Redefining priorities

Haven’t blogged in forever again. I have to really stop saying that before I start my post everytime but I can’t help it!

To all my readers who are still faithfully clicking on my blog link every few days hoping for updates, I thank you for your devotion. I hereby promise for the millionth time that I will update every few days. PROMISE ok if not you can come ta my si fat.

Let’s see what I’ve been up to…so many things I don’t even know where to begin actually! In terms of work, it’s been quite crazy lately. If you don’t remember, I’m currently interning with Teach For Malaysia to help them with recruitment for their first cohort. Personally, I’ll be joining as well next year to be a teacher in a high-need and challenging school.

I’ve probably talked about it a million times now, but if you’re new to my blog or have been missing out, Teach For Malaysia is basically a 2-year leadership development program that aims to end education inequity by placing 50 of Malaysia’s top talents in underperforming schools for two years. In that two years, these Fellows are expected to not only significantly raise academic achievement of children who have long been neglected and have always been told that they’re never good enough, Fellows also have to work closely with corporate sectors to run community projects.

It’s an amazing platform for anyone – those who have just graduated and are looking for something meaningful, fulfilling and challenging, and those who have been working for a while and are looking for a fresh new challenge. We’re also looking for experienced teachers to be part of our training team, so if you know a reallllllly good and dedicated teacher, DO LET ME KNOW!

I’m so excited to start teaching actually!! I just visited a school last week and I got really scared at first because the teachers there kept warning us that it will be incredibly hard to teach in high-need schools, what more really making significant changes. But I later thought to myself, of course it’s going to be hard! If it was easy and if the job only entails going into a classroom of children who are all super eager to learn and to be inspired, then who am I kidding! What’s the point of me being there then?

It’s extremely daunting but exciting to note that next year, we’re really starting a social movement. Because education is a business of multipliers and ripple effects, we will definitely be changing more lives than we can imagine. Maybe we will inspire all the students in our classrooms, or maybe we will only change ONE life, but can you imagine the impact it’ll have on that student’s family, and his future family, and their future families?

Who knows, maybe we will really achieve that systemic change we’re aiming for. After that two years, I’m sure all 50 of us will go on to do great things in the education sector, leveraging on our hands-on experiences in these challenging classrooms. And then the next year, another 50, and another 50. Who knows what all of us will be later on – teachers, principals, policy makers, lawmakers, ministers or even prime minister! The possibilities are endless! And I haven’t even started talking about the possibilities for these children whose lives are changed because they’re finally given equal access to excellent education.

*suddenly get all teary

The hardest part for me right now is to remain positive about things despite the looming cobbled path ahead. I’m sure I will face not only resistance from these children, but also from teachers in these schools as well. But I’ve already signed up for this so just have to pretend sand got in my eyes everytime a kid bullies me to tears T___T

Also have to stock up on my baju kurung. Who got leftover baju kurungs that they don’t want, sila donate to a good cause. I wore baju kurung to my school visit and immediately all the teachers knew I was going to be a teacher too. Wah confirm it’s gonna be my uniform from now on!

Crazy amount of people waiting for the train the other day. After a while, commuting to and from work with the KTM doesn’t seem that bad anymore. How privileged I’ve been, complaining about the train when people are sooo accustomed to it. I usually read my Kindle in the train, but sometimes I rather people-watch and study the demographic of the other commuters. I’m extremely humbled by all of you, and as a kind gesture of humility, I will remember to spray perfume before I go to work (but not too much).

This is my colleague, Fareeza, who’s about the funniest person I know. She was so proud of her reverse parking until we came out and saw that it was completely senget -______- this is her going “aiya ok what”

I spent last weekend (before Bersih weekend) at Genting with my high school friends. It was incredibly fun cause we spent the whole day at the theme park!!! ^_^ I’ve never played bumper cars before so I kept driving the car round and round the outer area, completely avoiding the massive orgy of collisions in the center area, cos it just feels so liberating to drive the car! I don’t know why!! People who were watching us must have thought I have never driven a car before, so jakun and weird that I’m not bumping my car with the rest but I was happily driving around them on my own wtf

My most favorite ride ever!!!! I’ve completely forgotten how it feels like to be on this thing, and was pleasantly surprised that it feels so goddamn good!!! I love thrill rides, I would love to go ten more times but the queue was painfully long 🙁

We took tons of purikura pictures after that ^_^ So fun I love you guys!!

