I me mine


Sorry for the short hiatus, I’ve honestly been extremely busy but good news is, Spring Break is here!!! I couldn’t believe I actually got through this crazy week of exams and presentations and a million pages of papers!

While I’m blogging, Barry is actually coloring my hair for me wtf. So nice to have him around ^_^ He also takes my heavy laundry down for me and obliges when I asks him to “eh pass me the water please” although it’s nearer to me than to him WTF. I’m so spoilt T___T

Aih what to do I’m in a women’s college and I’m so sick of all that gender equality and we’re all equal and how we can’t get guys to do stuff for us just to show that we’re as capable. Sometimes I just don’t want to carry my heavy bag can or not wtf *waits for the unleashing of the feminists

Speaking of gender roles, despite the fact that I advocate for gender equality (not now clearly..), I actually embrace my role as a woman and that I should be in the kitchen wtf while the man go earn some gluten. I don’t mind cleaning and cooking as long as you carry my heavy laundry and pass me some water. How is this not gender equality wtf

Anyway I bet everyone is dying to know how have I been! (if not also must pretend and say yes). I just realized that I haven’t posted a single picture of myself since..well, a long time. So I’m gonna post sooo many pictures of myself until everyone gets so accustomed to my face that when you look away from the computer you’ll still see an afterimage of me wtf.

Like you know when you play tetris for an unrecommended amount of time then your whole world seems to have tetris blocks falling all over. Never happened to you before? Then I guess you’re not as much of a loser as I am wtf T___T (I used to love tetris but now I’m a Zuma/Bejeweled person ♥) (I’m SO DAMNED good at Zuma I tell you!!!!)

(where was I??)

oh pictures of myself. ok here goes!! brace yourself!!

This is me and my kawan baik Lali

This is me and my other kawans

My kawan baiks in their usual debauchery

Me with fake lashes

Do I look like a dyke? wtf

Me sucking on a lollipop with my perempuan simpanan Lali after partying


I love styling my short hair!! Always so much fun 😀

Aih since I’m posting camwhore pics might as well..this is me a looong time ago when I still had my long hair. Seems like a few years had passed but it’s only been 3 months wtf.

Random camwhore picture to live up to the mood of the post

Actually, I think that’s it *big wet eyes. Tak sangka I’m not as big a camwhore as before wtf

Let me tell you one story. Today I almost had the first panic attack of my life!!!

I went to the mall, walked to Forever 21 innocently and saw this:


*gasps for air

I’m not even exaggerating okay this is so crazy!! It’s no secret that forever 21 is my mostest favoritest store in the world and I’m basically a walking Forever21 mannequin so when I saw this I just wanted to die and fly to heaven right then.

AUDREY AND ANGIE: I’ll have you know that the new Forever 21 at Holyoke Mall is TEN TIMES this size. I swear seriously it’s so fucking big I want to weep in joy everytime I walk into the store

Let’s forget the fact that I couldn’t find something nice and only bought a pair of shorts wtf

Okay my hair is done! I’m dyeing in red this time so let’s see how it’ll turn out!


Yo mama I’m back! Although no one was really concern for my safety although I mentioned that I’d be following a COMPLETE stranger wtf, I’m safe and sound 🙂 The stranger turned out to be really nice but don’t try that at home kids. And papa, don’t scold me I didn’t have money to take the bus T_T Besides, I was with another friend too I wasn’t alone!

So, I spent possibly the best Chinese New Year abroad in New York this year! I was a little reluctant to go cause it’s kinda expensive and will take up a big chunk of my time but it was GONG XI FA CAI and I couldn’t possibly spend that here! So off I went with my stranger friend.

If there was one thing I wish I had done, it was to apply to a college in NYC. My heart and soul belong to a city, they truly do. Le sigh, but alas, the milk has been spilled so here I am.

