Guess where I went before I came back to college?

Damn right, it was Hong Kong! You’d think that I should get pretty sick of that congested city by now but I kept going back cause I’ll have to fly there before I fly back to the States anyway so why not stay a few days first.

Ah, what else is new. Packed until cannot breathe but thank god the weather was amazing!

The famous streetside curry fish balls which I’ve never been a fan of. They’re too chewy and elastic for me, but actually tasted rather good on cold days.

I was wearing my wool coat, but it’s actually warm enough to do without it! It was around 15 celcius the entire time which is the best weather ever. I kept turning to Alex and screaming “I love this weather so much!!! ^_^” until he ignored me wtf

And yes, Alex is my new boyfriend don’t have to keep asking anymore ok?

It got really warm after this and I had to take off my coat and leg warmers in public. Not shy one wtf

Haih this is the ideal weather for shorts and boots <3

Took the Star ferry to HK island! I usually prefer staying in Kowloon cause it’s more authentic. The main island is too modern for me.

I think I’ve taken the same picture a million times now but it’s still so pretty and mesmerizing

Being emo at Causeway Bay. I wasn’t emo actually, I was feeling more like….

this wtf

happy bunny year!

I wish I get to celebrate CNY at home 🙁

(and yes, i’ve gained weight. don’t need you to keep pointing it out ok? it hurts ok? it hurts so much that i puke my food out after every meal ok? T___T kidding lah, but still i don’t think it’s necessary and bordering on being quite mean to keep commenting that. this is why the society is so superficial and so conscious about being skinny. what kinda role model are you to kids?? can’t people be happy and merry and eat a little more wtf)

We then went to Wan Chai to have this crazy spicy crab dish. The restaurant is called “Kiu Tai Lat Hai (spicy crab under the bridge)” and I’m sure the crab was very good, except that I couldn’t feel my tongue after the first bite.

Being Malaysians, we were overly ambitious and arrogant and thought we could handle spicy food, so we ordered the second spiciest crab and almost died wtf. Look at all the dried chilli!!! Siao ah

Slow exposure thingymajig

went up to the peak for this view again! I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of it. I’ve gone up to that peak about 6 times now and have taken this very same picture and posted it up here over and over again wtf

we were only in HK for 3 days but it felt quite long because we walked like 8 hours a day wtf and walked almost EVERYWHERE! I’ve concluded that that’s the reason why people there are so skinny despite the fact that they eat so freaking much.

also, another observation: the food in HK really disappointed us this time. It’s so sad T___T Alex thinks cause the real authentic Hong Kongers have all migrated to everywhere else and hence the HK food in San Fran/London for example are actually as good if not better now. This is a great thesis to my final research paper on Chinese culinary history.

Yes you hear that right! I’m actually taking a class on Chinese food. The class is called Comparative Culinary History: China and Italy. It’s NOT a class about food, nor is it a class about eating. It’s an intellectual class on culinary history and comparison between both countries in terms of their culinary roots wtf


went paintball before I left Malaysia last last week!


I’ve never gone for paintball before so I was actually quite nervous after hearing all the horror stories about people getting hurt near their pepet (aud it’s you btw don’t deny wtf). I couldn’t sleep the night before and kept thinking of how many layer of clothes I should put on wtf

i went with my ex colleagues and some of them are super hardcore! scary sial. some more my boyfriend was in the other team and I swear he secretly wanted to shoot me for all the pain I put him through wtf

but alas, smart (and cowardice) me was hiding behind the barricade the entire time so my team won most of the games for having the last man standing (me) because I basically just hid and shot people but they couldn’t shoot me hoho

in retrospect, I feel like such a loser now cause it was quite an expensive game and all I did was hide =_____= but at least I don’t have bruises on important parts of my body ^_^

aih, i’ve only been back for about 2 weeks but i’m sooo ready to graduate already. have to suck it up for the next 4 months!

Incomplete guide to HK

Hellooo! I’m so happy today cause 1. I’m done with alllll my midterms/presentations/projects/papers!!! At least for two weeks *gloomy.. but it’s okay I’m gonna play so hard this week! and 2. my camera is not broken!!! I brought it to a camera shop and the guy tried another battery and voila it worked! so it’s just my battery/charger’s problem! Tears of joy streamed down my face and freaked that guy out wtf

Anyway I got tons of pictures to post! My mom just uploaded all the pictures from when she was in HK with my dad on Facebook (took her forever cause she posted 5 by 5 wtf) so here they are!