Very sad cos mom strictly prohibited me from joining the rally >=(

Jiameei and I got new nail colors! I love my purple ones but really wanted to get yellow too!

Alex sent me a bouquet of roses last week. I guess it’s quite romantic…………if only I didn’t have to take the train with it! Somemore it was exceptionally packed that day and everyone was staring cock at me for taking up so much space. Doesn’t help that the leaves kept tickling their faces hahaha wtf

Ok the end of this week’s updates. I WILL BLOG MORE AFTER THIS PROMISE! I give you full permission to ta my si fat (beat my backside) if I don’t blog in more than one week.

OH YEAH, I’m a very happening person this week!

1. Dominic gave me two tickets to watch Dreamgirls by Broadway Academy this Wed!!! SUPER HAPPY!!! Will definitely talk about it later 😀

2. Going to Urbanscapes too! Who else is going? See you there 🙂

3. Going to talk to Taylor’s students this Sat about Teach For Malaysia! If you’re from Taylor’s and would like to know about the program, come for the info session this Sat 10am-12pm! Not sure where wtf go ask your office

Ok the end babai

p.s: for some reason, comments don’t show after you’ve submitted them. will fix it soon.

Weekly Update

Hello from a lousy blogger!

Why does time pass by so fast? I thought I was just born yesterday but now I’m 22 years old already wtf. I thought I just blogged yesterday but I realized it was actually one week ago and now I have to blog again ;___; Can someone invent that auto blogging thing already!

Sigh how can I be like this! blogging is supposed to be a hobby, not a chore. I think I know why I’m like this, it’s because I barely have time to do anything these days so whenever I have even one tiny minute of free time, I usually whip out my Kindle to read the 500+ books that are waiting to be read. (by the way, Kindle rocks, and my Kindle is white with peach leather cover and it’s so awesome everytime I take it out my cool-o-meter is increased by 100 times. Actually more like my nerd-o-meter T_T)

Anyway, today I feel rambly and now that I have time to sneak one short post, I’m gonna be an efficient blogger! And like all efficient bloggers, I actually have pictures to post! Pictures of me and not some random calf picture I stole from the net!!! I’m so excited can you not tell wtf. But unlike all efficient bloggers, these pictures are taken with my phone and not some DSLR/cun camera so pardon the bad quality.

From a million years ago, went with Ginny and Nat to this awesome Korean restaurant and ate this SUPER yummy…thingamajig. Don’t know what it’s called already but it’s like maggi goreng tambah all kinds of vege drowned in spicy sauce.

I was very very skeptical about this whole bubble tea rage in Malaysia now but then I tried this in Gong Cha and tried more in Chatime and now I’m hooked. I swear they put some sort of jampi in the tea to get people going this ballistic about plain ol’ bubble tea.

Went with Alex to this seafood place in Ampang cos I was craving for chili crab. I didn’t know any good seafood places so I googled “best seafood restaurant Malaysia” and this restaurant’s website said “we are the best seafood restaurant in Malaysia!” and I turned to him and said eh eh we must go to this one! They are the BEST! Stupid so easy to con me one T_T

Ok faster recommend me good seafood places!

Went to Ikea with my family and saw that they’ve stocked up on the dogs! The last time I went they only had one dog left (the big one, which I bought, and I sometimes think my dog is alive. On a few occasions, I remember clearly that I folded his tongue in (you can fold his tongue and snap his mouth shut one) and the next morning his tongue was out!!! I swear he’s alive, like in Toy Story *big wet eyes* so now I talk to my dog everyday cause I know he can understand me wtf)

So anywayyyy, they even have the small dogs now! I don’t know if I should buy one so he can accompany my big dog but now I’m a poor unemployed person so can’t afford to waste money on soft toys.

This is my life everyday now. KTM sucks cos they are never on time and they come very infrequently but oh well, my life could be worse.

I usually take the ladies’ coach so I don’t need to face gross perverty men who’d stare at me rudely but they’re usually super packed until cannot breathe kind. Sometimes it gets so packed that I basically have no space in between me and like 5 other people so I don’t have to hold the pole and I still won’t fall! Fulamak.