CNY eve dinner at Carol’s place. We were s0 pampered lor! Like a real CNY dinner *big wet eyes

Everyone who was there that night. From left – Nicholas, Khye Teng, Jason, Joe LIEW my other brother wtf, Su Ann, Carol our mama, Dom, John, Me and Chern Han my other Hokkien half

Spin the bottle time!

Fate has spoken now tell me your deepest and darkest secret

In the spirit of Chinese New Year, we slept at 6 am that night wtf

Dim Sum on Sunday! Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy

Dong dong dong dong chiang. I’ve never really liked lion dance, don’t know why. My siblings and I used to have a mini lion dance set we used to play with for the longest time ever. One day we woke up and just forgot about it and our fascination and obsession with it ended right there and then.

I love Su Ann as much as I love Malaysian grocery stores ♥

I had a really amazing night after that just talking to people I haven’t talked to in a while. Shisha, gossips, silence, more gossips, getting to know you getting to know all about you, singing to the beatles on youtube, missing my bus the next day. What an ideal weekend.

Now I’m back in my room, eating cookies over the trash can so the crumbs won’t get on the floor with my roommate.

Back to doing work work work and then more fun this weekend! I’m so much happier now, thank you people at NYC! I feel so loved and happy 🙂 I hope you guys had an amazing CNY/Valentine’s too!

I had an online date with my bf on skype, more on that later now I have to study like a nerd wuwu.


ok since I’m so happy, let me show you 3 pictures that will change your perception of me forever wtf

my sister went on an old-pictures-digging frenzy and tagged these pictures of me on FB:

I’m the baby in the middle. Fucking cute ok!

Still fucking cute WTF hahaha I’m the retarded looking person in yellow. Why the hell was I so dark and why was I wearing a glow stick on my wrist wtf

This one is the cutest lah no doubt. What can I say, I was a happy kid. Fat, but happy wtf

-after 10 minutes-

I still can’t get over this picture. Seriously can you look me in the eye and say I’m not the epitome of cuteness wtf look at those thunder thighs, at the cleverly disguised bulging tummy and at the big smile! (more like crying in pain wtf)

2009: The Year That Was

I spent the last few minutes of 2009 in front of the balcony in my dad’s house in Abu Dhabi. My hands were tightly gripped around the book I was currently engrossed in, my eyes fixated on the city skyline ahead of me. 10 more minutes. I went back to reading A Thousand Splendid Suns, savoring every bit of this moving tale of the struggles of women in Afghanistan.

I like this feeling of being in two worlds; the reality in which you can feel yourself breathe, feel the air on your skin and the voices looming ahead of you, and the fictional world of strong-willed women trying to survive in a war-torn world, of exciting forbidden love and the unfolding of endless drama. I like the feeling of being so engrossed that it seems more and more difficult to discern which is real and which is not anymore.

I looked at my watch again and realized that it was already 12.01 am. I ran outside to the balcony where my family was, climbed the ladder up the rooftop and sat with my siblings. The fireworks erupted, the screaming started, so did the clickings of cameras and the new year wishes. Happy 2010.

I went back to my book even before the fireworks ended and continued reading away. It seemed hard to believe that I was in year 2010 and not 1987. I was in Abu Dhabi holidaying with my family, and not in Kabul with an enraged husband beating the shit out of me.

The first thought that came upon me this year was how blessed I am. How blessed I am to be born into a loving family, in a peaceful country and to be able to do so many things many in the world could only dream of doing. I have the most amazing people in my life and I’m constantly showered with love. With my own money, I’ve traveled to 8 countries this year. And most important of all I’m alive and well and happy.

2009 had been a turbulent year for a lot of people I’m sure, especially for me. I started the year feeling a strong sense of longingness, only to feel neglected and disappointed in the end. I changed from the bubbly girl that I was to a skeptical and moody person, only to realize that I wasn’t happy at all. The last part of 2009 was life-changing in both good and bad ways. My perspectives changed and I went back to my former cheerful self, forever etched with memories I will never forget. 2009 brought about both extremes of me and although I’m still finding it hard to reconcile both ends, I’m trying my very best.

