How I do my makeup

I’m soooo tired right now cause I just came back from a 5-hour SUPER hardcore hike up Sunset Peak!!! Can’t wait to show you the pictures but this post is more important and I’ve already uploaded the video =D

So I know I’ve done makeup posts before (here and here and got some more but lazy wanna look for them) but this is only my second time doing a makeup video! Besides, you can never get enough of makeup posts heh.

This is basically how I apply my makeup on an almost daily basis. I know it’s a lot of work but I always enjoy putting on my makeup cause it’s sort of like drawing/painting! (I know all those art classes I took when I was young did not go to waste wtf) Remember, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones wtf

First of all, this is the video! I had to cut a lot of parts cause I don’t want it to take a long time to load so actually I took about 15 minutes in total for my makeup. I also accidentally cut the part where I lined my upper lids with gel eyeliner, oops. But everything else should be there!

Let it load while you finish reading this post ๐Ÿ™‚

List of products used:

BB cream: BRTC Jasmine Water (only in Sasa HK)

I personally LOVE this BB cream! Sooo much better than my previous (much cheaper) Etude House’s. BB cream stands for blemish balm cream and basically works like a foundation except that it works as a moisturizer, sunscreen, anti-aging cream blabla basically all in one lah that’s why it’s amazing!

I know Dr. G (from Sasa also, can find in Msia) is also good! Oh yeah, Aud said Faceshop’s is good too! It costs about RM100+ for one but it will probably last you for about 4~5 months if you use everyday.

BB cream is actually one product I will swear by so you know how much I โ™ฅ it!

Powder foundation: Bare Minerals

I don’t usually use this since the BB cream is good enough for me but sometimes I do just cause I have it wtf

Eyelid primer: Urban Decay Sin Primer Potion

This is used before applying your eyeshadows so the colors will show more and it helps to prevent creasing. I really like it cause I think the colors stay longer too. It’s quite expensive, about RM70 but it can last you for about 10 months (maybe cause I use very little each time..)

Mascara: SASA

I actually really like this. Show you pictures later

Eyeliner: Pencil (Sephora) Gel (Sasa)

The gel one sucks ๐Ÿ™

Eyeshadow: Kate

The colors are nice but don’t know why they don’t blend that well

Brushes: Mac 239 (eyeshadow brush), Everyday Minerals (Kabuki brush)

Alright that’s all!

More pictures:

Sorry I look quite pan-cute here wtf but if you’re too lazy to watch the video, here’s my final makeup

I don’t really like my eyes cause they’re very small (even theย optometristย say so leh! I couldn’t put my contacts in after a million tries and she was quite frustrated also and asked me why are my eyes so small T_T) that’s why I like darker shadows to make my eyes look bigger.

The mascara is quite good right! The curling effect is gooood =D Can’t say the same for the gel eyeliner >=(

Oh, the contact lenses are Geo Angel Green ๐Ÿ™‚ I love them cause they make my eyes look sooo big

After 5 hours and the curls are still standing strong, yays!

This was for another day. Green shadows to match my eyes! Didn’t put that much so that I won’t look like Incredible Hulk wtf

Long live double eyelid tapes! Now I have two even-looking eyes and don’t have to cover one eye with my hair =D


Darker eye makeup cause I was going out clubbing.

I used grey shadow as base, black for the smokey eye effect and pink shimmerish one for highlighting. This method works for my eye shape but different eye shapes require different methods for the smokey eye effect so you should practice to see what works best for you!

I don’t like it when you can see too much of the black shadow with your eyes opened like this:

cause it makes me look scary and over made-up but you can try it!

Okay that’s all let me know if it helps or if you want more clarifications! Sorry if this bore you, guys. My next hiking post will be sooooo nice! Not nice also must pretend it’s nice okay I climbed 5 freaking hours up really steep steps to get those pictures!!!


Rebel Rebel

This weekend I did the most amazing thing ever! I drank redbull and went on a paper-writing frenzy and finished a ten-page paper in two separate sittings! My hands started shaking after the redbull and I started typing very very fast wtf. Took me only 1 hour to finish 3 pages *big wet eyes.

And today I spent 5 hours straight doing schoolwork! I feel like I have to mention this cause I haven’t done any schoolwork this entire semester wtf

I’ve lost all my blogging mojojo ๐Ÿ™ I don’t know how to report funny incidents that happened to me, or write random things I feel like talking about, or jot down what I’ve been feeling these days. Maybe cause a lot of my emotions are very confusing to me right now and this blog is too public to discuss something s0 fragile in open. I should really stop being so emo and boring wtf

Anyway updates of my life through pictures cause if I continue writing then I’m just gonna churn out more cryptic emo shit and people are just gonna end up being confused and bored and tell me I’ve changed.

Best sunset view from my window so far!

