Such is life

Thankiu so much for all your suggestions! We couldn’t do anywhere far (ie: Sabah, Redang, Perhentian) cause I’m already going to Sabah later and cause we don’t have money wtf.

But thanks to you guys, I think I’m gonna go Serendah and check out some of the food places too!! Except that now I’m quite wary about eating Malaysian food after lau sai-ing like shit yesterday thanks to the chilli pan mee T_____T Actually I don’t even know what gave me the food poisoning… the fake guava I bought from Cameron Highlands, the chilli pan mee or the maggi goreng at mamak….

Anyway I have SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many pictures to post up! We took like 3560 pictures in Cameron hahahaha. Brace yourself for an actual eternity of pictures coming your way soon wtf

As for shanshan, she’s here! All my friends were so excited to see her! As usual I’ve been the butt of all jokes since I came back and they kept saying stuff like “Eh where is shanshan, why you came back without her, go back lah” wtf and they said they’d call me and go “Put shanshan on the phone please” or “Who’s this? Where’s shanshan?” hahahahha stupid friends!

So it was funny to actually see them meet her. Everyone suddenly turned quiet and shy and forgot all the where’s shanshan jokes they once made =_____= We were at a mamak and I saw my sister and her friends and some of my other friends and people kept coming to my table just to see shanshan!!! Not forgetting the fact that I probably haven’t seen these people in a year…..

They’d just pop by and say “shanshan you’re so pretty I’ve heard so much about you” then ciao. OI ME LEH, YOUR SISTER/FRIEND???? *goes to a corner and draws circle

Anyway such is life wtf. I’m going to KL today to do the usual touristy stuff! So sad cause I’m scared of eating now so will probably not eat much wuwu. Will update soon when I have time to even breathe!


I’m taking a break from writing my paper even though I haven’t actually started writing it………well, I’m allowed to take breaks whenever I want OK!!!!!! *defensive wtf

So, I don’t really have anything to blog about since nothing exciting has happened to me all week (aside from my grandma’s death which I wouldn’t call exciting at all). I’m trying to refrain from going I WANT TO DIE I HAVE SO MUCH WORK and proceed listing down ALL the crazy papers I have to write but it’s so hard. Writing papers has dominated my life and soul for all eternity.

Speaking of kicking my paper’s ass (yeah I do that often, I always go speaking of blablabla, without having actually talked  about blablabla in the first place. yeah I’m random like that, cannot ah? do you have a problem with that cause I don’t. so there. wtf is wrong with me why am I so defensive today???)

Anyway sorry. Speaking of kicking my paper’s ass, I’ll show you what I call a true work of art.

Upon mentioning that I shall kick my paper’s ass and show him who’s boss, Barry produced the most skillful artwork I have seen in a long long time. It’s a drawing of what seems like an incredibly ugly foot with a missing toe with great detail of even the..bulge in your ankle thingy whatever that is called kicking a paper with unflattering buttcheeks.

The paper has a face and seems to be in pain, the foot hits the ass with a swoosh and a dush, indicated by the “sound effect” in the drawing and there also appears to be a dysfunctional, painfully bent little toe.

Truly, a work of art.

While I’m at this, let’s see more drawings by Barry over the few months!

This was a few months back when I told him I couldn’t sleep cause my eyes refused to be closed for some reason. Following the encounter I had with a “Buddhist ghost” last summer, he thought this time I have another ghost propping my eyes open.

Let’s analyze this picture too. The ghost in question seems to look a lot like Casper the Friendly Ghost with its tongue sticking out mischievously and everything. He also took the time to actually label the blanket, for fear that I might not know it’s a blanket when he took so much time drawing it. The blanket must have meant a lot for it was the only thing that was labeled but till today, I’ve failed to understand its significance to the overall drawing. Why wasn’t my hair labeled? Why wasn’t my eyes labeled? Why wasn’t the ghost labeled?? Such confounding questions can only be answered by the true artist of this extremely poignant drawing.

Truly, a work of art.

Lastly, I present to you the last piece of this week’s marvelous artwork.

This was the most disturbing drawing of the lot. This was after I told him about the pork chopping ceremony we had in HK. He was quite confused about the whole ceremony hence, the drawing to ask me if this was what happened.