This will be a sort of pseudo-guide to HK kinda post, including all my other previous posts on HK before! This is by no means a complete guide to where you should go/what you should do in HK (if you want a complete guide, check out wikitravel or tripadvisor, they’re amazing), but more like where I would bring visitors to just cause it’s not expensive for me wtf

At my parents’ hotel. Ah back in those glorious days when it was too hot to wear anything but shorts. Now I wear FOUR layers to sleep and still shiver from the cold T____T

All pictures are taken with Canon G10 =D

My happy parents!

They lived near Mongkok so the first place I brought them to was obviously Ladies’ Market! (Lui Yan Kai). Mongkok is in Kowloon, which is a completely different island than HK island but I love it so much more cause it’s where the heart of HK really is in my opinion.

Street food in abundance in Mongkok! I haven’t really tried much cause I’m not into fried stuff that much

Mongkok is a nice place to bring tourists to cause of the street market but becareful, it’s VERYVERYRYRYR crowded so if you don’t like crowd you might not want to go there. But what’s a trip to HK without visiting the ladies’ market? Anyway if you’re not into clothes/accessories, you can also find lots of electronic shops, shoe shops, random streets selling just flowers or just fishes wtf (no serious one)

If you’re in the other island (Kowloon), you should also walk along Nathan Road cause there’s everything there! Cheap clothes/shoe shops, cheap restaurants, karaoke, massage, everything!

If you’re super fit and free, walk all the way from Mongkok to Jordan (about 30-40 minutes to walk, you can also take the MTR, two stops away) to try the famous Australian Dairy Company 🙂

They are famous for their scrambled eggs!! Mmmm made with the best milk ever so fluffy and soft and buttery!

I had milk with it, pretty good! It looks tiny in portion but omg it’s sooo filling! This set is around $28/RM14 I think.

Super famous steamed milk! Quite expensive ($18/RM9) but sooo good! They have steamed egg and steamed choc milk too! You can get it hot or cold but i like cold better.

If you’re not too busy, there’s this street in Jordan that has a lot of fortune tellers/palm readers! Quite cool but I can’t speak Canto that well so I didn’t get my fortune read.

That street also has stalls that sell dildo and sex toys, for some odd reason. Don’t know what’s the relevance between fortune telling and sex toys.. Maybe if your fortune is really bad like you’re gonna die in 24 hours so you get really upset and it’s only natural for depressed people to go on a sex-toys buying frenzy? WTF

From Jordan, walk along Nathan Road again until you reach Tsim Sha Tsui! About 15-20 minutes or 1 train stop away. Every night at 8pm, you can catch the lightshow! It’s basically not a big deal, just buildings with dancing lights for 10 minutes or so. I like it though! It sort of captures the essence of HK in a way.

After watching the lightshow at the pier, walk to the Avenue of Stars to see all the famous hand prints! To be honest, I only recognized Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee 🙁  Better off not going but it’s touristy so maybe you wanna do it just so you won’t feel left out wtf

Commercial break wtf. must show you how small my parents’ room was!!!! Everything was basically in this picture, except the other bed. Basically it’s just wall, bed, 5cm, bed, wall. Another 5cm between beds and toilet and THAT’S IT OMG OMG OMG SMALLEST HOTEL ROOM I’VE EVER SEEN. The ‘cupboard’ was one tiny space with two hangers wtf

Ok let’s move on.

So once you’re tired of Kowloon, get the Star Ferry and hop over to HK Island! The ferry is fun and cheap! ($2) Alternatively, you can catch the MTR too. If you’re looking for a cheap hotel, Kowloon/Mongkok/Tsim Sha Tsui is your best bet, impossible to get cheap hotels in the main island!

Ok what’s next..I think the best place in HK island is Causeway Bay! But that’s just cause I like crowd and shopping and lights..

Causeway can get kind of confusing and even I don’t know it that well yet but it has a loooot of things. It has a MILLION SASAs and Bonjours (cheaper version of SASA) everywhere! You should definitely plan to spend one night here to just explore around.

Once you’re sick of Causeway, you can walk over to Wan Chai (or take the tram/train, only one stop) cause they have really cool bars there! Except that half of them have slutty ugly girls outside trying to lure white men in wtf. Some bars there are cheap and pretty chill and have live bands and stuff.

Two stops away are Central and Lan Kwai Fong! My second home wtf.

