The bridge of love

#19. 9 March ’09

Got a package today which I eagerly went and collected before my classes start! Don’t think i can live with the anticipation of wondering what it could be in my classes..

I knew it was going to be from barry cause he promised to write every month! So here’s his second letter.

Because his program requires them to travel quite a bit, he tries getting something from every country he visits. The leaves were plucked from a bush in Geneva, Switzerland while the picture was from Prague, Czech. And he also wrote a crazy sweet letter *swoons

Hahhahaaahaha this is so funny! He got this framed picture of the famous Prague bridge, printed a picture of us, and pasted on it hahhahah! And his caption for it is damn stupid also! He said something like how there’s this young couple in a loving embrace on the bridge in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and how their happiness made the scenery pale into black and white.

I was quite confused cause I was still in class so I haven’t looked at the picture yet. So I sat there wondering huh what is he talking about..maybe he took a picture of a couple there or something..and I was dying to look at the picture but I can’t cause the professor was looking straight at me T_T but I finally saw it and went awwwwwww.

He is seriously getting more and more romantic every day. All thanks to??? ME! Without the existence of such a powerful female figure in his life, his dormant ability to be sweet will never be awakened. This proves that his assertion of masculinity is only made possible by me blabla quote unquote directly from my paper on an analysis of this book I was reading wtf @_@ gone crazy already.

p.s: i dont know why i’m so emotional lately! i spent the entire night watching american idol and cried so much T_T some of the auditions were so touching ok T_T

Proj365 resumes

Project 365, ladies and gents, is a project someone came up with a lonnnng time ago where you document your life with pictures you take everyday. Just take one picture a day for a year! Then, jammie found out about it and that’s why I’m doing it now. Now you can’t answer project whaa..? anymore!

#15. 5 March ’09

Today is gym day! I have a newfound passion now too- squash!! It’s a really fun game and I really like it now! And I really need a new pair of sports shoes, mine were my mom’s actually. My previous ones are basketball shoes and I can’t really use them to run/go to the gym.

It was crazily warm that day…jeng jeng jeng…8 celcius! holy cow that’s super warm! That was why I only wore a tank top and a sweater. It got cold after that. I almost died.

#16. 6 March ’09

The only thing I ever eat in a thai restaurant. Pad thaiiiii! I love pad thai so much that when you pad me I will thai you WTF

This is why I haven’t camwhored in ages ( since 2 weeks ago! that was long..) cause I LOOK LIKE SHIT these days. WHY? god why?! I took this pic cause my hair was fawesome yesterday


Anyway i found out that if i cover my face like this, i look much better wtf

i shall henceforth take my pictures from my side profile only and talk to people like that too. like i’ll have to walk sideways to you like a crab and let you see one side of my face only wtf

#17. 7 March ’09

Went to the mall for the first time since…this year *gasps

Because I haven’t shopped in ages, I bought so many things *big wet eyes

I got the tshirt here (i don’t know why but i hate anything fancy these days, i’m now in love with loose t-shirts) and I really like the skirt cause it’s poofy but it’s too expensive 🙁

I really like this one too cause I love the waist thingy!!! But it’s too expensive too le sigh

I SAW THE MOST AMAZING BOMBER JACKET EVER. It’s not really a bomber jacket..more like a biker jacket but it’s bronze and fking amazing I tell you. Before I put it on I’m just a normal plain jane girl-next-door but the moment I slipped it on, I turned into a superstar!!!! Really I’m not lying T___T But it was like $37 T______T how it’s damn nice seriously how T______T

Ok that’s all for today I’m seriously still depressed about the jacket which made me into a superstar which I could not get which I’m contemplating getting which might not even be there anymore when I go to the mall next time which is the most amazingest thing on earth which I can only dream of now sigh

I also got urban decay’s primer potion in champagne! It cost so much (for me) but I think it’ll be worth it..oh yeah I also got this sleeping aid pills thingy (NOT SLEEPING PILLS) which is supposed to help you sleep better..or something. Cause I’m insomniac like that.