Let’s look at the drawing again and ponder on the complexity and meaning behind such violent depiction of a seemingly harmless and fun activity of chopping the pig with a butcher knife. First of all, the thing that bothered me most in this picture is how the pig’s tail remained upright despite the fact that he was hung upside down with a rope. The theory of gravity has failed here, sorry Newton.

The person in question only has four fingers and this also bothers me. Whatever happened to his other finger?? Did the pig bite it off so that’s why he’s embarking on a vengeful mission to kill the pig now??

The amazing details in the knife, the number of teeth that person has, and the red marks on the pig make this picture like they say, truly a work of art. Clap clap.

OK now that I’ve been entertained, it’s back to writing the paper!!! I shall kick his ass hard tonight!

Why you so like that

Sorry guys, MIA again cause I’m in Boston and there is just soooo much stuff to do. So much Malaysian love it’s crazy! I finally realized that I can never be in my element and be my full self if I’m not around Malaysians. Why ah!!

Eh why you all never comment in my previous post ah I spent so much time talking about my idea of gender equality and uploading my camwhore pictures wtf


Why you so like that, why you so like that.

You say you don’t like pretty girls I also don’t know why. But when you see a pretty girl your voice go damn high!!

Why you so like that..and why you so like that.

Random Spiel

So, basically, I have a problem. A BIG problem. Now I’m just not interested in social media anymore for some reason. I read updates on Twitter and feel like I couldn’t be bothered with any of these people’s lives. I read blogs with an absent mind, not really reading or looking at the pictures but basically just scrolling down out of habit.

This is of paramount importance because my life thus far has been a lot about social media. A big part of my life is online, so much so that I feel like once I turn on my computer, that’s where my real world starts. Not that I’m that pathetic lah I do have real life friends with me, but I just prefer talking to friends in Malaysia online.

Anyway I hope this is a phase because feeling this way has prevented me from blogging the past few days. I just couldn’t be bothered anymore and when I wrote the entry before this, I was actually pretty serious about stopping blogging altogether. But in the end I felt like a part of me still can’t let go of my online life. One comment actually made me feel very very sad because she said as a reader, she was pretty hurt by how I don’t really care anymore.

I love my readers very much and they have been so supportive thus far, how can I abandon them just cause I’m going through a phase! How thoughtless 🙁

Anyway let’s get back to business!

So, I have another big problem wtf. I’m bogged down with work and I know I always exaggerate about my workload but this time is damn serious ok. It’s only the first week of class, and already I’m spending more than 4 hours everyday doing work and not finishing them T_____T seriously coming back to Mt Holyoke makes me realize that

1. this college is crazy with workload

2. i’m really not as good as i sometimes think i am *serious self-esteem issues wtf. This is cause I had to write a paper yesterday (YES, only 2nd class and have to write paper already!!) and I realize that my writing is soooo bad!!! ARGH

ok that’s all bye wtf

No lah actually I do have some backlogged pictures. Actually they’re all just boring food pictures.

The world famous Suet Li Hainanese Chicken Rice! Upon mentioning that I would cook this, Barry wet his pants in excitement and anticipation wtf

The awesome chicken which took hours to prepare. Lots of garlic mmm

I was actually REALLY proud of my cream of spinach soup! Not super easy but not very complicated either. Mmmm comfort food number 1

I combined three different recipes but can’t remember which already =__= I think just google cream of spinach recipe lah (sorry I know I’m really helpful..but how many of you would want to make this anyway!)

Intermission wtf

My hair grew so much already T____T This was three weeks ago and now it’s like a bob yuck I hate bobs. I’m going to manually cut it real short soon *crosses fingers that I don’t accidentally shave my head..

Sorry bad picture, but this is possibly the easiest food to cook and it’s superrrrrrrrrrrrr yummy too trust me. And VERY healthy. All you need: potatoes, mushrooms, peppers, garlic, onions and lots of olive oil. Dump it into the oven for 40 minutes and you’ll have oven baked potatoes+vegetables! It’s so good yums

Instant noodle HK style, with egg and ham and luncheon meat! =D I can open cafe already hor

With Dom over the weekend at Boston!

And Carol!

See what I mean by bob? Yuck yuck.

