as any of you to get to where I am now so don’t fucking sit on your chair and whine about how some people have everything in life and you don’t. I’m not rich and I’m super stingy and aunty ok how that is perfect is beyond me.

And just because I don’t bitch about it whenever I fight with my boyfriend doesn’t mean we have a flawless relationship ok. We work super hard to get to where we are now and I think we deserve every single bit of it. Seriously how can someone who doesn’t know shit about me just read me on the surface and conclude so very quickly that my life is perfect and that I brag about it? I know having a public blog means you’re putting your life out there to be scrutinized but I never thought I’d come off to some people as someone who likes showing off when I don’t feel like I have anything to show off in the first place. If there’s really something I can brag about it’s my determination but I don’t go around saying stuff like wah I’m the most determined person ever wtf.

Aiya whateverlah let me show you something to cheer you up wtf I mean to cheer myself up.

Inspired by Jam who was inspired by him.


First, you need a big tshirt like this. Here, I stole 33’s Harvard tshirt while she was in class. (remember: ninjas are very good thieves!)

Then, turn the shirt inside out and put your head in like this. Don’t worry about looking like shit cause NINJAS DON’T CARE IF THEY LOOK LIKE SHIT!

Then turn around and tie a knot with the sleeves as tight as you can. You don’t want your mask to unravel when you’re HAIYAK-ing your enemy!

Now it’s supposed to look like this. Don’t look like a ninja? No worries! HAIYAK

Flip the upper and lower parts of the collar to cover the tag and to look more like a ninja! Try to cover as much as your face as you can to maintain your anonymity.

Just show some kickass moves and you’re all set!!!

HAIIIIII YAKKKKKK this ninja damn annoying wtf actually i feel like i look more like a robber instead. bank robber =.= “ta kip” wtf

ok everyone, it’s that easy to be a ninja! Try it and let me know ok!


First off, let me tell you one VERY ANGRY STORY. VERY VERY ANGRY STORY!!!!!!!!!

(very very long but must read ok i wrote with so much passion)

Ok must listen to the back story first. I bought a ticket to boston and back, but ended up using only the return ticket cause I got the ride from someone to boston. So it’s like this:

South Hadley to Boston

Boston to SH

But when I got into the bus in Boston, the guy wanted to take my SH to Boston ticket cause it was printed first. I said no, and he said NO YOU DON’T TELL ME NO so I said fine sorry and he went on about how the admin people printed the ticket wrongly blabla cause he thought I’m going to SH and thus should take the 1st ticket first which obviously made no sense at all!

So I wanted to explain that I’m going back and that I did not use my first ticket cause I got a ride and so he should take my 2nd ticket and before i said anything, he said HEY DO YOU WANNA DO MY JOB? WHY DON’T YOU TAKE OVER MY PLACE? DO YOU WANT TO SEE THE SUPERVISOR?

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Tagged by Tze! I don’t really wanna do this cause I don’t have much to write but she threatened to cut all ties with me if I don’t wtf

Skin Care
What facial cleanser do you use?

Shiseido’s white lucent. I don’t think I got fairer after using this though.

What moisturizer do you use?

Seriously those marketing people will love me lor cause I always believe when they say you must use the same brand for cleanser, toner and moisturizer wtf.

How many times a day do you wash your face?
tee hee once only before I sleep tee hee
Do you use eye makeup remover?
of course!

If so, What kind?

From Sasa one RM 30 something damn expensive wtf but it’s not too bad

Is your skin oily, dry, or combination skin?
dry and sensitive =(

What is the best part about your skin?
I like my skin! I get fair easily! Last time I used to be really dark cause I played basketball at 12pm under the hot sun but it only took me a month or so to get fair back =D

What are your skin problems?
erm can be a tad too sensitive


What foundation do you use?
none cause too expensive la wtf
What powder do you use?

What eyebrow pencil do you use?
none la my eyebrows so thick already some more ask me to draw ah

What eyeliner do you use?