I also got this really cheap eyelash curler which SUCKED! Lesson to self: cheap things are bad. Now I have to throw it away T_T

Haih I’ve turned into this incredibly boring blogger who talks about everything she bought in the mall (yes that’s all i bought which is really a lot to me ok). If only I have that amazing jacket, then maybe I won’t be as boring *wistful sigh wtf


Letter from down below

#14. 4 March ’09

Ok so I stole this picture off the web..I really want to show you what I did today but I wasn’t allowed to take pictures so steal I must! Today is kind of cool cause I had to go to the childcare center for observation! All I had to do was sit behind a two way mirror and..observe the kids! I had to write down EVERY single thing these kids did and compile a report later. Today convinced me that I really want a job that has to do with kids cause I love them so much *big wet eyes

And then I had the hardest exam ever ever ever in the history of time. Ok fine it wasn’t that hard but I like to exaggerate so please let me do so T__T I’m so sooo sick of retinal ganglion cells and lateral geniculate nucleus now grr.


Dear girl who lives upstairs, I have 3 questions for you.

1. First of all, why do you always sleep so late?

2. So you’re a night owl, but why do you have to walk around so much in the middle of the night?

3. GODDAMMIT ARE YOU LIKE 300 POUNDS OR SOMETHING?!!? Why do you stomp around so much at 2 o’clock in the morning??????????

These are the questions that bug me every night as I lay there wondering what I did to deserve an elephant of a people-who-live-above-each-other mate.

I’ve tried all possible methods to avoid having to write this letter, oh trust me, I’ve tried. Earplugs clearly didn’t work because my entire room actually vibrates along with your footsteps. Sometimes I wake up to find that I have groggily dragged the entire content of my room along with me outside, thinking that there is an earthquake or something.

Ok fine I’m too much of a chicken to actually write her this letter but if it happens again tonight, I shall! Ok fine..i’ll give her another..1 week! No wait, out of the kindness of my gentle and loving heart, I shall give her 1 month! (actually scared wtf 300 pounds ok she can easily squash me to a pulp T_T)

p.s: A short poll!

Beezy me

I’m sooo busy right now omg no time to breathe!!!! (but got time to watch malaysian dreamgirl’s audition wtf, my sis’ best friend is in it woot!)

#13. 3 March ’09

Omg baby you look so good here! I missssssssss youuuuuuuuuuuuu

I have so much work how ah how ah 2 more exams and 4 papers T______T FOUR PAPERS why are my professors so mean T___T I have this professor who is super hard but he’s old and I have this strange affinity for old professors I don’t know why! They always look so kind and nice and endearing I just couldn’t hate him although he kills us with his exams.

Neurobiology sucks I don’t know why I took this class 🙁

Sigh wish me luck! Hopefully I’ll survive these two weeks and then….spring break!!!! 1 whole week of frolicking in the snow with chipmunks and squirrels! 1 whole week of sleeping in and watching drama and playing the sims! Ah, college life, sometimes it just fills me up with joy wtf

Brewing up a storm

#12. 1 March ’09

Ladies and gents, you’re now staring at my favorite food here. This sinful delight of toasted bread with ham, fried egg and cheese is what I eat four times a week. Best food ever ever ever everzzzz haih i’m so easy to please

#13. 2 March ’09

CRAZY SNOW STORM IN MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!1 It’s supposed to be spring already wtf is going on! al gore i believe you i do i do i do ooh

On the bright side, my first class is canceled….on the not so bright side, I still have a second class to attend T___T
On the bright but not so bright but is kinda bright but come to think of it it’s not so bright but I’ll still say it’s pretty bright but in the back of your mind try to think of it being dimmer than my previous bright side, I err..seriously forgot what I wanna say.

Stay warm! To myself..since most of you are in Malaysia T_T

Falling woman

#9. 26 February ’09

The falling woman game! It’s been around for ages but I just found out about it now.

It’s really a very demeaning game to women but I was seriously very intrigued with it. It’s not even a game really, you just throw the woman around and watch her slide down the balls. I really like watching how her limbs and joints move effortlessly..and I like cringing along when she hits the balls hard shit I’m so sadistic

How I did my smokey eye make up!

1. Just put the base color (any light color) all over your lids and below your brows, then apply the second darkest color (I used brown) on your lids

2. Dab on really black eyeshadow on the outer corners of your lids and try to blend it inwards. Use more of the brown one to blend the black in. Add some shimmery/light eyeshadow below your brows

3. That’s all!

I did it for shan shan too! But for her, I used less black shadow cause her eyes are pretty deep-set and if I put too much black shadow, it looks like she just got boxed wtf. I really like it! Just dab less black and blend a lot. I probably added too much of the shimmery one.

