The camper in me

I don’t know what to blog about. I think this could be one of the few rare times that I’ve started a post without knowing what I want to talk about.I think that’s cause I’m trying to avoid talking about the one and only thing I have in mind all day long.


The only other thing I can talk about is my cooking but I don’t think anyone wants to see pictures of more food..


Let me just browse through my camera pictures, post them up and call it a day then.

It snowed again the other day and it was sooo soft

Snow is so pretty before it gets hard and icy and mushy

time to bring out the thick down coat!

The other day a juggler came to our college to perform to us poor students who were here for j-term!

Didn’t have to wear thick coats cause it was like 2 or 3 celcius outside!

Sigh looking at this picture makes me want to be all emo again but I have to refrain!

I think everyone is sick of emo posts anyway! After he left this morning, I kept getting sad whenever I think of us being together all the time T___T My heart aches so much T___T Why do people have to leave their loved ones all the time T__T Who am I going to sing stupid songs with now? Or play territory war with! Or cook and bake with? Or do practically EVERYthing with?

Ok not going to be emo! I’m going to suck it all up like I always did the past few years and live with it. I’m just so tired of being reunited and being separated again and again and again. It’s like you think everything will be fine and dandy now and then poof you wake up alone the next day.

But I guess what matters is at the end of the day, I know despite all that differences in time zones and us being thousands of miles apart, we still think of each other every single second of the day. We might not be together physically but we sure are mentally…. Awww so cheesy but sweet hor wtf


Ok in a pathetic attempt to un-emo myself, let me tell you this story I told Barry last night before we fell asleep.

Back in the days when I was fat (hahaha this is like a legend already), I once told my mom that I was going to go camping. I was about 10 and my mom was pretty reluctant to let me go but she finally did anyway. We went to some jungle and it rained a lot all of the 3 days we were there.

All my clothes were wet and I had no choice but to wear them anyway. So I guess all that dampness caused a lot of friction when I walk, especially when I was kind of fat and my thighs were always rubbing against each other wtf

So it became so bad that I had really bad rashes all over my thighs WTF and I had to walk with my legs apart hahahaha and have to constantly pull my pants away from my skin cause of all that rashes hahahah

Ok so one time, I had to walk from one end of the camping site to the other and had to walk past the main tent where all the teachers were. One teacher saw me walking funnily and out of concern (i guess when you see someone walking like that it’s only normal to be concerned wtf), she asked if I was okay.

I was pretty embarrassed so I had to :

1. try walking faster but the faster I walked, the more it hurt cause more friction WTF

2. pretend everything was ok, smile, and give a friendly wave. “ok cikgu, no problem!”

3. continue pulling my pants away from my skin while walking with legs slightly apart

Yeah I guess it was a pretty big ordeal for a 10 year old to handle that’s why I still remember it now hahaha

Then when I went back, my mom prepared a tub of water with dettol for me to soak in and I found out that I got bitten by a leech…near my..pepet WTF


but thank god the leech was nowhere to be found, i think it died from too much blood and just fell down wtf the end

Strange enough, despite all this, I signed up for the next camping eagerly. and the next..and the next. I think from I was 10 to 12 alone, I went to around 8 campings in 8 different jungles all over Malaysia! I guess all that fat thighs and rashes and ok cikgu no problem and leeches only made me of a stronger person wtf

Sigh I miss camping..but I don’t think I’ll ever want to do it again. It was fun as a kid to grow up in an environment where I was constantly pushed beyond my means and tested beyond my limits but as an adult, I wouldn’t want to be pushed like that again. But I don’t know..I might. Maybe someday I’ll get my adventurous mojo back and this blog will be all about hiking and all that jazz wtf. who knows!

My first period

I am officially bogged down with work again =( my honeymoon period is now over. After 2 months of slacking off and getting bad results, (actually I didn’t really slack off..I always do the readings before class, and study like crazy before exam but why does this method not work anymore??) I’m determined to do better! I was so upset when I got back my bad results cause I *thought* I studied hard enough (around 3 days before the exams..but like 3 WHOLE days) but apparently not. sigh.

