May you marry me?

Today, this boy who is really cheeky but has never really spoken English in class came to me at the end of class, having mustered all the courage his small 14 yr old body can contain.

“Teacher I ask two questions. Can I help carry the box and may you marry me?”

Sigh even after 2 years, they’re still trying their luck hoping I’ll eventually say yes some day. Oh well at least he spoke English!


p.s: i know i’m being lazy with my blog, but I’ve truly been super occupied lately. School holidays just ended and I spent half the holiday at the beach and the other half preparing for interviews.

yes, it’s finally time to think about what I want to do after the fellowship! Sadly, I am not going to continue teaching in this current school I’m at now (due to many many reasons, nothing to do with my passion for teaching and the kids, obviously). The kids all know I’m leaving end of this year and have been giving me lots of excuses why I should stay. The best one is this:

“Teacher, I can’t wait to see you pregnant!”


“You know, we see teachers go from being single to married to being pregnant all the time. I’m sad I can’t see you pregnant. Will you stay here pleaseeee!”

Kids, sometimes I don’t know how much my heart can take the love I have for all of you.

Anyway I’m still looking for other avenues related to teaching, especially with younger kids so if you know anything, let me know!

Before the year ends..

Hello! I’m back! From nowhere wtf. I’ve been here all along, but haven’t blogged because looking at my blog is an extremely depressing task for me. Everytime I click on it I’m reminded of my lousy blogger self, and looking at all the missing pictures make me want to cry.

I was using Zooomr for a while but now that they decided to go private, they took all my pictures with them too T_____T And I’m too busy/lazy to reupload them elsewhere and put them back up again.

Fear not though because today I woke up with this sudden spurt of energy and suddenly felt like blogging! Though I have no idea what to blog about…but one thing I do know is it’s NOT going to be about teaching woot!

To be honest, this holiday has given me some time to reflect on things and I realize that I’ve spent 80% of it thinking and doing things that are teaching/student-related. Talk about being married to the job! Even when I’m sitting in the car on a long drive, or when I’m reading an unrelated book, or when I’m talking to friends, my mind is perpetually on my kids. How to be a better teacher next year? How do I ensure success for my kids? How do I make sure we reach our goal blablabla

I am actually so sick of it. So utterly sick of being so passionate about something that I eat, breathe, sleep with the cause in my mind every single waking moment of the day. As of now, I have the next EIGHT days before my first school meeting, and I’m making it a point to only think about school for a maximum of TWO hours a day (only because I have so much stuff to do before next year). That’s my pact to myself so I remain sane. And I’ll spend the other twenty two hours not being a teacher for once.

See, don’t want to talk about teaching and yet..

Anywayyyy, I went to Phuket last week! We saw that Expedia had an amazing offer of RM500 for flights AND accommodation for 4D3N so we jumped on it. 9 of us went and had a very interesting time at probably one of the dodgiest places I’ve ever been to.

It was a well-deserved holiday and despite the fact that all 9 of us are teachers, we surprisingly did not talk about teaching too much! We spent most of our time walking around the town, getting cheap massages, reading at the beach and eating.


In the tuktuk with Aishah and Karthik


The crazy cables all over the island


Our awesome ride back to the hotel. The driver blasted out party songs and turned on disco lights for us to dance!

Oh!!! I almost forgot. I got into an accident the second day in Phuket. You know how I’m super proud that I can now ride a motorbike thanks to my students right? Yeah, so we rented a bike and wanted to ride around the island with it. The bike was only RM20 a day and I was super confident I could ride it, no problemo.

So I went to test the bike on my own and barely FIVE minutes after renting it, I got into an accident -_______- I tried going up a really steep hill to practice (stupidity point 1), and when I fell, I picked the bike up without turning it off first (stupidity point 2). So I accidentally rammed the handle and the bike dragged me into a drain where I almost broke my neck (thank god I was wearing my helmet).

Luckily, I only suffered minor injuries but on many parts of my body 🙁


In the end, I had to pay RM300 for the bike damage, had to spend an hour cleaning up my wounds and couldn’t go for full body massages and swim at the sea. Blessing in disguise somewhat, cause who knows I might have gotten into a bigger accident if I had gone around the island with it AND my friends had someone to take care of their things while they swam (aka bag-caretaker).

