I have some pictures to post but I can’t seem to muster enough energy to transfer them to my computer. School has been incredibly tiring these days; wayyy more tiring than I had ever imagined it was.

Seriously being a student is really not easy okay. In my case, I have to be burdened with school work, lab work, working part time, looking for an internship, looking at grad school, extracurricular activities and a new edition this time around – having a social life.

Actually I’m not as stressed as I should be already cause I really couldn’t be bothered with internships this year. Fuck the rat race. Summer holiday is summer holiday so let me actually berholiday for once. Haha yeah right I wish I’m so chill! I’m in the midst of trying to get the ultimate internship of my dream now so wish me luck =X

I don’t know why I’m striving so hard for anyway. There’s no real concrete proof that having an internship every summer will help me after I graduate. In a way, internships are just so companies get well educated labor for cheap (or sometimes free).

Ok I’m really tired of serious talks. My blog is getting so boring these days, which is actually just a reflection of my life now, but if there’s one pleasure left for me in this world please let it be blogging. I remember how I used to read my old posts and laugh but now when I read my entries I just wanna skip them cause so damn sleep-inducing wtf

ok let’s start over

How’re you today? Great, me too! You’re going to New York this weekend? OMG ME TOO!

You’re getting a ride from a guy from Craigslist whom you don’t know and who could very well be a serial killer but you have no choice cause all the other options are way too expensive? Seriously what the hell, ME TOO!!

But you really don’t care cause you don’t want to spend Chinese New Year/Valentine’s in this dreaded place? Tell me about it.

Wow actually the captions are so apt for my pictures hahaha. There you go, my life summarized in three pictures.

I DON’T GET IT, why am I turning boring??? why why tell me why???

I iz boring

I really really feel like I’m the most boring person on earth! Along with Barry of course. We are both the most most mostest boring couple in the world.

Please, dear happening people, please teach us how to lead a more exciting life!

All we ever do is work and sleep and eat. This is our summer holiday for god’s sake!!!!!!11 I hate it that we have to work on our holiday too πŸ™

Sigh! How?? Our friends do ask us out but we are always too tired to. All our happening friends only go out after 11pm and they always go somewhere far like Bangsar wtf. 11pm! What atrocity! That’s clearly not the right time to be roaming around the streets at night! 11pm is 30 minutes past my bedtime wtf (Yes I sleep at 11 on weekends too T______T)

I’m only 20 and yet I’m already like this..when I’m 30 how? Sleep at 9 pm and stay at home all day ah. I think I have to force myself! I really admire people who can just not care about waking up early the next day and just go partying and enjoy life. That’s what being young is all about isn’t it?

OK I have decided.

I’m going clubbing this weekend! Eh wait not this weekend, this weekend I’m balik-ing kampung. Next weekend! I, LIEW SUET LI, HEREBY DECLARE THAT I SHALL GO CLUBBING *gasps

The last time I went clubbing was in..2007……. WTF OMG I AM SO ANCIENT! Who wants to go with me? But must come home by 1 am ah!Β  God 1 am is soooo late. Maybe 12 am la wtf

Actually I really don’t like clubbing lah. All that noise and smoke! I hate it when smoke gets in my hair and eyes. What else can I do then? Go karaoke so expensive and get sore throat the next day wtf. Go holiday need $$$.

Even as a couple also we’re getting less adventurous and romantic. We used to celebrate every month and will do something fun and yesterday was the 12th and we totally forgot about itΒ  T_____T Such is life wtf

Anyway Happy 4 years and 7 months babyyyy! Today let’s rent a dvd and watch at home! wooo our life is getting more happening and exciting each day wtf

p.s: oh yeah, Cindy changed her blog url so her new site’s here!

p.p.s: Something exciting happened just now! Someone called my phone and asked for Ahmad and I said wrong number and he called again and I said “still wrong number” upon answering the call and he just hung up!!!! Without saying anything! How rude is that?!?! Yeah. So that’s the exciting thing wtf the end

Going on a diet!

I’m dead bored at work so I think I should:

1. slow down and do my work slowly so I have things to do
(but later my boss thinks I’m a slow worker how!)

2. Read blogs/online boutiques/makeup sites
(which I have already done a thousand times today)

3. Ask for more work
(can’t cause other colleagues will think I’m such a suck up. Me: Boss I finish my work already! Easy peasy! Do you need more help? <–man, don’t you just want to punch this girl right now?)

