A day in the life of Cikgu Suet

Hello I have a few minutes today since my lessons tomorrow are all planned, so thought I’d write a little here!

Before I continue, I just want to apologize for the lack of updates, and even if I do update it’s all about teaching. It’s just that: 1. teaching consumes my entire life now and 2. it doesn’t seem too appropriate for a teacher to be posting too many camwhore pictures etc (plus, surprise surprise I’m not that vain anymore!). So…sorry that I’m no longer the same silly and stupid sweatlee.com 🙁

Anyway, I have a few pictures that I took over the weeks so I’m going to write about a day in my life as a teacher!

I wake up in the morning around 6.30 am and get ready for school (like a student hahah).

When I get to school (which is only a 2-minute walk away), I pack the materials for my classes immediately. My schedule is really packed everyday, I usually have back-to-back classes and if I’m lucky, 40 mins-1 hour between classes to photostat materials etc.

This is one of my form 1 classes! I’m actually not allowed to post pictures of my students since they’re under 18 (it’s apparently a law in Malaysia) so here’s one of their backs haha. I’m pretty sad that I can’t post their pictures because I’m planning to write some of their stories here with pictures for effect but guess I’ll blur their faces or something..

I hate making them copy questions from board cause it’s a waste of class time and I think it’s a lot more efficient if I could give them photocopied questions to answer. BUT we have to pay to photocopy and I’ve already spent more than RM100 so far for my 6 classes so.. 🙁 Now I get why teachers make us copy the questions.

Actually, now that I’m a teacher, I totally get why teachers teach the way they do in Malaysia.

You have NO idea the stuff that we have to do. More than 50% of our time has to be devoted to a lot of other unnecessary administrative work and it’s so tiring to maintain our energy in all our classes. Sometimes I just want to be a teacher who asks students to copy notes and sits while they copy cause I have no energy at all! Thank god so far I’ve managed to remain super active but can you imagine how it’s like for a teacher who has been teaching for years? I don’t blame them for being worn out.

In the picture above, the seating arrangement is a little weird because I got so fed up of the kids complaining that they can’t see the board (it’s true, the board is terrible) so I dragged their tables to the front. The front kids were actually like 15cm from the board. Now they can’t complain anymore!

Ok continue. So I teach till around 2.40 pm and will finally get to sit. Sometimes I’ll eat my bun for breakfast/lunch but if I didn’t buy any then I’ll have to wait a little longer.

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, there’ll be cocurriculum so we’ll have to stay in school till 4.30-5pm.

This was taken during our Merentas Desa activity last week. ALL the kids have to run 8km for that two days. I felt so bad for them cause they were already so tired from school and some of them didn’t even have time for lunch yet!

But it IS nice to run around the paddy fields 🙂

I’d choose to run here over congested city roads anytime!

After running, they had to sit under the BLAZING HOT SUN to listen to some speech. Super kesian!!! I sat with them to know how it feels and seriously it was not fun at all. I think teachers should sit under the sun with the kids to know how they actually feel everytime during assembly.

This was taken yesterday during the house practice. We have a very nice big field 🙂

Anyway! Around 5pm, I’ll go back to the staff room to pack my things. By then, I’d have been wayyy too tired for anything else and just want to shower and nap.

Then I would punch out and collect my mail. Got a postcard from Melissa! I have no idea which Melissa this is. Melissa Kong is that you???

I feel so loved!

When I get back home around 5.30ish, I’ll shower right away and die for a while on my bed. Lunch is out of the question, I just need some sleep.

Then I’ll wake up and cook dinner! We don’t have a fridge (cause we’re poor teachers) so I’ll eat whatever we have in the kitchen. Here’s an awesome meal of rice with omelet. Looks simple but it’s really good ok!

Sometimes I’m too tired to cook so I’ll eat outside. There’s a chinese restaurant, a mamak and a tom yam shop nearby.

Then I get back and mark my papers/homework and plan lessons for the next day. Planning takes a huge amount of time and if I don’t plan my lessons ahead, my classes will definitely not go well.

I go to bed around 12.30am every night because I cannot function without at least 6 hours of sleep!

On weekends, I’ll key in students’ homework marks etc in the tracker. We have to track each and every student’s progress, which is very hard if you have around 150 students :S I basically don’t have weekends at all..

That’s basically my life for the past one month that I’ve been a teacher!

Oh I also took plenty of photos last week cause for CNY, my dad and sister came back home! This is the first time in many years that we’re all together so it’s a momentous occassion!