Anyway enough about boring nerdy stuff. Obama won yesterday! He’s not even going to be my president but this is the most exciting election I’ve ever seen! Stupid college mates went crazy when they announced him as the president (cause i’m in massachusetts and most people are democrats here) and started screaming..non stop..which was fine by me you should have the right to scream all you want..but not for THREE WHOLE HOURS!!! and continue screaming the next day!!!!!!!1

So I couldn’t sleep thanks to all that noise and ended up skipping a class the next day (excuse wtf)

You should watch both obama and mccain’s speeches that night. They were both really excellent speeches which gave me chills all over!

ok anyway i don’t have anything funny/lame/emo to talk about now. I’m just still really upset at my results 🙁 but maybe i’m being too hard on myself? wait i am not being too hard on myself. i’m an asian. this is not too hard at all. i have to do well. my parents don’t work so hard to send me here for nothing. but but…it’s just college..and it’s just some stupid classes in college..

sigh whatever.

Omg i hope I’m exaggerating but i could be developing some mild schizophrenia

Recently my thoughts have been very disjointed and I even have voices in my head. I am not kidding. I don’t know if it’s the result of too little gamma-aminobutyric acid that’s why my neurotransmitters are not working that well hence the signals are overlapping..which is why i’m having mild disorganized thoughts but i really hope this is not the case..

Also, I’m very VERY insomniac lately. It’s getting on my nerves cause I need at least 45 minutes to fall asleep, no matter how tired I am or how early/late I go to bed! I almost wanted to take cough syrup so I could sleep faster but I might get addicted then become drug addict how wtf


I was talking to suann about our mothers then I remembered something very very funny! Trust me this is REALLY funny if you don’t laugh I’ll give you $1 wtf

So I first found out I got my period when I was 13. I was very embarrassed about it and tried hiding it from my mom so what I did was, I stole pads from her room WTF. Haih thief from such a young age. Anyway yeah two days passed and I’d successfully stolen 6 pads or so.

Then one fine day I came out of the toilet and my mom saw that I have brown stains on my pants. I guess my period leaked or what cause I didn’t know how to put on the pad properly wtf so she thought I shat in my pants HAHAHAH

“serene did you shit in your pants?? got diarrhea is it??! lau sai ah?”


(ya my english name is serene yaya very funny)

Then I got SOOOO shy and said in a very dejected voice, “haiya I got my period lah”

Then she brought me into her room to tell me what to do and asked me, “so you know how long it usually is?”

And I thought she was asking me how long a pad is, so I put my palms 5 inches apart and said “mmm I think it’s this long” wtf cause wanna show off that I know allll about period/pad already

Then she said “no lah I mean how long the duration of the period!!”

By then I was too embarrassed so I said oh I know I was about to answer that too! the end

(please bear in mind that I was still fat and pudgy Suet, don’t know why but it makes everything funnier. so you can’t say aww so cute cause when you think of how fat/ugly i was it’s not really cute anymore wtf)

eh laugh la wtf

Do re mi

Sorry, I wanted to update the other day but my blog was down for some mysterious unknown reason. But thanks to mr nice guy aka kenny aka my savior, it’s now up and running again yippee!

Now that it’s up and running, I forgot what I wanted to blog about the other day..hmm..let me just sift through my picture folder to find random pictures to post then.

I was in class the other day when someone saw my notes and gasped and said that I have the neatest notes she had ever seen. I gasped back cause this is the first time I’ve received such a compliment!

Is it really that neat? *fishes for compliments wtf

No lah I mean when I was in Malaysia, everyone’s notes was almost as neat as mine and I never felt that way before but here, omg you should see their handwriting! I borrowed two of my classmates’ notes and ended up not copying anything cause I couldn’t decipher their handwriting!

What’s the point of taking notes if you couldn’t even read it after that? It makes me feel reallyyy good when I look at my notes and see that my handwriting is nice and neat!

giang came into my room one day and brought korean sushi for me!!! and bubble tea! i love giang i love giang ,giang are you reading this? wtf

shy giang! anyway we almost finished all our sushi omg sooo full after that i felt like vomitting T_T glutton suet T_T

OK I have a surprise for you all! Which is not a surprise anymore cause I need help!

I want to make this picture as my header since it’s fall now, and I’m planning to change the header everytime the season changes!