4. Blog
(which is what I’m doing right now duh wtf)

Buttttt…I don’t know what to blog about T________T

My life is seriously such a bore right now. If I tell you what I’ve been up to, I swear 9 out of 10 of you will fall asleep even before I finish the sentence. Ok here goes anyway! I’ve been:

1. playing children’s games such as cooking mama, diner dash, turbo subs, bejeweled and zuma on weekends

2. googling smoothie recipes and making smoothies for the entire family (except that noone like them that much and DAMN I LEFT MY MANGO SMOOTHIE IN THE FRIDGE T__T SURE SPOIL)

3. Are you sleeping already? Ok this is quite cool. I went to Urbanscapes and nearly died of stickiness

4. Taking stupid Facebook quizzes like “At what age will you lose your virginity” and “What zombie fighting weapon best suits you?” (I told you I’m the most boring person alive!)

Okay wake up I’m done detailing the boring minute details of my life. Ho hum.

Anyway *pause*


going on a diet. I’m dead serious. I’m so serious that the word serious doesn’t even sound half as serious as the seriousness of this whole thing.

My dad came home last week and we’ve been eating like crazy and this HAS to stop. He’s leaving today so I vowed that from today onwards, I’m going on a diet and will start exercising again. I’m DEAD SERIOUS. I’M SO SERIOUS THAT THE WORD– ok you get what I mean there’s no need for me to raise my voice wtf

Yeah. So I’m only going to drink vegetable juice and eat something small for lunch! That’s if I have enough energy to wake up before 6.30am to make my juice…oh tuhanku…….

If you have any suggestions on diet programs that work, let me know!

Boring serious shit

I suck cause I didn’t take a single picture today. I loaned my phone to a friend and I was too lazy to carry a camera sigh.

Anyway today is an interesting day for me and I really want to talk about it but I’m quite afraid that I’ll come off as ignorant or stupid. Argh but I really wanna talk about it πŸ™ ok so just hear me out and put your judgements away first.

First of all, today in my Econ class, my professor was talking about how education is an important tool for a country’s success. In fact it’s THE most crucial step to ensuring continuous and permanent growth. I don’t know why but it moved me so much just hearing all that and made me feel like going back. Last semester, my favorite Econ professor also said almost the same thing and it got me thinking about so many things.

It got me thinking of the main reason why I was here in the first place. Am I here for my own personal growth? Am I here to get a good education so I can get a good job and live happily ever after? I don’t want to waste my parents’ money so selfishly like that when my country is in need of whatever it can get right now. I want to go back and serve my own people..but can I? I’m so lost and disillusioned with everything πŸ™

Can I really make much difference if I go back? Or will I just join the rest of the white-collared labor force and continue being disappointed time after time with my country? I don’t want to pretend I know a lot about politics because I don’t and I don’t want to come off as being pretentious. So can someone like me who is not the least interested in politics really make much difference at all? Honestly if I can dream, I want to make a change in terms of providing better education for everyone.

Maybe if I can get my head straight, this will work =) somehow..I’ll just have to think it through again.

My friend Emily told me about this website recently, Malaysian Dreams. Her friend created that website in hopes that Malaysians will talk about what they really want and dream of. I found this particular entry really compelling:

i wish our upbringings did not create such a huge silent gap between us, i wish our country is less defined by race & religion, i wish what we were nurtured to be didn’t tear us apart, i wish not another malaysian heart to break because of this silent wall….

it’s so sad and touching T________T I really with all my heart, echo your sentiments o’ anonymous one. There’s nothing I want more from Malaysia than to abolish this gap between all us rakyats.

Maybe I should be a teacher.

Since I’m talking about this now, I was asked to publicize this:

Project What’s after SPM?

One book. One hundred different stories.

A group of people are planning to publish a book on paths that you can take after completing your high school education. I thought this was a very good idea since I was pretty lost after SPM myself. You can choose to contribute by submitting your very own story on which path you took, help them translate the submissions to chinese/tamil/malay, or monetary contributions so they can print out more copies! click here again for more details!

And I will contribute to these two blogs as well!


Then at night, I went to this other talk on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and got all depressed again T___T

Despite thinking that I do already know what’s going on, I felt disgusted at my ignorance for not getting my facts straight first. I felt stupid for even thinking if there was a side that was right or wrong. Truth is, it wasn’t who is right or wrong. Can we really justify the actions of these people and decide who was the one who should be condemned and who should be sympathized? If there’s one thing my liberal arts education has taught me, it’s that an action can never tell you completely how someone should be judged.

In the minds of the people who have done what they did, they were all right. So who are we to say what’s not? Do we follow the international laws to define their actions and if it was against the law, it is therefore wrong? The reasoning behind the laws was set up by fellow human beings as well. So these people who set up the laws are supposedly those who have the highest morality of them all? But wait don’t get me wrong. What has happened was obviously in direct violation of the human rights law so I’m not saying their actions can be justified.