I’m going to China in two days! Shanshan, my best friend in college, invited me over and offered to pay half of my flight ticket so I thought I’ll grab the chance! Not everyday that you have someone who want to see you so bad they’ll pay for you wtf

I’ll try to be more my old self and try taking more pictures and blog more! The thing about not blogging often is after a long period of time, you just forget what you want to talk about entirely. And after a while, even if you remember what you want to talk about, those things seem so unimportant and boring in retrospect that you don’t feel like talking about them. Le sigh, for the umpteenth time, I MUST blog more often!


The blogger teacher


I haven’t blogged in a month. A whole month! That’s unprecedented. There are a few reasons why I haven’t been blogging, but I suspect the main reason is because suddenly, I’ve been getting a surge of people in school coming to tell me that they have read/ are now reading my blog. I mean, I know they will eventually find it, but I didn’t really think that there will be thaaaat many people reading and the depth of what they will read.

For example, two weeks ago, a bunch of teachers told me that they’ve seen my pictures when I was in the states. Dude…that was like a year ago? And I’ve disabled the sidebar so you can’t go to the posts based on the monthly archive/category archive so they must’ve pressed the previous page and read through every page?

That’s not the worst part. Students (classes I teach and classes I don’t teach) have been coming to me and asking me the most randomest questions about my blog. “Teacher please tell us how you lost weight!” “Teacher, why did you cut your hair so short?” “Teacher, your dad is in Abu Dhabi right?” “Teacher, you went to London last year?”

I was seriously quite dumbfounded to hear all that. These are things I blogged about a looooooooooooooooong time ago!  And I know most of them only look at the pictures since they won’t read the words (not being patronizing but I know my students, they won’t/can’t read English. Unless they google translate it haha. Even the teachers told me they don’t read the text cause they can’t understand much)

So yeah, I think that could be the prime reason why I’m a little wary about blogging. Granted, I only blog about school these days but it still makes me worried about what I should/should not talk about. Talking about my personal life is completely out the window, since they’ve also begun to look through my tweets/pictures I’ve tweeted. One girl came to me and talked to me really seriously about my boyfriend (his looks, his race, his hair etc) and she told me she found a picture of me and a guy on twitter and assumes he’s my boyfriend.

It’s very scaryyyyy! I think they’ve never had a teacher who is so open with her life (I always go into relief classes and tell them all about my life and experiences, they love my stories!) and are very curious about me. Also, when a student finds out things, that shit goes viral very quickly. And I don’t even have to tell you how gossipy they can be. If they see me with nice earrings, they’ll start talking about how expensive they are and how rich I must be (my earrings are always the RM10 for 3 pairs kind wtf). It’s quite amusing.

But my students can be so adorable too! One boy came to me one day and whispered cautiously in my ear, “teacher, jangan marah ye, tapi saya google name teacher. Lepas tu saya pergi tengok image. Saya nampak gambar teacher! Banyak sangat!!” (actually a bit lazy to translate but he basically said he google imaged me and saw a lot of my pictures)

My heart kinda stopped and I was flooded with a million thoughts. What kinda pictures are they?? Omg I hope I wasn’t wearing anything too sexy. Oh god why am I teacher now?? Was I being inappropriate? Never in a million years did I think this situation would arise two years back.

Then, in a meek voice, he asked, “Teacher, kenapa teacher takde jerawat dalam gambar dulu tapi sekarang ada?” (why didn’t you have pimples in those pictures but you have them now?)


I mean, this boy just went through all my personal pictures from before, and this is all he’s asking me????????

I was obviously quite speechless for a while and he thought I was angry that he was googling me, so he kept saying that he was using the computer at the computer lab and apparently he typed “s” and “suet li” came up so his defense was someone already googled me before therefore it’s not his fault.

HAHAHAHHA don’t know whether to laugh or cry. So I just told him that I’ve been getting pimples because my students are driving me crazy (true story).

