England part two

Just got back from a great trip to Kuching yesterday! Everytime I tell people I was going to Kuching for a week, they’d go “one week?? what’s there to do there!”. There’s SO MUCH to do in Kuching! First of all, there’s the food, food, food, food, and food. It took me about 5 days before I started finding the real gems (thanks to my local guides!). There’s the forests and mountains and beaches and seas and rivers and wildlife and just SO MUCH to do! I didn’t even get to spend time in the caves, so I’ll definitely be back in Sarawak again ๐Ÿ˜€

I know I promised a funny post, but I really can’t think of anything funny to talk about T___T I think I just have to succumb to my fate and accept the reality that I no longer have a sense of humor.

*tries hard to think of one last parting funny sentence
Umm, yo mama so fat that..umm..she, umm.

Oh wait, I know! I AM FAT AND STUPID! Hahaha when all else fails, self-deprecating humor always works. And remember, as long as there’s one person who laughs at your jokes and even if that one person is you yourself, it means you’re funny. Wise words by Suet Li Liew.

Anyway, I have tons of pictures!!!! Super excited to post them first so the next post can be all about Kuching ๐Ÿ˜€

Continuation from my UK post:

Pubs are a big thing in England and we ate at a pub almost every night when we were there. Why? Cause they are the cheapest (Under 6 pounds) Here, you can see the usual clientele at a pub – angry and grumpy bald white men wtf

Ah slutty British girls going pub-crawling at 5 pm, what’s there not to love about this place?

Went to the countryside! Isn’t this beautiful?? Reminds me of Lijiang in China and Kundasang in Sabah, both my favorite places in the world.

Cows grazing under the great blue sky. Koki, my japanese friend from Hong Kong, once told me this story that I don’t think I’ll ever forget. Out of the blue, he excitedly told me that if you put your hand into a cow’s mouth, it’ll chew at it and you’ll feel super good WTF. He said you won’t feel the cow’s teeth and you’ll feel this soft melty sensation all over and it feels orgasmic. I couldn’t help laughing the entire time cause it sounds damn stupid, and he was telling me this while putting on this super syok expression on his face ย -___-

But in all seriousness, after he told me that, it’s been my lifelong dream to put my hand into a cow’s mouth. I almost did it in Lijiang but I was so worried that the cow will actually gnaw my hand off!!! Doesn’t help that Koki was right there giving me his super syok face that is both tempting and cunning at the same time. What if he was lying to me! Pretend to encourage me but actually want to laugh when I get bitten. Cannot trust Japanese men wtf


Ok it’s stupider than this, but can you imagine ย -____-

Sigh one day..you and me, cow..one day.

Ah so pretty! On the way to my house

My house and uh, strangers walking around

Me posing outside my house

My back garden

With my mom. Thank you thank you, my house IS quite lovely

I can sit here all day ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay I think that’s all from my UK trip! Today I had too much time on my hands and I found some random pictures I haven’t posted before, so here they are:

Ah my beloved Shanshan and I on one of our last days together.

I miss her so much T____T Can’t believe it’s been almost three months after our graduation!

Here’s a picture to show you the wonders of makeup! My right eye was so much bigger just with eyeliner alone!

Anyway my hair is crazy long now!

Can even curl it too ๐Ÿ˜€

And to think that my hair was still boyish short less than 7 months ago.

Last picture!

I’m gonna blow this picture up, print it and put it right in front of me to remind myself that if I don’t stop eating and start exercising, then it’s a slippery slope from here on wtf.

No way I want to go back to being fat again, it was a complete zaman kegelapan dalam hidup suet li T___T *memories of friends singing “suet li suet li sangat gemuk, makan makan jadi lagi gemuk!” to the tune of mat kool mat kool kawanku song come flooding back

Alright that’s all for now! I’m going to try to sleep before 3 am so I don’t fall into that unemployed bum cycle wtf

The English land

Hello! I had a glorious ten-hour sleep so now I have so much excess energy I don’t know what to do with it! Of course, I could go exercise or something since I have gained x amount of weight since..since I was thin (3 years ago wtf), but it’s so hot outside and it’s so cold and nice in my room…I’ll start exercising tomorrow wtf

So! I figured I should just be more hardworking and start posting the pictures up! Although my mom is still nagging for me to unpack, I really feel like blogging now so let me finish this post before that fleeting feeling disappears again.

This is a picture of the entire Teach For Malaysia team! I’m going to blow this up and put it on my wall cos I miss them already (actually no, it’s just cos I look good wtf. I don’t usually look good when I smile so must cherish it!)

I have about 60+ photos of England that I want to post up so might as well do it now when my semangat is so membara-bara!