Waiting for my sister and mother to finish their makeup at the photo studio. We were there to take our family photo! Can you see my brother and Peter (sis’ bf) sleeping at the back wtf

Yay family photo! Bad quality cause I sneakily took this picture from the computer.

I love my siblings! <3

Went back to Teluk Intan for Chinese New Year!!!!!!! So happy to be back and so happy to be getting my first angpau in 5 years!

Pete and my grandma downing shots together hahahhaa. My grandma is super hardcore ok!

With my cousin

Ok now I want to show you a picture, but you must promise to still love me after this.




So because we were so bored while visiting relatives (somemore some of them got no cookies in their houses how can!!!!), we had a “See who’s the ugliest competition”

Guess who won?

Me! wtf

Sigh such striking beauty

Chapped lips, big teeth, what more can you possibly want in a girl?

Anyway, *abrupt* we went to Singapore after that!


Walked until I wanted to die.

By the way, I lost some weight recently. Conclusion: be a teacher if you wanna lose weight! I’ve been trying to lose weight for an eternity but never did so I’m quite happy! But I’ve also been sick and have not been eating well, plus teachers have to move a lot.

Ok the end have to sleep now. I just want to take this opportunity to congratulate myself for successfully finishing my first month of school T________T *tears of joy

Things are definitely getting more difficult now. Kids are misbehaving more often now that they’re used to me, and my energy level has been quite low but everyday I see something that inspires me to be a better teacher.

Rakis, an orang asli kid from my most challenging class, came to me today and said “Cikgu, saya faham SEMUAAAA yang cikgu ajar dalam kelas!!!” (teacher, I understood everything you taught in class!) with a huge grin. He was so proud of himself for being able to answer the questions, and looking at his proud smile made me cry a little inside.

This small boy has failed all his subjects before this and has probably not understood much in class before. He cannot read and write, and yet he is so hardworking in my class. All the kids around him are so disruptive, but he has always paid full attention to me when I teach. I’m just so inspired by him.

When I was exiting the class, I saw him walk to another boy and said “Amirul, cikgu ajar senang nak faham kan? Saya faham SEMUAAAA hari ini!” (Amirul, it’s easy to understand what teacher taught right? I understood everythinggg!) with his huge cheeky grin.

I just wanted to hug him there and then and tell him I will do everything I can to make sure he will succeed. Rakis, you don’t know this, but you inspire me in so many ways to not give up and to be a better teacher.

p.s: very impressed with myself for writing this super long post hahah

Kem SKORlah!

Looking at my schedule for the next few months and years, looks like I’ll only have time to blog once a week now. But! Today’s post is realllllly exciting (for me at least) because it’s a summary of my extremely exciting and challenging week!

This is from last week:

Me with Jacintha and Oga. We were waiting to take pictures with Deborah Henry who was there with Joyce Tagal, Edmund Bon and Zain HD for a session on inspiring youth leaders, but everyone was trying to take pictures with her so we gave up and just took one of ourselves hahah.

This was on Sheau Wen’s birthday! Muzzie was singing Happy Birthday to her, it was so sweet!

I love everyone who’s here with me, all 49 other Fellows and 10+ staff members. We’re like one HUGE happy family and are always there for each other!

A session with Brett, the founder of Teach First UK! He flew in from London just to see us!

Jasmine, Victoria, Connie, Priscilla and Nina!

The day before the D Day, everyone was busy working on our posters for our classes!

Worked the entire day but it was so fun cause we could hear everyone going “eh pass me scissors!” “who got silver marker pen??” “wahhh your poster so nice!” and the team spirit was just so strong!

Karthik and I with our posters. The one he’s holding is of our motto in class “I want, I can and I will!” (we get them to say this quite often and believe it or not but they’ve actually begun to internalize it!) and our BIG goal for the class after 4 weeks: 30% increase in achievement! I’ll explain the fire poster later.

Golden tickets for students who participate in class! They got so excited when they saw us giving this out and participation rate increased dramatically, and this was even before they knew what these were for!! Hahahha

The tickets are for a raffle at the end of the week 🙂

The amazing training team is beyond amazing. On Monday, our first day of school, they stuck quotes on our doors.

They also gave us free hugs and made a huge banner that said “GOOD LUCK transformational teachers!” and when we came back they held up one that said “Welcome Back, Teachers!”

On Tuesday, they gave us chocolates with more inspirational quotes. On Wednesday, we got individualized cards that say “Happy Wednesday! You’re halfway through your first week!”, on Thursday, more encouraging notes on doors and on Friday, a huge cheer for all of us.

