Barry was complaining how our conversations are getting so dull these days cause I always say the same stuff over and over again. This is unfortunately very true and calls for a great concern because my vocabulary is getting much smaller too ;_;

These are the common phrases I reuse over and over again in ALL our daily conversations:

1. dumbo

Seriously it’s getting a little too much lately. I greet him with “dumbooo” EVERYTIME we talk!! on msn, on skype, on everything! Pick up his call and I’ll go “hello dumbo!” How?? this is a critical problem.

For example:


It’s really that bad ok! T_T

Worst thing is it’s in my subconscious already! I just typed dumbo without knowing that I did it..like using wtf. Arghhh! dumbo isn’t exactly the sweetest pet name for someone wtf

2. your head lah

This is such a useful phrase!!! I use it very very often..a little too often actually that it’s getting annoying. For example:

Barry: I want to buy new shoes!

Me: new shoes your head lah!

Barry: ;_;

3. something something je tau

Like your head lah, this one has almost the same usage.

Barry: I want to shower!

Me: shower shower je tau!!

Barry: ;_;

4. ca~nnot like tha~t

this ~ means i drag that part longer. like caaaannot like thaaaat. The way I say it is very very annoying one!!! I want to show you but I can’t obviously so if you see me on the street, stop me and ask me how I say this and I’ll tell you! Damn annoying but funny also wtf

Barry: sigh I’m too lazy to go out with my friends

me: ca~nnot like tha~t!

Barry: but you stay in your room all the time too!

me: tsk tsk tsk..ca~nnot like tha~t!!!

Barry: ;_;

5. you lah

THIS is sooooo useful! I love this phrase! You can retort ANYTHING with it and the other person will not know what to reply to it at all.

Barry: Let’s go to the mall!

Suet: You lah go to the mall

Barry: ……*gives up on life  ;_;

As you can see, the phrase has NO meaning at all hahahah

But anyway why I said you can use it to retort anything is cause whenever he scolds me for something, I’ll use this to defend myself and it’ll leave him dumbfounded.

Barry: eh don’t talk so loud!

Me: you lah don’t talk so loud!

Barry: stop copying me!

Me: you lah stop copying me!

Barry: ;_;

hahahahhah damn useful right!!! I think I should join the debate team!

Opponent: Abortion should not be made legal because it’s akin to murdering one’s child blablabla

Me: you lah shouldn’t be made legal!

…………I question my intelligence sometimes hahhaha but seriously, there’s NOTHING the other person can say after I said that because it’s so dumb!

6. Nooo

I actually feel stupider as I write this cause this list is getting lamer and lamer.

Barry: Bee you should go to the gym more ok. You don’t drink enough water also no wonder you can’t shit lah! Must eat more vege also if not later you complain you haven’t shat in 4 days again. How like that? Complain your lips very dry lah this lah that lah but ownself never drink water.

*long pause*

Me: Nooo

Barry: ……….;_;

What does “nooo” even mean in that context?? But it’s quite a good retort right. When your mom is nagging at you to clean up and asking you why you’re so messy etc etc you just go “nooo” then she got nothing to say in return already hahaha

Yeah so it’s really very interesting to talk to me right wtf. It’s amazing that Barry hasn’t given up on me…yet. But these are all very addictive! After some time, HE started using all MY phrases too. When I was in Germany, we had a rule that if any of us used these phrases, the other person would be given all the rights to flick the other person in the forehead as hard as he/she could flick hahah.

Once upon a time

Thank you everyone, I’m in a much better mood already. Well, I was in a much better mood but I just got back a paper and I didn’t do that well so I’m sad again……T_T

#35. 25 March ’09

ok I know i’m totally cheating again cause I really forgot to take pictures! Anyway if there’s one picture that can represent my entire Wednesday, it’ll be this:


So there

#36. 26 March ’09


Argh I’m upset cause this is the class I like most this semester and yet I’m doing so shitty in it! I’m making a big deal out of this B because this professor is NOT strict at all!!! and yet..sigh

the worst thing is 30% of our grade is based on class participation and I NEVER talk in class. Cause everyone always has such good ideas and arguments and I’m always too shy to talk =(

I don’t think this will be much of a problem if I was back in Malaysia. I think the professor will even give me extra 5% just to shut me up in class wtf but here I really can’t do it =( I’m constantly harping on my sentence structure and grammar and accent just so I won’t sound weird/stupid argh I know I shouldn’t think that way but it’s hard when you’re surrounded by smart articulate women!