I started my 2010 feeling blessed, loved and happy. I have no new year resolutions this time because I don’t think anything will ever be more important than all of the above. I wish everyone a very happy new year and may this year be as good as your last, if not better! For those who did not have a good 2009, try looking at things differently this year and perhaps that will help.

To all my dear readers, thank you for going through this journey of constant soul-searching and self-improving with me. Thank you for being loyal audience to my life adventures and my inner thoughts of self-doubts and aspirations. Thank you for not bailing out on me when I was lost and confused, and for the constant encouragement to hold on and to stand back up when I fall. Having amazing readers like all of you is another thing I’m truly blessed and thankful for 🙂

Happy 2010 everyone! How strange that word sounds when it rolls off my tongue..Strange, but comforting. Daunting, but exciting. It will be a good year, that I’m sure of. It just keeps getting better every year 🙂

Friends U Can Keep

Hahahha remember?? FUCK- Friends U Can Keep wtf. FRANCE- Friendship Remains And Never Can End wtf. What else ah?

Ok anyway I know I was supposed to write a vain makeup/hair post but I haven’t had the time to take step by step pictures/video of me curling my hair!!! I’m so sorry so this is just going to be another pictorial what I’ve been up to post. Don’t worry I’ll try my best to be as entertaining as possible (will juggle and eat fire if I have to wtf)

Let’s start from the very beginning! Saturday:

Finally met up with Aud after we both got lost looking for each other at Mongkok. Seriously it’s impossible to look for people there!

I miss you so much T_____T Can see our eyes quite teary with love wtf

I brought them to the best mall in the world but it was late so we went home and woke up early the next day so we can shop again!

Not enough sleep T_T I slept with Ringo that night (sound so wrong hahaha!) cause got extra space in the hotel! Ringo is the bestest bestest host in the world cause she kept making sure I was okay and shared with me her makeup/facial stuff. I ♥ her!!

Breakfast at the hotel! The disney characters damn fan lah kept coming to take pictures with us! I can’t even eat in peace ok. I only ate half of the super super nice muesli cause Goofy and Mickey keep playing with my hair wtf. T___T Now I can’t find such good muesli anywhere again =(

Oh this is after Mickey tried to beat Mike (Wendy’s bf) up cause Minnie tried flirting with him just now wtf


Stole this picture from redmummy‘s blog heh. The girls with Mickey. I loveeee these girls!! Redmummy damn fun lor I spoke Malay with her and she damn layan although I must have been quite annoying wtf

THEN we went shopping!

Wendy, Ringo and I! The rest didn’t follow us cause they had to go lunch with someone. This was before we went crazy and bought everything on our paths wtf

This is only one of the many many many shoe shops there! How to not go crazy you tell me?? Throw in another 28410 clothes shops and there you have it, the best mall in the world *secretly smiles at the memory of the mall wtf

They were rushing to fly back so we didn’t have time to eat so we only ate street food and mango lo! Who needs food when you have so much shopping to do! (actually I do wtf but Wendy said no one is allowed to eat/pee/rest so I didn’t dare to disobey her wtf)

But she’s damn nice in real life!! At first I was quite scared to say anything cause scared she’ll scold me wtf but after shopping for a while we started talking like normal and I realized that she wasn’t scary, just very straightforward and honest and funny! Shopping bonds people 🙂

Last picture with Ringo before they left!

This was on Sunday night! Our hall had a week-long festival and this was a drama competition!

Buzz lightyear hahaha!

Random picture from Monday. This is a small bird!! So gross okay you put the entire bird into your mouth and eat all its wings and beak and head and everything! Quite yummy but still gross.

From Wednesday, lunch with Mabel!

Mabel with our mocha cheesecake! I love girly lunches where we just talk about makeup and shopping and guys!

Superpass dinner with floormates! Super pass is like a…pre-exam dinner thingy to wish everyone luck in finals!