Some brand from Japan that Aud got for me <3
What is your favorite eyeshadow?
My eyeshadow from Silkygirl also la cause so cheap okay RM15 for one. My ultimate dream is to get MAC’s eyeshadow /big wet eyes

What mascara do you use?

It’s really good!!! and cheap!

What are your favorite lipbalms/glosses/sticks?:
Vaseline wtf haih fail again =.=

Do you color your hair?

What is your stylists name?
Don’t remember. I always change to whoever is cheaper la wtf

What salon do you go to?
Where ever that is cheapest. I’m sorry I don’t know why am I like this too
What is your natural hair color?
I used to have really brown hair with gold highlights (natural one ok) but it got darker when I grew up

Do you have a straightener?
no but i’m gonna buy one

What kind?
the cheapest one wtf

Do you use a blowdryer?
don’t have one

What shampoo do you use?

It smells soooo freaking heavenly
What conditioner do you use?

Dove. Lazy wanna look for a picture

Do you use leave in conditioner?
nope aih no need to ask me so many questions lah basically I don’t have a lot of stuff cause don’t wanna buy wtf


What deodorant do you use?
none I’m sorry ok contrary to my name, I do not sweat that much wtf

What body wash do you use?

SHOKUBUTSU HAHAHAHHA the orange one so nice

What perfumes do you use or like? Name five.
I didn’t bring any of my perfume here but I only had two back home anyway.

and some burberry one my dad just got for me, forgot the name.

Do you always have to smell good?

Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend?
no comment wtf

What is your jewelry essential?
no comment wtf

What jewelry do you wear most?
I only have my gold necklace my mom gave me 19 years ago =)

What jewelry do you crave most?
No comment wtf i’m so low maintenance sial

Purses and Shoes

How many purses do you own?
1. I bought it for my mom and she gave it back to me cause she bought a new one T__T

How many shoes do you own?
less than 10 la including boots

Which pair is your favorite?
All! if not i won’t buy right? Knowing me, I only buy if I really really like it. I usually spend 1 hr choosing and sometimes not buy any T_T

Who is your favorite handbag designer?
I like LV and Prada but can only stare from afar wtf

Who is your favorite shoe designer?
Vincci wtf hahahah

This or that;

Manolos or Jimmy Choos?
Choo cause he was my boyfriend’s mom’s neighbor (true story ok!)

Dolce and Gabbana or Chanel?
Chanel I think I can’t even differentiate them

Micheal Kors or Bebe?
Bebe cause it sounds like baby wtf no wait actually it sounds like a pasar malam brand

Louis Vuitton or Coach?
LV cause more expensive wtf but coach bags are alright too and they’re kinda cheap here

Gucci or Prada?


Favorite Magazine to read?

Favorite nail polish?
none. the last one I bought was only $1 from a goth shop wtf

Favourite Book?

Favorite Band?
Can’t decide!

Favorite Girly Movie?
I like all girly movies!

Are you high maintenence?
What do you think wtf

Do you enjoy being a girl?
If I’m not bleeding now, yes.


p.s: I’m only still going on about this cause I was attacked brutally, not because I still want the issue to go on. At first I really don’t wanna care about it anymore cause I have Zhuangzi to read ok how intellectual wtf but I can’t let someone go on and on about how I’m the bad guy here and try to garner sympathy like that. Seriously I already gave her twice of her normal hits, is this how she repay me T__T

People are saying how I attacked her personally when her fashion sense etc doesn’t have anything to do with Lydia Sum at all. Truth is, I don’t really care about what she said about Lydia and since she apologized so whatever lah. But how many of you here read her blog before and totally got turned off by all that arrogance? I didn’t say her books are bad, did I? Heck I even said I was impressed by the fact that she wrote two books! I was just saying how she likes to brag about being an author, which we can all clearly see and not be reminded of daily.