Maybe I’m not cut out to be in a liberal arts college after all. I never have an opinion, I’m not remotely articulate AT ALL, and I can’t argue anything well enough to save my ass. But maybe..that’s why I’m here..to learn and learn I shall! *sudden surge of optimism wtf

Sigh I’m such a boring person. Once I’m not whining about my sadness, I’m complaining about my grades. How boring can I get! Let me think of something unboring..erm..OK here’s a video of me doing an exotic belly dance!

HaHAha! kidding!

ok for realz, here’s a video of me playing strip poker!!

HAHA kidding again! You think my life so exciting meh! The only video I have is of me playing basketball alone wtf but I took it vertically so I’m not going to upload it or you’d have to spend the next 2 minutes craning your neck.

Some more it’s seriously just a video of me shooting balls. seriously. Just me..alone..shooting balls. That will probably be the saddest video ever. There’s no happy ending or anything, no moral of the story, no punch line, nothing exciting..just me..alone..shooting balls. ok this is getting annoying.

See! you either get sad suet who goes on and on about the weight of her heart or a crazy suet who goes on and on about shooting balls. don’t worry tomorrow will be a happier day. I promise!

p.s: the greatest mystery of all time that I really want to know: why did Father Mckenzie wipe the dirt on his hands as he walked from eleanor rigby’s grave? and why was nobody saved? what did it mean?

Sweaty Suet

Arghh I’m so used to blogging everyday that now it feels weird if I don’t blog and my fingers will itch wtf. Let’s see how long this persistence will go on for..

So I’ve been doing a fair amount of thinking about this topic and I think I’ve reached a conclusion. If there’s one word you would use to describe me, ask ANYONE who knows me well, and i’m very sure they’ll say that word will either be “wtf” or “sweat”

I’m VERY VERY SURE! I can bet my life on it!

Yeah so I was talking to barry about it and I was whining about how sad my life is. Why can’t that word be “interesting” or “sexy” or “exciting” or “intelligent” or “funny” or “interesting” (yeah yeah I know I’ve said it but I’m repeating it cause I really want interesting to be that one word that describes me wtf but sadly i’m anything but interesting)

What if I die one day and this is what’s written on my tombstone:

Here lies the most wtf and sweat-est person mankind has ever had the chance to encounter. Bless her wtf and sweat soul. May she sweat in peace. WTF (this wtf is wtf to the tombstone, not that it’s on the tombstone itself ok)

I don’t want to be a wtf/sweat girl!!! I don’t want to talk to people and have them go hmm she is so wtf..I want them to go wow she’s so interesting! you know…(or you don’t know but pretend you do! can’t you see how engrossed I am in this topic wtf)

haih I think I’m born to be like this =.= every single thing I say to anyone is bound to elicit some sort of wtf, or sweat (=.=”) response. Why?? Tell me why? (ain’t nothing but a heart ache..tell me why ain’t nothing but a mistake..tell me- WAIT! SEE!! THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU! I AM SO WTF!!!)

ARGHHHH I’m going crazy! I don’t want to be remembered like this T_______T I don’t want my parents to go “ahh, that daughter of ours, she is sooo wtf” or my boyfriend to go “oh you know I used to have a very wtf girlfriend” or my friends to go “eh eh let me tell you all about this wtf friend I have” or my readers to go “hey wanna read this blog of a very wtf girl?” or my neighbors to go- ok you know what I mean

I think I’m overreacting. But what would you know ok!! If there’s one word to decribe YOU, I’m pretty damned sure it won’t be wtf!

ok I shall stop now……….*refrains self from saying wtf


On a compleeeetely unrelated note, I have absolutely outdone myself this weekend. I am the epitome of awesomeness because I finished my 3 papers in ONE day. I am indeed thy king. Indeedy indeedy I am. I’m amazed at my own efficiency and determination. and while I’m blowing my own horn, I need you to remember that I am also very interesting sometimes you know. You see..I can err..I err..I have an interesting life because I stayed in the entire weekend to do work DAMMIT ARGH why can’t i ever be interesting even if I have to lie!

Anyway please stop interrupting me.