A few girls, in their English journals, have also written to me and asked for my advice about losing weight and cutting their hair. I guess it’s a good thing after all haha

Anyway, I can’t believe I’ve written a whole post about this. It’s been an extremely tiring day so I’m going to sleep now! (it’s 10 freaking p.m.) We have our sports day tomorrow and I’ve been working like crazy decorating the tents and getting (begging, more like it) students to help me with the march and forcing them to participate.

I never would have knew this before I was a teacher, but being a teacher is seriously the craziest job in Malaysia. We do every single thing imaginable and it’s really quite draining. Aside from being an educator, we’re also clerks (oh god, sometimes I feel like I’m more of a clerk than a teacher, with all that filing, report-writing and paperwork), we’re also drivers, painters, builders, coaches, interior designers, odd-job workers, negotiators, NANNIES, guards, parents, and the list never ends.

Just today, I was scurrying my kids to the river because there was a water cut in our area. Some kids have been coming into our house to shower, and there were too many of them so I brought them to the river instead.

In all honesty though, it’s been fun. I don’t think I will ever forget my two years here.


p.s: remember A, the boy I talked about in the previous post? After our talk, well more like after my talk with him checking his nails, he’s been doing great in class. He’s also been talking to me more, always chipping in with random comments and greeting me shyly whenever he sees me. I’m really glad things are working out with him 🙂

p.p.s: I’m actually realllllly frustrated with a lot of things the government/ministry is doing now but I shall bite my tongue on this. I just have to say though, they are really making our lives a lot harder than they already are. Sigh.

Eat shit sleep

Hello I’m a little bored today so here’s a pointless entry with x-amount of pointless pictures. OKAY fine I’m just procrastinating and avoiding having to do all my work and I have senioritis ok I’m graduating and I’m taking “fun” classes that are not really my major so please don’t be so hard on me!!!! T___T *foreverdefensive wtf


Random set of pictures on one cold lonely night after going crazy working on my accounting exam.

This is me being sad, and me being angry (with a bottle of gatorade). I just realized that my sad and angry faces are almost the same..

It was 4.30am (look at the clock) and I was bored, don’t judge.

Actually let’s play a guessing game, guess what my expressions mean before you read the text and if you guess right you get +100 points for being stupid enough to entertain me wtf

This is me with fake pitiful “please help me do this *blink blink*” face and me with real pitiful “HELP ME or i’ll dieeee” with tears and smudged mascara face wtf

Sorry the pictures are so tiny, I don’t know why they got resized and I can’t be bothered to fix them.


This is me with a real interested face, and me with a fake you’re so funny and interesting hur hur hur face

Actually I was damn in character hor! Angie said she could feel the sincerity in my genuinely interested face hahahaha

REAL HAHAHHAHA OMFG YOU DAMN FUNNY MAN *slaps thighs whole restaurant pause and look at me face

Why I look like shit when I’m genuinely laughing wtf. If you know me personally you see me with this face 80% of the time cos I always laugh at my own jokes *sad/angry

Bored out of my mind with a tinge of evil thinking-of-ways-to-take-over-the-world face

omg i’m graduating face

omg i gained 5 pounds face (true story)

omg i don’t have a job face

omg why am i showing this to everyone face

trying to devise a way to dig my nose discreetly while everyone is not looking face

(what? no one does this but me?? wtf)

ok fine this is such a boring game I don’t know who came up with this silly idea in the first place *stares at Angie for thinking it was fun wtf

That’s all back to work everyone. Back to trying to not panic while I find a way to manage both senioritis and the looming amount of work. Two weeks to finals, one month to graduation, one month and 3 days to saying bye bye to this place forever T________T

Suddenly feel a bit sad but who am I kidding! I’ve been waiting for this day since forever, can’t wait to be a contributing member of the society (ha..ha right..) and not just eat shit sleep repeat cycle everyday.


Came back to campus a few days ago to this:

Wow this picture looks too good to be taken with my blackberry, it looks like a postcard!