Today I thought to myself that gross men > being sandwiched to death so I took the non ladies’ coach and was surprised to find that men are actually not that disgusting after all wtf

Woke up yesterday and was shocked to see how long my hair is now, I’m finally a woman again and not some prepubescent chinese school boy T___T

I was given less than a day notice that I was going to be interviewed on BFM live, how nerve wrecking! It was an interview with Dzameer about Teach For Malaysia and they thought it’d be great to interview someone who’ll be doing it as well. It was quite scary at first when I thought of how judgmental I usually am when I’m listening to people’s interviews on radio and I thought of all these people who’ll be in their cars stuck in the jam listening to my croaky voice. But Caroline and Ezra were so friendly and nice that the entire thing was actually quite fun!

Here’s the podcast if you want to listen to it, but I warn you first ah I was talking very fast.

Finally here’s an emo picture of me Ginny took for Vanity Dreams

Ok that’s all for today, I have 10831 more calls to make to people who are applying to Teach For Malaysia. Have a good weekend everyone!

An education

Life is like a game of Tetris:

Apart from being a fine game, Tetris is also a perfect mirror of the human condition. For a while the game is entertaining, and we seem to have mastered it and are having fun. Then, something goes wrong — a rash mistake, or an unfulfilled wish, and we’re fighting to repair the damage, but we’ve been thrown off-balance, and everything is piling up. Blocks that were once orderly and harmonious are jumbled and filled with holes, and our cup is on the verge of running over. There’s always a point at which we stop planning for the future, and realize that we don’t have one — all we can do is cling to the present and concentrate, focus our minds on what it’s like to be alive, to play the game, before it’s all over.

You were waiting for a four-by-one block that never came.

Sometimes we resist to the bitter end, moving blocks left and right without thought or care, just to hang on, and sometimes we accept the inevitable and pull the blocks down to us, smiling inwardly at the great joke. The rest is silence.

I found a great analysis of Tetris and just thought I’d share it here since it’s too long to post on Twitter wtf.

By the way, I’m home!!!! For good. Forever. It feels so foreign and weird…I still feel like I’m on my usual summer holiday, and still feel like a college student. I guess it’ll take a while for it to sink in.

My parents were here for my graduation and they really were my personal photographers the entire time. Shanshan’s parents had THREE cameras with them and they would use ALL the cameras everytime. So I have about a million pictures to vet through before I can post them up!

But what I have so far:

Aileen and I before the Laurel Parade

My white dress from H&M and the beautiful yellow scarf given by our alumnae!

My best friend Shanshan and I. I don’t want to think about not seeing her for a while and that it’s the end of us being in college together, because if I do I know I will not be able to stop crying. I was very lucky to have someone like her throughout my 4 years in college cos she’s one of the very few people who completely understands me and is extremely supportive of me T___T

Laurel Parade, one of our oldest and most beloved traditions. Graduating seniors will all wear white and will carry the Laurel chain (the chain of green grass thingy), signifying a link that brings all of us together, and we’ll carry it to our founder’s grave.

And then we’ll gather and sing Bread and Roses, a song that supports international women suffrage and appeals for gender equality and women’s rights.

I cried while we were singing that song, it was so beautiful T___T then I looked around and saw everyone crying too T__T Now I really don’t regret going to a women’s college that takes activism so seriously.

Men in kilts performing before the parade

probably my absolute favorite part of the parade! the school spirit is so strong because hundreds of alumnae actually came back for reunion! this is the class of 1961, which means they’re all around 70+ years old!

there was also someone from the class of 1931, she was 102 years old!

the feeling of having so many people cheer you on during the parade was indescribable. Especially when you see the look of pride and recognition on their faces, it was amazing.

The night before graduation, we have another ceremony called the Baccalaureate. It was basically a more personal event where we had our Dean wrapping up our college life. She said soooo many quotable quotes that night, and everyone was tearing quite badly too. She talked about uncertainties, and fear, and anxiety upon completing college and finally going out in the real world. It was so…relatable and so real which makes it scarier.


We were all given a sunflower each 🙂

Our president insisted on hugging ALL of us when we received our degree. She also congratulated each and everyone of us when she hugged us, damn nice!!!

I’m happy to announce that I received my degree without falling on stage because I chickened out and didn’t wear high heels wtf. Everything is in Latin, I only recognized my name here hahah

Treated myself to a huge ice cream hoho

The next day, I packed all my 4 years in college in 4 suitcases and left my second home.

