Today I am here to tell you that I’m going on a mission.

If you’d noticed, I said the exact same thing around the same time last year too. Spring semester is usually the time when I realize that oh shit I’m going back in a few months and I’d die if someone back home tells me that I’d gained weight. Fall is usually when I can eat without a care in the world cause when winter comes, I’m going to pile on the clothes and no one is going to notice.

But spring is a-coming.

And thus I shall lay out my missions for all to read.


Objective: To lose weight/ slim down/ be healthier


1. Exercise at least 3 times a week in my room (cause it’s snowing and it’s too cold to go out T_T)

2. Go to the gym once a week now but when it gets warmer, go to the gym 3 times a week!!! HAIK  gbr

3. Eat less. I’m a small eater so at this rate I shall just stop eating altogether wtf  T_T sungguh kesian

My lunch the other day. I made the chicken myself! It’s baked chicken with cornflakes and although it does look fattening BUT IT IS NOT OK IT IS BAKED AND CORNFLAKES ARE HEALTHY *damn defensive wtf

I loveeee carbs but I have to cut down on my carbs now sigh. ok where was i?

Ultimate mission at the end of the day: to be 45 kg please omg I beg you let me be 45kg and I’ll be happy and not blog about being fat anymore. I am now 50 kg I have no idea how I gained so much weight lately. Ok fine so weight is just a number but even when I look in the mirror I do look quite fat. (“but no suet you don’t look fat at all!” shut up all you see are just pictures of my face, wait till you see my 4 layers. i’m serious. 4 fucking layers.)

I’ve already taken some before pictures and I’ll take one every month to see my progress. IF I do look different, I’ll post up all the pictures and what I did to lose all that. If you don’t see that post it means I failed lah wtf (if you don’t see it please don’t ask me about it if not I’ll get emo wtf)


Objective: save enough to buy my ticket back home!


1. work more T___T

2. spend less. At this rate, I have to spend negative amount of money. How ah? Buy something and force that person to pay me instead hahaha

3. layer on more powder on my face and beg for advertorials wtf

4. make more pretty/hot/sexy friends so I can post their pictures up and get more hits wtf

5. last option: find a sugar daddy WTF wtf wtf wtfwtftftf i’m kidding baby (or not) (eh you want me to go home or not please focus on the main objective now wtf)

But don’t worry I’m sure one of these plans would work and I’ll be home in no time!


Objective: to be less lazy


1. err..everytime I succumb to the evil that is laziness, I shall fine myself $1

I have to shower now but I’m kind of lazy.. *inserts $1 into the fine box wtf

But i’m serious ok I skipped sooo many classes last semester cause I was too lazy to get out of my comfort zone (you know sometimes you’ve achieved the most comfortable position ever and you just don’t feel like moving?). Thank god my grades are not based on attendance or else I’d flunk all my classes T_T

p.s: if you think you’re fat too and you feel like I’m not fat but here I am whining about being fat, put all your negativity aside and let’s go on this mission together! These are some of the workouts I’m doing in my room, they are easy to follow: here, here, and here. If you want more, google or find them on youtube! I shall report on their effectiveness after 4 months ok.

Workaholic me

Ok innocent question: do your grades really matter when looking for a job in the future? or would you say how you do in the interview/your knowledge/past internships matter more? Cause I’m totally flunking this semester and I’m so worried but at the same time couldn’t really care less to do well EVERY semester. Give me a break =( I thought college is when you’re supposed to be enjoying life the most? Is that true? Should that be true? Or will I regret not putting in as much effort and end up screwing my gpa..

An example: I kinda screwed up my first midterm for Psych (i got 83..which is a B) and because of that, in order to get A in that class, I need to get at least 98% for both my two exams later. Crazy ar how to get 98%!!! So question: should I study kao kao super damn hard just to get the A, or just chill and relax= chillax and hope for the best wtf.


I just realized that I’m sort of a workaholic wtf but I also realized that ALL my jobs are rather low in skills..which is depressing to know.

I started my first job when I was 15. I worked in a restaurant as a waitress, albeit illegally because I was underaged. I also did a short stint as a telemarketer (i had to sell insurance wtf)

When I was 16, I became a waitress again.