New bag I got with Ringo! Super love it although it’s damn girly! I don’t like pink that much but I have sooo many pink stuff now haha

New cardigan! Aud got the same thing but lost it once she got back wtf

Super nice pork thingy..It’s like sweet and sour but damnnnn gooooood

Then we came back and cut the pig wtf. It’s a tradition for every floor to do this before exams! At first the floor leader will cut the roast pig in half without lifting the knife or we’ll get bad luck in finals!

And then everyone (seniors first) will chop the pig once and we couldn’t lift the knife! We had to cut it with one swift cut or else we won’t pass our exams wtf

And then we each got an angpow ^_^

After that, we wrote good luck notes to everyone!

I loveeee the hall culture here! We’re all so close unlike in the US where my neighbors don’t even talk to me T_T

This is from today, don’t know what they’re doing =.=

Roy, your usual comedian wtf

Okay that’s all!!! I’m so tired now!

Oh yeah I actually did a video! it’s not that interesting but if you’re dying to see how I look like when I talk then here you go wtf. I did Ee Von‘s tag on what’s in my bag! Feel free to do it or just comment on what you have in your bags too! I bet not as many things as me cause my bag always weighs a ton T_T

I took from quite a low angle so my face quite fat and can see the ceiling also wtf. I already stacked all my stuff together and that’s the highest I could get it! If only I have a Macbook so I can use the super clear webcam..

I left my heart at Lijiang

I’m too excited to blog about the rest of the pictures so I’ll just put all of them in one post now. Don’t wanna hide them in my computer anymore!

Day 3, we went cycling! Rented the bikes for only 15 yuan/day and cycled for SIX HOURS.

I have a basket to put my bag ^_^ The guys were quite worried cause I was wearing skirt but who says you can’t cycle in skirts!

Roy and I

It took us one hour to get to Baisha Village but it wasn’t tiring at all cause we get THIS FREAKING BREATHTAKING VIEW

Man selling candies by the side of the street

Pretty flowers

Sigh I want to go back to Lijiang

I was so happy

Seriously I don’t even need captions for these pictures. The mountain looks sooo fake, like those cloth backdrop where you can roll up after taking the picture. This place is perfect I tell you T___T

See how shy my face is! That’s cause the mountain is just too pretty *shy wtf

At Baisha Village. Love it! But cycling here hurts so much cause the roads are very uneven T_T

Tried this at the village….it was like some jelly with chilli and salt…

Went to another village after that. Can you imagine cycling here? It’s so amazing I weep to sleep everynight

Shuhe Old Town. The clouds are so pretty T___T

At the town


Eating extremely fresh vegetable!

Chinese people have very intense poses wtf

Spent close to an hour listening to this guy play his guitar and sing Chinese songs ♥

That’s all for Day 3. We were dead tired after that so we just chilled in a bar the whole night.

Went to the Black Dragon Pool on Day 4!

Roy, can you be a normal sane person for once wtf

wow I look sooo tired

Roy acting weird again hahaha

Wow the colors are amazing!!

Too pretty to be captioned

I love this picture! Look at the reflections! It’s my desktop background now 🙂

Another reason why I love Lijiang is cause the weather there is so perfect. Around 15-25 celcius and not very humid so my curls stay for a very long time =D

All of us! Normal looking picture for once wtf

This place has the most perfect view of the snow mountain ♥

At the tower

View of the entire town from the tower! I love this place more every second

At night, we cycled to the outskirts and there wasn’t any light at all so we had to use torch lights! Such a scary experience but super worth it. We cycled 30 minutes away from the town to this empty grassland and laid there looking at the stars. We didn’t even talk much and just laid there in silence. Most amazing feeling in the world 🙂

There are a few more pictures but I think I posted too many so I’ll end here!

Lijiang is in Yunnan province, which is the province with the best scenery in China. The things there are not expensive and I think it’s better to not go on a tour and just do your own thing at your own pace. Wikitravel has a great coverage on what you should do or see! You guys should really visit this place =D

Oh wait, last picture of the day.