What I wanted to say is..I finished my work in one day so I spent the rest of my weekend trying on clothes ^_^

#18. 8 March ’09

Remember this plain tee I bought? So I was thinking and thinking if I should return it (since it’s not exactly super cheap..) so I tried it on with other stuff to see how versatile it is

With my mom’s blazer and black skirt

With just a short skirt

With a black blazer and a dress I made into a skirt. Eh super versatile can?!? I’m so keeping it. Some more it’s kinda loose and very comfy! haih $15 then $15 lah T_T

(stupid barry!!! he said it’s a tshirt of course it’s versatile. I hate him T__T now I have no reason to keep this and have to return it T__T)

Since I was bored..here’s more. I’m so in love with my this cardigan cause it has tiny cute gold buttons!

These days I’m so into grey+pink combo! cropped out my face cause I’m still having these self esteem problems all thanks to my inability to have that one word to describe me be “interesting” omg I’m still at it. God I AM annoying.


Korea Night

Let me tell you the most loserish story you’d have ever heard. Ok maybe not the most..but in my case, it’s MY saddest story ever.

So last night we went to Korea Night, a cultural night with performances and korean food etc. We were happy cause it was all paid for by our Student Advisor of our floor so yays!

#4: 21 Feb ’09

Korean food! Sososososoooo good! Maybe cause it was free? heh

Bonus pic of shanshan!

Jarin and shanshan. Jarin’s short hair is reallllly cool from behind. One day when I’m brave enough, I shall do that too. Watch me!

Me with shanshan during the boring performances

I thought I wanted to camwhore less but…oh well not that I do my makeup very often these days!

Yeap so we were happy and all and then that night, they had the after party and we didn’t know if we should go. Back story: shanshan and I are both two veryyyy superrrr boring people. We almost never go to parties and rather stay in our room and study (her) and read FML (me..what a loser wtf)

Sooo we decided that for once in our lives, we have to be cool wtf. So after deciding for so long, we went back and added makeup etc etc and she even called her friends from another college to come to the party. We brought $2 each (cause that’s how much parties here usually cost) and went.

When we got there, we saw that there were very few people still so we thought we should hang around outside for a bit. So, we started playing foosball wtf omg i’m such a loser. Her friends came and went into the party while we were still playing foosball =_________= eh the game got intense ok cannot just stop halfway

After like forever, we finally decided to just go inside. But right before we went in, we were still thinking if we should go cause it was around 11.30pm and she was sleepy wtf cause we were so used to sleeping early, and I was reluctant to pay the $2 WTF (cause if the party was lousy then waste my $2 only!).

So we spent 10 more mins taking pictures while deciding if we should go in. fuck the more i tell this story the more of a loser i feel but it’s ok my sole purpose in life is to entertain you all wtf

Anywayyyyy after sooo soooo long, we said WE SHOULD JUST GO CAUSE WE ALREADY CAME ALL THE WAY and so we went to the counter to get the tickets…

lo and behold…

the ticket….

was $3 each…………..

We only brought $2 each so we were short of $1. 1…stupid..dollar….

And then we went back………..shanshan thinks this is all part of god’s plan. I just think we were stupid enough to not bring more money wtf

The end of this story about our super kewlzz friday night adventure. Now I really feel like shooting myself. We felt sooo sad when we walked out of the place cause 1. it was a VERY BIG decision for us to come to this party 2. she even called her friends (who dumped us wtf) and 3. we thought for so long whether to go in or not ok!!!

So anyway we went back and I just took a few sad pictures of myself.

sad picture 1

sad picture 2

I then ate an orange and managed to peel the skin in one go! Woohoo who cares about going to parties when you can peel oranges in one go

We slept around 12.30 am. on a friday night.

And I went to bed that night still proud of my orange-peeling skill.

p.s: ok fine so I lied. I went to bed at 2am cause I just wanted to feel cool wtf. Like you know, I’m sleeping so late y’know I’m so cool ya aw aw. peace out.

p.p.s: nah for realz, we camwhored all night that’s why we slept late. will post the pics next time. your beloved shanshan was in it and she looked reallll pretty. stay tuned peace out ya aw aw i’m so annoying wtf


As (bad) luck would have it, in a funny ironic twist of fate, I have an advertorial due to be posted on my blog this week

WTF HAHAHHAHA why my luck not so good when it comes to winning lucky draws and magical chair or spin the bottle game wtf everytime never get to kiss my crush one T_T (not now la ok last time! later my bf emo)

But my only consolation is that post is mainly about myself though, and some info calling out to let people know there’s a contest and how you can go about voting..so I guess it’s not too much about branding so phew.