Sooo..request: Can anyone who’s good at photoshop try to photoshop this pic to make the colors nicer, and add the thingy on this pic? Thanksss! I want this exact size =)


I made a video of myself singing the other day…cause someone asked whether I really know how to sing those patriotic songs and I replied with the lyrics then I started feeling patriotic so I went and recorded myself singing wtf. This is something very rare because I CANNOT sing at all.

I’m serious I’m not exaggerating or trying to be modest but I’m tone deaf and I really suck at singing. Everytime I try to sing, I have all the melody and tune in my head but it just doesn’t come out like that from my mouth T__T why?? Sometimes, I feel like I’m singing it correctly but my audiences who were cringing all tell me I’m completely out of tune T_T

That’s why I hate going to redbox/karaoke la seriously I’ve only been to karaoke twice in my life. The first time, I just sat there and pretended to be enjoying the music and when someone passed me the mike then I secretly turned it off wtf

The second time I became a tiny bit more brave cause Tze was there and she couldn’t sing that well too so I thought hmm negative plus negative = positive so if we combine two people who can’t sing = miracle wtf

Anyway the video is under private on youtube so don’t bother looking for it. Someday when I have enough guts to show the world then i’ll post it here la ok. Trust me, you won’t even miss it.

Actually I really really envy people who can sing. If you’re singing and you keep sneezing then yeah it’s me who’s talking about you right now wtf. I really just want to be able to sing in tune is that too much to ask for T_T don’t even have to be very nice or anything lah just as long as when I sing then no one will cringe enough already..

You know right sometimes when I sing to Barry (he’s the only one I dare to sing to..) and if got no response from him means he’s closing his ears wtf but sometimes, occasionally when I happen to eat the right thing that day, I’d sing in tune and he’d say ‘not bad it’s in tune! i’m so proud of you baby!’

‘it’s in tune!’ is the only compliment I’d ever get  T___T woewoewoe


I know I’ve said this on Plurk but I have to show you again!!!!!!!! Cause omg they are soooo funny!

HAHHAHA OMG SO FUNNY HAHAHHAAH conga hahahhahaha look at their expressions in the end!

Hahhahahaha! the guy has fire on his head hahahha omg so funny my sides are hurting hahaha

ok other people didn’t find this funny but i do! cause i’m gross like that wtf

that’s all for now i’ll blog tonight again! just wanna make your day with these =D i love the explosm people cause they’re just my right type of humor! lame, wtf??, random, gross, and stupid!

Woe is me

Let it be known that today is one miserable day for Suet Li Liew. Reasons are as such:

1. She just had one of the WORST weekends ever. Ok let me detail the sad things that happened.

First of all, I went to this business conference hosted by Harvard. Everything was paid for by an organization I’m a part of and since I was selected to go, I thought hey why not! Everything will be free and this will be beneficial to me.

So greedy suet took up the offer and off to Boston she went. Upon arriving at her hotel, she saw some free coffee packets by her bedside and thought, hey free coffee! Why not! Bear in mind that she does NOT drink coffee cause it will either give her a bad diarrhea or her nose will bleed..profusely. But alas, greedy Suet is greedy Suet and she started brewing the ‘Mountain Breakfast Blend Coffee’.

Everything went well and dandy until I was (sorry switching back to first person, shut up if you don’t like it this is my blog i can switch whenever i want *emo wtf) supposed to sleep that night. It was 12.30am and I had to wake up at 7am the next day so I tried really hard to fall asleep..but to no avail.

I drank the coffee 6 hours before and I only took TWO sips!!! What were the odds that those two sips would still be in my bloodstream 6 hours later??

Woe was me when I finally fell asleep at 2am.

Next day in the conference, everything was ok and I was happy cause there was free food! After lunch, I saw a table with free pen drives! WOOT one pen drive probably costs $10 and since it’s free, I shall not take one, nor two but THREE pen drives! woot life has never been better! I can bring back these as souvenirs for my friends so that will save me $30! RM100! woot! (i’m just kidding friends of course I’m not like that………………………………)

So I was busy pretending that I haven’t taken any pen drives by whistling nonchalantly everytime I took one then went one big round and came back for another. I also did this by covering half my face with a file, then came back to the table with my fringe pinned up (hoping that i’d look like a different person), and another time while talking to another person so the person at the table couldn’t see my face cause it was turned away WTF.