I don’t think any of us would have made it through our first week without their support and love!

We have 6 vans that bring us to our two respective schools every morning and our journey to the schools takes 45 minutes each way.

We usually start the journey at 7am, teach till 12pm, get back and rest, continue training till 7pm and work on our lesson plans till 1 am. Repeat everyday. I’m exhausted!!!!

Before the kids got in!

Our amazing kids!!!!! We had a really fun ice-breaking game where they had to pass an orange around under 30 seconds. They were all sitting really far away at first and they had to figure out how to make the goal.

They got to 20 seconds, and we made it even shorter, and shorter.

To only 2 seconds!

We didn’t even tell them anything but they figured that they have to get closer…and closer..and finally put only their fingers together to “pass” the orange to everyone! We used this activity to show them that the goal may look ambitious but it’s definitely do-able with teamwork! (didn’t tell them that it also means there are shortcuts in life :P)

Our first day was quite bad because we had to give them their diagnostics to see their current level. They’re at about 10% for Math and 40% for English – failing both of them! They are failing Math primarily because they cannot understand the questions that are in English. The effects of PPMSI on real kids in somewhat more suburban-rural schools, which is about 70% of the schools in Malaysia!!

Lotsa work to do for us then!

This poster is part of our Classroom Management Plan. If a student misbehaves (talk when teacher is talking, not listen to instructions, defiant etc), we put them in the yellow part and give them a verbal warning. If they get to the orange part, they have to meet with us and if they get to the red part, we will call their parents.

No one got to the yellow part even, our kids were extremely well behaved! Which I really think is because of our other Classroom Management Plan:

We fully exercise our Classroom Policies: be courageous, be respectful and to have teamwork. We constantly explain this in great detail and point a lot of our objectives and activities back to this and it works!

But this is the one that worked the best! It’s a Happy-o-Meter, and when the whole class behaves really well and are really participative, we move the thermometer up one scale. When it gets to 10, we give them a reward! This week’s reward is a 2-minute dance party (which we just did today!!!) and next week’s is Game Party!

This week went so well. It was rough at first because they weren’t used to all this, but once they got invested in the classroom culture, everything went so smoothly! From 0% participation rate, they now fight to answer questions. We just had a dance party today and it was awesomeeee! They were so shy and didn’t know what to do at first when we blasted the music, but after teaching them the lightbulb and pet the dog dance wtf, everyone had so much fun! They all went back with a hugeeee smile 😀

Oh, we also have individual behavior log for every student, and they have to get us to rate their behavior and performance at the end of the day. It works like a charm because it shows that we have our eyes on every single one of them! We always forget to rate them but they will constantly remind us at the end of the day.

I love my kids, they’re so awesome *tear

I wanted to give them a sense of ownership of their class, so I asked them to name themselves. The Justin Bieber fan club in my class came up with “Never Say Never”, which I thought would be apt for our motto hahaha. But the rest of the class decided on Intelligent Geniuses! I greet them every morning with “Hello my intelligent geniuses!” and “Bye, have a nice day today geniuses!”

The view outside the school, beautiful!

Some of the kids in our school. Here, they were singing happy birthday to one of the Teach For Malaysia staff.

This is me, dead. from lesson plan preparation. It takes about 4-5 hours to plan and get the materials ready for each lesson T___T

Proud of our hardwork!

I have more pictures and stuff to talk and show you guys but I’m so tired! I just made a huge Shout Out Board in our class and the responses were crazy! I tell them to leave us notes and write anything they want on the board, and we’ve gotten so many “I love today’s class!” and “I want to learn more!”. I also got a “Tak suka duduk belakang la cikgu” hahaha. We change their seat arrangement everyday to get them used to working with different people everyday.

It was also through this board that I found out that one of my kids was having a very bad day, and we talked about it over lunch. It’s quite a depressing topic and very personal, so I won’t talk about it.

That’s all for now, will try to update more soon! I have so many stories to tell! In fact, I have one story for every single kid in my class because they’re all so unique and interesting. Actually lemme tell one story!

There’s this one kid who’s probably the 2nd weakest in the class. On the first day, he didn’t want to participate much and was very quiet. He didn’t come the next day but he came day after that and saw the change in the classroom. Other kids were already ahead in terms of points (we give kids points for participating) and I guess he wanted to be part of it too.