Most important lesson we learnt in China- thou must carry with you one roll of tissue paper. Toilets here are notorious for being dirty so be prepared!

I had the most amazing time with the bestest and funniest companions and I will always remember Lijiang till the day I die WTF damn corny. But it’s true, I went without much expectations and this place just blew me away.

I wanted to split this post into two so there’s some sort of suspense element in my blog wtf but I guess I was just too impatient and excited to show all the pictures =.= Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures!

Birthday Memories

So, I bade farewell to my teenage self and had a very ceremonious welcome into adulthood this birthday. If turning twenty-one is so much fun, I really don’t know why I’ve been dreading for it to come! Anyway, sorry I’ve been missing but here’s how I celebrated my birthday this year 🙂

Talked to my family two days before my birthday! My grandparents and cousins were there too and they got me a cake! The first picture is of my mom showing me her nails hahaha

Bought me a cake but I couldn’t eat it so sad T___T

On Wednesday night (night before my bday), I came back from basketball practice and was extremely tired so I took a shower. Then when I came back, this was what greeted me :


My friends got me a bunch of the most randomest things ever. Yakult, cause I was seen drinking them before. Japanese snacks, cranberries??, facial blotters, chocolates..

An electric fan cause it’s hot in Hong Kong! And batteries too hahah

Cause they know I play lotsa sports so I might need it some day hahaha how thoughtful! Or it could also mean I’m old wtf

Sushi cause it’s my favorite!!! Especially salmon sushi =D

The next morning, they came into my room at the most ungodly time ever to wake me up so they can sing happy birthday to me. Maria made us all wear the happy birthday hats!

Playing with my hat!

I kept asking them to not sing birthday song for me cause I don’t like it! Don’t you think it’s the most awkward moment ever when people sing birthday song to you? Cause you can either 1.) stand there grinning like an idiot 2. sing along while clapping your hands, also like an idiot or 3.) take pictures of them singing like I did which to be honest is the most idiotic thing ever wtf

I’m not gonna post that picture cause it was at 8am and everyone wasn’t at their best state wtf

After that, I talked to Barry on skype and he got me a cake too! Damn! This year I got TWO cakes which I couldn’t eat T__________T

He got me some white roses too, which I couldn’t sniff or touch =(

Sigh birthdays are so fun cause it’s all about YOU YOU YOU. I love that 😀

At night my friends threw me another party in the room before we went out! We drank champagne cause we’re classy like that.

Without Ser Siang. Koki looks extremely happy wtf

They’re so mean =(( Cause I was camwhoring and they kept making fun of me for doing that so Koki is trying to find his ‘angle’ here wtf

With Maria, my amazing roommate. She insisted that I get a cake and got everyone together just so I can have a fabulous birthday ♥

Here’s a biggg kiss for her!

After dinner, we went to a quiet bar to have some drinks. I love this small bar cause they have a jukebox with great selection and the drinks were cheap too!

They give you markers to write on the wall so here are all of us! Rex in brackets cause he wasn’t there physically but his presence was felt too wtf

Kevin’s ugly drawings wtf hahaha

We went clubbing after that cause it’s Thursday=ladies night= free for us!

Kevin and Maria! Can’t really see me wtf

Cool leh we’re the only colored ones! I was kinda red T_T

That’s all! I love that feeling of being in power cause they kept asking me what I wanted to do and they’d follow whatever I say just cause it was my birthday =D If only that happens everyday wtf.

I had an amazing birthday yet again, thanks to my family, boyfriend and friends ♥ Thank you my beloved readers for all your well wishes! I must be the luckiest girl alive =)

Adventures in Macau

Hello I’m back from my weekend trip to Macau! Sorry for not blogging for a while so this will be a loooong post to make up for it 😀 Mostly pictures though since I don’t have the right amount of energy to string long coherent sentences now.