Also, I know this will sound stupid now that I’m saying it cause I’m posting an advertorial later but I hope nobody misconstrued my post. It is not about how I hate advertisements ok it is about my inner conflicts and my personal battle with fame money blog and err life in general wtf

Ok after this lousy disclaimer which might not do any good anyway, we can now go back to our lives of paper writing, blueberry picking and random shit like that. I’m going to take a nap now and when I wake up I’ll attempt to write the longest entry in the whole world to distract people from thinking about this freak coincidence.

Haih die lah this time *puts on brave face but actually shivering inside one wtf


ok mission to write a super long post to distract people starts now!

First of all let’s talk about err.. my day. Today is a good day because it’s 9 celcius today!!! *GASPS. It was just -10 celcius yesterday and suddenly now it’s 20 celcius higher WTF global warming kao kao. I knew Gore was right dammit him and his..charts wtf

And then err..shit that’s all nothing to talk about already T__T Cannot die die must make this entry as long as possible!

Let me si dan si dan (cincai/simply/without a care in the world wtf how do you actually translate cincai and simply into good english?) sift through my phone and see if I have pictures to post up. Everyone knows pictures make your posts longer whee!

oh yeah this is to show you how those boots look like with leggings. perhaps slightly better but they still make my legs look so short!

Speaking of short have I ever told you what I really want in life? Like in my next life if I get reincarnated and am not a pig or something wtf, I only want TWO things! Not that greedy right only two things ok!

I want to be rich and tall. That’s all!!! I want to be 5 feet 7 that’s all is that too much to ask for T__T Just 170cm please lah let me be 170 please please *obsessive wtf. And why rich it’s so I don’t have to worry about a lot of things and if I was rich but ugly I can go get plastic surgery! As long as got money can already.

Haih if I was 170cm there are so many things I can do in life. I’ll look instantly better in everything! and I’m sure if I was 170cm I can play basketball better too. Being short sucks although I’m faster than taller people but I get blocked/tapped all the time when I shoot T_T And when I try to get rebounds people would laugh at me T___T

And last time when I was playing basketball this tall guy came up to me and said hey shorty how is the world down below? STUPID then I tried to take revenge by standing in front of him so I can get the rebound but as fate would have it I jumped as high as I could but I only reached his shoulders wtf

Eh can you imagine or not! This scene of me jumping vigorously to get rebound and this tall guy just stands there and looks at me while laughing and reaches over and grabs the ball easily

Wah actually I think I’m quite good at this whole trying to distract people thing. alright let’s move on

But please lah 170cm please

The other day when I was working in the gym and my nose started running so I took a picture of my red nose (like that also wanna take pic wtf shaddap that’s what a camera phone is for!)

I AM SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So sad that I can’t join the team and have to sit here and collect money instead! See if I was 170cm at least I’d be more confident to try out for the team! Everyone is at least 170cm and it’s so intimidating for a 156cm (actually i lied it’s 155 lalala maybe if i keep telling myself it’s 156 then it’ll really be 156) girl like me.

me collecting money..sorta.

170 cm 170 cm god I AM kind of annoying

the other day when it first snowed! as much as I hate snow now cause of how disgusting it is after a while, the sight of seeing everything covered in white always calms me down.

I was actually fighting with Barry here on the phone and then I looked outside and totally calmed down a little. And 2 minutes later I was yelling at him again wtf

I am not a fan of pink clothes at all but I wasn’t in a good mood that day and I needed something to cheer me up =(

Shit I don’t have pictures to show anymore. Erm erm lemme think. Oh yeah that day something really stupid happened. I went to the gym cause I haven’t been exercising for a long time. And then I did the weights for 5 minutes and looked at myself in the mirror and thought “eh actually i’m not that fat what”

then i took a picture..and left the gym.


That’s not the stupid thing you know. The stupid thing is now that I’m looking back at that picture, I realize that what was I thinking my tummy was clearly bulging and all why was I so delusional??

HAHAHA funny right laugh la

It was Tze’s bday two days ago so happy birthday to her! Everyone around me is growing older each day this is making me worried. Why? Cause I’m reading this book for my econ class and it’s all about the population crisis and how people are aging and there are fewer baby boomers now. 30-50 years from now, we’ll have more elderly than young people. Who’re gonna pay all the taxes to finance the medicare and social welfare that the old people are claiming benefits from??**

So after reading the first few chapters, I told Barry that we cannot wait anymore. In fact my exact words were,

“Barry Ooi, I know you’re still young and all but the world needs us. I cannot let it down like this and see the economy suffer in the future. We have gotta repopulate the world now. It’s all up to us!!!”

