Year 2

OMG I cannot believe how nervous I am feeling about tomorrow! Tomorrow is the first day of school and signifies the start of my 2nd year as a teacher! Incredibly excited about meeting my students again, and getting new students too, but I can’t help dreading for the day to come.

I feel like I’m absolutely not prepared at all, no matter how much I’ve prepared for it! GAHHHHH *flails arms wildly and screams for help

I am panicking and I don’t know why?!?!?!?!?? I’ve done this before, so I can do this…right?


I’m panicking because I know how it’s going to be like. This time last year, I was crazily excited and not nervous at all because I didn’t know how bad things could be. But now that I know how challenging being in school is, how nerve-wrecking it is to stand in front of 40 kids who clearly don’t care about you, how daunting it is to know that these kids’ future lie in your own hands, it feels a lot scarier to face my first day of school.

I CAN DO THIS! I just need to walk in a lot stricter this time, maintain better structure for the class, be a lot more prepared, be consistent with my rules and consequences, and I’ll be fine. I hope..

I’m entering my year 2 of teaching but I’m still going to say this again: teaching IS rocket science.

This is possibly going to be the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but I know I’ll miss it so much when everything is over. Bring it on, 2013! You are scaring me out of my wits, but I know that whatever happens, there’s no way I’m going to do worse than I did in 2012. It’s only going to get better from now on! No harm being optimistic about it ๐Ÿ™‚




I’ve been away all week (school holiday week) in our usual training center in Gohtong. Things are really beginning to look quite crazy from here on. I thought the past three months were tough since I’ve been working practically every second I was awake, but now we are thrown into a bigger and scarier roller coaster.

Since all of us don’t have our diploma in education, we’re actually studying WHILE working full time. We’re currently enrolled in University Utara Malaysia doing our Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) and will have to attend classes twice a month and almost every school holiday. Not only that, we have tons of assignments to do – just like any other university student! which is mind blowing because we barely sleep as it is with our full time teaching job.

But I’m not complaining cause after this, I’ll be a certified teacher and will get another degree so yays! Just that I’m really really…reallllly dying since I’ve feeling quite burnt out and still didn’t have time to recuperate just yet. I’m just taking each day as it comes but I’m feeling quite sad actually because I don’t have time to plan better for my classes. I want to do SO MUCH more and be a better teacher cause the kids deserve that, but I’m just swamped right now ๐Ÿ™

Anyway I was feeling quite nervous to go back to school because

1. I haven’t had time to really plan my lessons properly,

2. I knew the kids would be out of control after the holidays

3. I knew I need to reset the classroom culture (positive and negative reinforcements, consequences, rewards, class policies, rules, expectations etc) but I didn’t have time to prepare much!!! GAH so angry!

BUT! ย my kids were surprisingly not out of control like I thought they would. I was imagining monkeys being released into the wild, books flying in all corners, kids thumping chest on their tables ala king kong. but nada, just kids who didn’t do their homework. Phew!

I’m entering my two most challenging classes tomorrow so I really hope they’ll be somewhat controllable too. I just need more time to PLAN PLAN PLAN! I need so much stuff: books (ESPECIALLY books, all kinds!), stationery, papers, volunteers!!!!!!, gifts as rewards, more hours in a day…..

I’ve been getting lotsa emails offering to help, so thank you so much! I just need to set up an FB page to list down what I really need, but I don’t have time to T_________T Will keep you guys updated when I do! But I won’t accept monetary contribution because it’s quite unethical I think, to ask for money using my kids.

Breathe breathe breathe. Just gotta breathe first then I’ll have the energy to push on further. Should I start taking chicken essence wtf? Vitamin C? What gives you more energy?

Ok abrupt end cause gonna collapse soon. Nap time then continue planning the night away. Fun fun fun.

Cikgu Suet Li’s adventure: Week 1


I realized I haven’t blogged in weeks, but things have been crazyyyy! I wish I could get someone to blog for me because there’s so much I want to say but don’t have the energy, time and internet to do so.