When I was 17, I decided that I might wanna take up medicine and become a doctor. So, I thought hey let’s experience life being a doctor first, and so I worked as a nurse in a clinic.

This job changed my life. No serious. Because of this and all the doctor’s advices, I decided against pursuing my dreams of becoming a gynaecologist and that’s why I’m here as an Econ major. To be honest, I wasn’t very gung-ho about inspecting vajayjays for the rest of my life, I was only in it for the money..

Anyway I really liked being a nurse though! I learned all the names of the medicines and which medicine is for which illness, all in one day! I really liked talking to the patients, and talking to my doctor about his life as a doctor (which sucks. seriously. he told me to NEVER become a doctor unless I have the passion for it, cause life as a doc sucks)

When I was 18, I worked as a waitress again! I loveeee being a waitress in Pizza Uno cause I really genuinely liked the food there, I loved the people I worked with, and I really liked talking to all the customers! Everyday was different because you meet and talk to different types of people.

After years of getting only RM5 an hour, I advanced to another level wtf and started doing part time jobs as a promoter. It was really hard, but I could earn up to RM30 an hour! I did this for a year.

Then I came here. I worked in the kitchen last year and this year, I’m doing all types of different jobs. I worked as a ball runner, I’m now working as a shot clock monitor for basketball games, I clean the kitchenette in my dorm, I wash dishes in the campus center and I’m also a waitress in the college’s hotel.

Sometimes, I help clear the trash in my dorm for extra money too. My best friends are worms I’m not kidding T____T I’ve seen sooo many of them T___T

Life is hard, especially when you’re always doing unskilled jobs T___T

Rich people, appreciate your life while it lasts wtf. I always feel how life is so unfair cause some people are so rich they don’t have to work like shit while they’re still studying but recently I’ve been thinking..thanks to all the people who pay full tuition to my college, that’s how they can afford to give me my scholarship anyway so whee!

And I also feel that since I work hard for my money, that’s how I really take care of my spending. Because buying a top = $10 is equivalent to me cleaning dishes for an hour. Is the top worth it? Will I clean dishes/run after a ball on a cold rainy day/do trash for that top? Most of the time the answer is no, so that’s how you get a kiamsiap Suet ^_^

Another way you can go about being frugal is to think of your parents. Before buying something you don’t really need, think of your mom in the office, doing shit for other people, getting scolded by the boss, think of your dad travelling to work everyday just to earn enough money for your family and here you are wasting that on a stupid top/dress/handphone/whatever?? It works every time!

Testing 123

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new site *bows, waves, curtsies and whatever rocks your boat


Yeap I think I’ll stick to this blue layout for now! I like the colorful one before this better (you might not have seen it before) but I think it’s too simple and will take too much time to change. I actually wanted a pink layout but it seems that a lot of female bloggers are using pink layouts!

I’m really not a fan of blue but it’s so much trouble to find something that will suit me best. Anywayyy, I’m gonna stick to this until I find something else.

Tell me what do you think about this layout and what I should change =)

Oh and also, it’s flattering but the girl in the header is not me =) This picture was taken by this sixteen year old girl! I chose this cause it seems a little too self-obsessed to put my own bigass picture as my header (and because all my pictures are nowhere as artistic looking), and also cause this actually looks like me except that I’m nowhere as thin wtf.

I will update the about me page soon. However, I’m too busy/lazy to update the FAQ on american colleges but Su Ann did a pretty good rundown so do visit her site if you wanna know more.

What else…erm oh yeah you may have noticed that I don’t have my blogroll anymore!!! GRR cause this theme is not widget ready and I’m too tired to find where I should put the blogroll in my css so sorry! I guess I won’t be linking anyone until I find the energy to play with css again.

With all that being said, welcome again!

Tired Suet


Thanks for all your concern but I’ve arrived safely (actually NO ONE CARES ALSO *bawls cries throws tantrum wtf)

I was too tired yesterday and although I’m still extremely exhausted, I shall blog anyway since everyone wants to know what happened to me (or not *cries bawls screams wtf). My flights went pretty well, no delays whatsoever but it was so tiring. My total journey from KL to my college took me…jeng jeng jeng..