It was nice at first to see all that snow, but then this happened:

can’t really see, but it was snowing quite hard outside. which is fine and dandy at first cause it was sooo pretty

wow look at all that fresh snow on the ground!

and then it got ugly and started getting too much.

but it’s okay cause classes are canceled!!! for TWO consecutive days, which shows how bad the weather is now.

but it’s really nice to take pictures outside when it’s snowing cause everything is super bright!

Out of boredom (and depression from this cold), I went on an online shopping frenzy again!

And bought too many clothes T__T but forgive me for I am weak. This time I chanced upon a Singaporean clothing site called Club Couture, an international fashion label that recently arrived in Malaysia!

This is the first thing that caught my eye! I super love this dress but too bad it’s wayyy too small for me T__T who ask me to eat so much recently, now I can’t even fit into an S anymore!

So I gave it to Giang and it fits her perfectly!

Ah, jealous max! But it’s impossible to lose 15 kg and be as skinny as her so it’s okay haha

Don’t you love this dress as much as I do!? It’s so classy from the front and voila, super low back!

The full back. The top part is made from this mesh netting material, super awesome T_T

I got this corset tube top that I really love as well! Ah, can’t really see the details here but it has a criss-cross corset back and has lace all over! I’ll take a better one next time when I’m using a better camera!

Lastly, I got this romper cause I’ve been meaning to get one! It looks way better on the tall model but still not too bad lah I guess.

Clubcouture has a low shipping rate of just $7.95, so time to shop more especially when the weather is terrible outside and I can’t go to the mall! Hoho

Too bad I can’t wear any of these clothes now and have to layer up and risk looking like a fat dumpling T__T

Double trouble


Two tragedies happened this week.

Tragedy #1

I was stressing out because I had so much work, so naturally I needed some online retail therapy. I went on Asos, spent $80 on a bikini, a dress and some lingeries T__T (actually this is one tragedy, but since I haven’t shopped in months I think this is well-deserved). So as I was looking at the clothes, I saw this:

And I thought to myself, “hmm my hair is almost her length…and I’m sick of the same hairstyle….and since we have almost the same hair and she looks so good in this hair I THINK I SHOULD CUT MY BANGS TOO!”

In the midst of all that pre-exam anxiety and going home excitement, I appeared to have completely disregarded the fact that 1. she’s Caucasian, 2. she has a long face, 3. she’s obviously ten times prettier wtf and 4. this hair is probably after lots of styling

But forgive me, for I was stupid.

So, I went all cutter happy and cut my bangs short and straight across…..

And after I cut it, all the previous memories of my disastrous experiences with short fringe came flooding back to me T_____T

I’ve never looked good in short bangs before, why would it be different now when I still look the same wtf. And I call myself a college student when this is not exactly rocket science to put two and two together.

Anyway, this is how it looked like RIGHT after I cut it:


Sorry it’s super blur cause it’s a screenshot from when I was skyping with Alex and he took a snapshot of it and emailed it to me with the the title “Aspirations need to be managed” and attached both the model’s picture and this picture WTF hahahha

So then I thought hmm, maybe I need to curl it to give it more volume first. Guess what?

I burnt my forehead with the curling iron  T______T

Hello I’m Harry Potter wtf

So now I have NO choice but to put my bangs down until the burnt mark goes away or until it grows out more, whichever comes first wtf

Yesterday I went to the mall so I put on some makeup and realized eh, actually it looks a lot better if I have makeup on so I don’t look like a kid. But I showed the pictures to my friends and they still think I look like a fact they think I look like an emo kid with the makeup FML.

Sigh emo kid then emo kid lah. It’s better than “chinese school kid” or “ah lian wannabe” or “kpop start wannabe” so I’ll take emo kid anytime

I think it looks better with earmuffs but I can’t possibly wear them indoors wtf

It looks slightly better with a hat but I can’t wear this in Malaysia when it’s 33 degrees outside!

Random. Just showing you I can’t do this

Worst comes to worst I’ll wear eyemask lah wtf

Or my bunny ears wtf

Is there a way to make your hair grow faster? Eat more eggs? Drink milk? what??

Tragedy #2

I went to the mall and to my favorite store in the world, forever 21, and realized that I cannot fit into size S anymore. CRISIS!!