The issue of how subjective these actions are was also brought up and this is what I hate most. I hate it when people throw around the word ‘subjective’ loosely like that. If something was subjective, does it mean we can’t really talk about it because there can be a lot of ways to go around it? By saying these actions by either party were subjective and cannot be interpreted by anyone but themselves, are we giving them a leeway of what they did?

Argh I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore @_@ So now I’m really confused. What do you all think?

Anyway I have to get started on my papers now bye T_T

p.s: ok continue doing this poll.

And now, a word from our sponsors

Brought to you by Barry:

I’ve been here for four days already, and in this time I’ve learned what it’s like to be Liew Suet Li. Truth be told, it doesn’t take very much at all to be Liew Suet Li.

We wake up at noon and go about our routine of scrubbing our faces and teeth and turn the once-blue toilet water green. We layer up on clothing as to prevent the numbing cold from turning our nipples into ripe apricots before we step out for lunch.

This is my Harrison Ford moment; more the Fugitive than the movie star (speaking of which, he hasn’t made anything recently that isn’t naff, has he?). We slink to the nearest dining hall unnoticed with much skill and guile, Suet’s ingeniously crafty way of having to avoid paying for my meals.

I sometimes wonder if she’s ashamed of me.

Prior to taking a shower, I have to go on an obligatory scouting trek to the bathroom, fully-clothed, to make sure that other unsuspecting ladies are not currently occupying the communal bathroom, and who, at the sight of a half-naked dashing young stud such as myself, would mentally implode from the sheer shock of an unexpected orgasm.

Having made sure that the coast was clear, I’d have to head back to fetch my sundry basket of toiletries, change into a shower towel that covers my dangly bits, and run back to the safety of the bathroom before I cause any more orgasmic carnage at this hallowed all-female institution.

Apart from eating and showering, we don’t venture outside her dorm. She studies for her upcoming tests, or tries to at least, while I waste time playing Word Challenge on Facebook. Most times I succeed in distracting her, and we end up playing Word Challenge marathons. So much so that we punctuate our daily conversations with sentences like, “Wow, that’s incredible! edible. red. bid. led. dib. din. credible. ire. bide. lire. bile. rid. blind. cred. bleed. nice. rice. crib. line.” and so on and so forth. You’ll get it if you play the game.

Be forewarned, it’s a timesucker of the highest degree, bound to turn your unexciting life even duller. You’ll curse at your own shaky fingers that hammer typo after typo, and wistfully wish you could be as cool as the other kids who are only just returning from parties at 3am on a Saturday night, while you’ve been on Word Challenge since 9.30pm, and what’s worse is that everyone who’s your friend on Facebook can see what a nerd/loser you are. Shockingly embarassing.

Yeah, that’s the story of our lives since I’ve arrived. I wonder why you people read her blog, she’s the most boring person I know, apart from myself. Go on, move to some other more exciting blog where clubbing and boobage are daily occurences. cure. rose. sore. run. seen. scene. sour (dammit word challenge)

You’ll love me for it.

Question game

I’m in the most unexciting phase of my life right now, so I really don’t know what I can blog about. Should I blog about my incredibly amazing and wonderful adventure with my first time using tampons? Hmm maybe. Should I talk about how happy I am that Barry is coming in 3 days? Maybe. Should I blog about how angry I have been thanks to a certain someone? Maybe. Should I talk about my sudden realization in class today? Perhaps. How about all of the above? Sure why not.

Actually no, I changed my mind. I’m not going to talk about any of the above.

Let’s play a game.

I’ve done this before last time but since I don’t have anything interesting to talk about now, let’s do it again.

Ask me a question, any question, and I’ll answer you. Rules: only 1 question per person, I can choose not to answer your question, and you must leave your real name and real email address. Of course, I have no means to verify that but let’s pretend I do ok wtf.

3,2,1 set go!

Whoever asks the best question wins a virtual tupperware.

2nd prize is a virtual quaker instant oatmeal (regular flavor).

The no eyebrowed girl

Yesterday I went for my first ever facial! My mom said I should go cause I’ve been getting more pimples lately (3 at the same time T__T the big ass type somemore..) and it’s her friend so it’s not that expensive.

clean face! with pimple on my nose =(

oh and she asked me if she should pluck my eyebrows cause they’re kinda..actually, VERY, messy.