42 fucking hours T_______________________T

Can you imagine! Almost two days to get here!I know you don’t want to know but I’ll tell you my whole journey anyway.

9.25 am, left KLIA and arrived in Hong Kong around 1.20pm. (wah why I still remember the exact time)

I love Cathay’s planes! Individual screens with everything on demand, and plug! (but dunno why it couldn’t work on this flight) That’s my monkee (cause it sounds cuter with two ee’s wtf) and my all time favorite tam tam biskut ketam.

Monkee serving its purpose

4.30p.m, left HK and arrived in LA around 2.15am the next day. Which is 2.15 pm in LA I know it’s damn confusing.

7 hours layover in LA, watched my drama (Moonlight Resonance DAMN NICE WEI)

9.15pm, left LA and arrived in New York around 2am, which is 5am in NY stupid time difference I hate it! I have so much trouble adjusting to all that stupid time difference and didn’t know when I should sleep so ended up NOT SLEEPING AT ALL HUHUUHUHU

Anyway, departed NY around 7am, reached Boston around 8.30am.

Breakfast in plane

This was when the nightmare started.

From Boston airport, rushed like mad to get my huge suitcases and took a bus to the bus station. In the bus, I met this Japanese rocker chick who played violin in a rock band. We got along really well and talked and she said she’d come visit me! Yays! +1 friend wtf damn desperate

Arrived at the bus station, and took the next bus to Amherst. Reached Amherst around 1.30pm and took the next bus to my college, still lugging my huge suitcases. Saw a few lesbians, a few weird looking people, a few people dressed in the ugliest clothes ever, stopped the bus cause yeap that’s my college.

Lugged my suitcases up the hill to my dorm and finally, I heaved a sigh of relief. 42 hours, 5 hours of sleep, 4 plane rides, 3 bus rides, 2 time differences and 1 jap girl later, I was finally back.

Monkee, after 42 hours. Scared and very traumatized.

BUT.  I was far from done. I had to go get my key, then sign some forms and bunk the beds up myself. My room is far too small if I don’t bunk the beds but they said I have to bunk them up myself. WHAT?? Dude I just got back from a 42 hour journey, 5 hours of sleep, 4 plane rides, 3 bus rides, 2 time differences and 1 jap girl, you did not just ask me to bunk my beds myself!!

Alas, I was too tired to argue with the system and asked my neighbors to help me bunk the beds.

As if that wasn’t all, I had to lug all my stuff back from the storage myself. 14 boxes altogether. Only one very tired Suet. The storage place was only 100m away, thank god, but all the boxes are very very heavy. I ended up only bringing 4 of them back cause I felt like fainting already.

Took a shower, bought a drink, watched another episode of moonlight resonance, ate a fish burger for dinner alone, and went to bed.

If I wasn’t me, I would have thought what I just went through was very pathetic. Carry all the boxes one by one alone, eat alone, and stay in the room to watch drama alone wtf.

But, I am me. And I think what I just went through was very heroic. I didn’t know I could do all that alone but I did it. Now, I shall do what a person of my strength and courage and bravery is destined to do. I shall..watch my drama!


Mission: Lose 4 kg before summer

Accomplice: Xu Shanshan

Enemy: FATS



FOR EXAMPLE WHEN YOU SEE 1: exercise, THINK IN YOUR BRAIN IT’S NUMBER 1: EXERCISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 ok? set? go!

1: We’re only allowed to eat one big meal a day. If we eat a more than 500 calorie lunch, we must only eat fruits or vege for dinner! If we eat less than 500 for lunch, we’re allowed one piece of protein for dinner.

2: We must exercise 3 times a week, 1 hour each time. MUST! Since the weeks to come will be our dead weeks, we are allowed to alter the 1 hour to 30 minutes but we must do it!

3: We will do sit ups and push ups and other miscellaneous stuff in our room EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! HAIK!