As the bus gained momentum and drove past my college, I got quite emotional for the first time upon graduation. This picture describes my feelings perfectly. In a blur, scared, excited, unsure, sad, very sad, glad, hopeful. I don’t know what’s in store for me after leaving a place that has changed me tremendously, a place that I was only beginning to really love and be comfortable in.

Thank you Mount Holyoke for making me the woman that I am today.

Thank you for teaching me how to think critically for myself, for nurturing the principles in me that I never knew existed, for being patient and kind when I didn’t quite get the point of a liberal arts education at first, for never giving up when I doubted you.

But most importantly, thank you for showing me that education is never a means to an end, that the pursuit of knowledge is lifelong.

We don’t go to school because we need practical knowledge to help us in our jobs, we go to school to gain knowledge that will help us make sense of the world and our place and roles to play. The past weekend was a culmination of this realization. One of my favorite professors, in his final lecture to us, told us this:

“Look at the person on your left, and the person on your right. In a hundred years, they will both be dead. We spend our lives worrying about things that are in the present, things that are transitory and are insignificant in the greater scheme of things. Spend your life thinking about things that are eternal, not temporary. Spend your life thinking about things that will matter 100 years from today, things that mattered 100 years ago and will continue to be important.

Your education has not ended, in fact it starts right after your graduation. Think about the everlasting effect of your existence, read the great books, read because it matters. Your education starts when you start learning about stuff because it matters and the only questions that matter are why are you here? what’s the purpose of your life?”

This is only an excerpt of some of the most inspiring speeches I’ve heard. Someone else talked about the roles that women should play in the society and urged us to be the women who pave ways for changes and the women who play critical roles locally and globally.

Our commencement speaker talked about the importance of the liberal arts education and how it’s getting underrated these days in pursuit of more material gains and knowledge. She spoke about the role of the humanities and art in democracy and in a more holistic society and I couldn’t have agreed more.

I was never a big fan of the humanities and art, and sometimes question my decision to be in a liberal arts college. Why am I not learning more practical skills? skills that can be applied in my jobs in the future? It wasn’t until I realized at the end that that’s not what education is all about, at least not to me. I can go on about this for maybe another 10 pages or so, but I just got home and I need to eat all the Malaysian food that my stomach can take!!!

The end from the college student Suet. It’s time to be a big girl now.

“Go forth, make a difference, be the change you want to see, change the world”

Eat shit sleep

Hello I’m a little bored today so here’s a pointless entry with x-amount of pointless pictures. OKAY fine I’m just procrastinating and avoiding having to do all my work and I have senioritis ok I’m graduating and I’m taking “fun” classes that are not really my major so please don’t be so hard on me!!!! T___T *foreverdefensive wtf


Random set of pictures on one cold lonely night after going crazy working on my accounting exam.

This is me being sad, and me being angry (with a bottle of gatorade). I just realized that my sad and angry faces are almost the same..

It was 4.30am (look at the clock) and I was bored, don’t judge.

Actually let’s play a guessing game, guess what my expressions mean before you read the text and if you guess right you get +100 points for being stupid enough to entertain me wtf

This is me with fake pitiful “please help me do this *blink blink*” face and me with real pitiful “HELP ME or i’ll dieeee” with tears and smudged mascara face wtf

Sorry the pictures are so tiny, I don’t know why they got resized and I can’t be bothered to fix them.


This is me with a real interested face, and me with a fake you’re so funny and interesting hur hur hur face

Actually I was damn in character hor! Angie said she could feel the sincerity in my genuinely interested face hahahaha

REAL HAHAHHAHA OMFG YOU DAMN FUNNY MAN *slaps thighs whole restaurant pause and look at me face

Why I look like shit when I’m genuinely laughing wtf. If you know me personally you see me with this face 80% of the time cos I always laugh at my own jokes *sad/angry

Bored out of my mind with a tinge of evil thinking-of-ways-to-take-over-the-world face

omg i’m graduating face

omg i gained 5 pounds face (true story)

omg i don’t have a job face

omg why am i showing this to everyone face

trying to devise a way to dig my nose discreetly while everyone is not looking face

(what? no one does this but me?? wtf)

ok fine this is such a boring game I don’t know who came up with this silly idea in the first place *stares at Angie for thinking it was fun wtf

That’s all back to work everyone. Back to trying to not panic while I find a way to manage both senioritis and the looming amount of work. Two weeks to finals, one month to graduation, one month and 3 days to saying bye bye to this place forever T________T

Suddenly feel a bit sad but who am I kidding! I’ve been waiting for this day since forever, can’t wait to be a contributing member of the society (ha..ha right..) and not just eat shit sleep repeat cycle everyday.