So, I’m officially a teacher now! Students call me Cikgu Suet Li cause I think Cikgu Liew/Ms. Liew is too formal. I just drove the 2.5 hours home from a long day of teaching, so I literally ย cannot feel my legs now butย I want to update about my first week as a teacher in a rural school!

On the way to my school!

Yay, almost there! but another 40 mins more -___-

Cows crossing whenever they want, super scary!

The other day, I saw a goat lying in the middle of the road like he owns it. LIKE A BOSS!

My school! and view from my balcony. I live IN school!

I moved in last week and things were quite tough at first because we hadn’t got our electricity until two days ago. Use candle only T__T But! I surviveddddd. We also had to clean our inhabited house, we cleaned the cobwebs and dead insects and scrubbed the entire house! I’m very proud of myself that I survived cause I’m actually quite a princess. I don’t clean and I need aircon all the time, but now I’m such a kampung girl! *pats self on back

Angeline, the other TFM fellow, cleaning

Srs bsns

EUGHHHH. BUT it’s super clean now ^_^

Meeting my kids for the first time. So excitinggg

Anyway, about teaching! It’s been………challenging. Very challenging. I mean I know it’s going to be tough with these kids, but it’s beyond imaginable. First of all, I’m having problems with the boys catcalling and making kissing noises at me wtf. It sounds stupid but it’s a very real problem! Whenever I walk at the corridors, the boys will start, sometimes they even call out I Love Youuu. ย I’m a teacher and this is really disrespectful! If it persists, I’ll have to talk to other teachers and get them to talk to the boys. They wouldn’t like it if people do that to their mothers/sisters too. Plus, I’m new, so maybe they’ll stop when they come to respect me later.

As for my classes, I found out that I have sooo much work to do with them. I was given the “back” classes for Form 1, and their diagnostic came up to be 0%. Some of them are illiterate, it means I have 7 years of catch up to do before I can end this year for them to be on par with the proper form 1 level. FEEL SO ANGRY that teachers let these kids waste 6 years of their lives! 6 years of going to school and coming back with absolutely nothing, learning absolutely nothing.

I guess that’s the biggest motivating factor for me. These kids don’t deserve to go back with another year of nothingness. They deserve to learn, they deserve progress and success. There’s absolutely no way I’m giving up until they show 7 years of progress in one year. It’s going to be hella tough though, but I’m glad my anger at the inequity is fueling my passion.

I also have one “best” class in Form 2. To be honest, I’d say they’re the best class only because they are well behaved kids. They don’t run around when I teach, talk or punch other people. Academic achievement wise, they’re averaging at a B-/C. Definitely NOT good enough.

Eventhough they’re well behaved, the other naughtier classes were definitely more engaged and active in class. The “good” class has a blank face whenever I talk to them, and would say yes in unison to ANY question; it’s as if they have been programmed to be that way from years of formal dictator-like schooling. It’s really sad and I’m planning to change that culture ๐Ÿ™‚

My school is literally a drive-thru fruit farm! We have fruit trees all over and we can just pick the rambutan, durian, langsat etc anytime ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s not official until you have your teacher name tag!

My poor kids had to carry their tables and chairs from the 3rd floor of a building to the 3rd floor of another building. They were so tired by the time they got to class!

Sometimes it’s Cik Sweat Li, sometimes Suet Le, sometimes Sweet Le -____________- Call myself Li la sigh

Meet Mr Chicken! He’s my timer for all my activities and I get the students to say “Hi Mr Chicken” and “thank you Mr Chicken” and they love it! Soooo cuteeeee

There are definitely plenty of challenges ahead but I’d say my first week of teaching went pretty well ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s just a lot of hard work so prayers/positivism/words of encouragement are welcome!

Will blog again when I have time. Thanks for reading, everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates!