As you can see, all these efforts take up a lot of time so when I finally went into the room where my panel was supposed to be, it was full and I couldn’t go in!!!!!!!!!

I came to this conference specifically for this panel (this harvard professor was gonna talk about the economy and how it will affect us and the bailout plan! i really wanna hear this!!!) and now I was going to have to miss it T_____________T all for the three pen drives T_________T that probably cost RM100 *eyes light up again wtf

Haih so in the end I had to go to some marketing panel hohum boring stuff I spent the next hour looking through all the free goodies in my bag wtf (got bobbi brown makeup samples! and another pen drive WTF and hand sanitizer yay i’ve always wanted one! and a transformer dvd blah i don’t want that

OK I’M NOT DONE! Anyway that night, I couldn’t sleep at all T__T till 7am T______T and then i also found out that a surprise that i was VERY extremely excited to be part of was not a surprise anymore T_T


2. you’re probably wondering eh why got number one then scroll back up to see why there’s a number right wtf cause my no.1 was too long haih sorry i’m just talking nonsense

anyway 2nd reason why this is a miserable day for me.

cause I just had my Pyschology midterm and I thought I’d do well cause I *thought* I was well prepared for it since I always do my readings before class etc but I was wrong! I think I did super badly in it T_T I’m sooo going to blame this on the fact that my weekend was so bad that’s why what I studied didn’t really go into my head.

Boohoo I feel miserable I shall spray some free hand sanitizer on my hands now *eyes light up upon mentioning that it’s free wtf

Oh another reason!

3. I thought my phone would arrive today so I went to the mail place to check and swiped my card and it said,


Ok fine no packages mah no packages don’t have to write in bold and red and capitalized and in font size=10!!!! now the whole world knows I like to swipe my card to see if I have a package for fun, not that I really have one T_T (of course this is not true….)

ok bye *abrupt end to this post cause feel quite humiliated for no apparent reason wtf


Someone added me this morning and even though I don’t usually just approve anyone who adds me, this person seems…ok. Her name is Aida and her email seems valid. Aida..I have a friend named could be her, right?

Alright so I added Aida and here’s how the conversation went:

Aida says:

(here, I noticed something weird. Aida’s display picture is this naked girl with her hands covering her friend Aida was not like that! (and her body wasn’t this hot) But maybe she is? a side i’ve never known maybe..)

Queen Suet says:
hey u are?
Aida says:
hey, A/S/L? 🙂

Queen Suet says:
where did u get my email
Aida says:
hey whats up babe, U got a webcam? finally someone adds me, I am soo fuckin horny today for some reason lol

Queen Suet says:
fuck off
Aida says:
listen hun, I am just about to start my webcam show with jen, come chat me there in my chat room? We can cyber, I will get naked if u!

Queen Suet says:
aida likes to eat steaks..big fat juicy steaks
Aida says:
I can show u how to watch if u promise not to tell anyone else how to do it???PLEASE:-$

(I gave up trying to say random stuff at this point and wanted to see what she was dying to show me)

Queen Suet says:
Queen Suet says:
show me
Aida says:
well since its the law that u gotta be 18 (nudity involved), u have to sign up with a credit card for age verification! BUT.. Once you are inside, just clikc on “Webcams” let me know what name you use to sign in with so I know it is you babe! fill out the bottom of the page then fill out the next page as well and u can see me live!

Queen Suet says:
Aida says:
Please dont mention anything about that in the chatroom once u get in ok?:-$
Queen Suet says:

Aida says:

(omg it’s not computer-generated after all!!)

Aida says:
k I am late to start my show, I gotta get off msn…I will see ya inside my chatroom babe.. remember not to mention that I am upgrading u… You can use your msn name to sign in so i know it is you..