Of the Caribbean and more

I don’t remember the last time I haven’t felt apologetic about not blogging as frequently anymore..but this time I really have a legitimate excuse. I’ve been really swamped with work, and will be so stretched out until the day I graduate. Really not complaining cos this is so much better than being bored out of my mind and be dissatisfied most of the time.

Good news is I’ve progressed to stage 4 of the Teach For Malaysia interview! YES, there are FOUR stages, and stage 4 is seriously harder than I’d prepared for. We have to attend a day-long assessment, and will have four more “obstacles” to go through. I’m already swamped with school work and the running of Malaysia Forum as it is, so preparing for this will take up whatever remaining energy I have left T___T

It’s 4am now and I shouldn’t be awake but it’s one of those rare times that I actually feel like blogging so bear with this super long post!

Speaking of Malaysia Forum, I wish I’d remembered to do this sooner but if you’re a Malaysian studying in the states, you do NOT want to miss out this event! For more info:

So I went to Puerto Rico for Spring Break two weeks ago and never got around to posting the millions of pictures taken so here they are! I loved the entire island so much, from the beautiful beaches to the amazing food and friendly people, it’s what I had imagined my last spring break to be <3

Possibly my favorite place ever, this hilly vast piece of land right next to the sea where people flock to to fly kites.

where children’s past times include rolling down the hill without a care in the world

where it’s right next to the magnificent Spanish fort

where the sun seems a lot more tolerable

and people a lot happier

hard to see why this is NOT my favorite place in puerto rico!

look how far my kite was!

flying my kite, LIKE A BOSS


absolutely love love love this picture Alex took

(most of the pictures are taken by him anyway)

me with my trusty map and a cup of passionfruit ice cream. don’t you love these quaint streets and alleys? probably one of the most romantic towns i’ve been to

snuck into a very old antique/vintage store selling the most random things possible. the boss was sitting outside chatting with his friends, clearly not very concern with his customers. 1960s playboy magazines were strewn across the piles of vintage magazines, broken toy collectibles in one shelf and dainty china plates in another, rows and rows of records and worn books that have probably survived many owners and generations. a sleepy shop in a sleepy town, unperturbed by the waves of touristy capitalism. i’m in love.

MOFONGO! which is actually pretty overrated 🙁 everyone told me i had to eat this traditional dish of mashed plantains, but we only found it truly good in this really hole-in-the-wall place called Yurta. isn’t it always the case?

but this was so damned good i can cry in my sleep just thinking about it *tear

shanshan and i at another fort

sorry these pictures are totally not in sequence at all, not like it’ll matter if they were!

stop being so beautiful T____T the place i mean WTF hahaha totally just saw how that can be misconstrued wtf

with yijin and shanshan

how much my hair has grown! barely 7 months ago it was as short as an incredibly overworked chinese school boy’s hair

at this wonderful place that sells exact replicas of doors in the town

this how restaurants should be!

free rum at the Bacardi factory! 😀

old-school coffee machine at a local diner/bakery called la bombanera, also known as my second home. coffee here is to die for, and the toasted bun with butter is just wayyy out of the world!

pirates of the carribean

can’t think of a caption

sorry for the half-hearted post, it’s almost 5am now and i’m typing with my eyes closed. serioculy i am so don’t correct me for my typos ok this is sheer dedication at work it’s not always that i sacrifice precious sleep to show the world what i’ve been up to

WHOAAA i really typed the previous paragraph with my eyes closed and i only have one typo!!! i guess if i can’t get this teach for malaysia job and any other job, i’m just gonna get someone to hire me as a umm.. typist who types with her eyes closed wtf. maybe some bosses have a strange preference for someone like that wtf ok goodnight. clearly losing my sanity.

Brain on vacation

too swamped with work,
can’t get brain to start functioning,
after an entire week of soaking up the sun,
the beach,
the sand,
the food.

too many pictures,
too little time

two lovers spending the whole afternoon trying to fly a flawed kite,
the perfect entertainment on a lazy Sunday afternoon

sheer tops and long flowy dresses,
big shades and lots of sunscreen

new shoes,

new shoes.

i think i left a little bit of my heart,
right here on this balcony

World spins madly on

This post will be the most meaningless post cause I’m neither emo nor happy nor sad nor anything, so it’s just one of those nah here are some pictures and what I’ve been up to lately posts.

