Irrelevant survey

Hello I have no time to upload pictures from my camera so let this be a random post since I haven’t blogged in forever. I’m going to blog about my job soon (after I get the green light from my boss) and I can’t wait to talk about it! Our name will also be somewhat tarnished tomorrow once everyone figures out that the petrol price increase is our doing.. so I have to be quite careful about what I say online.

Anyway I have a question for everyone. This question is of utmost importance because it allows me to really see what kind of person you are/how society behaves under pressure. No lah kidding on the last part, I just want to know that is all.

So this is it: When you’re testing a pen at a bookstore, what do you usually write on the test paper?

Based on my observations at several bookstores (yeah can you imagine me going into different bookstores to look through the papers at the pen section? I really did that), I have hereby concluded that people generally scribble squiggly meaningless lines as such:

except not nearly as artistic..

After scouting around asking for opinions, most of the people I talked to said they usually write “Hello”. My brother said he draws squiggly lines because it enables him to fully test the texture and smoothness of the pen wtf

As for me, I’m always really tempted to write my name but always end up writing something like “Hello my name is oh shit can’t tell you.. hehe” or “Hello is this pen good? Hmm, need to write more” or any other equivalent lame monologues. I believe in writing more than one word cause what if you write hello only and then buy the pen thinking that it’s super amazing but it ends up breaking after that hello how wtf

Lali said she usually writes her name then realizes that mistake and ends up scribbling all over it wtf hahaha

Dom, upon being asked this question, proceeded to write MY FULL NAME in any bookstore he goes into now….. =___=

My other friends, upon being told this, have decided to go on a write-suet’s-name-in-bookstores spree so people will see my name and either think i’m a loser/vain or perform black magic on me cause know my full name already wtf. OK write my name if you must but not in red pen ah later I die wtf

Okay I digressed too much.

So question: When you’re testing a pen at a bookstore, what do you usually write?


I went to Kota Kinabalu two weeks ago on a personal mission to discover what it means being Malaysians in East Malaysia. I don’t know how successful the project was because I didn’t talk to as many strangers as I’d like given that I was only there for a week. I also realized it wasn’t easy to just suddenly ask someone about how they feel about being Malaysians without them thinking that I was some crazy girl..

Despite all that, I think this trip did open my eyes to a multitude of things and although this might potentially sound cliched and corny, it also made me feel somewhat more connected to people from east malaysia whom I formerly knew nothing about. I’ll elaborate more on that later in this post!

First day and I already love this place!

After spending some time in KK, we went to Tenom to visit Dom’s sister who owns a farm! This is the view of the farm 😀

It’s actually a cow farm, moooo

Dom and his super cute nephew 🙂

Tenom is actually famous for its coffee so we went to a coffee factory to try it out! We also had a very enjoyable talk with the owner’s mother where I exhausted my entire library of Mandarin words wtf

We spent the rest of our time in Tenom talking to Dom’s uncle in law who was once involved in politics. That thirty-minute talk taught me so much about the plights of Sabahans and Sabah, but I’ll refrain from touching on that so as to not appear more ignorant than I already am.

Stopped by the seaside on the way back

On the way to Kundasang! I love this view ♥

Amazing view from our hotel.

A very pretty Dusun girl. I absolutely love this picture!

We walked to the nearest town which was about 1.5km away and didn’t have the energy to walk back (which is uphill) so I tried to stop a car….but to no avail. Drivers saw me with my thumb, gave me a big friendly smile and drove away ;___;

I finally tried the more Asian way of hitch hiking – I stood in the middle and waved frantically like a monkey wtf. The first car stopped for me and told us to jump in!

So we jumped into the back with the kids! Highlight of my day 😀

Hahah so cute!!

Rainbow after the rain. Am I the best photographer in the world or what???! WORD. wtf

The view in the morning. EXACTLY like the movie The Fog whoaaa

Androo took a picture of my butt cause he’s very fascinated by how the design sort of spells SHUANG in chinese hahaha which is very apt (shuang means double? in chinese)

We went to the Kinabalu reserve forest next!

Where I met my new friend Spiky. OHAI IZ ME, he says

Last day in KK, went island hopping!

Dom and I on the boat

KK from afar

Wunmin, Androo, Yangli, Andrew and Yung Terd!

Amazing beach! Just like Perhentian/Redang

Chilling at the beach, too lazy to snorkel!

Last picture: le sandman chillin’ at the beach too

All in all, Sabah was an amazing place for me. I’m a very nature-loving kinda tourist so I really enjoyed it especially when I had the best host ever! Thanks Dom for showing us a piece of Malaysia which I’ve never seen before!