“kai tan peng”- chicken eggs- from Mongkok! They basically just taste like waffles. Yummy =D

I’ve never tried blue eyeshadow before so I wanted to see if it makes my eyes bluer

A little I think..

Stupid Roy always spoiling my pictures!

Guess what they were looking at??? A cockroach on the wall WTF

Tong sui (dessert) after a night out is $7 happiness โ™ฅ

Cooked fried rice today cause I wanted to stay in to do work. It didn’t look nor taste that good wtf

BEST mall in the world. Argyle Mall in Mongkok! It has a million tiny shops that sell cheap boots and clothes and accessories! Sort of like Sg Wang but ten times more things and hundred times more crowded wtf.

What else is new..erm a friend told me about the new TVB (beyond the realm of conscience) and I got quite hooked T____T which is super bad cause this month is going to be crazyyy for me and I don’t have time to waste on something so insubstantial like watching grown women fight over stupid things! I also started watching boys over flowers (hana yori dango, the korean drama) and got hooked too cause the guys are toooo cuteeee…

p.s: it was Barry’s birthday yesterday so say happy birthday to him! If you don’t say I will put a really disgusting picture which will potentially scar you for life wtf

A Few Days in My Life

A-few-days-in-my-life-in-Malaysia-for-the-first-two-weeks-before-I-start-my-internship post!

I love this time of the year cause it’s my total relaxation period. I can wake up whenever I want, sleep whenever I want and do whatever I want! Woohoo!

So this is what I’ve been up to these few days..

(+25 pictures under the cut(mostly camwhore shots))

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Gloomy days ahead

#59. 2 May ’09

I cannot believe it’s May already. The sakura flowers are all wilting cause the weather has been wonky lately sigh

#60. 3 May ’09

Room choosing night in my new dorm ๐Ÿ˜€

#61. 4 May ’09

May and I’m still wearing tights. What is this injustice I see?

It’s goddamn May and I’m still wearing a coat!!!!!!!1 STOP toying with my fragile heart like this. One moment it’s 31 celcius, one moment it’s back to 15 celcius.

#62. 5 May ’09

I’m going crazy with the amount of reading and research I have to do for this paper. I can’t wait for everything to be over and done with in exactly..9 days!

Good luck to everyone who has exams as well! I’m going to blog very minimally for the next 9 days (do not tempt me please T_T) so please don’t expect long entertaining posts! You should be entertaining me right now in fact T__T I reallyyyy need all the entertainment in the world.

Please tell me any happy/funny stories! Like Dear Suet Li, today I dreamt of myself swimming in a pool filled with urine. I woke up to find myself soaked in my own pee WTF

or! or!

Dear Suet Li, you are so funny har har har (this will totally make my day wtf)

or you can write me a poem!

pen merah pen biru, you marah i love you! teehee

you think I should stop right here? yeah i think so too wtf

April blues

It’s the time of the year again T___T Stress like shit la how how how!!! I have 2 papers due next week (both are like 4 pages each so no problemo), one due week after that but it’s a 15 page paper leh!!!!!!!! HOW?!!?!?, and FOUR final exams!!! Going to die die die die

Following my last year’s strategy of writing a good paper, I shall use the same method again! You see, the key to writing a good paper is to start with a good title (or so I try to delude myself into believing..). Last year I wrote on influence of religions on women’s role in premodern China. This year, for my Chinese Fiction class, I’m writing on..Cultural Revolution and its portrayal in contemporary chinese fiction! but that’s all I’ve thought of so far. I have NO clue on what the pendahuluan, isi or penutup should be T_T But must have faith! I’m sure it’ll come to me later!

#55. 22 April ’09

Saw this cool thingymajig in the library!

#56. 23 April ’09

Today is gym day so off I go.

Squash is my new obsession! It gets crazy addictive

#57. 24 April ’09

This is sooooo funny!!! We went to the kitchen to cook and I saw this on the table and went OMG OMG CONDOM WRAPPER OMG OMG OMG~!!!!!!!! and shanshan freaked out cause I freaked out and we both stood there with our jaws on the ground. We kept saying EWW who would have sex on the table?? EWW EWW! Then we wanted to cook but we couldn’t possibly do so when this was still there so I bravely volunteered to throw it out.

I held it between my thumb and index finger and used my other hand to pinch my nose (i was just being stupid). Then I was quite curious to see what brand that was wtf so I held it up and tried to read what it said.


I was gasping cause I thought it was lubricant or something (???) so I went OMG OMG OMG IT’S LUBRICANT OMG again and then shanshan freaked out cause I freaked out.