4: We will encourage each other along the way and think of motivating phrases. If I’m eating correctly, Shanshan will say “wow suet you are so good! wow keep it up! wow jia you!” wtf. If I see shanshan doing sit ups, I’ll go “yay yay you go girl yay yes you can do it yay work that body” wtf hahahhaha damn annoying

5: don’t have already lah so many meh

OK so that’s our plan and let’s see if we can do it!



1. I managed to eat only yoghurt, oatmeal and a taco for lunch. Then, I went to the gym to work out for an hour and played basketball alone for 30 mins.

2. As for my accomplice, she gave up shortly after I asked her to go to the gym =____=

It’s ok! mission will not be aborted! Although I’m on my own now, I shall not give up during these crucial moments. I’ll die if I have to go home without losing weight cause the worst thing in the world is to hear people telling you that you’ve put on weight, ESPECIALLY if you hadn’t..(or so you think..)


Attention Mr Barry Ooi,

A certain Ms Liew Suet Li has found your heart, please go to the lost and found section and claim hers in return.

Happy 12th baby! (although it’s the 13th already) I love you so much!

Truth is, I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind ever since you captured my heart 3 years and 4 months ago. I don’t know what to do anymore but to keep yours hostage as well. If you don’t plan to give mine back anytime soon, can I keep yours with me too? Cause the longer I hold it in my hand, the more I feel it permeating every part of my body. I’m so scared that it’ll be a permanent part of me and I won’t be able to give it back to you if you want it back someday.

40 months wow and we thought this was just a fling eh. I guess it’s better to not expect too much sometimes =)

TV shows binge..again

I don’t even know whose fault this is to begin with. It started with one person, and then two, and then a whole bunch of them at the same time! All of my friends kept saying “look you really have to give this a try, it’s really good and you won’t regret it”. So I did, I gave it a try a month ago but I didn’t understand anything at all. Yeah you all know what I’m talking about. Gossip Girl, that’s what!

Tze and Jiameei and Aud and THE WHOLE FREAKING WORLD said I should give it a try so I did yesterday at 1 am. From then till now, I’ve watched 8 episodes of that show back to back. It’s crazy and I’m going crazy and my boyfriend’s going crazy. I’m watching it on a website and the worst thing is, the website automatically switches the next episode on when an episode ends! So whenever I finish one ep and say to myself that that’s enough, the next episode plays and with the fast connection here, I don’t even have to wait for it to load!

No loading time, a website that automatically switches the show on for you=no resting time at all. My favorite ONE TREE HILL is also back and I’ve watched the first 2 episodes meaning..in the past 8 hours excluding my sleeping time, I’ve watched 10 episodes of TV shows which ALSO means I only had 10 mins in between each episode to stretch and catch my breath. Oh wait, in that 8 hours, I also managed to beat this guy’s ass in pool..twice.

I have no idea how I did it. First, how did I manage to watch 10 episodes in 8 hours AND play two games of pool AND eat AND pee?

Secondly, how did I manage to walk in a 6 degree celcius weather with only and ONLY one tshirt? Which is completely irrelevant but since we’re at this, I think I can now come to a conclusion that I indeed am a superwoman.

And of course, I’m still Thy King. After my two major accomplishments above, that is beyond anyone’s doubt anymore. Whoa, how can anyone not acknowledge the fact that I’m a superior being knowing that I just watched 10 episodes of TV shows and only wore one tshirt in winter! Who could have thunk that I, that I..am that great.

And my last accomplishment to add to that fawesome list of achievements is that I typed this WHOLE entry while peeing. I am truly remarkable. So insanely great that I don’t even have an adjective to describe my superbness anymore.

p.s: I love Blair!! she is sooo cute and pretty and so Blair! Su ann told me that Lindsay Lohan was supposed to play Blair and omg let’s just all take a moment to thank god that that didn’t happen.

My boyfriend is saying stuff like how he has lost his girlfriend to a tv show and that he will jump off this building now if I don’t stop watching and pay him some attention. You know what I shall say to him? i know you love me XOXO! that’s what! muahahah wtf. okay that’s something you’ll only know if you watch gossip girl too.

Bye no time to waste!