Central is basically a shopping paradise as well but stuff here are more branded and expensive. I like it here cause it’s closer to my dorm but I only shop at H&M and Cotton On cause everything else is either Louis Vuitton or Hermes T_T

When you’re at Central, be sure to take the tram! I love the trams and I always ride it from Central all the way back to my university. You can see how different the buildings are and it’s quite a pleasant (but bumpy) (but very cheap $2) ride.

Along the way, you’ll see this entire street selling the exact same thing – dried food. In fact it’s called the dried food street wtf. Every single shop sells dried squids and dried fish and dried whatever you want! dried humans also got I’m sure har har lame joke wtf

The end of the tram line is Kennedy Town/Sai Wan which is near my university which is also my second home but I don’t think I’m going to talk about it. It’s not touristy at all but it has good local food =D

Pottinger St in between Central and Soho! It’s a steep stone slabs street that sells costumes!!! I got my pearl headband and black wings from here! You can also find wigs/random accessories here 😀

And of course when you’re near Central, you have to go to Lan Kwai Fong!

Lan Kwai Fong in the day, not as impressive as night.

Dad and I with the sign

LKF is basically this small area where it’s filled with just bars and clubs! Every Thurs, Fri and Sat nights, the entire few streets get jam packed with people partying outside on the streets so it’s quite a cool place to go to just to see the night life.

Tsui Wah is a chain char chan teng (cafe) and is pretty famous! This is where we go to for our after clubbing fix cause it opens 24 hours.

Food here isn’t amazing but I loveee the condensed milk bun!!! Comfort food no. 1 ♥ the milk tea here is pretty good too!

Directly across Tsui Wah is Yung Kee Restaurant, super super famous for their roast goose. This restaurant is rated no.1 in blabla and is apparently a must go.

Geese chilling out wtf

Brought my parents there to try it out!

Don’t ask me what’s the difference between roast duck and roast goose..I think this has more fats and supposed to be yummier? The skin is super crunchy and nice but I don’t know if it’s worth it. We ordered 3 dishes (1/2 goose, some vege, some tofu) and it came up to $500…..So erm, not too sure if you should come here.

Once you’re bored of partying, you should go up the peak 😀

You can get a cab all the way up the peak (should be around $50 from Central) or you can get a cab to the tram station and take the tram up! The tram is pretty expensive actually but it’s nice too!

The tram up the peak

The view of the city from the peak ♥

With my parents!

I don’t know why I keep wearing a skirt up there when it’s always so windy!

Okay so basically those are places I would bring a tourist to – Mongkok, TST, Causeway, Central, LKF, Victoria’s Peak!

Food you must try:

1. Dim sum, obviously!!!

Better dim sums are pretty pricey, especially those at restaurants with table cloths and all. Expect to pay around $60 at least but it also depends on what you order too.

Siew mai, a must have!!!

This dim sum place was at Kowloon and I’m sure there are more at the main island but surely more expensive too. I always go to this dingy looking dimsum place near my college cause it’s very cheap but it also doesn’t have a lot of variety. Not sure of any good restaurant-ish dimsum place near Central though..

2. Egg tarts!! These ones are from Tai Cheong, which is famous for their egg tarts. I found better and cheaper ones in Sai Wan though but it’s hard to get there from Central..Egg tarts here in general are a lot better than the ones in Malaysia =D I don’t know how I’m going to eat Malaysian egg tarts when I go back since my taste is more refined already now wtf

3. Congee! Actually it’s not a lot better than those in Malaysia lah but still good nonetheless!

4. Tong sui/desserts! This mango lo is from Hui Lau San but it’s soo expensive so I don’t go there anymore. I found better and much cheaper ones near my college (at Sai Wan/Kennedy Town again! That’s why I love that place). You can easily find dessert shops anywhere so give it a try!

5. Siu Mei! It’s basically stuff like chicken rice, roast pork rice, roast duck, BBQ pork etc but it’s soooo goooood! It’s all I eat here wtf. I used to hate roast pork in Malaysia but the ones here are heavenly and the skin is super crunchy! You can find this in almost every corner in HK.

6. Japanese/Italian/Western food.

Soho (near LKF) has the best western food ever! There’s this Italian place called Al Dente which serves the best italian food I’ve ever tried. Basically Soho has a lot of bars and restaurants catered to westerners so the quality of the food there is top-notch. Expect to pay at least $100 per person though.

Japanese food in HK is way better than the ones in US/Msia! You can get a really good meal for about $50 in Sai Wan and maybe $80 in Central.

