Of my week

I know I haven’t been blogging properly for so long so here’s a REALLY long post about my whole week! So much has happened and I’m kind of excited to talk about everything!

omg I have sooooo much to talk about!! Where do I start??
Please close all your browsers/save all your work/tell your friend you’ll brb cause this will be a looong post (yeah yeah suet just get started already!) (ok sir wtf)

**lots of pictures/videos ahead**

Let’s start from last week!

Camwhoring while studying. Look at all the red dots on my face!! Maybe it’s time to wash the bedsheet teehee wtf

Using paper clip as hair clip cause it’s cheap

Redbull as my companion on cold lonely nights T_T

1 more hershey= 1 more day!

yays he’s here! not even paying attention to me hmmp! he was playing his beloved word challenge

going to northampton for nice chinese food =)

too cold out so had to wear boots.

camwhoring while barry is playing word challenge AGAIN


cooking day 1

omelette with chinese sausage, mushroom and onions!

mushrooms with oyster sauce mmm

actually not that good bleh. I haven’t cooked in a long time so forgot how already =(

but as long as we’re full!

DAY 2: curry chicken with potatoes, ma po tofu with minced meat and stir fry vege (curry was cooked by barry after i scolded him for not helping wtf then he emoed and took all the stuff and went kitchen and cooked it himself…..but peel potatoes also took 1 hr wtf OUCH HE KICKED ME CIS)




I was sooo excited to try this out!

GREAT recipe from here!

Boil the chicken uncovered for 20 minutes, then turn off stove and cover the top for 20 minutes, then put in cold water for 5 mins! The recipe used a whole chicken so I think that would be better.

fry uncooked rice with chicken fats, ginger and garlic! then add chicken broth and cook it in rice cooker

the chicken! sorry i used my phone to take this so it’s not that clear

mmm the rice did taste/smell like the hawker’s chicken rice!

does it look good??? it does taste very good though! maybe cause i’ve been deprived of malaysian food for so long. sorry bad quality!

i think barry liked it a lot!

ice cream while watching tv

Lunch Day 4

simple maggi goreng with turkey ham and egg

then!! I cooked my favorite food!!

CLAYPOT CHICKEN RICE, recipe from here.

ingredients: shitake mushroom, ginger, garlic and chinese sausage

marinate chicken and leave it for an hour

fry everything!

add into the rice when it’s half cooked!

barry showing off and got scolded by me wtf

mmm! it’s not as black cause i didn’t have dark soy sauce but it tasted as good nevertheless!

our meal (vege fried by barry, must mention if not he kick me again wuwu wtf)

my fav shitake mushroom ^_^

ice cream while watching The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, really good anime!


Oh wait, I have a silly video to show you.

This is the first time (and last time), ladies and gentlemen, that you’ll ever hear me sing. Please appreciate this rare occurence.

Guess all the songs we sang!

First person to guess all wins a virtual tom yam maggi!


Helloooooooooooooooo I’m back!!!!!!! for realz!

I finally have time to breathe and blog like normal again after my long and hectic week of exams exams and more exams. I’m still kind of busy cause I have to write an advertorial which is kinda overdue and do like 4 out of the 5 things in my checklist still T__T

But! I found a good way to update on my life when I’m busy! Video blog! I’ve done that before but always not wanna do it again because some people just couldn’t stop picking on my accent dammit. Okay yeah fine I do realize that I have a funny accent but that’s cause I’m trying to not speak with lahs and ehs and mehs cause it’s weird speaking in fast malaysian accent to an inanimate object…not that it’s not weird speaking to an inanimate object in the first place wtf

haiya let’s not waste time on disclaimers. If you don’t like to hear then don’t watch la please don’t complain. sheesh so hard to satisfy the whole world. If i don’t blog frequent enough then I’d get ”when is your next post faster la sien of this post already”. If I post wordy stuff then people whine about the lack of pictures, if I post too many pictures then people think I’m too vain and self-obsessed, if I post emo stuff then people say I’m too ranty, if post happy stuff then people say I’m showing off my perfect life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wah as if my whole life revolves around my blog meh I got more to life than sit down and think how to satisfy everyone ok.

Ok anywayyy, here are some stupid videos before I blog properly again.

(pardon the french, he was just too stressed after losing) (and i’m not always such a prude ok wtf “don’t swear” omg so annoying la me)

If you’re too lazy to watch that, basically I was just talking about what I’ve been doing lately. I’ve been studying a lot, playing word challenge with barry A LOT, trying to cook for him since I don’t wanna pay for his meals (kiamsiapppp) and I’m gonna cook hainanese chicken rice tomorrow and claypot chicken rice the day after! super excitedddd!! cause I’m not thaaat good at cooking as much as I like food but we’ll see..

This is a video of me acting super silly after studying for a few hours (that’s why look like shit) T___T seriously gone crazy already. But then again this is how I act when I’m not crazy too! poor barry. dating a retarded gf wtf

This is me drinking redbull before studying. The redbull here is carbonated and I don’t like that cause it gives me gas and I tend to release those gases (fart/ kentut hahaha you know right for my BM oral I talked about kentut for 10 minutes WTF and got A ok wtf) so here I am trying to release the gas by shaking it…I can’t think of any other way!! I forgot to shake the can before opening it and I don’t wanna use my finger and get it dirty..

Alright that’s all for now, wish me luck in trying to cook good chicken rice!!!

Religious Suet?

Due to a demand to blog from certain people, I shall put aside the million and one things I have to do and blog about something really boring..like about me going to the church.

I know! close your mouths now!