In Suet’s head: shit should I let her pluck! Good deal wei I pay for facial then get free eyebrow trim! If go shu uemura like tze then have to pay RM20..but this one not professional won’t be as nice wor..shit pluck or don’t pluck! ah fuck it lah good deal right suet good deal

Suet: OK PLUCK MOMANTAI (in 1.3 seconds wtf)

So now my eyebrows are so thin T________T Ok fine so it looks normal in the picture but everytime I touch them I feel like I have no eyebrows now. Sigh there goes my virgin bushy eyebrows.

Eh imagine if I have no brows at all…

Sorry for my lousy copy pasting skill on paint wtf but looks quite real right! At first I really thought this is what she did to me wtf then ask me to go tattoo my own eyebrow hahahha


Couple picture from the free photoshoot the other day!

This is the first and last time you’ll ever see Barry smile wtf. The photographer kept forcing him to smile until he felt like dying poor thing =( look at him clenching his fists in fury wtf

The angle that can make me look like I have big eyes!

Blabla nothing to blog about already. Sighhhhhh 5 days before I leave T____________T So sad I don’t want to leave huhuuhu πŸ™

Life without car and boyfriend sucks cause all I do now is stay home and watch Forensic Heroes II (I know i’m supposed to save this for in the plane but I couldn’t wait! Watched 7 episodes yesterday..)

lonely….i am so lonely…

Today! I shall..

watch more of my drama! ahhh my days are always full of surprises..there’s always something exciting to look forward to wtf

boring entry

Sigh I have mixed feelings about working now. On one hand, I kinda like the job I’m doing now (well, I talked myself into liking it..) cause it’ll be beneficial for my future career prospects..I hope. But on the other hand, I kinda miss my holiday life =( I mean, I come back all the way after 9 months of slaving my ass off and now I don’t even get to enjoy my holiday?!

Why is life so hard! Not only do we have to earn our way into college (study hard, get scholarship etc), we also have to work part-time to earn our allowance/save up to pay back for loan, study super hard so we’ll get a good job next time and now we have to work during our summer holiday just so we’ll be a notch higher than everyone else! The worst thing is now EVERYone is doing internships too so you have to be even better than that and do crazy stuff like.. I dunno..learn 8 languages or do charity or cycle around the world or enter the world record for breaking coconuts with your finger.

I don’t even have a social life now you–wait, I don’t even so much have a life now you know. I come back around 8, eat my dinner and then sleep at 10.30pm omg life is so sad T__TΒ  I don’t have time to watch tv, to talk to my family, to go out with my friends, to cuddle with my bf (can see everyday but cannot touch damn suck T_T), or to generally just have fun.

Oh wellllll, THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY! Now I know the true meaning of that phrase *big wet eyes

If I’m the boss of my company, I’ll let my employees start work later lor! Start around 11 or something so they don’t have to sleep that early and wake up that early. I talked to my colleague the other day and he said he always sleep around 1 siao one how can anyone sleep for 5 hours only!!!he said can one just need some getting used to but I don’t think I can ever do that T__T Any tips?

Anyway here are some boring pictures

This is what I wore yesterday i know i know it’s not that formal but it was after my only black skirt got stained by milo ok i didn’t have anything to wear already!

barry hard at work

suet li, also hard at work wtf

klcc from my window. yeap, my office is really near klcc!

i love friday cause the dress code is casual and cause it’s the last day of the week! TGIF!

hard at work again wtf

I wore full make up the first day with foundation, blusher, eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. The second day, I wore eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow. the third day,Β  I only applied eyeliner and mascara and the fourth day only eyeliner wtf. At this rate, I think I won’t bother applying makeup anymore next week.

Blabla most boring entry ever I’m sorry but I guess you have to put up with boring suet for the time being T_T back to work!

Working life

It’s 9.3oam now so there’s only one place I can be at =( . I don’t want to be a whiny brat today but seriously the life of a working woman suckssss! Whatever I said about my future schedule came true cause that’s really my schedule now! I feel so lifeless everyday huhuh everyday I wake up telling myself that “TODAY I will do real, serious work that will help the company to grow further!” but when I reach the office my enthusiasm dies down.

How lah like this! I’m thinking of renting a place somewhere nearby so I don’t have to waste my time traveling to and fro but I don’t wanna waste money.. Haih anywayyy let me tell you what I do! I basically help the company with economic research for certain countries and I have to do a short analysis after getting the numbers so that part is pretty okay. Then, I have to take into account all the upcoming political agendas etc and write a forecast on how those events will affect the economy blaaabla am i boring you with these wtf cause yeah that’s basically what I have to do this week. Sigh I can’t imagine doing these kinda stuff permanently maybe I should rethink my major..

Aih anyway whatever job also not easy la therefore the best job is still being a housewife cause I get to look after kids and cook! Easy peasy japaneasyyy.