There’s this burger place called Gourmet Burger Union in Soho and it has the best burgers I’ve ever tried. My new favorite place is also this Kebab place in Soho =D

Gui ling gou at HK is also very nice but we got cheated lor! How can it be $50 a bowl??? Cis.

You might also want to visit the Buddha at Lantau Island!

If you have time, you might also want to visit Cheong Chao Island, Shek-O Beach, Stanley Market and beach and Lamma Island! I’m going to Lamma Island this weekend yaysss =D

Other HK-related posts here.

I don’t think this post is very helpful but that’s cause I keep doing the same things once I found things I like to do here so I hardly explore around to find good restaurants and stuff. But leave me a comment/email if you need to know more info!

p.s: DON’T FORGET THE BEST MALL IN THE WORLD IN MONGKOK (Argyle St) !!! I got my boots there for $180/RM90!

McD Coke glass!

Guess who’s back?

Back again?

I’ve been craving for McDonald’s since forever which is really rare since I’m not a fan of fast food at all. So off I went to McD to exercise my very broken Cantonese to see if I can get my burger and one of these glasses!

I had Maria take a video of me speaking Cantonese!!! I’m actually quite a banana so I was pretty shy but I did it! I’m not putting the video up cause there was too much background noises and you can barely hear me speak.

I asked the lady if they had the promotion and I didn’t know what ‘promotion’ and ‘McValue’ and ‘glass’ are in Cantonese so I said in English and she asked if I wanted coffee WTF

She then called the manager over and suddenly my Cantonese became super good and I asked him fluently if he had the promotion. Actually I still didn’t know the word for promotion but I just said it in a very Hong Kong/Cantonese tone wtf. Pro~mo~tion~ wtf.

Anyway he said they had it last month or something and it’s now over so no free glass for me T________T

The glasses are collectible items so people line up to get them and they run out really fast! You lucky people in Malaysia, make sure you go get it now ok!

Anyway although I didn’t get my glass, I got my burger that I’ve been craving for!

Shogun burger is pork fillet with egg and it’s super super yummy. I’ve always wanted to try a pork burger and having it with egg is really the best combination ever! (anything with egg is the best combo for me hahaha you put something disgusting like…coffee with egg also I’d eat it wtf)

But nevertheless, I still love the choices in Malaysia more. They have the Ayam Goreng McD, yummy =)


I have the glass in purple and now that McD is giving out SEVEN colors, I really want the pink one!! But well, I will get someone to help me collect it, so when I’m back, I’ll be able to hug all of them to sleep (and crush them and get pieces of glass all over me in the process wtf)

It’s seriously too easy to get these glasses; you just have to buy one large McValue meal and a sundae and it’s yours for free!!

Did someone say FREE??

Yeap! Today’s color is Royal Purple!

Which I have too =D

If you want a certain color, remember to check out the website to see when the color of your choice will be launched ok!

I also did a personality test in the coke website to see what glass color suits me best and lo and behold…

Pink!!!! It is truly meant to be.

Except that I can’t get my hands on it! GRR. Go get yours now at the nearest McD! Remember: you only have to get a large McValue set AND a sundae and you get a glass for free.





*goes crazy

Before the school starts..

Two more days before the school starts and everyone is going out like crazy now! I know people who just decided to go Macau or fly to Korea these few days just because they can. As for me, I like HK too much so I’m going to explore this place first before going to China or elsewhere.

On Saturday, I went out with two other Malaysians who have been there for a long time! We went to Causeway Bay for some makeup shopping! Mmm now we’re talking business.

In the mini bus to the city. Mini busses are like vans and it’s so funny cause you have to shout for the driver to stop whenever you want to stop and the first few days, I was so nervous to do that! I would practice what I wanted to shout over and over again in my head and then miss my stop wtf

Causeway Bay and the sea of people! I’m always so amused by the amount of people. Not irritated, don’t hate it, but very amused.

I actually quite enjoy the crowd! Makes me feel alive somehow.

Causeway Bay at night. The streets are actually very cooling cause shops from left and right will blast their aircon so if you walk in the middle, it feels so nice!

Stopped by the famous Hui Lau San for their famous mango lo. HLS is like HK’s version of starbucks!

Citrine my amazing guide and I.

Debra who is also from Malaysia!


To be honest, it’s good but expensive too! $40 for this (RM20) and I actually didn’t feel like it’s amazing or anything.