Oops not of Macau yet! This is a gross looking picture of only the best food in the world! Egg with half cooked yolk is my thang, as you all know. The other day, I found the second best feeling ever- the moment when I stick my fork into the egg only to realize that it’s HALF COOKED. Oh. My. God.

WUWUWUWU!!!!! Played squash and netball the other day and broke my nails!!! Broke 4 of them actually. So stupid I didn’t even break my nails when I played basketball and it was supposed to be a rougher game than netball!

So off to Macau we went! Guess what color is my new eye color!

Kevin and Koki in the bus.

Near the heritage site in Macau.

There’s this street leading to the St Paul’s ruins where people from the shops will just randomly give you food to test! How amazing ♥♥ And they’re sooo yummy too!

God I love it when cathedrals/churches pull this shit on me. Like Milan’s cathedral, this one was just so unexpected too. It’s nestled behind shop houses so you don’t expect it and suddenly it’ll just go WHOA LOOK AT ME I’M SO MAGNIFICENT!!!

You naughty thing, you *shy

How beautiful!

All five of us! We’re the most fawesome group ever 😀 From left: Koki from Japan, Ser Siang from Malaysia, me, my roomie Maria from Sweden and Kevin from California!


Kevin and Ser Siang reenacting the scene hahah

Climbed up the fort and perspired like shit!!!!! Perspired wtf hahaha I refuse to use the word sweat hmmp!

There’s this drink called Pocari Sweat which is sorta like 100 plus and everytime someone drinks that, they must point and laugh at me one lor!!! Doesn’t help that it’s my favorite drink too so whenever someone sees me drink it, they’ll go “Pocari Sweat hahah look Suet it’s your name right there hahaha”. Erm I’m well aware of that thank you very much wtf

The cathedral (or what’s left of it) overlooks the city

Macau in its glory

I hate sightseeing on hot humid days T_____T

Dinner at night at this reaaaally good Portuguese restaurant! Highly recommended to people who’re going to Macau! It’s called A Lorcha and it’s at 289 Rua do Almirante Sergio. Very hard to get there for us cause we don’t know the name of the road in Chinese and it was hard telling the cab driver! We went in without reservation but it’s almost impossible to get seats if you don’t reserve so call them up first!

It cost us HKD $100 per person but it was worth it!

Maria and I ♥

Woohoo sangria! I drank like two sips and called it a day wtf sucks when I have to pay just as much T_T

Me and Kevin the birthday boy!

Cheers to Macau and great friends =D

There was a fireworks competition the same day so we saw that too!

Went to the famous Venetian after that. Very very pretty!

The fake blue sky is so nice!

The river. Looks very disney world-ish actually.

The rest went gambling but I hate casinos so here I am spending my time wisely wtf (and it doesn’t cost money!)

The next day we went BUNGY JUMPING! tallest bungy jump in the world!!!


Signing the form that says if you die then oops too bad wtf

Scared face T___T


I can so see the jaws on my parents’ face now! hahahha. No lah I didn’t jump! But I really really almost did it!! Too bad it cost like $1500 (RM750) and it’s way too expensive for me 🙁 🙁

Koki who was dead pale before his jump. Ahhhh damn jealous I really wanted to do it! I promised them I’ll do it next month so I better start saving up now!

We went home after that the end.

Macau is a nice place to visit but I didn’t like the place that much. It was veryyy hard to get a cab and people just run into the cab you flagged down all the time! People here are VERY rude. It’s also expensive to keep taking cabs but we didn’t know which buses to take so we didn’t have a choice. Keep that in mind when you’re choosing a hotel in Macau so you can choose somewhere close to where you want to visit!

I guess that’s all for now, I hope you like the pictures!

Home sweet home

1. my internet is down

2. streamyx sucks

3. i’m at a cybercafe fuck my life

4. i can’t believe i’ve been reduced to going to an internet cafe

5. i’m back in msia!!!!