We had a small Malaysian gathering at Nick Choo’s apartment and he cooked us assam laksa!!!!! shit I want that now T___T

Speaking of this, ATTENTION to all Malaysians in the US especially those in the East coast.

We’re organizing the Malaysian Forum again this year and it’ll be at Noo Yawk Citeh!! Super excited about it cause I’ll be involved with organizing it for the first time, instead of just participating. Don’t say I didn’t tell you ah! I’ve received so many emails asking me why didn’t I inform people of the previous forums and how they want to attend too.

Anyway the website is not up yet but I’ll update you guys later. For now, just mark the first weekend of April in your calendar!

And if you are a working Malaysian in America/know anyone who is and can afford to donate to our small little organization, that’ll be wonderful because otherwise, we’ll have to incur higher registration fees 🙁

Again folks in America, you really want to attend this forum. It’s possibly the most amazing Malaysian experience ever for me and I’m sure it’ll benefit everyone. Spread the word!

Hey shorty

Pictures from a million years ago!

Maggie and I with HK egg tarts oh how I miss them so

went for our last dinner together T___T

50% off sushi after 10pm! i love hk!

let’s zoom in on the salmon sushis mmm and it was so cheap! RM2 for 2 very very fresh salmon sushis!

I met some readers from Singapore in my favorite mall in HK!!!! How random hahaha sorry guys i forgot your names, please comment!

and they went to the mall cause they read it in my blog and I actually saw them there! seriously it’s either that was a really good coincidence…or I went to the mall way too much wtf

luk luk with high school friends in malaysia! mmm

night out with Maria and her friends!


siblings and i with colored lips! sis had blue, bro had pink and i had yellow =D

with another khaled hosseini book! i think this is just as good as kite runner, cried reading it too T_T

14 hours to london and 10 hours to chicago. I hate long flights 🙁

But finally, snow! I always forget how cold it can get here and how much I love and hate snow

I went out in the cold to take this picture just cause I wanna see how bright the snow will be. Very..very bright


All I’ve been doing here is cook, play rockband, cook, play trivial pursuit, and cook. Hainanese chicken rice and pork noodle soup for my poor msian-food-deprived boyfriend next!

Juan eating rice and chicken with fork and knive, tsk tsk tsk

poor msian-food-deprived bf with my green contact lense in one eye

rockband is soooo fun! turtle to protect my dignity wtf





red hair!! I’ve always wondered how I’ll look like with red hair

or pink hair..

or very light brown hair

haha, this is my real hair color now but I’m really tempted to dye it red next


I thought I would camwhore less with my short hair cause it’s not as girlish but erm.. lalala *looks elsewhere

I can’t imagine having long hair anymore cause short hair is soooo awesome! the only regret I have is not doing this earlier!

Why short hair > long hair:

1. obviously, less shampoo and takes less time to wash, to blow, to dry

2. short hair takes only 3 minutes to style while long hair takes 10 mins to curl! i took a video of me styling my hair, don’t know if that will be useful

3. i used to wake up with very dead long hair and i’d have to tie it up/wear a headband and would still look like shit but with short hair, i just have to put on some wax and it looks good already!

4. no worries of static. in cold weather/long plane rides, my long hair got veryyy flat and ugly cause of the static! hated it so much

5. looks cooler period

6. looks cooler period

7 to infinity. looks cooler period wtf

ok babai

Friends U Can Keep

Hahahha remember?? FUCK- Friends U Can Keep wtf. FRANCE- Friendship Remains And Never Can End wtf. What else ah?

Ok anyway I know I was supposed to write a vain makeup/hair post but I haven’t had the time to take step by step pictures/video of me curling my hair!!! I’m so sorry so this is just going to be another pictorial what I’ve been up to post. Don’t worry I’ll try my best to be as entertaining as possible (will juggle and eat fire if I have to wtf)

Let’s start from the very beginning! Saturday:

Finally met up with Aud after we both got lost looking for each other at Mongkok. Seriously it’s impossible to look for people there!

I miss you so much T_____T Can see our eyes quite teary with love wtf

I brought them to the best mall in the world but it was late so we went home and woke up early the next day so we can shop again!

Not enough sleep T_T I slept with Ringo that night (sound so wrong hahaha!) cause got extra space in the hotel! Ringo is the bestest bestest host in the world cause she kept making sure I was okay and shared with me her makeup/facial stuff. I ♥ her!!