We also set up a one-on-one session with him to keep him updated about the previous lessons that he missed, and since then his change in behavior was so dramatic. He became a superstar in our class. Still shy and still weak in both English and Math, but he participated regularly and became extremely invested in wanting to learn more. I’m so proud of him *tear

There’s this other boy who is clearly the naughtiest kid in class. He has this very cheeky grin and would make jokes in class. We knew we had to get on this kid’s good side because he was clearly the “leader” here. I think the sweetest words I’ve heard from him was “teacher, I will see you tomorrow!” in perfect English. It means he’s coming the next day and it means I did something right today!

He comes 1 hour early to class everyday and would sit with me to go through our previous lessons. He also likes to make sure I don’t forget my bag.

Ok, for real, that’s all for now!

EPIC weekend

I’ve had a pretty tough few weeks lately, but I’m quite glad that’s all over now. I’ve been quite emotionally traumatized and upset about several things, so maybe someday I’ll blog about it (but it’ll be a very very vague and cryptic post).

For now, I have some backlogged pictures to post! (especially from my birthdayyy, which will have to wait for another day)

Two weekends ago, I followed a friend to Kuala Kubu Bahru with the EPIC team to help build a house for this orang asli family! I’ve been doing nothing on weekends so I thought I’d better do something productive and not while my life away watching more TV shows and spending more useless hours in the mamak.

I was quite nervous at first cause the last time I really roughed it out was yearsss ago and I’ve been such a girly feminine girl since, how to build house and carry bricks and bathe in rivers?? But I’m really glad that the entire experience was so amazingly positive that I would definitely do it over and over again 😀

The team had been there two weekends prior to this to build the basic structure of the house, so this was what greeted us upon our arrival on Saturday morning!

Ibu Biah’s (not in pic) old collapsing house. She has many daughters, sons and grandkids and the small house is clearer way too dilapidated and small for them.

So we began working!

Our team was tasked with fitting the doors and windows, and because the power drills were not working, we had to manually screw each bolt and screw in. IT WAS TERRIBLE. but not impossible so we screwed and screwed away.

Jason’s an expert at screwing now.

River time! Extremely rewarding 20 minutes.

Back to work we went. We worked from 8am-6pm both days *flexes biceps

The old house and the toilet next to it (the outdoor one with white cloth)

New house! 60% done

Just keep painting, just keep painting

This dog’s name is Chicken!

Tired but happy, I can paint for a living now

Inside, after day 1

Our view from our dorm

Day 2! Break time with ice cream uncle!

I’m also awesome at hammering. Seriously awesome. Awesome giler. Awesome until don’t know what. Too awesome can die. Awesome is my middle name. I’m awesome. Awe-some.

The inside!!!

Almost there!

The back kitchen area

Very proud of the drain Triffany and I painstakingly shoveled in the rain *flexes biceps again

View from the hill behind the house!

Ben drilling with extreme focus and concentration

7 pm, almost thereeee!

Group pictar!

8pm, giving moral support to those who were installing the last panel!

9pm – DONE! Inside the house.

And then we went for dinner, the end wtf.

All in all, it was a very VERYYY tiring weekend, but every single effort, every single sweat drop and aching muscle was completely worth it when we saw the smiles on Ibu Biah and her kids’ faces upon completion of the house. I would never have thought I could ever build anything other than Ikea shelves, what more an actual real house.

EPIC aims to make the world a better place, one home at a time. If you have the time and energy on your hands, do volunteer to help them out but make sure you remain committed! I always believe that the best charity is one that is consistent and not just done on random spurts whenever you feel charitable.

Even if you can’t volunteer, do spread the word and hopefully more people would sponsor such an amazing grassroot initiative!

I was very pleasantly surprised at how amazing the people I’ve worked with that weekend were. Everyone had either a full time job or was studying, but still took time off the entire weekend to slave their asses away. It’s not easy AT ALL to build a house from scratch and it’s great how everyone worked together as a team despite the varying levels of experience and skills. Malaysians are so amazing *tear wtf



To folks who missed the last XPLAY party at Johor, don’t worry cause there’s another one coming up in October! This one will be way bigger as it features some of the best DJs like Paul Van Dyk, DJ Gluseppe, Terence C, Darkroom Tale and Mister Ariffin.

Details of the party:

: 22 Oct 2011

: 7pm – you want to go back

: At Helipad, Sepang International Circuit

As with the other parties, admission is absolutely free and it’s really easy to get the tickets!

1. For Xpax or UOX members, just have to reload! Register by sending XPLAYPVD to 28881, reload RM50 and you’ll get a voucher for one free ticket!