Dim Sum the next morning! The siew mais are reaaally good. The meal cost us $60 per person ouch!

Super yummy roast goose and char siew. Suuuuper yummy!

Famous egg tarts from Tai Cheong Bakery!

Quite expensive for an egg tart ($4.50) but it’s so goddamn worth it I tell you. Seriously I’m like a HUGE fan of egg tarts and I’ve tried sooo many egg tarts from all over but nothing beats this. It does look a little gross here but it’s fucking orgasmic and the pastry is so soft and crumbly and the egg part is pure heaven. (pardon my french but it was thaaat good)

Shit I should have gotten more but what the heck I have 4 months here! Breakfast lunch dinner!

Went to the beach next! I didn’t want to go at first cause it was 2pm and it was soooo hot and I hate beaches but I told myself that I cannot be lazy or I’ll end up having no friends and will have to stay in my room and eat alone forever wtf

Beach was like 15 minutes away. What is there not to like about Hong Kong?

This is Michael doing the funniest thing ever. He was digging a hole to make a seat for himself hahahahha. He says EVERYone in Germany does it! Damn cool ok!

Andrew and a girl with her tongue out wtf. He’s such a bad camwhore cause he didn’t wait for me to get ready first T_T

The rest getting ready to swim. We’re a pretty diversed group actually! We have people from Korea, Germany, Netherlands, France, UK, America and Malaysia (me)!

Michael took my camera and snapped a picture of Jon and his..uh..nipples wtf

And someone’s butt..Maybe he secretly likes guys wtf

I see he’s very proud of his manmade seat hahaha

Had Ajisen Ramen for dinner and it was sooo good! So much better than the one in Malaysia mmm!

Ok that’s all I’ve been doing lately. I also went clubbing on Friday night but I forgot to bring my camera to capture this very very rare moment! Seriously pictures of Suet clubbing is like worth a million dollars cause it only happens once in a blue moon wtf

But that’s all about to change soon….jeng jeng jeng

Ah I can’t wait to go to Mongkok and Shenzhen!!!

Weekend in Penang

I went to Penang last weekend with the Oois minus Audrey cause she had to do Project Alpha! (will be revealed in her blog later)

This time in Penang, I made it a mission to capture the hard work behind all that marvelous food. All that sweat and dedication poured into making all those amazing Penang food is totally worth capturing!

Oh yeah, some of them are taken in Bidor actually. Yummy yam kok!

This time, aside from being gluttons, we also went sightseeing! This is one of the numerous temples we visited.

Barry and I in front of some kongsi’s temple.

This used to be a secret passage! Coolio..

The courtyard inside and an old man carefully snipping on his bonsai plant. I’m constantly amused at how passionate these old people are in what they do, be it cooking or taking care of a temple 🙂

Next, we went to one of the few jetty communities in Penang. This is the Chew Jetty, the longest jetty with the most houses!

Me with my broken umbrella T____T It’s my favorite umbrella and now it’s broken 🙁 Don’t care I’ll still use it!

Oh yeah you may notice that I’m still wearing the exact same outfit I wore to Malacca and various other places. That’s cause this is my comfort outfit to combat the sweltering heat. The shirt is very thin and hence encourages air circulation wtf. The skirt is quite poofy and thus enables the wind to caress my sweaty legs wtf.

I love this nostalgic looking shop on the jetty! I can so imagine myself as a kid growing up here and eyeing the snacks and candies from this shop =D

Aww, I really wouldn’t mind waking up everyday to this calm scenery.

Except that it’s kinda scary to be walking in a house built on stilts..and it’s kinda gross when the tide is low..

And I probably shouldn’t ever wear heels here

Uncle Ooi commented on how life is almost at a standstill here and how true that is! This old woman was staring into space in this exact position when we walked past her. We walked past her again 30 minutes later and she was still in the exact position! This fact made me feel at peace somehow when I was there.

After that, we went and got some coconuts!

Barry eating his coconut with his coconut spoon.