Breakfast at the hotel! The disney characters damn fan lah kept coming to take pictures with us! I can’t even eat in peace ok. I only ate half of the super super nice muesli cause Goofy and Mickey keep playing with my hair wtf. T___T Now I can’t find such good muesli anywhere again =(

Oh this is after Mickey tried to beat Mike (Wendy’s bf) up cause Minnie tried flirting with him just now wtf


Stole this picture from redmummy‘s blog heh. The girls with Mickey. I loveeee these girls!! Redmummy damn fun lor I spoke Malay with her and she damn layan although I must have been quite annoying wtf

THEN we went shopping!

Wendy, Ringo and I! The rest didn’t follow us cause they had to go lunch with someone. This was before we went crazy and bought everything on our paths wtf

This is only one of the many many many shoe shops there! How to not go crazy you tell me?? Throw in another 28410 clothes shops and there you have it, the best mall in the world *secretly smiles at the memory of the mall wtf

They were rushing to fly back so we didn’t have time to eat so we only ate street food and mango lo! Who needs food when you have so much shopping to do! (actually I do wtf but Wendy said no one is allowed to eat/pee/rest so I didn’t dare to disobey her wtf)

But she’s damn nice in real life!! At first I was quite scared to say anything cause scared she’ll scold me wtf but after shopping for a while we started talking like normal and I realized that she wasn’t scary, just very straightforward and honest and funny! Shopping bonds people 🙂

Last picture with Ringo before they left!

This was on Sunday night! Our hall had a week-long festival and this was a drama competition!

Buzz lightyear hahaha!

Random picture from Monday. This is a small bird!! So gross okay you put the entire bird into your mouth and eat all its wings and beak and head and everything! Quite yummy but still gross.

From Wednesday, lunch with Mabel!

Mabel with our mocha cheesecake! I love girly lunches where we just talk about makeup and shopping and guys!

Superpass dinner with floormates! Super pass is like a…pre-exam dinner thingy to wish everyone luck in finals!

New bag I got with Ringo! Super love it although it’s damn girly! I don’t like pink that much but I have sooo many pink stuff now haha

New cardigan! Aud got the same thing but lost it once she got back wtf

Super nice pork thingy..It’s like sweet and sour but damnnnn gooooood

Then we came back and cut the pig wtf. It’s a tradition for every floor to do this before exams! At first the floor leader will cut the roast pig in half without lifting the knife or we’ll get bad luck in finals!

And then everyone (seniors first) will chop the pig once and we couldn’t lift the knife! We had to cut it with one swift cut or else we won’t pass our exams wtf

And then we each got an angpow ^_^

After that, we wrote good luck notes to everyone!

I loveeee the hall culture here! We’re all so close unlike in the US where my neighbors don’t even talk to me T_T

This is from today, don’t know what they’re doing =.=

Roy, your usual comedian wtf

Okay that’s all!!! I’m so tired now!

Oh yeah I actually did a video! it’s not that interesting but if you’re dying to see how I look like when I talk then here you go wtf. I did Ee Von‘s tag on what’s in my bag! Feel free to do it or just comment on what you have in your bags too! I bet not as many things as me cause my bag always weighs a ton T_T

I took from quite a low angle so my face quite fat and can see the ceiling also wtf. I already stacked all my stuff together and that’s the highest I could get it! If only I have a Macbook so I can use the super clear webcam..

Sad Story

Sorry I keep MIA-ing! I promise I’ll blog properly when I have time so pleaseee don’t forsake me ok. So nothing has been happening lately except the fact that I HAVE CRAZY MOTHERLOAD AMOUNT OF WORK. At least one presentation and one paper/midterm every week until the end of this semester T_______T

Actually I don’t need to work that hard cause my grades won’t transfer and I just need to get C+ but I’m Asian and it’s wrong to just barely pass wtf. I still have so many things I want to do before I leave HK though! Sooo many people I want to meet up with but never got round to doing it (Malaysians in HK, we should meet up soon I promise!). I haven’t gone to Lamma Island yet, I need to go Macau again cause I forgot to eat the Portuguese tart the last time I was there (THE ATROCITY) and I need to eat more!!