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4. Download special XPLAY packages from THE CUBE (www.thecube.my or visit the WAP site at http://m.thecube.my) and stand to win 2 VIP passes.

To East Malaysians, don’t worry if you can’t make this party cause you can still go to the next XPLAY party at Kota Kinabalu! It’ll be at Bed Club, 8th October featuring DJ SHY (she’s super hot)! Entry is also free, just have to go http://on.fb.me/XPLAY11 and register for your free passes!

More info on all XPLAY parties here: http://xpax.com.my/promo_xplayfuture.html

Exciting times ahead

I have very exciting news to share! I’m getting married!

Right…wtf. Couldn’t resist hahaha

But this piece of news is actually even more exciting than that! Yesterday, I found out which school I’ll be placed at and which subject I will be teaching!!!!!!

I was in the gym when Shannon from Teach For Malaysia called me, so I said I’ll call her back later. She called back after 5 minutes and said SUET I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU TO CALL ME BACK, I need to tell you that you’re placed at SMK Teriang Hilir and you’ll be teaching English! Hahahahha she’s sooo cute!

So yes, I will be at Simpang Durian, Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan for the next two years! I specifically told them I want a rural school over an urban school because I thought if I’m trying something so unconventional already as it is, might as well go all out and do something I will never ever get to do again! Live in an area that is so far from home, a part of Malaysia so unlike my comfortable suburbia life.

I don’t think I’d feel right being in my poverty-stricken school dealing with people from low income households, only to drive 15 minutes back to my comfortable home and privileged life after that. I feel like then I wouldn’t get to immerse myself fully in what I’m doing, that there’ll be such a huge disconnect everytime I leave the school and the kids.

I know it does sound quite noble to want to relocate to a very different place and environment for this, but of course I do fear how incredibly challenging it’ll be too. I’ll be around very different people than those I’m used to, doing completely different things and living a vastly different life. Funny how it’s only going to be 2 hours from Klang Valley, but I’m sure it’ll be quite foreign to me. But I’ll always remember that if it’s not challenging then it’s not worth doing!

So, about this place! Some people from the team have visited the school and kept raving to me how beautiful that area is. I google imaged it and true enough!


Credits to Momoc Blog for that picture.

Simpang Durian is actually famous for its durian, which is bad for me cause I LOVE DURIAN TO DEATH. I don’t want to OD on it T___T

And I’ll be teaching English! Quite unexpected actually, I kinda thought I was going to teach Math and Science but it’s a good pleasant surprise still 🙂 Need to start thinking of creative ways to teach a completely foreign language to these students.

AHGHHH I AM BEYOND EXCITED! (and scared) BUT MORE EXCITED THAN ANYTHING! I can imagine myself going to this place and frantically taking pictures like a tourist already wtf. Actually! my parents want to take a roadtrip there so they can check it out first before I go. Hearing this makes me happy cause it means they’re finally supportive of my teaching job 😀

I really hope I’ll have internet connection still though..I can do without the general comforts of life (okay maybe the much younger me could, but I will learn to adapt..) but I need my internets! Broadband will have to do I guess.

Alright that’s all for now, this weekend I’m following a bunch of EPIC folks to Kuala Kubu Bahru cause they’re building a house for an Orang Asli widow. Thought I’ll try it out so I can get used to rolling my sleeves up and roughing it out wtf. I’ve been such a girly put-makeup-wear-a-dress-girl for so long so I hope I can get used to this fast!

Oh also, Happy Malaysia Day! Spend this weekend wisely 🙂


Pictures accumulated since I came home! And for some weird reason, I have stopped taking pictures with my camera hence these are pictures from my friends’ cameras. I’ve gotten so lazy that I don’t even want to charge my camera or whip it out to take pictures anymore ;__;

From..umm..3 weeks ago?

Karaoke with the girls! Jiameei, Aud and Hui Wen 🙂 And Li Tat also but he’s our photographer wtf

I can’t do this T_T

Semangat singing Beyond’s something something hoi something wtf. It starts with Kam tin ngo~~~ Sui yan something something wtf

All of us!

I was bored as hell at home so Ginny rescued me and brought me to her house! More like a pet store cause she has soooo many dogs and rabbits! I love dogs ^_^

also, people say ginny and i look alike and i think we do in this picture!!

This sneaky hyperactive fella is my favorite <3

Sorry I’m jumping all over the place. This is from Aud’s fake birthday celebration last week! Her real bday is actually in Feb wtf

The girls and Eric da pimp

Camwhoring with Jammie’s awesome G11

I love my blazer from h&m!