Lessons from Sabah:

1. People there are WAYYYY friendlier than people in KL that’s for sure. Extremely easy-going most of the time and very nice to strangers 😀

2. I was very interested in the general way of life there since i always feel east malaysia seems so separate and different from west malaysia. So I got to see how it’s like there and to be honest, it’s pretty similar in certain ways (language, food (not exactly),  lifestyle) but also very distinct in other ways (culture, perceptions towards issues like politics).

3. I think like many others, I’ve never really thought about east malaysians before. I mean yeah I study about them in sejarah, vaguely remember them whenever I see the different price tags for east/west msia in magazines, but I’ve never really sat down and thought, “hmm, how are they really like there? do they feel excluded/alienated by us? do they care/ not care?”

From talking to some people, the sense of frustration seems so prevalent. Frustrated at the lack of opportunity, the lack of better leaders, the lack of attention. But of course, different people feel differently towards the same issues. The kak I talked to in a small town said she’s happy and contented, and that she feels ambivalent (bordering on almost no resentment at all) towards her peninsular counterparts. The more educated youth I talked to in the city said he’s getting increasingly disheartened and appears to harbor some minor animosity to us who get a bigger slice of the cake.

But who wouldn’t when all this talk on 1malaysia and equality centers so much on west malaysia. The people of Sabah (and maybe Sarawak?) are already united but the disparity in resources alone hinders so much of their development. Basic needs like education opportunities and infrastructure etc are not even fulfilled yet, what more anything remotely close to what we’re fighting for. Sabah used to be richest state and was abundant in resources but they’re now sucked dry and is left as the poorest state in Msia.

I’m not saying that we should not fight for equality when east msia has it worse, I’m saying we should not be ignorant to their plight too. But then again, I was only there for a week and only talked to a handful of people. I’m not from there nor have I lived there, so perhaps I should be enlightened further?

I had a great time there and I’d love to go back again next time! I have a secret dream of joining Andrew and PACOS to perhaps build schools in the rural areas (wah like so noble wtf but it’s actually a selfish dream of wanting to help others so I can feel better about myself for being so ignorant before).

Sorry if I addressed the wrong issues/totally got everything about east malaysians wrong but this is solely based on my own perceptions so feel free to correct me!

p.s: i realized there are no food pictures at all. that’s a whole different story for another day cause the food there is so awesome i have a separate album for it!

Question game

I’m in the most unexciting phase of my life right now, so I really don’t know what I can blog about. Should I blog about my incredibly amazing and wonderful adventure with my first time using tampons? Hmm maybe. Should I talk about how happy I am that Barry is coming in 3 days? Maybe. Should I blog about how angry I have been thanks to a certain someone? Maybe. Should I talk about my sudden realization in class today? Perhaps. How about all of the above? Sure why not.

Actually no, I changed my mind. I’m not going to talk about any of the above.

Let’s play a game.

I’ve done this before last time but since I don’t have anything interesting to talk about now, let’s do it again.

Ask me a question, any question, and I’ll answer you. Rules: only 1 question per person, I can choose not to answer your question, and you must leave your real name and real email address. Of course, I have no means to verify that but let’s pretend I do ok wtf.

3,2,1 set go!

Whoever asks the best question wins a virtual tupperware.

2nd prize is a virtual quaker instant oatmeal (regular flavor).

Getting drunk

I’m watching A Bug’s Life now as I type this and it dawned upon me that I have totally forgotten about this movie. I think it’s actually the cartoon I enjoy the most, even more than Wall E!

hahhaha the fat caterpillar is so funny!

Anyway on a completely unrelated note, after 19 years and 11 months of my life (omg my birthday is just around the corner, like two blocks away, like 10 meters away, like you can totally jog there in 5 mins wtf), I finally got..drunk.

I made the almost fatal mistake of telling my friends that I’ve never ever got drunk in my life before cause I *think* I am sort of allergic to alcohol. They laughed and beat their chests ridiculously and said that there is no such thing as alcohol allergy and said all I need to do is train myself.

I freaked out and said if I ever die because of all that alcohol poisoning then I have no choice but to haunt everyone forever. They laughed and beat their chests again and started playing this drinking game.

First round, and I lost =.=

They poured all sorts of weird things into a huge glass and pushed the glass towards me.

Trembling, I begged for mercy.