I think the thing I like best about London is every other building is just so pretty and historical looking! Just being in a place like that makes you feel quite cultured, like you’re in a place that has a lot of history although you don’t necessarily know the history behind it wtf

Tower Bridge! which is sadly always mistaken for London Bridge. London Bridge is actually just a normal looking bridge hahaha

This is Camden Market! Don’t know why it’s famous, nothing much to do there but see shops selling super gothic clothes

This is some crispy chicken thingy sold by a Malaysian guy. He knew we were Malaysians right when he saw us and started shouting to us in hokkien and malay, whoa we must be emitting powerful Malaysian aura

Don’t know why half the pictures on my camera are of food and of me eating, once a glutton always a glutton wtf

A shop selling super vintage toys!!!

I would totally wear everything in this shop! But they’re all super pricey, like 60 pounds for a top CRAZY

With my sis and her boyfriend, Peter, at a crepe stall. He looks like a thug but he cooks very well and is a gentleman ๐Ÿ™‚

I may have left Moho, but Moho never left me wtf

Harrods! Where you can never afford anything inside, even if you sell your limbs and kidneys. and ovaries.

After three days in London, we went to Leeds where my sister lives! This is the view from her apartment, so awesome T_T

We went to Yorkshire the next day! The building at the far end is just a castle..no big deal..they have castles everywhere..

My mom and I. I’m wearing a million layers cos it’s freaking cold despite it being summer T_T

Yes, trying to be artsy wtf

Aww, English houses!

a nostalgic looking carousel

No idea what this is but just wanted to show you how grey the sky is. Peter said: 90% of tourist pictures of England turn out like this, so don’t worry it’s not just you.

I like York, it looks exactly like how I would expect an old English town north of London to look like..

with narrow alleyways

and crooked looking shophouses

and vintage sweet shops

with small doors cos people back then were a lot smaller haha

and kinky donuts wtf

we had fish and chips next by the cathedral, since you know we’re in a very English place and all so might as well go all out and eat the most English food

Had afternoon tea after at Betty’s! I love scones with clotted cream <3

While I was posing for this picture, my mom said “you better don’t smile, you look better when you don’t smile” so this is me with an angry face wtf

Younger sister was tiptoeing, she has an obsession with being taller than me in all pictures

With a macaroon. Told you my pics are all of food T_T

Okay I still have tons of pictures but I’ll post them next time! Today I’m in a very emo phase for no reason at all (is this what happens when you’re in your early 20s? You keep getting blue and keep thinking about life all the time wtf). I think I need more friends to hang out with so I won’t have time to feel this way. I think I need to party more, the last time I danced was…ok I don’t even remember T___T I think it was..6 months ago?

Maybe that’s why I’m feeling like this, I haven’t had fun in forever! All I’ve been doing is reading on my kindle and playing sudoku on my phone omg I’m such a loser. My mom told me the other day: “I think you read too much, that’s why you’re fat. Stop reading, it’s bad for you.” WTF. hahaha..ha..ha. But I guess it’s quite true, so I’m gonna go swim now. or run. or dance. or play basketball. or just cry my sorrows away wtf

Snapshots of London v2

Second installment of my London pictures!

I didn’t really do any touristy things, in fact I made it a conscious effort to not visit any monuments/historical buildings because I’ve already done it before and I just wanted to experience London as it is this time. But what I love about London is it’s inevitable to chance upon these beautiful sights where ever you go!

#1 The famous Big Ben

#2 London Eye

#3 Some classic looking building in …where ah..Leicester Square I think

#4 Random picture

Actually not random lah it’s very well planned to be sandwiched in between sightseeing pictures and pictures of irrelevant food wtf

#5 Famous red velvet cupcake from Hummingbird. Don’t know why it was wayyy too sweet this time around for me!

#6 Amazing fried noodles in an unassuming looking Chinese shop. Oh my god looking at this makes my stomach growl like crazy T___T

I love how the chinese food in London is so freaking authentic compared to what we have in America. No nonsense like chop suey and general tso chicken and other sweet shit like that. I ate Chinese food every single day during my trip without fail ^_^ Four seasons roast duck SLURP!!

#7 A guy in corporate suit chained to some planks near the National Gallery. I think he’s trying to make a statement..selling your soul to private corporate firms?

#8 while waiting for the train

#9 Sad picture of me wtf

#10 View of Thames from the room

#11 By the Thames at night

#12 Dinner for two

#13 Happy Suet after shopping at Primark BEST STORE IN THE WORLD. Everything is super cheap!! Although not as nice as my baby Forever 21 but still, it’s cheap!!! I can has happy!

Actually I’m very sad cause I didn’t take pictures with my sister!!!! So angry! Went all the way to see her but didn’t take pictures as proof wtf.

Anyway something very dramatic happened when we were in Leeds to visit her. We rented a Smart car and drove all the way from London to Leeds and then we stupidly parked the car in this parking lot. When we went to get the car, we realized that that outdoor parking lot actually belongs to a store and they locked all the gates leading in and out of the place!!!!