(i was wrong sigh)

Queen Suet says:
SIGH it’s ok i’ll still talk to u, i dont judge. u dont have to go away
Aida says:
AUTO-RESPONSE: hey just in the middle of my webcam show if you want to watch click the link

Queen Suet says:
Aida likes steaks and she has AIDS!
Aida says:
AUTO-RESPONSE: hey just in the middle of my webcam show if you want to watch click the link

bleh! boring!

makeup post after this! well, sorta makeup post =D

Camwhore Attack

When in dire need of something to blog about, have no fear! For I have prepared a thousand bullets of camwhore pictures in case of emergencies like this.

Before I continue, let me tell you how much I hate drunk people. When I was showering, a bunch of guys came in and started talking to the other girls who were clearly drunk in the bathroom. Conversation went like this:

Guy 1: Hey girls can I come in?

Girls in unison: OF COURSE! PLEASE COME IN! We’re so drunk heheheh

Guy 2: oh wow you’re in towel…(referring to a girl there I suppose)

Girl in towel: oh really? hehehe I just showered!

Girls in unison: let’s go to our room! we have booooooze and we’re gonna get drunkkkkk hehehe

=.= Seriously I have doubts about where I am at times. I’m supposedly in a prestige, extremely intellectual women’s college? And yet why are there people like this here! Being in a women’s college sucks cause whenever a girl sees a guy, she gets extremely flirtatious and hiao and will go all bimboish. They even attack the young male chefs sometimes…. And the chefs here supposedly slept with half the population here already! why would an independent, highly motivated and intellectual woman go for an std-driven chef is way beyond me. But I guess in moments of desperation, anything trumps std.

Anywayyy out of boredom, we came up with this! Ways to wear your specs wtf sorry this one not as funny as the scarf one.

#1: Nerds getting very excited about learning

#2 Short-sighted girls pretending to look hot

#3 Nerdy girls in Mt Holyoke when they see guys wtf shanshan acting flirtatious while I’m pushing my specs up to see if that’s really a guy wtf

#4 Popo Ah Ma Nenek Tok Yam whatever rocks your boat wtf

#5 study until crazy already

#6 Nerds after getting a good bashing from the cool guys

#7 Too kiamsiap to buy new specs wtf

Haih sorry not funny. It wasn’t easy to come up with ideas! I think scarf is the most versatile one.

Stitch and Mr Harvard kissing

Pulling my bra straps while I secretly smile in glee wtf. Do you know my famous bra strap story?? Let me tell you!

Once upon a time when I used to be REAL fat, I had this super huge crush on this guy. He loved to go around pulling innocent girls’ bra straps. Poor me at that time was only 12 and boobless, thus had no need to wear bra. After witnessing my then love of my life pulling on bra straps, I went back home and demanded my mom to BUY ME BRA NOW NOW NOW. Poor unsuspecting mom can do nothing but bring her fat daughter on a bra shopping trip.

That was how I finally got my first bra!! The next day, I went to school with my new bra =D and waited for my then love of my life to pull my bra straps. I waited in agony (but full of patience) and my fruits of labor were reaped a week later when he finally walked behind me! I waited with bated breath and then the moment came! He pulled my bra straps just like how shanshan was pulling mine *big wet eyes

the end of dramatic story. in the end i lost interest in him and realized that he was just a good for nothing bra straps puller wtf

Note: the last picture right, how can anyone have such a nice smile! Like even if you cover her mouth, you know that she’s smiling cause her eyes are sorta smiling too..but mine..when I try to smile with my eyes…

this is how I look like T____T

pretending i have short hair again haha

looks damn real though!

ok the end no more.

p.s: new poll!


All about me one duh my blog what. This shanshan damn stupid!!! I asked her this and she said she wants to bump into me in the toilet so she can hear me pee WHY IS SHE LIKE THAT SERIOUSLY DAMN DEMENTED wtf

Things that keep me alive

After years of blogging, I finally discovered a certain pattern in which I choose to blog. I always always blog more when I’m busier compared to when I have nothing to do. Hmm. Anyway some of the things that keep me alive these days:

1. Hot showers

I’ve said this twice and I’ll say this again. I cannot survive without hot showers and strangely, I really do look forward to showering. Someone as lazy as me actually looking forward to walking few steps to the bathroom and take off all my clothes, shower, and put them all on again, slab on moisturizer..sounds like a hell lot of work to me!