I actually really like Penang cause it has so much history. Aren’t you Penangnites proud of your hometown! Anyway that’s all! I took a lot more pictures but those are for my makeup post next. I think I’ll write on my makeup routine! That’s if I have a lot of female readers who’re interested lah.

p.s: i’m going for a skin checkup/analysis thing by Cellnique! Best advertorial everrrr ♥

Om nom nom

This entry is pretty boring actually cause I haven’t been doing anything much lately other than staying home and cooking. But I shall stick to my blogger roots so I took pictures of my food! Also cause I reeeeally didn’t do anything else so I couldn’t blog about anything interesting even if I wanted to. Have been watching my drama (fated to love you!) hehe

I attempted to cook a nice homecooked meal but it turned out rather..disastrous. I took such a long time preparing that when Barry came home around 8pm, I was still mincing the meat T__T what a bad housewife wtf

Anyway the food didn’t taste as good sigh. Why do you think I put a smiley face for him nyeheh. I was trying to divert his attention from the bad food hahaha. Maybe he’d go “yay got smiley face!” and everything will be better again which I guess worked..cause he said the food was good *raises eyebrow

#28. 18 March ‘09

But it’s ok!!! I shall not give up. The next day, I tried making pork noodle soup (chu yuk fan?) cause he said he had been craving for noodle soup for some time now.

It was..hmm how do I put was…SUPERBLY AMAZING!!!!!!!1 Serious I’m not lying!! It tasted almost like the real deal! I used chicken stock instead of boiling the soup with babi bones cause I didn’t have time but it was realllllly good still! I added egg into it as well.

Don’t ask me for recipe cause I sort of just put everything I had so it’s not really a real recipe that can be trusted..

At night, I cooked fried mihun with tomyam for him cause he finished his class really late around 10pm and I thought hmm if I were to come back that late I would really like some fried tomyam mihun wtf

#29. 19 March ‘09

Today for lunch, I cooked nasi goreng pattaya! I didn’t make a big enough omelette to fold it in though sigh

Added some thai chilli sauce and it tasted so much better!

After that we went to the riverside to take a walk!

Emo sial!

OH! this is really funny! ok lah not funny hahaha you crack me up kinda funny but funny as in ha..ha.. kinda funny wtf.

Anyway we found this computer at the side of the road where you can actually access the internet for free. They set up computers all over for people to surf the net and they have information on the city so they’re like a guide or something. Anyway they had webcams too and you can take pictures and email them so here we are! we spent 15 minutes taking pictures hahah..ha..ha

Oh and then we found this alley with canal (cheh sound so posh but in actual fact it really is just a longkang wtf but a big one) but it does look really nice!

The street at night. It was already pretty dark so I was amazed that my camera captured such a good photo!

The other side of the street

I absolutely love Europe now cause of all these bakeries! I have a very super weak and soft spot for pastries so I always go all oogly eye when I see bakeries!

p.s: yayssss going to milan tomorrow! then come back…and it’s time to go home already T___T back to college T_T

Europe Day 2-3

#24. 14 March ’09

We ordered banana split but we got an entire fruit farm along with it hahaha super good though!

I made oyakodon for lunch! well I tried..but it doesn’t quite taste like it..oh well

Going to the city again. No way I’m wearing heels again haha I suck


It was a saturday so the city was reallllly packed!

Guess where were we =_______=

20+ pics under the cut

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Food, food and more food

Sorry this entry is all about food! Cause that’s all I’ve been doing for the past few days.

Last week, shanshan was craving for something spicy so we made hotpot! Sichuan style which means it’s just like our steamboat except that it’s 209384109 times spicier.

The ingredients, all taken from the dining hall cause we’ve already paid for it ok!!

Adding the ingredients into the pot! Look at how red the broth is *shudders


It was really good albeit way too spicy for me. I used up an entire roll of tissue just to blow my nose that night T_T

Sorry no pictures of us cause we looked..terrible..for lack of a better word wtf


The chocolate that Barry sent from Germany 🙂 It has a pretty cool story but I’m too lazy to tell now

It tasted almost like ferrero rocher!  hazelnut praline with crispy wafer, coated with dark chocolate *salivates

That night, I organized a small gathering for all the Malaysians here! We have 7 malaysians in this tiny campus I’m so happy!!!

Tall to short. No prize for guessing who’s the shortest one. Out  of the 7 malaysians, 5 of them are over 170cm *shocked. And all I’m asking for is 165 cm T_T

The tallest one is Yen Ping, then Stefanie then me, we were in charge of the food! Guess what I was making? (sure can guess one)

Emily and Gim who were in charge of the drinks. Milo mmm. lychee drink mmm!

Scooping the rice!

Haha! What else is new. It’s my infamous chicken rice again lah that’s all I know how to do wtf

We had vege, omelette, chicken rice and tandoori chicken!

One more pic..