WORST DAY OF MY LIFE T_______T I’m gonna lose weight now for sure! What kind of stupid metabolism do I have? I hardly eat these days!!! GAH.

Hahaha why are both my tragedies so shallow. I feel quite stupid now after writing them out and remembering that there are millions of people who couldn’t care less about their hair or weight and have bigger problems in life. It’s okay, I shall compensate for my bimbo-ness with a super intelligent post next about..umm..about the value of education or something serious like that.

London bound

I’m going to London for fall break! (leaving day after tomorrow actually!)

Yeap that’s right! Because my schedule is so relaxed this semester, I thought why not take an entire week off although my break is technically only two-day long wtf. It sounds rebellious and all, but in actual fact I’m only skipping a 1-hour Physics class and squash (this might be novel to some people, but we have to take PE classes to graduate here. So you know, it fits into the entire liberal arts thingamajig to make you more well-rounded and all)

My sister is in the UK now so I’m going to meet up with her for her 21st birthday! How exciting 😀 London is always so cold and wet and windy so I really don’t know how to pack for this trip. I’m tempted to just bring a raincoat and windbreaker wtf but I have neither so I guess flimsy dresses and ten thousand layers of scarves+cardigans+coats it is!

Other than that I really don’t have any updates left. I’ve regressed to my usual Moho self lately and keep giving myself a big heart attack when I accidentally get a glimpse of myself in the mirror wtf. No I’m not even kidding………..I wish I was T___T

So basically this stupid dry weather is giving me a big pain because for some weirdass reason, I keep having pimples sprouting left and right on my face the very day I came back!?!? It ALWAYS happens when I come back lor, and then they never freaking heal. So I have let’s see..5 red dots all over my face. I look like I have a bad case of zit attack, which is actually true..

Sigh. And not to mention it’s getting so cold now I have to resort to wearing jeans and hoodies T___T Technically I can still dress up but I wake up 10 minutes before class and I’ll be lucky if I can even find a decent hoodie in my grogginess. This is also why I never wear makeup anymore. Also why I can’t style my hair and have to pin it back and look like shit.

/end of rant

SERIOUSLY how come I regressed so quickly this time! This is what happens when you go to an all female-college. No one gives two hoots what you look like and you somehow always manage to delude yourself into believing that you look good just the way you are, au naturale, when it’s probably not that true wtf. How oh how did I become this lazy T_T

In my defense, I have very important things to do that keep me awake till the wee hours of the morning, hence my inability to wake up at least 30 mins before class so I can wear nice nice and slab some makeup on and do my hair nice nice. You don’t want to know what important things they are, because they are so mind-blowingly important that you will be so impressed at their importance and may never look at me in the same light again due to this overwhelming aura of intelligence emitting from me wtf.

Truth is, said important things are:

1.) playing Angry Birds on my Ipod touch

2.) oh that’s it wtf

You don’t understand!!!! Angry Birds may seem like a frivolous game for losers, but in actual fact it utilizes the theory of physics, gravity, angular momentum and insert other scientific/smart sounding terms wtf.

Why I spend so much time on it is because I want to get all three stars for every level in every stage but it’s sooo hard! I only wish I have even half that same robust amount of determination when it comes to doing schoolwork wtf.

Say got nothing to blog about but how come I’m always loaded with so much bullshit it’s quite amusing actually haha

Okay that’s all, will blog during my trip (maybe) if not I’ll see you in a week!

p.s: a super talented Korean singer!

Back alas

Hello I have arisen from the dead wtf. Woohoo!

I’m now back in my college and have been for the past week. I don’t even know why I didn’t feel like blogging about it, but today I woke up with this sudden urge to blog and to finally snap out of it. So here it is a good ole post!

And a super long one too, mostly filled with pictures that are not essentially relevant to this post and/or too many unnecessary pictures of myself. Welcome back! (saying this to myself mostly haha)

This was from….I don’t remember. I haven’t blogged in too long ;__; but it was right before Lali and I went for our haircuts!