Cheese! (notice we both have pimples at the exact same spot under our lips haha)

With my bestest friend in the whole wide world wtf

I actually like my hair now! I’m glad it’s not at that awkward neither here nor there stage but I can feel it getting there wuwu.

What else did I do ah? A lot of things actually I’m just too lazy to take pictures every time. Can’t believe my holiday is over in a few days and I have to go back T___T Let me be hardworking and post more pictures first.

Over the weekend we went to Penang to visit my cousins and grandparents!

Me and my cousins in front of some temple wtf. I think this is the snake temple..

This is Char Kuey Teow wtf. I shall not torture you with more food pictures but goddamn I miss this already!

All of us in front of another temple somewhere (i suck at this). I’m holding the voter registration form woot! I’m now officially a voter.

Random stupid pictures:

Me eating a banana innocently *blink blink

me eating a banana happily. “want some? :)”

me eating a banana somewhat seductively

me eating a banana angrily wtf “HAVE SOME BANANA WILL YOU?!”

I clearly had too much time on my hands.

Birthday Weekend

So, as you all know, IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY!

I just turned 22 and the thing is, I don’t feel 22 at all. I feel 19 still, like I just got into college, still unsure about my life and where it’s heading but don’t really care. Except that right now, 3 years later, I still feel the same AND I feel like I don’t know who I am at all and what kind of person I want to be.

Gah why is life so confusing! wtf birthdays are supposed to be a good thing but I always get emo when I self-reflect on my experiences and contemplate about my future.

Anyway my this birthday was really different because I was celebrating it with 3 of my best friends in Mt Holyoke! And this time, it’s SUPER special because 2 of them (who are also my roommates) have their birthdays a DAY after mine. How coincidental 😀


Giang and I!

We were all going for a nice quiet dinner at this fancy French restaurant!

Lali, me, Tanya and Giang! ♥



;___; at times like this I wish I have my long curled hair! So hard to pull off a fancy girly dress.

My girlfriend is so hot seriously.

BACK OFF everyone wtf

Tanya and Lali at the French restaurant. YUMS!

Anyway after the dinner, we came back for our huge party! Because we’re all celebrating our birthdays together, we decided to throw a big party!

My makeup for the party! Probably one of my heaviest makeup ever

I did the lower lashes thingy! To make your eyes appear larger cause I have small eyes. Since I’m such a scrooge, I cut the ends of my fake lashes to make the fake lower lashes! Woot so smart *pats self

DJ LALI! Sigh she is both hot and talented, how??

BACK OFF everyone, wtf hahaha

1/10 of the people at the party. Soooooo many people came it was crazy! And I didn’t even know half of them haha. But it was all good fun 🙂

Another shot of the DJ doing her thang

I love that there’s this random chick in a sombrero wtf

This was before people started getting topless WTF let’s not talk about that…..it’s a girl’s college what do you expect! Parties can get pretty wild..

Anyway that’s all! We were all quite drunk so no one took too many pictures. It was a crazy night but we thought oh well, we are now 22, we’re still relatively young and it’s our last year in college so why not! Almost all my friends came and had a lot of fun so I was really happy 🙂

So I guess that’s how I turned 22 this year. Celebrations are fun, but they come and then they go. And then you’re left sitting where you were before all that ruckus started, utterly confused and puzzled, and that was when the realization hits your face hard. Now what are you going to do with your life? Where are you heading? What does your existence mean to you, to anyone? It’s scary how every year as I celebrate every birthday, I realize that as I grow older, it just means I have more responsibility over my life and where I am in the future is solely up to me.

Today, I realize that wow I am really an adult now. I have grown a year older..

and also possibly closer to dying wtf


p.s: just realized the title of my post was BITHDAY and not birthday, thanks a lot for not correcting me, hence making me look stupid on my biRthday guys wtf.

p.p.s: next post will be on my birthday wishes! now i have too much work T_T



Today I’m really excited because I have one free hour to do anything and everything I want!!! I just came back from Tawau, Sabah on a work-related trip (can my job get any better?!?!) and I’m super tired now but die die must blog. I’ve abandoned my blog for so long but here’s an entry with a million pictures for your viewing!! As you can see, my sentences end with a lot of proclamation marks because I’m that excited to blog!!!

These are from…a few weeks ago when Angie came to visit! Expect lots of camwhore/vain shots.