Sek fan! I made the younger ones call us before eating wtf. Suet Li sek fan

All of us! 2 other msians couldn’t make it. please don’t look at me i’m damn ugly never wash hair for a few days already T_T

Haha we were discussing malaysian politics after dinner! I guess we are now..adults T__T But i think malaysian politics is the most common topic among students studying overseas!

I had this for lunch the other day so just wanted to show since this whole entry is about food already. They were fried strawberry cheesecake pieces or something omg super unhealthy!!! What happened to my mission T__T

Oh yeah, after dinner, we went and played foosball for THREE HOURS WTF! I was never a fan of foosball cause I didn’t know how to play but after 3 hours, I got the hang of it and really liked it! Sorry people (especially girls) at Asia Cafe who were playing foosball, I have wronged you. It’s actually kind of fun 😛

p.s: thanks for those of you who asked about my previous post, but I’m fine! I’m always emo one you can just ignore me.

p.p.s: inspired by jammie, i’m gonna try project 365 too! try only lah not sure if I have time to do this. I’m going to take one picture a day and post it up!

p.p.p.s: BEST SITE EVER!!!!!!!! It’s so funny omg I laughed so much. It’s this site where people submit their stories on how their life is fucked up. (fml=fuck my life)


Today, I was going down on a girl. When I looked up she was texting. FML

Today, I was complaining to my sister about how jealous I was of her looks. Her response was “Sometimes it’s okay to be the ugly sister. Like, you have less of a chance of getting raped.” FML

Today, I wanted to seduce my boyfriend so I put on my sexiest lingerie and started playing mood music. As he was eating dinner, I climbed up on the table and started seductively crawling across to him. The table collapsed under my weight. FML

Today, my boss called me into his office to show me the web site of a potential business partner. When he began to type ‘virginia’ into google, it auto-completed his search with his recent search for ‘virgin boy assholes’. I have to go on business trip with him tomorrow. I’m a young guy. FML

Today, on the crowded train, a cute guy called me over and told me to stand next to him because there were less people there. We started talking, but he left before I could get his number. Just when I was about to tell my friends about it, I find out that he stole my phone. FML

Today, for our 8 month anniversary, my boyfriend bought me a hideous necklace with ugly charms hanging off it. I wore it anyway and got a rash from it on the side of my neck. After seeing the rash my boyfriend accused me of having a hickey from another guy and broke up with me. FML


HAHAHAHHAHAHAA wait one more!

Today, I received my passport in the mail. They got my birthdate wrong. Then I picked up my birth certificate that I had sent in with the application. Turns out my parents have been celebrating my birthday on the wrong day for 16 years. FML

HAHAHHAHAHAH damn sad!!!

thank me later! and post your favs! seriously i like every single one of them!


Short post cause I have to sleep early today!

I spent almost 3 hours learning how to photoshop simple stuff like text into my header yesterday =___= Photoshop is soooo hard to use ok! But now I know how already so I don’t have to rely on people to help me anymore! Here’s what I did:

#1 Most of my friends preferred this picture the most. What do you think? I like the colors a lot but don’t really like how I look here

#2 this is my header now before Ginny helped with the colors a little. I like how I look here but it was too dark so I couldn’t get a better picture! Actually barry took the pictures so thanks baby! Yeah s0 no matter how I tried to edit it, the colors aren’t as good as the first picture still

#3 this is when I thought hey, amidst all that whiteness, it’ll look nice to have some color in it so let me photoshop my jacket red wtf. I took soooo much time doing this but it ended up looking like shit T______T

#4 The only difference here is I’m looking down instead like how all emo people do wtf

More random pictures cause I don’t have time to blog now! (cause i’m watching dramas nyeheh hana kimi for now! i tried watching gem of life but i think it’s wayyy too long for me)

Made lunch the other day, teriyaki chicken soba! mmmm

While waiting for the bus. Sigh my college is so if only there are guys here wtf

my fortune cookie the other day. WTF?? HOW IS THIS A FORTUNE?! IT IS A NICE DAY? WITH SMILEY FACES??not even it will be a nice day but it is a nice day T_T

so much fun stepping on fresh untouched snow!

Made some more malaysian food the other day cause I was craving for them like crazy.

Making kuih kodok/cucur pisang/that round banana thing wtf

I can’t believe Barry hasn’t tried this before! omg i grew up with kuih kodok ok! They’re basically just mashed bananas+flour and your deep fry them

The batter for goreng pisang. YES we were making goreng pisang mmmm!