All my friends whom I’ve known for 6 years refused to let me go and asked me to down all that in 3 seconds or they’d open my mouth and pour that in T_______T

But I’m allergic to alcohol!


But I’ll die!


I told myself that fine I’m not a chicken! Besides, I’ve always wanted to know how it feels to be drunk. So I drank all of that weird concoction of drinks. And got really sick.

My hands started trembling, my heart was pounding so fast I sweared it’d pound its way out of my body soon, my head ached so much, my hands and legs started getting red blotches all over and I got sooooo red.

Sooo sooo sososoososooo red.

I looked something like this.I was soooooooo red it scared the hell outta everyone.

I tried to camwhore with Daniel’s phone to see how red I am but I couldn’t even hold the phone properly T__T Everyone started laughing cause they’ve never in their life seen me like that before and I kept denying that I’m anywhere near drunk. (eh where got people get drunk after 1 drink one!) “Suet you can’t even camwhore properly lah confirm drunk already” they said.

Damn paiseh ok drunk after 1 drink?!?! I suck.

Anyway they continued playing the game and ordered McD but I felt like puking when I smelled the food. And then my stomach started churning and I felt terrible and and and I vomitted T___________T

I truly suck.

The feeling sucked so much ok! After vomiting, they told me that I will get better and I need to drink more cause I was in the state of not really drunk but kinda drunk but I still felt really terrible and I didn’t feel like drinking at all.

I really really don’t understand why people wanna do that to themselves! Drink although the alcohol tastes like shit, get so drunk they don’t even know what’s going on, and feel like shit the whole time blah I hated it!

Anyway the end that’s the point of my entry wtf I hate drinking and I don’t want to ever drink that much again =(  (I don’t mind drinking a little but not until I vomit again) Although vomitting whatever I just ate = lose weight = sounds like a good idea…wtf kidding!

Call me jakun/loser/moron/whatever wtf but I don’t think anyone should ever drink (that much), especially if they don’t even like the taste of alcohol and drink just to get drunk. and risk looking stupid cause people do stupid things when they’re drunk. so stay sober! this is a community message brought to you by me wtf back to a bug’s life!


Happy Merdeka! I couldn’t celebrate merdeka the past 2 years but now that I could…I chose to watch Sex and the City with Aud instead. oh well. My sis made those cupcakes (and i did the moon and star! My star damn nice and has 14 perfect points *proud)

Box full of secrets

If you had a choice between opening a box full of secrets that would only upset you, or not touch it at all, would you give in to curiosity and uncover it anyway?

I know what most people will say, “not open it obviously! What you don’t know won’t hurt you, ignorance is bliss etc etc” but when faced with such a dilemma, I’d open it without even pausing to think for a second. And so I did. In fact, it wasn’t even an option for me. I unlocked and opened a Pandora’s box the other day knowing full well that I wouldn’t like what’s inside.

The verdict? Let’s just say it made everything so much more complicated. I have to pretend that I have no clue about anything, I’m forced to look at everyone in a different light, and I’m thrown into a black hole where I don’t know who is telling the truth anymore, what the the truth even is.

Despite all these however, I felt a huge sense of satisfaction and even if I had the same choice again, would I still open that box in a heartbeat? Yes, definitely. Would you?

Marie France Review

OK It’s officially 1 month since I came back and what I’ve been doing for the whole month? NOTHING! That’s what! I’m seriously sick of bumming already I need something to do! But I need something that does not need money, something that doesn’t require me to drive cause I don’t have a car, take bus/train cause they’re tiring, and walk too much under the sun and risk getting myself robbed. Ok what should I do if I don’t want to do all of the above??

Give me a suggestion please! I already sent my resume to several places but no good news so far sigh and I might have to cancel the WAO thing cause I can’t drive there and they are 30 minutes away from the nearest train station and it’ll be too tiring to get a bus to the ktm station, change to lrt THEN walk 30 minutes every morning! Seriously, anyone working in a company that needs help and wants to hire interns? I don’t care what kind of company at all I just want to gain whatever experience and not sit at home and play sims everyday haha

today I finally went to Marie France!! Okay let me tell you guys alllll about it so you can decide for yourself if you should go or not.

Remember I had RM1,500 voucher right? I went in to ask if I can use it and they said yeah, so I went ahead and met the consultant. One great thing about them was their service cause although the consultant knew I was going to use the voucher, she didn’t really behave differently as I thought she would wtf you know like care less about you kinda thing. However, I was mortified (YES mortified) to find out that one session itself costs RM845! 0.o zomg.