Last week of Institute

Sorry for the complete lack of updates, the past few weeks have been overwhelmingly crazy! Institute is coming to an end and I’m feeling all kinds of feelings now ๐Ÿ™ Anyway this is going to be quite a long post on what I’ve been up to to make up for my lack of updates!

Let’s backtrack all the way to where I stopped. Three weeks ago, Kem Skorlah ended very ceremoniously. It was a very exciting but draining week because we were putting in everything we had to make sure the kids got the best out of coming to holiday school, and we slept an average of 3-4 hours every single night. We all had a big goal, 30% improvement in English and Math, and the kids all knew and truly worked hard for it as well.

In Institute, we learned a great deal about investment. Our students have to be invested first before they can achieve success, and we have various strategies on how to make sure the kids know they can, want and will achieve. I think that’s really what’s missing in our schools. Teachers tell us to do well so we can get a good job yadda yadda, but there’s absolutely nothing beyond that. For kids who have families who care about education, you’re all set. But what about the many others who are not as lucky? They get left behind. Nobody tells them that they too can do it, so that’s why investing these kids is so important before we can even begin to change their life trajectories.

A secret trick to get them invested – give them food! Hahaha well not really lah, but making learning fun is definitely a good investment strategy.

Or you could get Deborah Henry to give them certificates! Haha.

To encourage them to speak more, I had an inter-class debate the other day. I gave the kids less than 24 hours to prepare and bear in mind that these are kids who NEVER ever speak English. They took the debate very seriously and all went back to prepare for it. Coincidentally, the media came over that day so they took lots and lots of pictures! The kids were so thrilled and excited to be in the limelight!

After the debate, we had a sharing session and my kids told me that they were really upset because they didn’t think they did well. I was just SO happy that they tried and were so into it despite not knowing how to speak at all, and I practically forced them to speak in front of a huge crowd with reporters and journalists and people from the ministry! Even I would pee in my pants.

We lost and they were disappointed but I was still so very very proud of them *tear. Thank god on that very same day I had to break the news to them, Deborah Henry was observing my class so I got her to give the certificates out. They were starstruck that they got to shake hands with our former Miss Malaysia and forgot all about their loss hehehe

I made a poster on the importance of punctuation! Found the idea online

The big day!!! We gave them a diagnostic on the first day and a final test on the last day to see how much they had improved. Remember, our goal was 30% improvement each.

We didn’t sleep the day before the last day of class cause we were up writing personal letters to all our kids. We want them to know that they can succeed after Kem Skorlah if they remain confident and if they continue believing in themselves.

Revealing the results! 31% increase for Math and 21% for English!!!!!!! We were all extremely proud of them, although they were clearly disappointed that they didn’t get the 30% increase for English. I told them that the 30% is our big ambitious goal and we purposely wanted them to aim high so even if they fall, they wouldn’t fall too far behind.

21% improvement in just 4 weeks, imagine what they can do if they had a year!

I was ecstatic for them! I had 3 kids who got more than 40% improvement, they went from a 40% to 80% in 4 weeks!!! From barely passing to an A!

When I broke the news to them individually, Fadzlan, my cheeky student who got the highest improvement in class was on the brink of tears. He couldn’t believe that he had improved, much less improve that much!!!ย When I told him that I wanted to call his mother to tell her that I’m extremely proud of his achievement, he couldn’t believe his ears. Seeing the look of pure unadulterated joy on his face made me want to cry so bad as well. He was so happy because he never thought he could do it at first, but when I asked him how he think he did, he was so confident that he did improve because he worked hard for it himself.

This is why I chose to teach, because kids like Fadzlan should be given the opportunity to experience such intense happiness from his own hard work.

We had a class full of crying kids that day. All of them had improved and they couldn’t believe it at all! “Cikgu, saya tak pernah improve langsung! Happy teramat amat lah! Tak pernah rasa saya boleh dapat penaikkan markah!”