If only we could find pisang raja/emas here. We used the normal big bananas and they weren’t very sweet

Barry did all the mashing, mixing and coating! But right he was so stupid hahah kept saying those are HIS goreng pisang but when it was time to fry them he went and watched football =____=  you don’t do something halfway and leave it to the woman and declare it as YOURS! men tsk tsk

Frying the bananas

mmmmmmmmmmmmm soooo gooooood

We used milk, sugar, eggs, butter and flour for the batter so it tasted really good

Le sigh, with barry gone, who am i going to cook for? Cook and eat all myself meh! I’m going to be so fat if I do that. Speaking of fat, I’m going on the biggest mission ever. Will tell you about it next time!

Baking attempt no. 1

I have never tried my hands at baking before although practically everyone in my extended family knows how to bake. My grandma, aunt, mom, cousin and sis can bake almost anything and then you have me..someone who usually just sits there and helps eat all the food. Hey don’t give me that look ok! you have the baker…and you have the eater wtf. Without me, the baker will feel no satisfaction from baking a bunch of uneaten goodies anyway!

Sooo anyway today I had no choice but to try baking because I don’t have my grandma, aunt, mom cousin and sis here with me 🙁 But that is not going to deter me from sinking my teeth on some CNY cookies, would it?? NO I SHALL BAKE THEM MYSELF!

My favorite CNY cookies are pineapple tarts, cornflake cookies and this realllyyyyy good cookies made of honey stars! Sadly, it’s really hard to make pineapple tarts and it’s hard to find the ingredients here as well. Honey stars don’t exist here boohoo so that leaves me with cornflake cookies! Which coincidentally are really easy to make..or so it seemed.

So here they are..jeng jeng jeng!

The ingredients. I’m going to make two different types of cornflake cookies here. The butter is missing in this pic.

I got the recipe from my aunt:

300g flour

250g butter

150g sugar (i used brown sugar cause it’s healthier wtf)

1 teaspoon baking powder (i didn’t get this cause it’s so expensive and i only need one teaspoon?? no way i’m spending $4 for one teaspoon of it only wtf)

2 eggs

1 box of cornflakes

First of all, mix the sugar and butter and get the man in your house to beat them hahaha

I didn’t have the electric mixer thingy so we had to do it manually..which was really hard!! Barry officially hates baking now.

Add the eggs in after the sugar and butter have been mixed properly, beat for a bit and then sieve the flour in.

Put the cornflakes in a ziploc bag and crush them! woohoo easy job for weak girls like me wtf

Then, add the cornflakes into the mix!

We didn’t have baking trays so we had to use this muffin thingy..

Don’t know why but the oil/butter leaked out of the cups!

but otherwise, they taste perfectly fine!! which was really really surprising cause I didn’t have measuring cups/scale so I just dumped the ingredients in however much I thought was enough.

I only used half the box for the first recipe and the other half on this chocolate cornflake thingy…which kinda looks like shit…

My biggest mistake was buying the unsweetened baking chocolate cause it was the cheapest wtf sighhh I should have just spent a dollar more for the semi sweet one!! grr.

But after that the genius in me just melted some butter and honey and sugar and added it into the mix! They taste better now but still slightly the after taste of dark choc

Macro shot of my cornflake cookie wtf eh very proud ok this is my first time baking and I didn’t even do it properly but it turned out fine!

The outside is crunchy and the inside is sorta soft, just how I like it!

The chocolate one tasted a lot better after being refrigerated for a couple of hours. It doesn’t look too good but it does taste pretty ok =D

Still very proud wtf

I guess baking is sort of fun..but not really something I would do again next time without proper machines and equipments cause it’s reallllly hard. I still prefer cooking, which is what I did!

Cooking chicken rice again

I swear I’m so good at cooking chicken rice I can open a stall in Asia Cafe or some kopitiam already wtf

It’s so nice having Barry in the kitchen cause he is very eager when it comes to doing stuff like scooping the rice or frying or cutting the chicken wtf I don’t know why! Everytime I want to stir fry something he’d jump in and beg me to let him do it hahaha

But anyway the main reason why I’m cooking/baking now is cause he’s here. If I have to do it alone there’s no way I would want to spend so much time doing this

Now if only I could find chillies to go with this sigh


I just used my new mineral make up! They are so easy to use and look pretty good too!

Ok bye! Won’t be blogging for some time until Barry leaves..which is in 2 days……………………………………………..

Sigh I’m so sad right now T____T oh lookie what do I have here? Cornflake cookies!!! nom nom nom