As expected, he didn’t take the news very kindly because everyone knows how much he hates kids. But I don’t care I’m going to have 6 kids, MINIMUM.

** this does not apply to developing countries wtf


Helloooooooooooooooo I’m back!!!!!!! for realz!

I finally have time to breathe and blog like normal again after my long and hectic week of exams exams and more exams. I’m still kind of busy cause I have to write an advertorial which is kinda overdue and do like 4 out of the 5 things in my checklist still T__T

But! I found a good way to update on my life when I’m busy! Video blog! I’ve done that before but always not wanna do it again because some people just couldn’t stop picking on my accent dammit. Okay yeah fine I do realize that I have a funny accent but that’s cause I’m trying to not speak with lahs and ehs and mehs cause it’s weird speaking in fast malaysian accent to an inanimate object…not that it’s not weird speaking to an inanimate object in the first place wtf

haiya let’s not waste time on disclaimers. If you don’t like to hear then don’t watch la please don’t complain. sheesh so hard to satisfy the whole world. If i don’t blog frequent enough then I’d get ”when is your next post faster la sien of this post already”. If I post wordy stuff then people whine about the lack of pictures, if I post too many pictures then people think I’m too vain and self-obsessed, if I post emo stuff then people say I’m too ranty, if post happy stuff then people say I’m showing off my perfect life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wah as if my whole life revolves around my blog meh I got more to life than sit down and think how to satisfy everyone ok.

Ok anywayyy, here are some stupid videos before I blog properly again.

(pardon the french, he was just too stressed after losing) (and i’m not always such a prude ok wtf “don’t swear” omg so annoying la me)

If you’re too lazy to watch that, basically I was just talking about what I’ve been doing lately. I’ve been studying a lot, playing word challenge with barry A LOT, trying to cook for him since I don’t wanna pay for his meals (kiamsiapppp) and I’m gonna cook hainanese chicken rice tomorrow and claypot chicken rice the day after! super excitedddd!! cause I’m not thaaat good at cooking as much as I like food but we’ll see..

This is a video of me acting super silly after studying for a few hours (that’s why look like shit) T___T seriously gone crazy already. But then again this is how I act when I’m not crazy too! poor barry. dating a retarded gf wtf

This is me drinking redbull before studying. The redbull here is carbonated and I don’t like that cause it gives me gas and I tend to release those gases (fart/ kentut hahaha you know right for my BM oral I talked about kentut for 10 minutes WTF and got A ok wtf) so here I am trying to release the gas by shaking it…I can’t think of any other way!! I forgot to shake the can before opening it and I don’t wanna use my finger and get it dirty..

Alright that’s all for now, wish me luck in trying to cook good chicken rice!!!

Do re mi

Sorry, I wanted to update the other day but my blog was down for some mysterious unknown reason. But thanks to mr nice guy aka kenny aka my savior, it’s now up and running again yippee!

Now that it’s up and running, I forgot what I wanted to blog about the other day..hmm..let me just sift through my picture folder to find random pictures to post then.

I was in class the other day when someone saw my notes and gasped and said that I have the neatest notes she had ever seen. I gasped back cause this is the first time I’ve received such a compliment!

Is it really that neat? *fishes for compliments wtf

No lah I mean when I was in Malaysia, everyone’s notes was almost as neat as mine and I never felt that way before but here, omg you should see their handwriting! I borrowed two of my classmates’ notes and ended up not copying anything cause I couldn’t decipher their handwriting!

What’s the point of taking notes if you couldn’t even read it after that? It makes me feel reallyyy good when I look at my notes and see that my handwriting is nice and neat!

giang came into my room one day and brought korean sushi for me!!! and bubble tea! i love giang i love giang ,giang are you reading this? wtf

shy giang! anyway we almost finished all our sushi omg sooo full after that i felt like vomitting T_T glutton suet T_T

OK I have a surprise for you all! Which is not a surprise anymore cause I need help!

I want to make this picture as my header since it’s fall now, and I’m planning to change the header everytime the season changes!

Sooo..request: Can anyone who’s good at photoshop try to photoshop this pic to make the colors nicer, and add the sweatlee.com thingy on this pic? Thanksss! I want this exact size =)


I made a video of myself singing the other day…cause someone asked whether I really know how to sing those patriotic songs and I replied with the lyrics then I started feeling patriotic so I went and recorded myself singing wtf. This is something very rare because I CANNOT sing at all.