It was such an emotional day, seeing their happiness and tears, bidding farewell to them, giving last minute parting advice. We told them that they had gone through enough negativity in their lives. Many people had told them that they cannot do it, that they cannot succeed, but today they really proved everyone wrong. They proved to the rest that if they worked hard and believed in themselves, they CAN achieve, and there’s no such thing as being born smart.

My first group of students, what a sweet memory.


Ok I’m done talking about Kem Skorlah but there’s still so much stuff to talk about! Now you can see why I’ve been so busy. The only free time I have these days is spent either sleeping, eating or shitting. Sometimes cannot shit also T__T

This is from Inner Child Night! We spent an entire night playing and relieving all our childhood memories doing face painting, playing Twister, singing and dancing to Backstreet Boys, blowing bubbles!

Playing Pepsi Cola!

Childhood snacks!ย We even dressed up super kiddishly in our pajamas and were clutching our soft toys all night.

We work extremely hard and play hard as well whenever we could.

We celebrated Christmas yesterday! It was mainly dedicated to our TFM trainers from the states and the UK because they have to spend Xmas away from home this year. I super love my TFM family ๐Ÿ™‚

Institute is coming to an end in 3 days, and everyone has been feeling extra melancholic these days because we’ve really bonded and have treated each other like family after 2 whole months of seeing and being with each other 24/7. We’ve seen each other’s smiles, tears, blood (yes) and sweat, we’ve held each other’s hands in challenging times, we’ve pushed each other and supported one another emotionally, and we’ve learned about everyone’s quirks and interests.

We came alone to change the world, and we’re leaving with an incredible network of 49 other similarly idealistic teachers.

I didn’t blog about this cause I was emotionally drained, but I broke down the day before the last day of Kem Skorlah. I didn’t think that I’ve been doing a great job, I thought I didn’t prepare my kids well enough, I thought I had completely wasted their time blabla but I had amazing people to support me and to hold my hand when I cried. I couldn’t have done this without them so thinking about being separated after this really saddens me ๐Ÿ™

But I know I can do it because I really want all my kids next year to experience the same joy Fadzlan and my kids at Kem Skorlah experienced.

Gotta run now, thanks for reading!

EPIC weekend

I’ve had a pretty tough few weeks lately, but I’m quite glad that’s all over now. I’ve been quite emotionally traumatized and upset about several things, so maybe someday I’ll blog about it (but it’ll be a very very vague and cryptic post).

For now, I have some backlogged pictures to post! (especially from my birthdayyy, which will have to wait for another day)

Two weekends ago, I followed a friend to Kuala Kubu Bahru with the EPIC team to help build a house for this orang asli family! I’ve been doing nothing on weekends so I thought I’d better do something productive and not while my life away watching more TV shows and spending more useless hours in the mamak.

I was quite nervous at first cause the last time I really roughed it out was yearsss ago and I’ve been such a girly feminine girl since, how to build house and carry bricks and bathe in rivers?? But I’m really glad that the entire experience was so amazingly positive that I would definitely do it over and over again ๐Ÿ˜€

The team had been there two weekends prior to this to build the basic structure of the house, so this was what greeted us upon our arrival on Saturday morning!

Ibu Biah’s (not in pic) old collapsing house. She has many daughters, sons and grandkids and the small house is clearer way too dilapidated and small for them.

So we began working!

Our team was tasked with fitting the doors and windows, and because the power drills were not working, we had to manually screw each bolt and screw in. IT WAS TERRIBLE. but not impossible so we screwed and screwed away.

Jason’s an expert at screwing now.

River time! Extremely rewarding 20 minutes.

Back to work we went. We worked from 8am-6pm both days *flexes biceps

The old house and the toilet next to it (the outdoor one with white cloth)

New house! 60% done

Just keep painting, just keep painting

This dog’s name is Chicken!

Tired but happy, I can paint for a living now

Inside, after day 1

Our view from our dorm

Day 2! Break time with ice cream uncle!