1. I’ve been going to the gym everyday successfully for about two weeks now and I’m so proud of myself T___T Sometimes I get sooo freakin’ lazy but I’ll just push myself anyway and feel a lot better after. I go to whatever drop-in classes they have about 3-4 times a week (usually it’s pilates, step, kickboxing or zumba, which is a really fun dance thing) and I’ll play squash and run for the other days.

Not only that, I also have a yoga class twice a week, but I don’t even wanna count that cause it’s so boring. Just sit down, pull leg on head and put arms under legs and roll like a ball then lie back and meditate for 5 mins wtf.

2. It’s exactly 2 weeks before I leave for Spring Break!!! I’m so excited! Fourteen days before I can embrace the warmth of the sun, frolic around the beach until I get covered fully with warm sand, traipse around the old town in search for the famous Mofongo (supposedly extremely sinful mashed fried plantains with bacon), and be all drunk on love and on Puerto Rican wine.

(this explains why I’m going to the gym so religiously now wtf, need to work off those curry mees and nasi lemaks I overconsumed in Jan)


shanshan my love T_____T it’s my first picture with her in….7 months?!?!? She just came back from her semester abroad in Japan! And as usual I have to look like shit next to her wtf it’s ok ignore my existence in that pic

Prepartying before going to the Drag Ball, basically a party where you’re either supposed to dress like a drag queen (if you’re a guy) or dress as a guy (if you’re a girl). Everyone clearly didn’t care to dress their parts except me, and even that I failed.

We swore off beer and hard liquor, and sticked to wine the entire night!

Simone, shanshan, jerusha and emily!

Ok we got a little too drunk that night, but it’s okay cos it was so much fun!!! Best part about being to a women’s college is that it’s so much more fun being drunk around your girlfriends than when guys are around.

Posting this picture up although my face is red as hell and I have bloodshot eyes cos shanshan looks good and she hasn’t appeared in my blog for months!

Sorry blur pic but this is my attempt at being a guy wtf. Clearly fail with my shorts

My first attempt lagi fail


We came back early from the party cause it sucked but I was still buzzing from the wine, so here

There are more pictures of the night but to protect our dignity I shall not post them up.

4. Other random pictures:

The chef gave me a bottle of mayonnaise and a million pieces of seaweed so here I am eating the best shit ever. Just squeeze some Jap mayo on the crunchy seaweed, fold it up and eat it, SO DAMN GOOD. Everyone thinks it’s disgusting though ;___;

This was during Chinese New Year and I was video-calling with my sister in the UK and my family in Malaysia. My bro with the ugly afro is showing us some kueh kapek and my cousin is showing us some bakua while my grandma is still trying to figure out why they were showing food to the computer wtf

My current Y U NO. Damn lazy to do my schoolwork laaa

5. I have a sad story. I lost my second pair of glasses yesterday T____T Glasses are not cheap ok and I don’t know why they mysteriously disappear everytime! Now I have to wear contact lenses every morning grr. I have a theory, that it’s not really me being careless with my stuff but it’s because there is a mysterious GLASSES STEALER prowling around campus. Said thief will snatch glasses from unsuspecting kind looking victims and make them walk around in the cold all day looking for them.

Now I feel better about losing them hoho. For my next pair of glasses, I’m gonna put the string around them like the ones grandmothers have so I won’t lose them again T___T To maintain my cool image, I will bling my string and add pearls and shit so I don’t appear like a loser wtf

Ok the end of today’s updates please come again next time bye


Guess where I went before I came back to college?

Damn right, it was Hong Kong! You’d think that I should get pretty sick of that congested city by now but I kept going back cause I’ll have to fly there before I fly back to the States anyway so why not stay a few days first.

Ah, what else is new. Packed until cannot breathe but thank god the weather was amazing!

The famous streetside curry fish balls which I’ve never been a fan of. They’re too chewy and elastic for me, but actually tasted rather good on cold days.

I was wearing my wool coat, but it’s actually warm enough to do without it! It was around 15 celcius the entire time which is the best weather ever. I kept turning to Alex and screaming “I love this weather so much!!! ^_^” until he ignored me wtf

And yes, Alex is my new boyfriend don’t have to keep asking anymore ok?