I’m serious I’m not exaggerating or trying to be modest but I’m tone deaf and I really suck at singing. Everytime I try to sing, I have all the melody and tune in my head but it just doesn’t come out like that from my mouth T__T why?? Sometimes, I feel like I’m singing it correctly but my audiences who were cringing all tell me I’m completely out of tune T_T

That’s why I hate going to redbox/karaoke la seriously I’ve only been to karaoke twice in my life. The first time, I just sat there and pretended to be enjoying the music and when someone passed me the mike then I secretly turned it off wtf

The second time I became a tiny bit more brave cause Tze was there and she couldn’t sing that well too so I thought hmm negative plus negative = positive so if we combine two people who can’t sing = miracle wtf

Anyway the video is under private on youtube so don’t bother looking for it. Someday when I have enough guts to show the world then i’ll post it here la ok. Trust me, you won’t even miss it.

Actually I really really envy people who can sing. If you’re singing and you keep sneezing then yeah it’s me who’s talking about you right now wtf. I really just want to be able to sing in tune is that too much to ask for T_T don’t even have to be very nice or anything lah just as long as when I sing then no one will cringe enough already..

You know right sometimes when I sing to Barry (he’s the only one I dare to sing to..) and if got no response from him means he’s closing his ears wtf but sometimes, occasionally when I happen to eat the right thing that day, I’d sing in tune and he’d say ‘not bad it’s in tune! i’m so proud of you baby!’

‘it’s in tune!’ is the only compliment I’d ever get  T___T woewoewoe

Marie France Review

OK It’s officially 1 month since I came back and what I’ve been doing for the whole month? NOTHING! That’s what! I’m seriously sick of bumming already I need something to do! But I need something that does not need money, something that doesn’t require me to drive cause I don’t have a car, take bus/train cause they’re tiring, and walk too much under the sun and risk getting myself robbed. Ok what should I do if I don’t want to do all of the above??

Give me a suggestion please! I already sent my resume to several places but no good news so far sigh and I might have to cancel the WAO thing cause I can’t drive there and they are 30 minutes away from the nearest train station and it’ll be too tiring to get a bus to the ktm station, change to lrt THEN walk 30 minutes every morning! Seriously, anyone working in a company that needs help and wants to hire interns? I don’t care what kind of company at all I just want to gain whatever experience and not sit at home and play sims everyday haha

today I finally went to Marie France!! Okay let me tell you guys alllll about it so you can decide for yourself if you should go or not.

Remember I had RM1,500 voucher right? I went in to ask if I can use it and they said yeah, so I went ahead and met the consultant. One great thing about them was their service cause although the consultant knew I was going to use the voucher, she didn’t really behave differently as I thought she would wtf you know like care less about you kinda thing. However, I was mortified (YES mortified) to find out that one session itself costs RM845! 0.o zomg.

In one session, there are 3 different procedures (which i will explain later) that cost about RM250 each. So if I were to use the RM1500 I have, I can only go for TWO sessions! BUT, there’s always a but here, if I am to buy 10 sessions, instead of RM 8450, it’ll only be RM2200! How amazing right wtf so anyway she said I only have to pay extra RM 700 since I have 1,500. I obviously said no and said I’ll go ahead with the two sessions but she warned me that 2 sessions won’t be as effective as 10 (obviously) and I might not see much results.

The idealistic me wants to pay that rm700 very much cause I’ve always wanted to be thinner than normal (grass is always greener on the other side!)but the realistic me says rm700 is way too much so I told the consultant that I only want to try the two sessions first.

Soooo anyway, I went ahead to start my first session!

First step is the cold wrap (which is around rm295 wtf I can do this at home too wei!). The consultant asked me to get naked wtf and then she wrapped some cold cloth around my tummy (since that’s the area I wanna target). I had to then wait for around 30 minutes which I spent rather wisely reading about Jamie Lynn’s relationship with her sister wtf.

After the cold wrap, I was ushered into another room where I was to get a massage. Another consultant came to give me a tummy massage for another 20 minutes or so and thus ended the second step which cost around RM350 (siao not even full body massage). After the massage, I had to go to another room which I was to lie down and she spread some warming thing on my tummy. Then, I was wrapped with some thick thing which was then heated. I had to lie there for around 30 minutes and fell asleep and had a dream about having the best body in the world WTF

So that was all! All that for RM845 wei and obviously, after the first session, I didn’t notice a single difference at all. Final verdict: too expensive if you want to actually see good results so go for it if you are really rich enough to do so. Unless of course, you want to go for the 10 sessions plan but then you’d have to go at least once a month after that to maintain or something like that.