I did absolutely nothing the entire night except playing with makeup cause today is….Thursday! Thursday is my favorite day of the week! Cause it means the week is almost over (almost, but not yet! which is why it’s so exciting and full of suspense).

I only have one class on Fridays so I usually just do nothing the entire Thurs night since I still have fri, sat, sun to do my work. I hate sundays a lot cause I will usually feel upset the entire day thinking of the wasted weekend but not as much as I hate mondays. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are fine..they don’t bother me as much.

How did I end up talking about something so boring like this wtf


#8. 25 February 2009

I just found this awesome polaroid software from! You can turn any picture into a polaroid how cool is that? Even cooler is how it works! Let me show you.

See! So cute! You just have to drag a picture and place it right there.

It takes a while for the picture to dry, JUST LIKE THE REAL POLAROIDS!!!! How cool is that seriously!

I’m so good at finding new things on the web right! First FML now this!

It looks so much like a real polaroid /boo

Sorry this is the only picture of me, EVER, with a cleavage so here you go again hahah

seriously. EVER. ever ever ever. you get it wtf

Barry looks so good here <3<3

Shooo naissss!

I miss him =(((( how ah emo until two posts berturut-turut about him. Berturut turut hahahahha such a funny word! You know what’s an even funnier word? Gedik! hahahah eh gediknya pompuan ni! you know what’s even even funnier? berpacaran! hahah anus hahaha awek makwe pakwe rilek ah hahahah nostalgic malay words crack me up

Anyway I’m sooo emooo cause he’s in Budapest now and I’ve always wanted to go there! He doesn’t have free wifi so he had to pay to talk to me for 30 mins and that really sucked =(

Barry Ooi Eu Hock says:
Barry Ooi Eu Hock says:
lemme tell you i love you before i get cut off
*Queen Suet says:
*Queen Suet says:
okkk <3
*Queen Suet says:
i love you too baby =( u know that
Barry Ooi Eu Hock says:
anyway suet li, i think i’m seriously in love with you =(
*Queen Suet says:
hahahha suet li wtf
*Queen Suet says:
hey barry ooi, i think im in love with you too
Barry Ooi Eu Hock says:
being away from you, even with internet but without hearing your voice or seeing your face made me realize how much i need you =(
*Queen Suet says:
u’re going to make me cry =(
Barry Ooi Eu Hock says:
don’t cry lah! crybaby suet li!
*Queen Suet says:
u la crybaby!
*Queen Suet says:
*shows buttocks

Barry Ooi Eu Hock is now offline


The last words he said to me was “crybaby suet li!” wuwuwuuwuuwu emooooo I’m gonna eat my sorrows away now bye!

p.s: think of all the funniest malay words you can think of to make me happy again! Especially those really zaman tamadun words, really old ones that you only use in your karangan etc. I love peribahasa! They add points to your karangan haha

I always used this last time: masyarakat dan individu haruslah mengalami anjakan paradikma agar blabla cannot continue this sentence cause my BM is damn bad now T__T but BM was really fun, I really enjoyed it while it lasted.

Witch Barry

#7. 25 February 2009

Actually I cheated..this was taken sometime last week but I just saw it and laughed so much again. Hahahha look at him! Doesn’t he look like an old witch who pretends to be super nice but is actually damn wicked inside?? hahahah

He went on another field trip last week and this time, he’s going to Czech, Poland, and Budapest!!!! I’m so freaking jealous ok! Last week he went to Latvia and Switzerland and next next week he’s going to Paris, Belgium and Luxembourg!!! =(( He was at Prague, Czech Republic and he said it’s the nicest place he has even been to!

This LDR sucks x 384928 cause he’s always going to different places so we hardly talk. And everytime he goes somewhere new, he’ll tell me about it and how much he wanted me there and I’ll get super emo =(

Today I’m so emo ok. Emo until want to rip my eyes out and tear all my split ends away. Speaking of split ends I saw one strand of hair that has FIVE split ends today T__T

I tried plucking the ends out but I tried and tried and couldn’t and when I looked up, I realized that I had spent the entire class time doing this T__T And last I heard from my professor was “remember! this will be in the test!” but I totally missed it FML

So where was I ah wtf? oh being emo. yeahhhh so I’m extremely emo lahhhh

ok that’s all bye i’m the most wtf person ever

p.s: because i’m so emo everyone better try to comfort me or i’ll really rip my eyes out! unless if you wanna see that..

EEEYERRRR! apu nene yerrrr WTF