I’m also awesome at hammering. Seriously awesome. Awesome giler. Awesome until don’t know what. Too awesome can die. Awesome is my middle name. I’m awesome. Awe-some.

The inside!!!

Almost there!

The back kitchen area

Very proud of the drain Triffany and I painstakingly shoveled in the rain *flexes biceps again

View from the hill behind the house!

Ben drilling with extreme focus and concentration

7 pm, almost thereeee!

Group pictar!

8pm, giving moral support to those who were installing the last panel!

9pm – DONE! Inside the house.

And then we went for dinner, the end wtf.

All in all,ย it was a very VERYYY tiring weekend, but every single effort, every single sweat drop and aching muscle was completely worth it when we saw the smiles on Ibu Biah and her kids’ faces upon completion of the house. I would never have thought I could ever build anything other than Ikea shelves, what more an actual real house.

EPIC aims to make the world a better place, one home at a time. If you have the time and energy on your hands, do volunteer to help them out but make sure you remain committed! I always believe that the best charity is one that is consistent and not just done on random spurts whenever you feel charitable.

Even if you can’t volunteer, do spread the word and hopefully more people would sponsor such an amazing grassroot initiative!

I was very pleasantly surprised at how amazing the people I’ve worked with that weekend were. Everyone had either a full time job or was studying, but still took time off the entire weekend to slave their asses away. It’s not easy AT ALL to build a house from scratch and it’s great how everyone worked together as a team despite the varying levels of experience and skills. Malaysians are so amazing *tear wtf



To folks who missed the last XPLAY party at Johor, don’t worry cause there’s another one coming up in October! This one will be way bigger as it features some of the best DJs like Paul Van Dyk, DJ Gluseppe, Terence C, Darkroom Tale and Mister Ariffin.

Details of the party:

: 22 Oct 2011

: 7pm – you want to go back

: At Helipad, Sepang International Circuit

As with the other parties, admission is absolutely free and it’s really easy to get the tickets!

1. For Xpax or UOX members, just have to reload! Register by sending XPLAYPVD to 28881, reload RM50 and you’ll get a voucher for one free ticket!

2. Subscribe to Instanet monthly at RM50/month and win 2 tickets! (while stocks last). More info:

3. If youโ€™re a Celcom Broadband customer, activate Musicube and stand to win 2 tickets! (while stocks last). More info:

4. Download special XPLAY packages from THE CUBE ( or visit the WAP site at and stand to win 2 VIP passes.

To East Malaysians, don’t worry if you can’t make this party cause you can still go to the next XPLAY party at Kota Kinabalu! It’ll be at Bed Club, 8th October featuring DJ SHY (she’s super hot)! Entry is also free, just have to goย and register for your free passes!

More info on all XPLAY parties here:



Hello all, I’m in london! But the weather is really bad now ๐Ÿ™ it’s snowing so hard I can’t go anywhere! So let me finish talking about my hair since I have nothing to do now.

I’m actually a chicken at heart. Not the edible KFC kind but the pok pok pok scaredy cat kind lah wtf. I wanted to try short hair since 2 years ago but I never got around to doing it. TWO years to make one simple decision! If you’ve been reading me since then, you’d know that I’ve tried faking short hair before and that’s the closest I ever got to doing it wtf. True blue example of a chicken T_T

Anywayyy why I wanted to cut it so badly is cause I’m a changed person now so I need to be brave!! Why I didn’t want to cut in the first place is not cause I ‘mm seh tak’/’sayang’/feel wasted of my super long hair, but mainly cause I feel very very insecure of myself. You see, I have shoulders of a giant wtf.

I have broad shoulders and fat FAT arms which I constantly covered with with my long hair. But I dunno, now I feel like whatever lah I have fat shoulders/arms so what not anyone’s business also. (sound so confident but actually now still a bit regret when I look into the mirror and can’t cover with my hair wtf)

So yeah I went to Shunji something (Aud’s hairdresser at MidValley Boulevard) and got the most expensive cut. This is such a drastic change so I can’t stinge on it!! I used to always cut my hair for RM20 only so this RM110 cut is a lot!