In one session, there are 3 different procedures (which i will explain later) that cost about RM250 each. So if I were to use the RM1500 I have, I can only go for TWO sessions! BUT, there’s always a but here, if I am to buy 10 sessions, instead of RM 8450, it’ll only be RM2200! How amazing right wtf so anyway she said I only have to pay extra RM 700 since I have 1,500. I obviously said no and said I’ll go ahead with the two sessions but she warned me that 2 sessions won’t be as effective as 10 (obviously) and I might not see much results.

The idealistic me wants to pay that rm700 very much cause I’ve always wanted to be thinner than normal (grass is always greener on the other side!)but the realistic me says rm700 is way too much so I told the consultant that I only want to try the two sessions first.

Soooo anyway, I went ahead to start my first session!

First step is the cold wrap (which is around rm295 wtf I can do this at home too wei!). The consultant asked me to get naked wtf and then she wrapped some cold cloth around my tummy (since that’s the area I wanna target). I had to then wait for around 30 minutes which I spent rather wisely reading about Jamie Lynn’s relationship with her sister wtf.

After the cold wrap, I was ushered into another room where I was to get a massage. Another consultant came to give me a tummy massage for another 20 minutes or so and thus ended the second step which cost around RM350 (siao not even full body massage). After the massage, I had to go to another room which I was to lie down and she spread some warming thing on my tummy. Then, I was wrapped with some thick thing which was then heated. I had to lie there for around 30 minutes and fell asleep and had a dream about having the best body in the world WTF

So that was all! All that for RM845 wei and obviously, after the first session, I didn’t notice a single difference at all. Final verdict: too expensive if you want to actually see good results so go for it if you are really rich enough to do so. Unless of course, you want to go for the 10 sessions plan but then you’d have to go at least once a month after that to maintain or something like that.

Anywayyy I’m starting my month long gym with Barry soon, which is only RM30 for the TWO of us for a month plus some trainer thingy. I think I’m gonna see wayyy more result than marie france and it’s 40 times cheaper too!

Oh yeah, also, before going for the marie france, I kept eating a lot because I thought MF can save me wtf but since it’s only two sessions now, I guess I can’t binge so much again =( Although I just ate at SS2 murni (loh shee fun and soft shell crab fried rice mmm) after going for my first session haha

I know I’m not destined for these kinda stuff lah cause you know why! The first thing I noticed when the woman gave me a tour around was the biscuits they had on some counter. I was eyeing the biscuits for some time, hoping that they’ll give me some but alas they didn’t  =(

Oh one more thing! I just noticed this today but whenever I finish a satisfying meal, I always wish I can turn back time and start the whole process of me savoring my meal again. Like, I’ll wish that my stomach is empty again and the plate is full again so I can do the eating part all over again wtf WHY AM I SO WEIRD sigh which is why I can never be stick thin and also I finally found the secret as to why some people can never grow fat no matter how much they eat! it’s cause THEY SHIT EVERYDAY LOR I SWEAR THIS IS THE REASON

which also means! I finally found the secret on how to lose weight even if you love food *big wet eyes. screw marie france! the secret is just shit everyday=eat more fiber=buy more cereal! whoop dee doo wtf

Question Meme

Before I start, I was kinda curious what the word meme actually meant so I went Wikipedia, the ever-so resourceful website and it says a meme

as defined within memetic theory, comprises a theoretical unit of cultural information, the building block of cultural evolution or diffusion that propagates from one mind to another analogously to the way in which a gene propagates from one organism to another as a unit of genetic information and of biological evolution.

Ok tell me you didn’t understand a single word either! Anyway it might not be the same meme as the word bloggers throw around so carelessly. So here’s a short meme from Jiameei:

Ask me ONE question- no matter how personal, inappropriate or random, and I will answer the question truthfully.

However, if I think your question is way out of line, I won’t bother answering it ok? Hurry up, this is the only time you’ll get to ask me stupid questions like “Why do you think the chicken crossed the road?” or “Do you think I should rename myself from Apple to Orange?” wtf.

p.s: I spent like two hours yesterday writing the page “FAQ on American Colleges” up there alongside Contact Me so if you’re interested in American education, please read it first before sending me an email ok! Good luck I wish there will be more of you here next year so we can meet during breaks =D

p.p.s: Please relink me, I think it’s safe to say that this will be my link from now on. Yeah yeah why didn’t I buy my own domain right? $10 for one year is cheap but what if I blog until I die? Say, my lifespan is 70 years so let’s say I blog for another 50 years=$500!!! Can buy one used car already wtf.