Like Tze said, it’s totally okay for her to brag (not too much) if she does have substance but she really doesn’t (fashion wise). Wouldn’t you feel like punching me too if I keep going on and on about how I recently bought an Armani top (which I did *proud)? I’m merely echoing everyone’s sentiments too and there is really no need to bash me like that. Some more wanna melebih-lebih insult my wtf T_T Haihhh ok so maybe you’re actually a very nice person in real life but if you chose to portray yourself that way in your blog (arrogant, boastful), then why get mad when people judge you?

I have a million and one things to say but I don’t think she deserves an entire post and at most, only another P.S. and you know what’s worse than only getting a p.s after writing an asslong post about me? I’ll have another p.p.s after this.

p.p.s: Sigh my boyfriend is going to Germany tomorrow for a week T__T But it’s okay cause I’m going to Philadelphia for my Spring Break! Apparently they have the biggest mall or something! =D

Stupid pictures

Yay I just finished watching gossip girl! I have a new list of tv shows to watch but I really don’t think I should waste any more time cause a girl like me has more important things to do! Like solve cases and be the best lawyer in Japan! (a nintendo ds lite game wtf)

I have some pictures but before I begin, let me say something first. Yes, I am passionate about the american education and I really like helping people out with their application and educating more people about education opportunities in the US. It makes me feel good when people email me to thank me cause they really set their eyes on applying to study in america after reading more about it in my blog. It makes me happy knowing that there are people applying to my college and I know that’s all thanks to me.

But what does not make me happy is knowing how people expect me to give them information and treat me like I should be doing this. Look, I did this out of the kindness of my own heart. I add people I don’t know in my MSN and reply emails of application woes without getting paid. So please don’t treat me like I have to help you and act so demanding. Do I look like your school counselor?

I don’t mind answering questions but what I really mind is how people don’t make an effort whatsoever first before asking them. I already said clearly in my FAQ post to read tinkosong or other websites which were really helpful to me last time. So why didn’t they? All some people who emailed me do is shoot me questions and expect me to reply to them promptly. Once when I was in NY, I replied some emails telling them to wait since I was in an apple store and clearly couldn’t help them and you know what some of them said? “ok reply fast”

Like wtf? Do I look like your mom to you? (completely irrelevant)

I’m not mad at anyone I’m just complaining. Otherwise, like I said, I like helping people out cause I need more Msian friends here in the US anyway. Also, please email me if you want to know more and not ask me to email you. And please have the decency to at least say thank you after I tell you what you need to know. I need to know that Malaysians have their manners too.

Man, I’m so good at pool these days and I have no idea why!

This is how I play wtf

Laundry room

Pool table wtf

Escaping wtf

Wet hair and swollen lips =(

And I’m gonna do Jiameei’s meme now on different facial expressions! I cheated. Instead of finding old pictures, I took all these today.

This is how I look like when I’m really hungry

This is when I feel fat and all I feel like doing is press my face like that until I die wtf

This is when there are lotsa people around me so I have to pick my nose discreetly by pretending that I’m just scratching my nostrils WTF

This is my face when I ask “who farted? not me!” in disgust (but it’s actually me who farted one wtf) DAMN UGLY HAHAHAHA

Guess what face is this. Messy and satisfied wtf

How I look like being punched. I tried drinking water so when he punched me then I can spit the water out wtf but it didn’t work.

One of our favorite pastimes is taking stupid shots of ourselves. One of us will go, okay do this and this face and we’ll do it! Damn fun!

ok do “I just failed my exam” face!

ok do “someone just caught us having sex” face!

ya allah why my bf’s face like this wtf

ok do “mmm this is the hardest shit in the world” face!

ok do “oh no my son is gay” face!


The end.

ps: Oh, and to further prove why I absolutely deserve to be the king of the world and everyone should bow to me again,

-10 celcius with snow falling and ONLY a flimsy piece of cotton? I rule man. I RULE! (don’t mind that I look damn short here. Although I AM that short)