I’m going to write a guide to HK sometime when I’m free, just cause Pinkpau’s guide was very helpful when I first got here so I thought I should contribute to the society as well wtf.

Anyway something really really reallyyyyy upsetting happened yesterday. It’s so sad that I still find my eyes get all blurred up  everytime I think about it T__T

So it was Thursday night and Maria my roommate was all pumped up and wanted to go out and all my others friends were trying to talk me into going out. I have a presentation at 9 am the next day so I wasn’t really up for it but I relented and got all dressed up and put make up on. Then when we finally gathered everyone, it was around 12am.

I knew they wouldn’t want to come back until 4am at least and I would die the next day so sadly, I decided not to go and went back to my room.

The thing was, I had awesome makeup on and my outfit was super cute so I wanted to camwhore the night away so I wouldn’t feel so bad about not going out. I came back, charged my camera’s battery to tahap maksimum wtf, then turned it on.

It didn’t work. I just couldn’t turn it on!!!! And the worst part was, it didn’t even freaking try to be turned on!

I would totally feel better if the lens pops out then pops back in, or if it makes some dying gurgling sound wtf but nada, no reactions nothing T_________T

Isn’t that the saddest story you’ve ever heard in at least two of your lifetimes? wuwuwu


So in the end I just camwhored with my webcam, which sucks monkey balls

Hahaha I was feeling random, hence the random giraffe and pig nose wtf. (The picture of me holding a placard, my hallmates did that for me! We stick these cards with our names and pictures on our doors. Elves is our floor name. My card fell and refused to stick back up FML)

Anyway that’s it for today folks. I have a sudden obsession with David Bowie now. If there are any Bowie fans here, what’s your favorite song?

Random Sunday

Today is the best Sunday in a very very long time! I woke up without an alarm after a very tiring day yesterday, went to dim sum with my roommate, came back and had an extremely comforting conversation with my boyfriend on Skype, got teary a few times in said conversation, read Postsecret, got teary again, listened to my favorite Chinese songs, got teary again, and now I’m blogging.

This is how everyone should spend their Sundays. no, seriously. Just staying in and doing nothing, absolute bliss.

I’m going to handball and basketball practice later with my hallmates, can’t wait 😀 I need to start being athletic again after five years. I can’t believe I’ve turned into this bimbo who stays away from the sun and gets all excited about makeup and shopping and not play sports.

I have also decided to hang out less with the people I’m hanging out with now. They’re really fun but they’re partying way too much, as if their sole purpose of coming to HK is just to party and I’m definitely not here for that. These two weeks of partying is enough to last me for the next two years wtf.

Let’s see..what else.

Ah what the hell let me be a bimbo AND an athlete! I already took these photos anyway so here’s a post on my favorite makeup routine.

Refer to my this makeup routine post for more basic stuff.

So this is how I use my mineral makeup. Dab some powder with the brush, then tap it into the cover and use the brush to spread it all around before applying it on face. If you want good coverage but don’t want to look over made up, I think mineral powder is amazing!

So I do this everytime I’m going to apply makeup. Wash face, moisturize (I’m writing a post on my facial routine next, god i’m so girly), apply BB cream, apply mineral powder.

Favorite eyeshadow colors ever!!! Loreal’s star kit which comes with three eyeshadows, blush and lipstick which I never use. I like the blush color too!

So I accidentally deleted the step by step pictures and only have the final result T_T

It’s super easy to apply eyeshadow though. Just put the lightest color (number 3 in my palette) all over your eyelids, then second darkest color (no. 2) all over too but not too high above the crease of your eyelids.

Then take the darkest color (no. 1) and apply it inwards on the corners of your eyes. So you sort of take the sponge applicator and dab the darkest color on the outer corner and then smudge it in. I did the same on both outer and inner corners of my eyes. Then, dab a little more gold (no. 3) in the middle to sort of create a 3D illusion (dunno whether got 3D or not but it sounds smart wtf)

Then apply your eyeliner and mascara and that’s it! My eyeliner here is a little too much and too long cause I’m going out at night.

Just use the same method but adjust the amount of eyeshadow to apply depending on what time of the day it is and what kind of event you’re going to. At night= darker, party=darker

I applied some of that second darkest color under my eyes too here.