Then upon closer inspection, I saw tiny words that said:

PLEASE ADD RIGHT BEFORE SERVING And then I found out that it was some stupid seasoning for someone’s stupid instant noodle.


let’s continue our daily lives now and pretend this didn’t happen wtf

p.s: I’m bingeing on a huge pack of Toblerone that Fish Fish gave to me cause I’m feeling so stressed out from my work (which I haven’t officially started yet whoops). Why does everyone seem to lose weight during exams but me?? I usually eat more when I feel stressed one.


#49. 13 April ’09

#50. 14 April ’09

#51. 15 April ’09

#52. 16 April ’09

I took a 5-minute shower and have never been prouder of myself. We have this new Take 5 initiative where they installed shower timer in shower stalls to encourage students to take only 5 minutes everytime they shower. Do you know, if everyone in this college reduces their shower time from 7.5 minutes to 5 minutes, we can save up to 10,000 gallons of water? That’s the entire South China Sea! (kidding)


I think when I wrote the entry about the hiatus, i could have exaggerated a tiny wee bit..I don’t have THAT much work, at least not yet. Even if I do, I always find time for so many things! Do you know that:

-I have 8-9 hours of sleep daily

-I watch at least an hour of drama EVERY day

-I eat my meals slowly, about 1 hour each meal time

-I read at least 10 blogs a day and visit fmylife 3 times a day wtf

-I’m online 8 hours a day (after deducting meal times and class times) (study time=about 1 hour each day..*feels guilty)

+2 more hours for ‘socializing’, although I hardly have a social life here wtf

I told my friends that I sleep at least 8-9 hours everyday and they were so shocked cause they don’t have time to sleep. Shit now I’m panicking! If I sleep that much, it means I didn’t study enough = I’m not a good student = I’ll fail my courses?? Let me tell you a secret, sometimes I force myself to sleep really late and wake up early so that I will feel like I don’t have enough sleep.. and perhaps then I’ll feel more like a student o.O

Anywayyy, my summer plans are confirmed! I’m going to London after my semester ends (May 14th) and I’ll be there for about 6 days before going back to Malaysia. Then, I have about 3 weeks free before I start my internship with WAO for 2 months! I’m really looking forward to this internship ๐Ÿ™‚ And then I have about 1 week before I fly off to Hong Kong for my semester abroad!

And then in Dec, I’ll be back in Malaysia again for 3 weeks!! Wow I can’t believe I’m spending Christmas and New Year in Malaysia this year! Too bad Barry won’t be with me ๐Ÿ™


I wanna get short blond hair this summer. Do you think I can pull it off?? Or do I need more angular face/bigger eyes?

What’s race? Race car?

#42. 1 April ’09

I thought 1st of April will be a lousy day for me cause so many bad things happened to me! First of all, I don’t know how but I dropped $5 from my pocket. Then, I lost my debit card (but someone found it back). Can’t remember what else happened but I think it was cause I woke up on the wrong side of the bed (although there’s only one side to my bed).

Anyway what cheered me up was when I received a package! Giang sent me these babies from my favorite bakery in Boston! Chicken floss bun, char siew pau, yam bun, red bean bun omg so many of them! Thank you so much!!

I then found out that I was awarded funding for my internship this summer! I worked for my application for weeks and was very very anxious about the result so I’m glad I got it ๐Ÿ˜€

#43. 2 April ’09

It was a nice day out so I dressed up a little!

Got my phone back! So here are more mindless camwhoring pictures.

Ah, nothing like a good old camwhore picture with my trusty phone

That is the library! Since I don’t think I’ve taken a picture of it before. I’m not a library person so I’ve only been in there like..4 times in 2 years. Why bother walking all the way there (actually only 3 minutes away wtf) when you can study in the comfort of your own room!

#44. 3 April ’09

I hate you weather god for playing with my feelings like this. One moment it’s 18 celcius out, one moment it’s back to crazy 3 celcius. So here I am wearing my worn out Uggs and thick thick jackets.

#45. 4 April ’09

So I do realize that I didn’t take any picture today not because I forgot to, but because my life is so bland that there’s nothing to take pictures of. Today, I spent the entire day in my room trying to study for my 2 upcoming exams. Why is my life always so bogged down with exams and papers??

But it’s ok, I told myself. I shall be rebellious and watch not one, not two, not three, but FOUR episodes of grey’s anatomy and gossip girl in one go! Not only that, I even took a nap when I already slept 10 hours the night before. I was lying down innocently in my bed telling myself “hmm I really should start studying..” and then I fell asleep =__=

But that’s all an act of rebellion to show people that I’m no nerd..just a loser wtf

Here’s a picture of Barry with the Eiffel tower as compensation. Ah Eiffel, voulez-vous coucher avec moi? Ce soir? WTF

how?? I have no motivation to study at all! Everytime around this time of the year, I’ll slack off and dream of going back home. I love the monotonous life of summer holidays! Endless mamak sessions, chatting about nothing in particular in a friend’s house till 3am and refusing to go home still, eating at hawker’s, driving to Barry’s house, lying down on the sofa and watching CSI on Sundays with my family, shopping at Pyramid, going out on dates..