It got really warm after this and I had to take off my coat and leg warmers in public. Not shy one wtf

Haih this is the ideal weather for shorts and boots <3

Took the Star ferry to HK island! I usually prefer staying in Kowloon cause it’s more authentic. The main island is too modern for me.

I think I’ve taken the same picture a million times now but it’s still so pretty and mesmerizing

Being emo at Causeway Bay. I wasn’t emo actually, I was feeling more like….

this wtf

happy bunny year!

I wish I get to celebrate CNY at home 🙁

(and yes, i’ve gained weight. don’t need you to keep pointing it out ok? it hurts ok? it hurts so much that i puke my food out after every meal ok? T___T kidding lah, but still i don’t think it’s necessary and bordering on being quite mean to keep commenting that. this is why the society is so superficial and so conscious about being skinny. what kinda role model are you to kids?? can’t people be happy and merry and eat a little more wtf)

We then went to Wan Chai to have this crazy spicy crab dish. The restaurant is called “Kiu Tai Lat Hai (spicy crab under the bridge)” and I’m sure the crab was very good, except that I couldn’t feel my tongue after the first bite.

Being Malaysians, we were overly ambitious and arrogant and thought we could handle spicy food, so we ordered the second spiciest crab and almost died wtf. Look at all the dried chilli!!! Siao ah

Slow exposure thingymajig

went up to the peak for this view again! I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of it. I’ve gone up to that peak about 6 times now and have taken this very same picture and posted it up here over and over again wtf

we were only in HK for 3 days but it felt quite long because we walked like 8 hours a day wtf and walked almost EVERYWHERE! I’ve concluded that that’s the reason why people there are so skinny despite the fact that they eat so freaking much.

also, another observation: the food in HK really disappointed us this time. It’s so sad T___T Alex thinks cause the real authentic Hong Kongers have all migrated to everywhere else and hence the HK food in San Fran/London for example are actually as good if not better now. This is a great thesis to my final research paper on Chinese culinary history.

Yes you hear that right! I’m actually taking a class on Chinese food. The class is called Comparative Culinary History: China and Italy. It’s NOT a class about food, nor is it a class about eating. It’s an intellectual class on culinary history and comparison between both countries in terms of their culinary roots wtf


went paintball before I left Malaysia last last week!


I’ve never gone for paintball before so I was actually quite nervous after hearing all the horror stories about people getting hurt near their pepet (aud it’s you btw don’t deny wtf). I couldn’t sleep the night before and kept thinking of how many layer of clothes I should put on wtf

i went with my ex colleagues and some of them are super hardcore! scary sial. some more my boyfriend was in the other team and I swear he secretly wanted to shoot me for all the pain I put him through wtf

but alas, smart (and cowardice) me was hiding behind the barricade the entire time so my team won most of the games for having the last man standing (me) because I basically just hid and shot people but they couldn’t shoot me hoho

in retrospect, I feel like such a loser now cause it was quite an expensive game and all I did was hide =_____= but at least I don’t have bruises on important parts of my body ^_^

aih, i’ve only been back for about 2 weeks but i’m sooo ready to graduate already. have to suck it up for the next 4 months!

Bits and pieces

This is the first time that I actually have things lined up to be blogged about! I have a few community service announcements to make since I’ve promised people that I’d do it, but that will have to wait for a few more days after these few personal posts I’ve been meaning to write.

These are random pictures I hold very dear to because of their significance but I’ll show them to you now 🙂

This is the Prime Minister’s Office, where I interned at last summer. Now that I found this picture, I suddenly realized that I have yet to blog about my this super amazing internship!

To summarize, I think this is by far the best, most valuable and meaningful internship I’ve ever done, just because I truly felt I made a difference and impact in my work place and wasn’t merely an intern who photocopies and makes the coffee. In fact, I think my director photocopies more than me wtf.

The ultimate highlight of my summer internship is definitely meeting the amazing people who are doing such great things for our nation. Everyone in PEMANDU each has his/her own vision and dream for our country but they’re all united under the same mission to make this place better regardless of their differing political views. To quote my colleague, we’re not here for the government, we’re here for the country and for the rakyats T___T

Actually I feel conflicted, because the other highlight of my internship is equally as awesome! Throughout my short two months there, thanks to my great supervisor/mentor Joyce, I was given very important tasks and projects to handle. I think the most valuable internships are those that made you feel challenged, fully utilized beyond your own capacity, and the ones that truly show you what it’s like to be a contributing member of the workforce.