Now I haven’t seen Angie in TWO FREAKING YEARS, so naturally we were quite clingy and couldn’t stop taking pictures with each other wtf. I love you ♥

I stayed with her in Tim’s house for two nights and we couldn’t sleep the whole night cause we couldn’t stop talking about everything that has been happening in our lives. We kept saying “ok damn sleepy want to sleep” but then one of us would start asking questions and we finally slept at 4am or something wtf

With Audrey! I can’t believe even after two years, once you put three of us together everything was as if we’ve never left each other at all. My college years have never been the same without you guys 🙁

We went Malacca for a day! Too lazy to put pictures of Malacca since we all know how it looks like so let me put a camwhore shot instead haha

We went to Central Market and Aud got cheated by this STUPID CONMAN!!!! Angie tagged him as CHEAT ASS FUCKER hahahahhahahaha

It’s a longgggg and stupid story so read it here at Aud’s blog. Basically this guy didn’t know shit about fortune telling and just randomly told Aud every single characteristic there is and told her wrong info about herself. Angie and I told him that he got it all wrong and he had the audacity to tell us off and chased us from his shop!!!!

But all is well again when we had our fish spa ^_^ Before that we were sooo fuming mad ok. Angie and I even went as far as telling other tourists not to go into his shop WTF if I have to I would bring plycards and signs warning other people and camp outside his shop to protest against his lies wtf

Tim brought us to Klang for Bak Kut Teh! I’ve never tried it even after 22 years of my life so now I can proudly say that I have hmmp!

At Pavilion!

Went back home to continue what we enjoy most. Each other’s company and self-shots wtf. Sigh this picture is so loving I’m tempted to print a poster size of it for my room

Silly shots ensue

Angie’s face looks like those in anime! And Aud why is your tongue yellow wtf

Audrey why are you so freaking cute?!?!!?

ok not anymore wtf. hahahahha how can two such cute people look so scary!!!

Don’t ask wtf. Omg Angie’s melting face hahahaha. We laughed so hard that day I swear I built a few packs on my abs wtf

Went Ampang Lookout Point with high school friends! It was my first time there and it was so amazing to see the entire KL!

Me, Sarah and Andy.

There were 8 other people but I forgot to take a picture ;_; I suck.

Ok last picture before I die of exhaustion! It was Yvonne’s last day at work so here’s a picture of all the interns! Yangli, me, Andrew, yvonne, Reihan and Wei Jia!

With Joyce, our honorary member!

The interns are all leaving one by one and I’ll be all alone later 🙁 I’m having so much fun at work I don’t want to leave can? 🙁


So they took a picture of me at work and made a life size cut-out of me for some event. After that event, I brought home the cut-out since they had no use for it anymore. I came back home, put it in front of the door so when my brother comes in it’ll scare the shit out of him hahaha

Then today I came back, opened the door and saw this:


HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA they added the cap, jacket and fake arm!!

My sister is so freaking funny. One day, when my brother was sleeping, she put that cut-out next to him in bed and scared the shit out of him again when he woke up hahahahha

Then, another time, she put it right outside my mom’s door to scare her when she came out to get some water at night. HAHAAHA

It’s damn fucking scary ok cause it looks exactly like me (duh it IS me) and it’s just standing there with a perpetual smile. So far, that impostor me has been moved around the entire house to scare everyone. My brother said he is no longer afraid of it wtf. We now leave it right outside my house to greet visitors to the Liew household wtf

OK GOODNIGHT! will check for typos in this post tomorrow.

Secret to great skin

I was invited by Nuffnang to an amazing event last month!!! Super excited cause it was the first event I was invited to since I’m always away. Once I heard the organizing brand of the event, I was immediately sold. It was Vaseline’s launch for their new line of products and I’ve been a Vaseline user for years so of course must go and kaypoh!


The launch was at this spa place called the Villa Manja and it was sooo beautiful! A very relaxing place provided that you are not a klutz who would fall into the pond hahah


The entire place was set up to feature all the Vaseline’s moisturizers!


Intense rescue for those with dry skin aka me!


With Aud 😀


Ray Guinoo, the senior brand manager of Vaseline, gave a short introduction on the importance of daily moisturizing to our skin.

To be honest, I cringed a few times cause I almost never use moisturizer unless my skin starts to peel. How could I have forsaken the most important part of my body tsk tsk T_T
Seriously I have an alarming amount of wounds all over but I’ve never really bothered about them before. Two huge scars on my knees from basketball, one on my toe from falling down the bike while I was trying to fly a kite (don’t ask) and some on my arms from being a klutz..