2. One Tree Hill

OTH is the shiznit I tell you! My absolute bliss is when I download not one but TWO episodes at once and watch them straight. I love that feeling =) Today, I managed to squeeze in two hours in between classes to watch them two episodes and I felt so much better after that. Not really very much better cause WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING HALEY AND NATHAN CANNOT GET A DIVORCE OK I LOVE THEM TO BITS!!!!!

3. Blogging

Although I’ve been so busy lately but I still blog every two days! I always feel happier when it’s time for me to blog cause I can finally put aside my work for an hour and just write random stuff on the net. Random stuff trumps history/econ papers anytime!

4. Food

Literally! haha I love eating I look forward to lunch/dinner/supper everyday. This is damn stupid, whenever I don’t look at the time then I won’t feel hungry but if I look at the time and if it says it’s time to eat, then my stomach will grumble immediately! damn wtf

5. My boyfriend’s voice

=)))) why am i so sweet wtf. I like it when he calls me from Germany everyday at 5pm giddy up giddy up! wtf. hearing his voice generates warm fuzzy feelings somewhere near my heart =))))

6. Random crazy moment with the webcam

I came back from class the other day and saw my webcam lying around so..

OK Ladies and gents, ways to play with your scarf!

#1 Mrs European lady on vacation

#2 Stylish Arabian on vacation

#3 Ustazah Maimunah

#4 Siti Zuliana

#5 Datin Hanizah

#6 Hey Mr Taliban, tali me banana

#7 Mr Taliban working in Mt Holyoke Dining Services

#8 Bored Taliban waiting for mission

#9 some strong Chinese minority

#10 Cool mummy yoyoyo wtf

#11 Stylish actress who was hung to death

#12 Injured guy who was beaten by loan sharks wtf

Ok the end lah 12 ways ok not bad. I wanted to be a ninja too but I got hungry and chose to go eat instead wtf. Haih stress until crazy already.

is so annoying

Hello I’m blogging again! Sigh like I said, the busier I am the more I will blog. I’m a relatively happy person today because it’s 2 hours to Happy 39 Months with Barry =), 3 days to Philadelphia and 2 months to going back home again!! =))) Can’t wait to go home can’t wait can’t wait! Will anyone come pick me up from the airport? =))))

Today after finishing my 2nd paper, I got a little bored and sent a picture over to Angie to edit and look what she did!


(me when I was 14)


AHHAHAHHAHHAHA DAMN FUNNY HAHAHAHHAA I look like a completely different person!!! So thin *big wet eyes. It’s only her 2nd attempt at Photoshop and it looks pretty good, no? Just really really weird..

BUT this girl here is who I could have been! Prettier and thinner..and perhaps if I really did look like that, no guys would have called me wild boar (true story), quickly walked away when they saw me (true story) or pulled my bra strap (true story) T_____________T photoshop could have given me a better life sigh

She also edited this picture of us. Happy 39th baby! I love you =)

Then Angie found the best site ever! It’s a site where you can morph two faces together and make them into one! I think I saw this in someone’s blog before and it’s realllllly fun to play with (but it took up sooo much of my time =( )

Angie+Suet= Anget wtf

Suet + Audrey= Suey wtf hahahahha I swear this will be the suey-est girl ever wtf

Barry and I! This is how our kid will look like..which is strangely a lot like me..

Cecilia Cheung and me *big wet eyes


Suet and Angelababy = Sugela!!!! OMG SO DAMN PRETTY UNTIL DUNNO WHAT! But then again, Angelababy is so freaking pretty in the first place already.

First four are of me and cecilia again, then of me and kristin kreuk, bottom left is me and shanshan, me and angelababy, me and baz, and a fat me and angelababy who still looks good!

Hahaha how fun! Then I was looking at my old pictures and I found a very stupid video of myself. Nope, not naked wtf.