40 more days! Come to think of it, it’ll be really fast actually. 40 more pictures for project365, 5 weekends, 1 period (15 tampons)..can’t wait for this to be overrrr!

p.s: I went on a crazy youtube hunt just now! Watched EVERY single commercial Yasmin Ahmad has ever made. (I really like the tan hong ming one and this!!

They are so cute and genuine and real!! Race? what’s that? race car? Hahahha so funny and touching at the same time!

(julian tan lip yi, you see that chinese kid? that’s how you looked like last time but a lot fatter wtf)

Rewatched sepet, gubra AND mukhsin. Shit my exams how T_T

Have a nice day

I just realized how far behind I am in Project 365! I have been taking pictures, just that I don’t have the time to blog as much now. So here they are!

#38. 28 March ’09

Mmm we made hotpot again for dinner! It doesn’t look too good but omg it was amazing! Except that it was really way too spicy for me. Look at how red the broth is T_T

We both had diarrhea for 3 days after consuming this. I’m not sure if it was because of its spicyness..or because it’s already 2 months after the expiry date WTF

#39. 29 March ’09

How can two rather small girls eat so much seriously????? But they are oh soooo goooood and sinful. Our food here is always so good!

OK everyone, your favorite shanshan! still as pretty as ever ๐Ÿ™‚

It was a great day outside! I think it was almost 17 celciusย  =D

I had to take off my coat cause it was too warm! Ah spring has cometh, finallyyy

Random picture of me but Aud said I look tired =( It’s just the flash! I’m anything but tired lately. I always sleep before 12 and wake up at 8am wtf super healthy ok!

Argh I don’t know why I feel ugly again ;_; self esteem problem kao kao. slap me please! maybe cause shanshan is so pretty and i’m always with her so when i see myself in the mirror i feel like punching the mirror WTF kidding i’m not that aggresive…

#40. 30 March ’09

I had to work the ENTIRE day from 8am till 7pm to earn more $$$. Didn’t have to do much but it was tiring to just sit there and watch them play and keep score and be alert for 11 hours.


#41. 31 March ’09

Such a nice day!!!!!!1 And it’s getting warmer and warmer too..which means! it’s getting closer and closer to going home again =D

p.s: I can’t believe it! I watch the Here in My Home video more than 5 times a day and I haven’t got bored @_@

p.p.s: I won the lottery! $10,000!!!! can you believe it?? wooohoooo!!!




hahahhaha april’s fool! damn unbelievable and quite fake wtf. since when i buy the lottery. and if i really did win $10,000, you think this will be in the p.p.s ah haha

p.p.p.s: your shoelace is untied! got lizard behind you! you aren’t your mother’s child! your name is actually suet li! i’m gonna stop blogging! i’m actually 27 yrs old my whole blog is a lie! barry isn’t actually my bf he’s my imaginary bf! i found his pictures on the internet and cropped his face and pasted it next to all my pictures with him! my real name is gonzala mazilandoewms and i’m actually your mother wtf

Wearing the face that she keeps in the jar by the door, who is it for?

I really don’t want to keep whining and going on about how sad and gloomy I feel but I can’t cause that is really ALL I feel the past two days. I wake up each day hoping that the day will end soon so I can go back to sleep again. I told myself yesterday that ok today is an exception so it’ll be my rest day and that I shall stop being a zombie again the next day but today I woke up feeling the same ๐Ÿ™

Sorry I hate it that this is all I talk about these days but I’m really not in the mood to entertain and babble on about something random or funny when I feel like I’m in the dumps right now. And don’t worry, of course I’ll recover soon. I always do..just that I like to wallow in self pity for a few days after all the painful separations.

#33. 23 March ’09

I forgot to take a picture today cause I wasn’t really in the mood. The entirety of today was spent in the airport and in the planes. I’ve been flying for 10 hours now and I’m more sad than tired really. If you saw an Asian girl with a huge laptop bag on her back dragging her feet around aimlessly in the airport, that was probably me.

#34. 24 March ’09

Back to my normal life now. Half-heartedly reading my textbook, watching my drama and chatting at the same time.

All the lonely people, where do they all come from?

All the lonely people, where do they all belong?


#20. 10 March ’09

This ladies and gents, is my favorite chocolate bar! Twix is the shiznit I tell you. I used to really like crunchie before this (still do) but now I like twix better. Still too sweet for me to handle all at once but it cheers me up everytime ๐Ÿ™‚

#21. 11 March ’09

I wanted to take a picture of the hole in my shirt (not hole in shirt like oops shit i tore my shirt or my shirt is old that’s why there’s a hole kinda hole..) but couldn’t get the right angle!

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