The hairdresser asked if I was sure and once I nodded, he immediately cut off 12 inches!!! Walao super wanna cry that time but Aud and Jammie were there so I pretended it was no big deal T__T

Then like that lor the end now I have short hair!

Before, with straight hair


it looks super awesome with styling! but without a bit erm..not so nice lah wtf

he curled and waxed my hair for me so it looks quite girlish albeit short!

Before, with my beloved curled hair


I don’t care what anyone says I super love my short hair! I used to adore love like my long hair cause can curl and all but this is a really good change!

I used to fake short hair all the time but this is really really real! ๐Ÿ˜€

And I found a solution to all that insecurity over my big shoulders! Just wear a cardigan/blazer lor so easy peasy! Except that it’ll be hard in Msia..


I have no regrets at all except that I’m actually quite a girly person and half my wardrobe is skirts/dresses! It’s actually quite hard to pull off the girly look now but I think I can still do it =D

I don’t think your hair should define your personality so even if I have super hardcore spiky hair (oh I did it just now and it’s super awesome! I looked like a dyke wtf), I’m still gonna wear dresses and rock them!

I love my short hair โ™ฅ sometimes it feels weird, like a big part of me is gone (wtf so emo), but the change is extremely refreshing. It takes 2 minutes to wash my hair and 5 seconds to dry it! Don’t even need to comb anymore!

Ok I tell you one secret. Actually right the MAIN MAIN MAIN reason why I wanted to cut is cause I wanted to experience one feeling I’ve been craving for a while now. I wanted to know how it feels to take the towel, put it on your hair and just shake really hard (it’s different with long hair). I wanted to know how it feels like to take some wax and rummage it through your hair and roughen it up. Actually this sounds like penis envy! I just wanted to know how it feels like to be a boy!!! WTF Freud was right after all

I think if you have the right face shape, you should definitely go for it! I have a feeling I’ll be bored of it after a while but oh well, better than not satisfying my need to try something different ๐Ÿ™‚

Sunset Peak

I’m procrastinating so badly! I studied one chapter yesterday for about one hour and then watched my Korean drama for 5 hours wtf. Boys over flowers is exactly like Meteor Garden! Haha but still so fun to watch and now that it has ended I feel like there’s a void inside me now T_T

Today I studied for another hour and now I’m blogging. Aih I don’t like how it works here where everything is so exam-based, just like high school! Apparently, the amount of crap you are able to churn out and how much your hand can write without dying are your keys to getting As in exams here. Shit I don’t even remember how to memorize stuff without truly understanding what I’ve read anymore.ย I’m glad I’m studying in the US then!

Anyway, here are a million pictures of my hike last weekend ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m so excited to show them off!

This was 30 minutes into our hike where the steps were a lot less steep! The first part really killed me and I didn’t think of taking pictures at all!

SHUT UP I know I look like I was going shopping or something hahahah! For some reason I didn’t think we were reallyyy going on a real hike I don’t know why. I was wearing cardigan and didn’t even have a backpack T__T

Seriously what was I thinking wtf

My companions, Mabel, Neil and Tom! They’re all British so I’m constantly hearing stuff like oh crickey, blimey, mate wtf

Amazing weather for hiking!!

Not so amazing shoes for hiking.. I bling-ed them too cause I had extra left after doing my camera so why not wtf

These steps are killing me! Dah lah no oxygen when the altitude gets higher

Only two diamantes came out! not bad

Why oh why didn’t I just not bring a bag! Imagine holding a bag like this while you’re trying to balance yourself from not falling off the cliff wtf

With Mabel!

I love how Hong Kong has everything! Tired of the city? Go hiking and enjoy the scenery!