Anywayyy I’m starting my month long gym with Barry soon, which is only RM30 for the TWO of us for a month plus some trainer thingy. I think I’m gonna see wayyy more result than marie france and it’s 40 times cheaper too!

Oh yeah, also, before going for the marie france, I kept eating a lot because I thought MF can save me wtf but since it’s only two sessions now, I guess I can’t binge so much again =( Although I just ate at SS2 murni (loh shee fun and soft shell crab fried rice mmm) after going for my first session haha

I know I’m not destined for these kinda stuff lah cause you know why! The first thing I noticed when the woman gave me a tour around was the biscuits they had on some counter. I was eyeing the biscuits for some time, hoping that they’ll give me some but alas they didn’t  =(

Oh one more thing! I just noticed this today but whenever I finish a satisfying meal, I always wish I can turn back time and start the whole process of me savoring my meal again. Like, I’ll wish that my stomach is empty again and the plate is full again so I can do the eating part all over again wtf WHY AM I SO WEIRD sigh which is why I can never be stick thin and also I finally found the secret as to why some people can never grow fat no matter how much they eat! it’s cause THEY SHIT EVERYDAY LOR I SWEAR THIS IS THE REASON

which also means! I finally found the secret on how to lose weight even if you love food *big wet eyes. screw marie france! the secret is just shit everyday=eat more fiber=buy more cereal! whoop dee doo wtf

Story of my phone

You see, ladies and gents, I have been using the same phone ever since..forever. Not really forever forever cause I used to have the super cool Nokia 3310 when I was 14 which I bought a super cool pink casing with a shiny dragon at the back for wtf. Unfortunately, my super cool Nokia 3310 with its pink casing with shiny dragon was stolen during Sports Day when I was marching sigh T_T So after that, my cousin pitied me and gave me her Nokia 8250 (the butterfly one rememberrrr?) which I’ve been using ever since.

Yeap..since I was 14..6 years ago.

My beloved phone which has been with me through thick and thin =)

Anyway, today, my phone nearly died of old age! I almost died of heart attack along with it ok cause if my phone really dies, I don’t have a phone anymore and I will never ever get a new phone no matter what! I think my phone got stroke today lah cause someone called me at an ungodly hour (10am) this morning and I tried answering the call but all the keys just wouldn’t work!

So in my sleepy daze, I knocked the phone on my laptop hoping that the keys would suddenly work wtf but it only made matters worse cause my volume key at the side went in and refused to come out!

So I had no choice but to go to the phone shop and ask them to remove the entire volume thing from my phone. See! the empty blank holes! The guy was pretty disgusted with my phone wtf cause everything didn’t seem to work (broken screen, missing screws etc) and advised me calmly to get a new phone hahah but of course, I’m Suet Li ok so I said it’s ok just take the volume thing out enough already haha

Yeah so in the end, he pried the thing out and it’s working again! yays! please la nokia 8250 please last me till I die la wtf


Went to Pavilion the other day with my family! It’s kinda nice if you have money la haha but I liked it.

short hair

long hair wtf

sis with cousin

god i love babies

SO SUPER CUTE! She was whispering to her sister about something hahaa but her sister was like whatever don’t understand also eh who’s this weird girl taking picture of me ok look cute look cute!

The baby doesn’t look too happy about this wtf


Aiya my boyfriend damn emo cause I didn’t put his pictures up for a long time now. I think he scared people think we break up already wtf so here are his pictures

picture of him doing his hair

picture of him taking the mail wtf

picture of him with his tongue out (concentrating on driving wtf like his sister also, when concentrating sure will put the tongue out one wtf)

ok enough back to me wtf

My friend told me that when she changed her facebook status to single then everyone asked her about it so being the typical LOA (lack of attention) girl that I am, I also damn kepoh and mengada go change my facebook status to single to experiment wtf. I got a sad total of 7 people asking me on msn what happened that’s all T__T Either everyone

1. did not see the change in status (WOOHOO people I’m single now doesn’t that scream attention! doesn’t that make you wanna ask me what happened! wtf)

2. too scared to ask wtf

3. doesn’t believe me cause I always lie one wtf

haih fail ok moral of this story is I shall stop lying so much!