This is for a dinner so I didn’t pull my eyeliner that far out. Used the gold eyeshadow (no. 3) for the inner parts under my eyes instead of my usual silver. These colors are my favorite cause they make my eyes look bigger than they really are! Light bright colors don’t work for me.

The flash made my makeup look heavier and more complicated than it really is but it’s just eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner! Try it 😀


Chinese songs are so amazing, I wish I can sing them but I’m so bad at remembering lyrics =( I wanna go karaoke but I can’t read Chinese damn.

My favorite Chinese songs are Jay Chou’s An Jing,  Wo Bu Pei (I get freaking emo when I see this music video), Pu Gong Ying De Yue Ding 蒲公英的约定 (googled the chinese words wtf), suo hao de xin fu ne 說好的幸福, aiya actually all Jay Chou’s emo songs lah wtf, Kelly Chen’s Bei Ji Xue, Karen Mok’s Sheng Xia De Guo Shi..ah can’t remember what else but these are my absolute favorites.

Know any along this genre you want to recommend? I wish I know what they’re singing though 🙁 Send your children to Chinese schools people!

My Best Purchases

I have been stuck at home this entire week cause Barry is sick! I really hope it’s nothing serious =S I’m a little upset at first since this is our second last week here and we couldn’t go anywhere 🙁 but, how can I be upset at a sick boy who needs all the loving he can get T__T

Anyway now that I’ve sorted out most of the mailing list stuff, I can now blog again! Except that I don’t know what to blog about.. hmm.

OK I know what to blog about! I’m going to talk about all my best purchases so far!

Beauty-related purchases

When I first bought Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil, EVERYONE looked at me in doubt and in shock. Did Suet just spend RM250 on…oil??

I always find myself in deep financial shit when I return from abroad cause I’m still stuck in that USD/Pounds/Euro mode and when I convert RM to USD, it doesn’t seem thaaat bad so I always always overspend in my first week back in Msia. (It’s stupid cause when I’m abroad, I always convert everything to RM wtf)

So I’ve been wanting to get this for ages! I’ve heard about the miracle that is Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil and I just…bought it…without thinking T_____T

At first I regretted it like crazy! Everyone was laughing at how stupid I was when I could just use a much cheaper makeup remover and I was moping in regret for a long time. (oh by the way this cleansing oil is for removing makeup or for deep cleansing).

Anywayyy I can now safely say that this is one of my best purchases ever after using it for two months! Why:

1. the whole bottle can last me for at least 1.5 years! I don’t use thaaat much of it each time.

2. no more tugging on my skin when removing makeup! I just have to gently massage it and the makeup comes out easily. Most makeup removers I’ve used result in me tugging on the sensitive areas around my eyes so much that I think I’ll get wrinkles soon. Besides, I can use this for eyes and face!

Mineral makeup is so amazing for sensitive skin like mine! I use Bare Minerals and I like it a lot cause it doesn’t look that heavy like other types of foundation. Comes with SPF 30 too!

And that $10 brush is sooo good ♥

Colored contact lenses!

Why oh why haven’t I discovered you earlier? Look at my boring and dull Before eye! Not only do I have perfect eyesight now, I also look a lot fresher and more mysterious (when I wear the grey ones lah)

The downside is you get too dependent on them and won’t feel like putting on your makeup without them. Also, don’t know why but even after three months, I still can’t wear them without feeling uncomfortable.

Maybelline’s Lash Stiletto! Don’t think it’s out yet in Msia but it’s my favorite mascara now after Majolica’s. It doesn’t clump at all and yet is still good enough to make my lashes thicker. Cheap drugstore makeup is heaven for poor students like me!

Urban Decay’s Primer Potion!

This is possibly the most I’ve ever spent on makeup. It’s $20 (RM75) but I cannot live without it now. You apply this on your eyelids before applying eyeshadow so the colors show more and will last longer. I use it very carefully so I still have more than half left even after 4 months!

Fashion-related purchases

I’m sure everyone recognizes this white tshirt cause I wear it like..everyday wtf. Heh it’s my super favorite tshirt cause it’s sooo comfy and goes well with anything. It’s quite expensive for a t-shirt but at the rate I’m wearing it now, it’s my most worthy purchase ever!

My red belt, which I wear with every outfit wtf. As you can see, I don’t give a shit about rewearing my clothes and stuff. I got this belt 3 years ago and it has served me so well. I know it looks really boring and plain but you should always have a few belts like this!