Seriously I can’t believe I was ever this annoying!! I was showing Barry how to make pasta with playdoh wtf and he was very enthusiastically going damn layan wtf. Shanshan said I look like some retarded kid T_T This was taken last last christmas so it was..2 years ago. I don’t know why I painted my nails that color wtf..haih

Okay one hour’s up! Time to go back to doing more work! Sigh why am I so entertaining ar wtf should I consider being an entertainer wtf

Sunny Sunday

The next two weeks will be the worst weeks of my life T____T I’ve said this before but I’m saying it again to reemphasize how much work I have. 3 papers due next week, 2 midterms and endless readings. I did 1/2 of my paper the whole weekend (which is seriously not a minor feat) but considering that I used 2 whole days to do 2 pages, I will need at least another 3 weeks for the rest!

Please please let me wake up tomorrow and realize that I can move twice as fast as before without even realizing it. Like I’ll be moving in my usual pace but I actually have two times the amount of hours in a day wtf. I have two options laid down before me now: either 1. sleep less (i need 8 hours a day or I’ll feel like a dead log all the time) or 2. run where ever I go since I can’t possibly waste time on walking slowly

But of course, I have the 3rd option which is simply not possible for someone like me to do. 3. GODDAMIT STOP PROCRASTINATING! The whole weekend I didn’t procrastinate much (maybe only a total of 2 hours a day?) and I only did 2 pages leh so I don’t think option 3 is that effective nyehehe.

Okay let me type this post real real fast so I can get started on my work! Energizer bunny coming in! wtf yeah I know that was lame but that’s what lack of time does to people.

All pictures resized automatically to 320×240 cause no time to resize one by one! This is my beautiful campus on a sunny sunday =)

Shan2 and I after brunch of white chocolate+caramelized banana crepes and bacon =)))))

Me in my pajamas outside Chapin.

Grr hate the cold!

Our names in the snow in Chinese written by me! My name means snow *big wet eyes. I don’t know what hers means lah she held my hand to help me write it wtf like a kid

Preparing to throw a snowball at her!

Her throwing one back at me T__T


Petting a dog on a sunday walk =) After I petted him, he went and rolled around in the snow!! How cute is that! And then he sat there in the snow for 30 seconds and got up and shivered! hahaha

Snow snow go away! Come again another year, or never.

“Hey Suet you have a white butt hahahahahhAHAHHAH”

Wow Shanshan! that is SO funny! I think I can write a joke book based on that! Good job! excellent! Bravo! You are born to be a comedian! Cool! Neat!

Our dorm! Not really since I’m not really staying here for real.

Snow covered boots




The end! I wrote down things I have to do today and I budgeted an hour for blogging but I only took 30 mins! God heard my prayer and granted me the ability to move faster than a normal human being! Wow good job! excellent! neat! bravo! super!

Speaking of jokes, here are some jokes traded around Aud’s room yesterday night.

From Angela,

There was once a mochi and a rock who are archenemies. Rock told Mochi that if he ever sees him again, he’ll throw him into the sea. Mochi then hid in the cave for 5 years and after 5 years, he came out. Rock saw him and said “hey you mochi! Imma throw you into the sea!” Rock then threw Mochi into the sea. The end.

From Shan2,

There are two cats, one white and one black. Both are fighting for a fish and when the white one got it instead, what did the black one said?

MEOW! What else can a cat say =.= highlight to see answer!

From Aud,

This is from the show Full house la so if you’ve seen it then you’d know!

There is a super fast tortoise and a super slow rabbit in a race. Who won?

Super fast tortoise of course!

Now there is a super slow rabbit with a tortoise in shades. Who won?

The tortoise took out his shades and he’s actually the super fast tortoise in disguise! HAHAHHAHA

From me,

These are from some website on knock knock jokes wtf yeah how original.

Knock knock!

Who’s there?

Yo mama

Yo mama who?

This is seriously yo mama! Now open the damned door!


Knock knock!

Who’s there?

Old lady

Old lady who?

Oh I didn’t know you can yodel! hahahhahaha

Knock knock!

Who’s there?


Woo who?

Alright don’t get so excited it’s just a knock knock joke!

From Angie again,

Once there were two lovers who got separated cause the guy had to go war. He told the girl to meet him after 5 years in the beach or something. After 5 years, the guy came but didn’t see the girl anywhere. He got tired of waiting and threw the ring he meant to gave his gf into the sea. On the other end of the beach, the girl was waiting for him and then! she suddenly saw something floating in the sea! What did she see?



in the end i used 1 hour =___________________________=