I did a lot of data analysis on Excel and made lots of confusing looking charts and graphs with pivot table, and my final analysis of the secondary schools was actually presented to the Prime Minister! Obviously I didn’t get to present it, or I would have peed my pants.

BUT CAN YOU IMAGINE?? Never in my wildest dream would I have thought that as an intern I’d have been given a responsibility this big a scale! For all they know I could have screwed the data up! What if I had written “Suet Li sangat cantik” at the bottom and they would have presented it still!! (then najib will wake up from his slumber and go “siapa suet li?? mana?! wtf”

Anyway, it was truly an unforgettable time for me and I’m super glad I had chosen to go back home and help with nation-building, however small the contribution I’d made, rather than chose my other internship option in HK that paid a lot more.

I went around Putrajaya to take pictures one day because I’d never really been there before and I’d never thought it’s THIS beautiful! I was angry at first at how much was spent on all these spectacular infrastructures but I can’t deny that they’re quite something.

This is one of the many bridges all over the city! I didn’t have time to take the other bridges’ pictures but I think it’s worth going to putrajaya just to see the bridges.

On another bridge leading to the convention center.

Putrajaya Convention Center! It looks way more grand in real life

A couple getting their wedding pictures taken!

The view from Pullman. Look at that other bridge in the background!!

PMO at night.

Putrajaya’s architecture is quite breath-taking, I only wish they’d maintain it better than this after all that money spent.

This is not putrajaya wtf. This is taken at Jimbaran Bay, Bali, when I was there last September.

We went for a sunset dinner and it was amazing T_____T I <3 Bali

Our table number! front seat 😀

Locals selling SUPER GOOD grilled corn by the sea

I’m posting too many pictures of the sea but look at them waves!

T___T I love this picture so much!

Bintang beer, sun, sand and love, what more can I ask for!

BAKSO! A good bowl of hot bakso after a tiring day chillin’ at the beach haha

This is at the temple in Tanah Lot!

Alex took this picture, not me cos I suck at taking good pictures, can only take pics of myself wtf

Lunch at this dirty duck place by the sawah padi!

That’s it! I’m posting a lot of Hong Kong pictures next just because I <3 HK so much.


Pictures accumulated since I came home! And for some weird reason, I have stopped taking pictures with my camera hence these are pictures from my friends’ cameras. I’ve gotten so lazy that I don’t even want to charge my camera or whip it out to take pictures anymore ;__;

From..umm..3 weeks ago?

Karaoke with the girls! Jiameei, Aud and Hui Wen 🙂 And Li Tat also but he’s our photographer wtf

I can’t do this T_T

Semangat singing Beyond’s something something hoi something wtf. It starts with Kam tin ngo~~~ Sui yan something something wtf

All of us!

I was bored as hell at home so Ginny rescued me and brought me to her house! More like a pet store cause she has soooo many dogs and rabbits! I love dogs ^_^

also, people say ginny and i look alike and i think we do in this picture!!

This sneaky hyperactive fella is my favorite <3

Sorry I’m jumping all over the place. This is from Aud’s fake birthday celebration last week! Her real bday is actually in Feb wtf

The girls and Eric da pimp

Camwhoring with Jammie’s awesome G11

I love my blazer from h&m!

Cheese! (notice we both have pimples at the exact same spot under our lips haha)

With my bestest friend in the whole wide world wtf

I actually like my hair now! I’m glad it’s not at that awkward neither here nor there stage but I can feel it getting there wuwu.

What else did I do ah? A lot of things actually I’m just too lazy to take pictures every time. Can’t believe my holiday is over in a few days and I have to go back T___T Let me be hardworking and post more pictures first.

Over the weekend we went to Penang to visit my cousins and grandparents!

Me and my cousins in front of some temple wtf. I think this is the snake temple..

This is Char Kuey Teow wtf. I shall not torture you with more food pictures but goddamn I miss this already!

All of us in front of another temple somewhere (i suck at this). I’m holding the voter registration form woot! I’m now officially a voter.

Random stupid pictures:

Me eating a banana innocently *blink blink

me eating a banana happily. “want some? :)”

me eating a banana somewhat seductively

me eating a banana angrily wtf “HAVE SOME BANANA WILL YOU?!”

I clearly had too much time on my hands.