Eh this post damn long but whatever lah I got a lot of things to say ok! These days I’m getting increasingly bored each day that I have to play Yahoo Pool with Barry online, attempt to install the Sims on my laptop (cannot la! isit cause i’m using vista?), play Mahjong Titans, download random games blabla I’m turning into a gamer wor how ah wtf

STUPID SUET GO LOOK FOR A JOB LA DAMN STUPID ok yahoo pool is calling wtf

Weight Issue

I’ve always been battling with weight issues since I was young. As long as I can remember, I’ve never been thin before (like normal thin or thinner than normal). I’ve always been chubby or fat or slightly meaty and I hate it so much. I hate going to a relative’s house and hear the same old “wah fatter already!” or hear people calling me fat. When I was 12, I had a birthday party in my house and invited all my ‘close’ friends. Before they left, they sat in a circle and sang me a song. It went like this:

Suet li suet li sangat gemuk!! Selalu makan dan jadi semakin gemuk!!

In the tune of the mat kool mat kool kawanku song. I was 12, it was my birthday and I got humiliated by my friends in front of my other relatives. Everyone laughed and so did I but little did anyone know how hurt I was inside. I told myself that I’ll always always remember that day cause one day, I’ll be the thinnest of them all and I can in turn laugh at them back. (failed)

During the holidays when I was 12/13/14, we would stay with our grandparents. My grandma would always make maggi mee for my siblings at night when they were hungry and forbid me from touching any of it. She’d also force me to jump on the trampoline outside the house while watching them slurp their maggi inside T___T sometimes, when everyone was outside playing, she’d make me do the jumping rope thingy and she’d sit there and watch me jump my fats away. I hated trampolines and ropes ever since.

When I was 15, I told myself that I cannot let myself be the butt of all jokes anymore. Guys calling me wildboar was too cruel for me to bear so during the holidays, I willingly tried losing weight. I cycled up and down the hill everyday while singing to my heart’s content, I built a basketball ring and board with wires and wood and practiced my lay up everyday and I even use the dunno what rolling machine that will tone your abs. Then, I went back to school and started a basketball team and joined the school’s track team with one goal: lose as much weight as possible. So in that one year, I lost about 8kg.

Yeah so I’ve always had an issue with my weight. My biggest secret after the one about my imaginary bf is that I’ve always wanted to be anorexic. I wish that I can cut my food up and not eat it, that I’ll be thin as hell and yet still feel fat so nobody will ever say I’m fat anymore. But sadly it never happened. I did try cutting my food to a million pieces but ended up eating everything =.= I tried hardcore exercise but always ate a lot after that so haih plan failed.

I swear I have superpower ok and my power is that I have a stomach made of steel..worst power ever. Aud told me when she gets diarrhea, she’ll lose a lot of weight and I’ve been waiting for the day I get diarrhea but either my stomach is way too strong or even if I do get diarrhea, I don’t lose weight at all. My bro has worms so he’s always thin and I always wish I’m the one with the worms instead but haih worms also lose to my stomach T__T

I’ve tried leftovers, spicy food, dirty food, accidentally ter-ate my nose shit (WTF DON’T ASK) but I will never get diarrhea lor! I only had food poisoning once in my life but I recovered 3 hours after that. When I got the worst fever in my life, I couldn’t eat for a week and yet I didn’t lose any weight.

So anyway why am I talking about all this cause I just found out an orange has 70 calories each T_________________________________________T and I just ate 6 oranges again today seriously I’m destined to never be thin. Yalah I know everyone sure damn unhappy cause I’m complaining even though I don’t look fat but that’s only cause obviously I won’t post unflattering pictures of myself. You have no idea how truly big my tummy is even after all that years of hardcore exercising. And my stupid ribcage and bones are so big until dunno what so I can never have a slim stature ok T_T

The worst thing is today when I finally weighed myself after a month of going to gym 3/4 times a week and eating less, I found out that I gained weight T_____T how is this possible you tell me is someone playing some sort of funny game on me ah! *memories of suet li suet li sangat gemuk and jumping on trampoline flooding back wtf T___T

I give up lah sigh I’ll just do whatever I want and weigh whatever lah I don’t care anymore! This battle with my weight is officially over! *lies to self wtf

I really just wanna be slim is that too much to ask for! I don’t wanna be meaty and yet so flat and have no curves! If meaty and well-endowed and got curves then nevermind la this one all also don’t have got one big lump which is my tummy only sigh.

*anticlimactic ending cause too sleepy already