After his talk, I looked at my scars and could instantly feel them looking at me with intense rage and hatred for not giving two hoots about them……………………..*instantly slabs on moisturizer


We were then entertained by three elegant dancers which further reinforced my desire to learn how to dance heh


Jojo Struys with Zalina, Kimcun and Daphne Iking talked about the importance of skin to them! Do you know you’re supposed to moisturize everyday because your skin loses almost 100g of water daily? *feels guilty again


All the beautiful women from all walks of life! (except Ray lah, he’s obviously a man)


All the Vaseline moisturizers!

As you can see, I’m quite proud of this picture because it’s a perfect showcase of my l33t photography skillzz
From L-R: Aloe Cool and Fresh (a light moisturizer for those who don’t like the oily/thick feeling AND it smells really good!!), Healthy White (with sunscreen protection too!), Total Moisture (ten times more moisturisation for those with dry skin) and Intensive Rescue (contains Glycerin, advanced formula to help heal dry skin)


After everything, we were all treated with a ten-minute shoulder massage! Woots I can has happy!


And we were also given a hamper full of Vaseline products! I can has happy 2!


And after that I went to Nuffnang’s office to see my old colleagues. This is Firdy! And I included this picture cause my skin was glowing for some reason (maybe cause happy to see Firdy) so I guess it’s quite related to this post haha

Thanks Nuffnang, Unilever and Vaseline for inviting me to this amazing event!


Helloooo I’m back! I’ve been back since Wednesday actually but haven’t really had time to breathe, much less blog. The first thing I did when I reached was go mamak with my friends. And then the next day I couldn’t take it anymore and called Ringo to teman me to go CUT MY HAIR.

Yeah, again?? I know how people feel about wanting to cut it shorter and shorter each time, cause that was exactly what I did T____T I do regret it though but oh well, it’s just hair. I’ve had long hair for the past 21 years and I’ve only had short hair for 4 months, not enough!!

But this time, I really cut it wayyy too short……You can’t really tell from the pictures but the back is shorter than most guys’ hair wtf

Only two kinds of people look good in short hair: tall or skinny people. I’m neither tall nor skinny wtf but I’m making it my utmost priority to lose weight now since I can’t possibly grow taller anymore. My face+hair totally don’t match my pudgy body so sad.

Nah. I showed my friends this and they were like “eh same only”




ok sorry but, EH, SAME ONLY??????????

I didn’t cut the fringe at all so maybe it looks similar to my old hair BUT

LOOK at the back! Aiyoyo ahma kenapalah bodoh sangat

for illustration purposes wtf

Seriously I look so much like a boy now. Aside from my somewhat visible bra strap, I don’t think anyone could tell that this is a girl. What more when I don’t have a very feminine body so I look like a short 15 year old boy with cool hair from behind wtf

I’m not really complaining much cause after styling, my hair IS pretty awesome. I just don’t know how to dress anymore and at this rate, it’ll take foreverrr before I get my long luscious hair back.

I’m thinking of buying a wig but isn’t it weird to go out with a friend knowing that you can just yank her hair off anytime and the whole thing will come out wtf. Seriously if I go out with someone who is wearing a wig I’ll be SOOO tempted to yank it out lor and I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on doing anything except fighting that temptation wtf

Anyway, I’ve had an awesome time back home since I arrived! I had a super girly and fun day+night out with Ringo doing my hair and doing our nails and having super yummy japanese food, I had a great time with my best high school friends mamak-ing and making fun of each other, I had an amazing time clubbing with my super best friend Esther and I’m going shopping with Lali today!!! Woots.

Boyfriend coming back next week, roommate coming to Malaysia next weekend, then I’m going to Penang and KK, then I’m starting my long-awaited internship. Oh my god, amazing summer starts now 🙂

Le soleil

Helloo!!! I’m so excited to blog! Cause I finally found time to sit down and upload pictures and can now post them up 😀

Actually I have a few serious topics to talk about but those can wait cause these pictures ARE SO AWESOME!! Today was crazy warm (31 freaking celcius, like Malaysia ok??) so obviously we couldn’t stay in the room!


me, basking in the sun


me using a Mac, blasphemy!!!

Cool picture I took of shanshan. What can I say, some people are just born with it (referring to both me and her wtf)

We can has happy!!

I can’t believe we waited three years to do this! Too bad it’s going to start raining tomorrow 🙁

I look like a giant hahah

A video of us! First appearance of shanshan in a video wtf


Phew! I’m so glad I get to blog like normal again. Will blog very sporadically from now on cause I have so much work seriously T___T I’ve written about 60+ pages of paper, around 40+ more and I can finally go home!!!