With Neil and his pan-cute asian pose!

With Mabel โ™ฅ

All of us on the rock!

Super well-equipped hikers, unlike me wtf

Can see the beach from here =D

After 3.5 hours, 1.5 hours to go!

The hills have eyes wtf

Look Ma, I’m studying! hahaha no serious those are really my notes

Going to our next peak!

I couldn’t believe this but we went through all those 4 peaks =O

more pictures after the cut!

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My week

Sorry sorry I really have no time to blog now although I’m in high spirits to blog right now. I’ve already started my internship and as usual, it’s back to the waking up at 6.30am and sleeping before 11.30pm routine again. Even so, I’m not getting my required 8 hours of sleep wuwu. Will talk about my work later.

Firstly! My week! What have I been up to?? I haven’t blogged for an ENTIRE WEEK *GASPS

I’ve never not blogged for this long before! What have become of me! Lazier and fatter that’s what T__T You’ll see..

Jammie brought me to this eyebrow threading place! I was an eyebrow threading virgin before this *big wet eyes

So much nicer than plucking myself!

So Giang and her boyfriend, Linh, came to visit me last week! This is Linh and Barry waiting for us while we shopped. Aiya wait a bit also cannot wtf

Giang and Linh =D

Us with her beloved hello kitty

One fine day after I spent so much time curling my hair

after FIVE minutes T_________T I hate this seriously. I woke up so early for shit ah

I also changed cause I looked exceptionally fat that day so I couldn’t wear a tube dress. I threw such a big tantrum that day cause everything about me went sooo wrong. Must be the PMS *blames

Majolica Majorca mascara which is amazing! But a pain to remove

Barry Marry Strawberry

Me, looking bitchy wtf. I’m not bitchy one ok although I look like I am..I’m only mean when I’m in a very bad mood.

Usually I’m like this one wtf. This is my favorite pastime now! Putting random pieces of food on my teeth and take pictures. This time I took chili and almost burnt my tongue to death..

HAHAHAHA! This is the most unflattering angle EVER! Try it! Even if you’re damnnnn good looking, you’ll end up looking like shit too!

Omg look at my meaty arms. I hate it that the first parts that get fat first will be my arms and shoulders and upper back!! Make me look so bulky T_T

Oh by the way, this was at Timothy’s birthday party!



NICHOLAS YOU DAMN STUPID LAH HAHAHAHA your eyebrows hahahahha damn funny!!!!

Us with the drunk birthday boy

HAHAHA can you spot nicholas again??

With Jammie and the man with them brows wtf

look at what barry did to me!!! domestic violence sial wtf. No lah actually he was playing wii and I walked in front of him and chiakkkkkkkkk and wuwuwuuwu and sorry sorry baby sorry and wuwuwuwu somemore

look at the fats on my back! sigh this is what malaysian food does to people T_T I won’t even bother photoshopping it cause lying to myself will only make me eat more..

With Giang in her hotel room. Guess what we were doing!

Nyehehe! Soaking our feet after a long day of walking. Don’t know why was the water green though!

๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for coming babe! I hope you liked Msia!

My crown earring!

We had one hour to kill before dinner with my family so guess what we did wtf. We went to the cyber cafe hahaha! We played SPORE, this amazing game created by the creators of The Sims! Sooo fun!

Then we went to Sheraton for buffet and I ate sooooo much and now I feel so guilty ๐Ÿ™ But the food was free! Cause my sister works there for her training thingy now. So, yays!

OK 11.30pm sharp, time to sleep! Shit forgot to talk about my job. Will talk about it next time. Sorry for the hiatus, hope this post made up for it!

The last supper

Hello I’m at the airport now! Here is the amazing picture I promised!



This is the trash room and we are thieves wtf. (I can hear shanshan going nooo we’re not thieves this is not stealingggg)

Anyway we needed boxes to pack our stuff and the campus center sells them at a VERY ridiculous price. We didn’t want to get storage bins cause they’re expensive too so here we are collecting boxes like homeless people wtf.