WTF it’s july already and I’m going back next month?? NEXT MONTH?! Didn’t I just come back like 3 days ago??? Back to cold weather, greasy american food, perpetual work, small room and more women. But surprisingly, I’m actually looking forward to go back! I miss shanshan and I can’t wait to move into our new, albeit very VERY small, room next semester! I’m looking forward to all that unpacking and decorating our room =D Kinda looking forward to my classes which are:

Econometrics, Intermediate Microeconomics, French Literature, Chinese women’s history and Introduction to Psychology.

Quite different and interesting right! SIGH 11 am only 1 hour to lunch and 7 hours before I can go back…Is this what people do in their offices everyday? Look forward to lunch (by looking forward i mean get really excited and stop whatever work and start chatting/reading blogs/surf and generally, just NOT do any work) and when it’s an hour before going home, you regret for not doing as much work as you should have and start panicking and try to do as much as you can?

And do all working people sleep at 10.30pm every night?!?! Cause that’s me T___T How lah have to wake up at 6am and I need around 8 hours of sleep or else I can’t function so how what should I do! Even babies don’t sleep that early ok!

Sorry if this entry is boring but I’m a serious, mature, working lady now and thus I have to alter my lifestyle to fit that profile and that’s a boring Suet for you. Ok time to continue working, already chillaxed for 30 mins already!

this is my attempt to spice up this boring entry wtf but damn funny/emo/cute right!

p.s: is it normal to have a very very quiet office? Like there’s no sound AT ALL! not even typing sound. I feel scared when I type cause scared people think I’m chatting wtf

p.p.s: i’m out of work clothes everyday wear the same high waisted skirt and blouse only but then again, this is what everyone wears around here! I think research company all like that one lah full of boring people T_T haih some more i just stained my only skirt…with milo T_____T like a small kid only drink milo! ok tomorrow I shall drink adult coffee wtf or tongkat ali WTF KACIP FATIMAH DON’T ASK ME HOW DO I KNOW ALL THIS

Back =(

Hello! I finished my TVB already! Can anyone recommend me good dramas to watch? I’m a fan of one tree hill (obviously), desperate housewives, grey’s anatomy, heroes, antm, house, csi, gossip girl, friends, EH WTF DAMN A LOT! If there’s a class on this I’m sure I’ll ace it with flying colors wtf. I’m also good at tawainese and japanese dramas AND tvb now! Ok I heard they say the Maiden’s Vow is good (a story about 4 generations of women or something, starring charmaine sheh) but I can’t find it anywhere!!! So what else is good? Please recommend arigatou toh che xie xie merci thank you wtf

Haih it’s already Thursday now..the end of my holiday boohoo =( Time to do more work and pray that I survive another two months now. If only life is like in dramas, I just have to wake up everyday and go on a quest to look for my prince charming. All I have to do is put on makeup and look pretty from every angle which unfortunately is something I can’t do. I guess I can never go on tv now =(

I wanted to show the how to be malay video but after asking around, people say the video can be a little offensive to malays so I’m not gonna show it! (if you very hardworking then go search for sweatlee under youtube and look for it lah) Here are the rest of the pictures while we were locked out.

Bored 3

Bored 4

Bored 5

Bored bored bored! but surprisingly time passed so fast! After 50 pictures and 3 videos, 1 hour was gone and they were back yays!

how come I still feel like I didn’t shop enough..haih die lah what’s happening to me! kuai siong san wtf ghost enter body seriously these days i speak so much cantonese it’s scaring the hell outta everyone! Thanks to those tvb la hahaha everyday I wake up thinking I’m acting in a tvb drama hahahha crazy already!

My fortune cookie is getting more and more accurate each time it’s getting freaky!


My blog is so boring these days! I feel like writing something controversial just for the fun of it wtf haih I like women lah wtf

wait! malaysian dreamgirl episode 5 is out! let me go watch! The more I watch the more I feel like joining lor! Let me just lose some weight first wtf and I don’t know why everyone likes jay and alison! I think they’re both not that pretty although rather eloquent. Too many people like Valerie cause she’s supposedly quirky and Jean pulled out..Ringo is a friend so I could be biased..hmm so I think at the end of the day my favorite is myself wtf. Haih if only my body is like one of tall and thin *dreamy eyes

argh my life is so boring la these days no drama! I wanna be like in tv dramas…today get together tomorrow break up then next day get together back then accidentally see me blowing sand out of some other guy’s eyes wtf then break up again! how fun!
ok the end let me go watch. Please remember to recommend me good dramas! Must be very very good only recommend ok!