I really want to grow out my hair but this length is terrible cause it’s neither here nor there and it gets out of shape so easily! On days like this I get so tempted to cut realllly short grr

After cutting my hair, like no difference only haha

Looks really puffy cause the hairstylist used this powder wax thing which was really good!!! Too bad it’s too hard to wash off and it’s expensive


WHOA! she’s so hot right now seriously!!!

So, I made up this really random poem I at work:

(background info: I was asked to test some pens that will be used in the Cabinet Workshop where the Prime Minister and ALL the important ministers will attend, need to make sure their pens will work!)

I used one pen for every line haha!

Met up with my besties Jammie and Aud before I left Msia! Not our best picture but we only took one T___T

Then off to Hong Kong I went for a few days!

First thing I got at the HK airport! Ah vitasoy how I have missed thee!!!

And then I spent one whole week just gorging down every siu yuk fan on my path wtf. God I love HK food sooooo much I can die for it ok

Don’t wanna post yummy food pictures because I’m kind like that (and also cause I don’t want to look at them now and get cravings)

After a week of overeating, I came back to college! I was so excited to go back to college cause this year we’ll live in an apartment!!! So exciting cause I’ve been living in a dorm room all my 3 years here so having my own kitchen and bathroom is a bonus!

Kitchen! Typical college students kitchen: dishes waiting to be cleaned, lotsa liquor..

This is supposed to be the living room! But Tanya, my roommate moved in here so we can have more space in the other room.

Giang and I’s bedroom!

We have our own bathroom too woohooo

Seriously you have no idea how convenient it is to have your own bathroom and not have to walk down the hallway everytime you have to pee. I used to not drink water that much cause I was too lazy to go pee but not anymore!

Pretty Giang! You’ll be seeing a lot of her pictures from now on 😀

Convocation! Convocation in Mt Holyoke is at the start of the semester, and commencement is our graduation instead.

Kunku and I! Can’t believe we’re seniors and are graduating T___T

^_^ do you like my slippers!

Random camwhore picture because. just because

While I’m at it..

Wore this today..bad idea cause it was colddd out! Nevermind, must wear shorts as much as I can before it starts snowing here wtf

Got my bag and sandals from HK. I love HK so much how T___T

OKAY that’s all! Thanks for putting up with my sporadic posts and hope everyone is having a nice Raya holiday back home!

Irrelevant survey

Hello I have no time to upload pictures from my camera so let this be a random post since I haven’t blogged in forever. I’m going to blog about my job soon (after I get the green light from my boss) and I can’t wait to talk about it! Our name will also be somewhat tarnished tomorrow once everyone figures out that the petrol price increase is our doing.. so I have to be quite careful about what I say online.

Anyway I have a question for everyone. This question is of utmost importance because it allows me to really see what kind of person you are/how society behaves under pressure. No lah kidding on the last part, I just want to know that is all.

So this is it: When you’re testing a pen at a bookstore, what do you usually write on the test paper?

Based on my observations at several bookstores (yeah can you imagine me going into different bookstores to look through the papers at the pen section? I really did that), I have hereby concluded that people generally scribble squiggly meaningless lines as such:

except not nearly as artistic..

After scouting around asking for opinions, most of the people I talked to said they usually write “Hello”. My brother said he draws squiggly lines because it enables him to fully test the texture and smoothness of the pen wtf

As for me, I’m always really tempted to write my name but always end up writing something like “Hello my name is oh shit can’t tell you.. hehe” or “Hello is this pen good? Hmm, need to write more” or any other equivalent lame monologues. I believe in writing more than one word cause what if you write hello only and then buy the pen thinking that it’s super amazing but it ends up breaking after that hello how wtf

Lali said she usually writes her name then realizes that mistake and ends up scribbling all over it wtf hahaha

Dom, upon being asked this question, proceeded to write MY FULL NAME in any bookstore he goes into now….. =___=

My other friends, upon being told this, have decided to go on a write-suet’s-name-in-bookstores spree so people will see my name and either think i’m a loser/vain or perform black magic on me cause know my full name already wtf. OK write my name if you must but not in red pen ah later I die wtf

Okay I digressed too much.

So question: When you’re testing a pen at a bookstore, what do you usually write?