Ok back story: My friend Giang asked me to go to some Christian Fellowship thingy this evening and normally I’d reject these kinda invitations since I’m strictly not a religious person AT ALL. But she said I’ll meet new friends and you all know how much I need more friends right now wtf. So I said ok I’ll gooo provided if they have free food wtf.

No free food in the end but I had lotsa fun! I noticed that religious people are generally much friendlier wtf, why ah? Cause when we first got there, we stood at a corner quietly and so many people approached us! I’m also going to the real church this Sunday for a mass (gasp all you want) BECAUSE they said we’re gonna go to Umass (a university) after that and eat there! Everyone knows umass has the bestttt food everrr! (oh for free too =DDDD)

I’m such a glutton wtf

Anywayyy I don’t have anything interesting to talk about. I just read all the news about what’s going on back home now and felt so appalled! What is happening to my country! Yeah I know people are gonna say that I’m not there now so I don’t have the right to be concerned/talk about it/feel sad but hey I’m here physically but every other part of me is back home with you guys ok *emo wtf

I don’t know much about it so I’m not going to sound smart and talk about it. But do tell me more if you want, and please think before you comment about this though cause you never know..I might get in trouble for the comments =S unless if that’s what you want to happen to me wtf


I broke whatever rules I set for myself today cause I ate..after 9pm.

Mine was Asam Laksa but I didn’t take a picture of it.

I love mini snacks cause it’s only 137kcal per packet and I don’t feel that guilty eating it. I asked my mom to send me more but she said she doesn’t wanna make me fatter =(

so excited! while waiting for the water to boil

it’s readyyy!

I broke another rule…I usually will never ever drink the soup cause it’s really bad for you but omg the taste of asam laksa maggi was sooooo good I had to drink all of it.The taste is still lingering somewhere in my mouth. mmmm

super satisfied lor! Although I probably just gained another kg but I’ve never felt happier gaining that kg

oh I wanted to buy a daily planner thingy and a calendar and went to the bookstore. To my chagrin, I found out that a daily planner costs around $5!!! (rm18) So expensive! So! I did it myself! Drew this calendar myself and used an old notebook as my daily planner..which I haven’t gotten around to using yet.

taking camwhoring to another new level wtf

ok I have to finish all my work today and tomorrow so I can go to the church this Sunday! this is a new suet yo wtf (although I find it really hard to not scream ‘god doesn’t exist!!’ when they’re talking about how great He is..but I shall go to the church anyway to help me understand this fascination with a non-existent being) (and eat umass’ food)

Of My Kiam Siapness

I’m so happy! Cause it’s only RM15 to post 1 kg worth of stuff here from Msia!

I’m SOOO forcing my mom to send me indomie/har mee/maggi tom yam! And my favorite biskut ketam! What?? You don’t know what’s biskut ketam?!


This, ladies and gents, is biskut ketam, which happens to be the BEST snack in the world. It’s also known as tam tam/pillow biscuit.

Anyway moving on, I also want the green peas with that white thing! And the yellow ball-y thing! I love those so damn much.

Seriously anyone wants to send stuff to their beloved homesick blogger here? *big wet eyes

p.s: i heard SPM is tomorrow? Well good luck, horses =)

p.p.s: I saw a very nice Guess bag on sale yesterday. $40 after 60% discount (RM140) and I DIDN’T buy it. I honestly hate myself sometimes. It was reallyyyy nice and big and so freaking worth it and the most ‘brand-est’ thing I ever get for myself is..Forever 21 wtf.

I SHOULD SO TOTALLY BUY IT LOR! But I didn’t. Guess why? (guess wtf) CAUSE I can’t! Cause I’m supposed to be stingy like that! Cause that’s so Suet Li and I can’t not be so Suet Li. I can totally afford the $40 and in fact, I HAVE the $40 with me but..but..ARGH. I hate myself T_T

I always tell this to myself whenever I see something nice. “don’t get it Suet it’s ok, just walk away. slowly now, just walk..away..the guilt will go away but the money will never come back” WTF and it always works!

But I’m starting to get tired of it. Seriously I have so much money in my bank account, even more than my mom and whenever she asks me when am I ever going to use it, I’ll say “USE IT?? OF COURSE NOT! I’m gonna save it till I REALLY need it” and she’ll then give me a talk on how money is meant to be used sometimes. Can you imagine my mom telling me to spend instead of save?? And then I’ll usually give her a super long talk on how saving is good cause bank gives you interest (free money $__$) wtf and it’s more worth it compared to spending on clothes etc.

And whenever we go Giant or whatever wtf, my bro and sis hate it when I go along cause I won’t let them buy snacks/useless stuff because it’s a waste of money.

And I manage my family’s account.

And my mom usually consults me when it comes to financial stuff cause I’ll calculate like crazy and come up with the most economical budget wtf. Like when we go grocery shopping then she’ll go “eh should I buy A or B?” and I’ll hold up my calculator (yes i’m one of those aunties who brings a calculator to supermarkets wtf) and calculate how much is 1g of A and how much is 1g of B and see which one is cheaper. Repeats process for every single thing we buy.

I know I know everyone hates me now. I hate myself for being like this too but hmm why do I feel proud when I list all these useless things down? Being stingy sucks ok. I’m always the one who have the least fun when I go theme parks or whatever cause I’ll be busy calculating how much I’ve spent today and end up not having fun at all.

I can so see myself earning a lot in the future but still drive a kancil and live in a flat wtf. Sigh I don’t want that life 🙁 (not really, imagine all that money in my bank!! =D wtf)

(looks like my whole entry is based on my p.p.s wtf)