And lastly, my ultimate best purchases are always from Sg Wang!

These four items are all from the RM15/RM25 shops. Those are shops that sell EVERYTHING for RM25 but you cannot try them on at all. It’s not easy finding something nice amongst all the other lala-ish clothes but if there’s a will, there’s a way!

Those RM25 shops are truly amazing because not only do they allow me to shop while being my kiamsiap self, they also provide much excitement in my life. You have no idea how it feels to suddenly stumble upon something nice ok! Also, because you can’t try on the clothes, you get super excited after you buy them cause you really want to know if they’ll look good on you.

And if they do…seriously, the feeling is like you just won a jackpot or something wtf. The clouds will open up and the angels will sing with their harps and all that wonderful shit wtf.

The beige dress on upper right is unfortunately not one of those wtf. It’s totally not my style at all but I bought it anyway just to be adventurous but it doesn’t look too good on me I think.

The black one on bottom right is my favorite!! It’s so chiffon-y and has ruffles too! It looks a lot better in real life and with a belt.. but pokoknya, it’s super nice ♥

I want to continue this post with other purchases but I have to go cook dinner now! That’s what is expected of you when you’re at home all day =__= Biggest dilemma all day: what to cook!

p.s: i’m going to penang for three days so i won’t be doing my mailing list thing. if you haven’t received my email, then be patient ok!

HIHI ^.^

Hello! sorry I’ve disappeared for so long which is quite unlike me but I haven’t been able to come online these days. I’m now working at the child care center where the children of these battered women live and they require so much of my attention that I barely have time to breathe, much less come online.

I have so much to say about these kids but that’s an entry for another day cause it’ll be a longgg one.

Yesterday, I went to the US application workshop which was amazing! Did anyone go? The hall was fully packed and there was so much enthusiasm from both the speakers and the audience. Too bad I didn’t get to speak since we ran out of time!

What else have I been doing..Sadly, I haven’t been doing much cause I’m still sick T___T I thought I have recovered but the kids at the child care center are ALL sick, so I guess I got it back from them. My mere sore throat has evolved into sporadic cough fits and I’m going to the doctor to make sure it’s not H1N1 =S Wish me luck…

Oh here are some pictures of the Hennessy event from other people’s camera:

Tim, shadowed Aud, me and Barry

With Jac, a long-time reader!

Oh yeah, after reading Aud’s entry on stupid Facebook messages, I decided to check my inbox cause I rarely do that and true enough! I found two messages like hers too!

Message: HIHI

Hey gal, can we be a friend?i just viewed your info throught the Audrey, but i do not know her neither..just think you are nice, by the way, can u tell me where is the Mt. Holyoke??


Since when FB became Friendster T______T Why must these people terrorize FB as well T_____T

Actually I don’t totally condemn strangers messaging other strangers on these social networking websites cause to be honest, that’s how Barry contacted me in the first place. (But that’s a different scenario cause we met first before he did that *reluctant to group him with these hamsaps wtf)

BUT the golden rule is, you do not say HIHI and you do not call me gal, or pretty gal, or anything that sounds gay like that. Also, the most important rule to remember is you should at least write in decent English! Then I wouldn’t have to sputter blood from my mouth and also end up choking on my own blood reading your message. Death by choking on own blood is not a very pretty sight.

Since I’m talking about blood, something exciting happened the other day!!! My life is so mundane that anything remotely exciting deserves three exclamation marks!!!

So Barry and I were driving to work one morning when we suddenly saw a guy lying by the side of the road. It was weird cause he was lying near the divider so he couldn’t possibly be sleeping right?? There wasn’t any blood but there were some bruises so we were pretty worried for him.

We couldn’t stop since the traffic was moving so I called 999 to report this. Note: My first time calling 999! I just found out that it’s 999 and not 911 in Malaysia. My hand was shaking when I made that call cause it’s such a new experience *big wet eyes

Anywayyy, I reported this and they said they’ll send someone over but I’m not sure what happened next. Did anyone see the man? It was on the highway from Subang to Federal!

(yeah so this doesn’t have anything to do with blood but that’s how I tie two topics together so it doesn’t sound too awkward so just let me be! wtf)