It’s so funny cause we went there a few times but the boxes they had were way too small. So in this picture, we finally found the PERFECT boxes and we (actually just me..) were squealing in delight and going omg omg we are saved!! (and shanshan going see I told you god will help us wtf)

Seriously I cannot describe in words my exact feeling upon finding these big boxes T________T You should see my face! It was a face filled with absolute joy ^_^ wtf

Random pictures I took yesterday:

We spent the entire day packing T__T It was hell!

The mess outside our room

Thank god Justin helped us with his car or we would have died if we had to carry these boxes allll the way up to the mountains to be stored


Said mountains..we had to store our stuff in this really far dorm which is somewhere in the mountains (I’m exaggerating lah but it’s really surrounded by trees and hills and rivers). Ah, my campus is so pretty.

So, we treated him to dinner in our favorite Korean restaurant!


Yeah thanks a lot Justin, you can so see my beautiful features




Our food! mmm. We had to finish our dinner in 30 minutes so we had time to move our stuff T_T Almost choked and died of indigestion wtf

Argh! Yesterday I was moving in heels and dress! I was so macho ok I held up an 8 feet long rug on my shoulder with one hand!!! in heels! But we didn’t have time to take a picture of my machoness. Too bad girlies *points a finger gun at all my fans and winks WTF


My last meal here for this year T_T my favorite sandwich and honest tea orange mango (just a tad sweet!)


Me, almost dead. My arms have officially fallen off. If you see them please help me glue them back T_T (I’m so dead, I have TWO 23kg bags. My flight to London is fine but what about my flight back to Malaysia???????? I’m only allowed ONE 20kg bag!!! fuck this shit)

Internet here is sooo slow so I better go. I’ll be in London in…12 hours. Argh so long!! and I got an aisle seat I HATE aisle seats T____T. I’m going to force myself to drink more water so I need to go to the restroom more. Have to take advantage of my aisle seat!

If there’s ANYONE who’s going back to Msia from London and don’t have much stuff to bring back, will you please carry one bag for me wtf. I’ll pay you with my friendship and grace you with my presence wtf


Okay so I was packing and there was a tinyyyy problem…

How in the world am I gonna bring all this home??? I have no idea I own thatttt many clothes! (and these are only summer clothes T_T) And haven’t even added in my shoes and miscellaneous stuff such as 2 hair curlers, 1 straightener and whole lot of makeup T_T

And here I am going around telling everyone that nooo I’m very stingy one I don’t spend money one I only have 10 pieces of clothing in my closet wtf. I noticed that I’m more willing to spend now! Maybe cause I finally hallelujah came to the realization that I can’t bring all that money with me when I die. But of course, I’m still very very careful with spending except that I’m not that stingy that it gets annoying..hopefully.

Anywayyy, so how?? I only have 20kg since I’m flying with Airasia and there’s no way my luggage is less than 20kg! Must find ways to trick Barry into carrying half my load for me nyehehe

Halfway done and my luggage is already full T___T

I think I might have to pile on the layers when I fly back wtf. Actually right, half my luggage is filled with clothes still with their tags attached wtf. I guess I haven’t changed after all.. ๐Ÿ™ Although the dates to return those stuff have already passed, something in me is still hoping that I can still sell them elsewhere if I don’t like them…lalala

Tomorrow is going to be one very exciting and crazy day! Cause we’ll have to pack our entire college lives into cardboard boxes and lug them all the way to be stored in the musty storage room! Exciting cause this signifies the end of yet another year and crazy cause omg it’ll be soooo hectic. I won’t be surprised if my muscles suddenly balloon to twice their sizes.

It’s 3am now and I’m too lazy to get my phone but I have this amazing picture to show you guys! Come back in 10 hours ok I’ll post it then! bye! psst: shanshan is inside the pic wtf