6. it’s actually not as hot as i thought it would be

7. something is very wrong with my face, i have red spots all over and my skin is peeling very badly

8. my friends are avoiding me and they are accusing me of having swine flu wtf

9. mamak tonight, onz mou??

10. ciao wtf

it’s greaaaaat to be home!!! once my internet is fixed, i promise i’ll blog with london pictures! and a picture of my horrijible face wtf


I’ve gone mad!!! I seriously think it’s all that stress from my impending exams! *makes excuses

I went shopping again T___T and spent a bomb T___T which all of you know is very very unlike me T____T

I have sinned T__T

But it’s okay..I need to spend all that money I’ve worked so hard for right..

My first buy is this yellow watch for my sister! I secretly really like it too (my fav color was yellow cause my fav was the yellow power ranger cause she was asian wtf) but shanshan didn’t like it though. I thought it was unique and quirky!

Next is this cute puffed up white dress ($23)! It was love at first sight and I bought it although it was way out of my budget T_T Don’t even think I’ll get to wear it a lot.

Floral dress for spring/summer ($23)! I first saw this and totally fell in love with it cause of the vibrant colors and the bubble hem line! But some of my friends didn’t like it so I’m not sure if I should return it..gahhh. how leh I don’t even know if it suits me..oh Barry, where art thou when I need you most! (he’s sleeping should I wake him up wtf)

wuwuwu clothes I liked but didn’t get cause siao ah already bought so much. Top left is floral high waisted skirt for $13.80, the pink dress is amazing and cheap but a size too big! the bottom dress is cute too but too expensive 🙁

this is the same as the pink dress but in my size so just grabbed it cause it was only $13.80 and the last one left!

Why I didn’t like it in black as much is cause you can’t really see the details. And I have so many black dresses already T_T sounds like I have a lot but actually only two wtf

HOW?? Should I return any of these? Not only that, there is absolutely NO space in my luggage at all! Can only bring 20kg home cause I’m flying with airasia. 20kg is like nothing ok.

Actually I didn’t spend thaaat much lah cause I also returned some of the stuff I bought last time. The return policy here rocks!!

Shanshan is forcing me to go shopping again next week although it’s going to be exam week! It’s either a sign for me to return the stuff I bought, or to buy more wtf

Making of Spring banner

#57. 28 April 2009

My view at dinner. Sometimes I really wonder how is it possible for me to hate a place as beautiful as this.

#58. 29 April ’09

I love spring!

Curled my hair cause I had nothing to do in the afternoon

I like big loose curls like this. Made them with a bigger curler!

The making of my Spring banner 😀

#1. I look like I just appeared out of the grass wtf. Like those arcade game where little monsters will appear from random holes and you’ll beat them down. Yeah that’s me.

For the sake of my blog, I got red dots all over my body from the pollen T_T

But they’re just too pretty sigh

With my lovely photographer/roommate/best friend/the person I’m with all the time that I think people suspect we’re lesbian partners but it’s only because we don’t really have other friends wtf

I love this picture

#2. I look like I’m walking somewhat..and I’m too central in this picture. I really wanted something like this for my banner at first but it was too hard to get a straight angle from up unless shanshan can fly wtf

Went to the gym after taking pictures cause we’re so addicted to squash

Locker room

#3. I do want this as my banner but it’s too plain I think

#4. Maybe I’ll use it for Summer

#5. I couldn’t decide between this picture (actually this is not the exact pic, the one I wanted is nicer) or my current banner..But I think I’ll alternate them every week or so. (header rotator didn’t work well with my theme)

It was really fun going around lying on grass and getting red dots but it was well worth it! Hope you guys like my new header 🙂

p.s: oh yeah i edited my current banner with photoshop myself  *proud! Made the sky bluer and added sun rays which kinda look fake but it’s okay! I really like it! Spent two hours trying to figure out how to make the sky bluer but it didn’t turn out that nice T_T want to make my legs longer also but dunno how T_T