Changing my hairstyle

I am so bored. I am so bored. I amdpgweoberrpwbprdd.

I tried restraining myself from watching more dramas cause I know it’s a waste of time and I really don’t feel like reading. So, I did what any sane person who is bored out of her wits will do, I did this.

Okay so these pictures didn’t work out as well cause you can still see my hair dangling at the sides. But fret not, back in my blackhole days in good ol’ Mt Holyoke , I remember taking some pictures of me with all my hair up and no make up to show everyone how ugly I look without hair and how ugly I look from front, especially when I smile. So let’s try with those pictures.

But wait!

I already embarrassed myself greatly in my previous post with all those shameless expressions, can I go though life with everyone pointing their fingers at me, laughing in unison?

Sigh, I guess I can. wtf

This is how I look like with short blond hair and short pink hair wtf. Fuck lah I look damn ugly when I smile from front, some more don’t have my fringe to cover half my face wtf.


This is how I look like if I’m a guy! hahahahha damn real right?!!? OMG I DO look like a guy!!! Eh damn handsome lah wtf if I’m a girl I will sooo fall in love with him/her/myself wtf. This is also how I look like if I decide to turn into a dyke WTF (meaning, a butch..or a lesbian)

I’m smiling in the first pic so I thought hmm ok lah guys usually don’t smile so I tried using the don’t-smile-pic for the 2nd pic and it works! I look so much more like a guy!

Shit I’m so handsome, how?! wtf

If I have cool pink/red hair, and if I have Jennifer Aniston’s hair wtf

If I’m dorothy form wizard of the oz, and if I’m a middle class suburban wife wtf

mmm, I’m still drooling over that guy/me wtf. Sigh, the end of self-entertainment! Now, what should I do? Yahoo games? Dress-up games? Eat-and-see-how-fat-I-can-be game? I’ve already played them all!

Read more blogs? I’ve already read them all! Eh people, please blog more and leave your blog add here so I got more things to read can or not! I already know all the scandals and gossips in Malaysia already wtf but that’s still not enough!

Play the lawyer game on nintendo? But all I do is refer to the walk through every single sec, where is the fun in that!

Sleep? I sleep 10 hours a day is that not enough wtf

Watch dramas? I knew it! I knew this is the last resort. I guess I have no choice now. ‘Why why love’ here I come! Rainie Yang and Mike He, wait for me! wtf. I wanna watch A Step Into The Past but there are like over 50 episodes! Siao ah how to watch so many episodes! But wait, I AM thy king, aren’t I? I only wore one tshirt in winter, how can I not do this simple task?

Goodbye now, thy king has more important things to do.

Oh Let Me Die Now

Today I had the best dinner ever. EVER. I can now die a happy woman.


A damn good bowl of instant har mee is the way to go, along with sneakily stolen egg and grilled chicken from the salad bar. Seriously this is so so so good, bless you whoever that decided to invent instant har mee. Now will someone please invent instant char kuey teow, pan mee, chicken rice, nasi lemak and thai fried rice please!!!

Looking at the picture now makes me want to cry cause I only had one packet of that and I already ate it T______T

Yesterday I was taking a shower when I reached for my toothbrush and toothpaste. After squeezing the toothpaste on my toothbrush, I realized just in the nick of time that whatever I squeezed out does not look like toothpaste at all.

Indeedy indeedy, it was my face wash that I squeezed out wtf =.=Fuh almost wasted my expensive face wash on my teeth.

I was talking to my mom yesterday and she told me that one of my cousins, during a big family gathering, showed EVERYONE my blog. *FAINTS

They even watched my video of me in my stupid accent showing my stupid room around. She said “everyone couldn’t recognize which one is you cause all 3 of you (aud, angie, me) look alike, even I couldn’t recognize”

Where got own mother dunno which is her own daughter she carried in her womb for 9 months and nurtured for 19 years one you tell me.

Dear Weather God, you cannot do this to me. I am so NOT prepared yet. Did you ask me whether if it’s ok for it to happen now? Did you ask my permission first? Then how can you simply assume that I’m prepared already!!

Friday Night

Slight Chance Light Snow Showers


It’s only November!! I’m still not used to 4 celcius and you’re gonna bring me snow?!

When I told my roommate this then she said IT’S ABOUT TIME ALREADY, YAY!

dot dot dot.

Eh I’m still damn not used to this blog. I feel like shifting back to my blogdrive T_T

Do you prefer this layout or my old one ah? Maybe I should import my old layout here.

Jay Chou’s new album rocks, thanks Cass!

Hello World wtf

Hi everyone!! Selamat datang wtf

Nice leh my new layout. Super damn kao random suddenly got highway, tunnel and bull wtf. I like random, random is good mmm. Anyway welcome to my new blog! I’m tired of my old blog for now. Damn suck right always can’t load, I wanna sue blogdrive already. This blog is kindly hosted by Andrew so everyone, say thank you Andrew wtf.

For those of you who don’t know me, hi my name is not sweatlee. I’m Suet Li, 19, in a relationship wtf. Lazy wanna intro myself so you can read my archives if you want. DO read ok i painstakingly transfered all of them here ONE by ONE T__T Wah wordpress damn nice to use hor *jakun wtf. It automatically saves whatever I write as draft, perfect for stupid people like me who always accidentally press back or accidentally close the page.

I’m treating this as a temporary blog for now till my old blog rights itself and regains my trust again wtf. Yes what’s with the annoying WTFs?? I’m sorry I use wtf as a punctuation wtf. I say it whenever or wherever I deem necessary, which is the end of every sentence wtf. My loyal readers don’t mind the unnecessary (and somewhat rude but humorous) punctuations so why should you? Anywayyy, this is how I look like:


Sorry lah I’m so ugly but I’m human too ok, got feelings one. Just because I look like a monkey (only slightly what) doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to blog. Ok fine so I actually look like this:


What?? Just because I’m 80 then I can’t blog is it?! what do you have against poor old me T_T Somemore my husband (deceased-oh bless his poor soul!) gave me that dandy red shawl for my 70th birthday one.

I’m so bad make fun of ugly and old people wtf. Both pictures are not of anyone real ok, they are both drawn I think.

Sigh I hate the weather now. It got dark at 5pm today. 5 PM GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME. It felt as if half the day was gone and all I felt like doing then was to just hop on my bed and sleep. It’s supposed to only get dark at 6 (as if 6 is damn late) but thanks to the daylight savings, it’s dark at 5 T_T

Oh daylight savings is, according to wikipedia, “the convention of advancing clocks so that afternoons have more daylight and mornings have less. Typically clocks are adjusted forward one hour near the start of spring and are adjusted backward in autumn.”

Basically everyone has to adjust their clocks an hour back so yay for the extra hour of sleep but no yay to days getting dark by 5pm.

Alright the end of my first post. Tell me if you like my random layout! Don’t tell me if you don’t wtf. And thanks for reading me again, it’s my pleasure to be at your service wtf.

p.s: I don’t know why everything is in spanish and am too dumb to change it >.> just learn a new language la wtf

p.p.s: looks like I’m not as dumb as I thought I was wtf. Everything is in English now hallelujah!