We were very sad and all but then! We saw that two of the poles were actually further apart than the other poles! I don’t have a clear picture of it so let me draw wtf


Aiya bad drawing but it’s something like that. We noticed that the space in between those further poles can fit our Smart car! But problem: there’s another pole after that outside, so we have to cleverlyย maneuverย the car after that! It’s SUPER tricky but we can’t possibly leave the car stranded there so it’s a risk we had to take.

So we realized that we couldn’t even get the car up the curb cause it’s too low. Then light bulb! We could just CARRY the car up the curb since it’s a smart car so it’s very small and light!! Except that although it’s light it probably weighs like 700kg wtf.

So my sister and her friends went to get their guy friends, and along came four big guys who play Rugby hahaha

After carrying the car up the curb, we were faced with another obstacle. The distance between the poles were actually JUST right for the car with no space to spare, but how does one make sure the car doesn’t move a single millimeter so it doesn’t scratch, and then cleverly maneuver it to turn so it doesn’t hit the other pole???

Well after a lonnnnng time trying to do so, they did it!! They, cause i didn’t do jackshit but stand and close my eyes for fear that they’ll scratch the car wtf. I’m such a sissy T_T

It was an eventful night and thank god for Smart cars!

Okay that’s all, I’m going to study now!

Ah shit now my stomach is making such a big fuss after seeing that fried meehoon picture! Damn you yummy meehoon! As revenge, I shall..lick that picture of you on my computer screen wtf.

Snapshots of London

So I’m in deep shit. I have a 10-page paper due in two days of which I haven’t started and I’m super jet-lagged and still in holiday mood wtf. Hence, to hopefully transition myself from that to hardcore nerdy Suet, I shall blog but at the same time try to only spend minimal amount of time doing it. This is indeed a challenge, but it’s a challenge I shall take in hopes of becoming a better person wtf ok ignore me

Here are some random pictures of London! Definitely not the complete set but I only have a few seconds to blog so here they are!






#6 Fav picture of the lot, I had an amazing photographer





#11 The only camwhore picture, believe it or not.

#12 Sunshine after the rain

That’s all! Time to put on my nerdy glasses for now!


Finally! can! come! online!


it’s! so! damn! slow!

I think it’s just the internet in my house! It takes me 3 minutes to load one page I’m NOT exaggerating! 3 minutes! 180 seconds! What should I do while waiting for every page to load?? T___T

Haih anyway I still really wanna blog so here are pictures of london:

Barry and I in the train from his aunt’s place to London! It was our first night there and we got so lost T___T It usually takes 40 minutes but we took 3 hours T_T

Food! glorious food! We met up with Tze and Barry’s friends in Four Seasons for their famous duck!

Pretty Tze!!! Zhen and Edward whom I later found was my long lost friend wtf

Barry and his friends- Su Hsien, Delyn, Adrian.

Went shopping with Barry’s aunt the next day cause he went to Old Trafford for the Manchester game. I didn’t wanna follow cause it cost 66 pounds for the train there wtf. I rather shop with that money!

Barry insisted that I must post this picture to prove that he was really there wtf. ho hum..

Bought new shoes! Which were stained with coffee the day after wuwu T_T

I’m going to condense all the London pictures into one post cause I hate backlogged entries so I’ll try to post very few pictures of each day I was there!

Day 3- went to Jimmy Choo’s house *big wet eyes. In case you don’t remember, he asked me if I wanted more spaghetti and asked me if I had enough space to move wtf

Day 4- went sightseeing!

This is the London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down, london bridge is falling down, my fair lady!

Look at the sky!!! The only thing I hate about London is the terribly weather!

Had to tie my hair like this and wear a headband cause the wind was crazy strong! That’s why I didn’t camwhore that much..cause my hair was damn ugly T_T

Lunch! in case you forgot how I look like wtf

Barry! whose hair is very long now

This is the…erm cathedral I think! Lazy wanna show more pictures lah. I’m a lousy blogger today cause it will take me forever to upload more pictures

Tower of London which was amazing!

Magnificent Tower Bridge! London is soooo pretty, how could I have hated you before! Forgive me!

Day 5- still cold so I had to wear scarf, cardigan AND coat. in may.

More pictures cause we did a looooot of sightseeing cause Uncle Jeff (Barry’s uncle) brought us around!

Buckingham palace where the queen lives.

While waiting for the changing of guards ceremony

Crazy weather today! One moment it’s raining so heavily that my umbrella toppled a few times..

Another moment the sun was out in its full glory

The hugeee crowd

Barry and the clear blue sky!

This is the national gallery I think..which I like cause admission is free =D

love the sky love the sky!

can’t remember where is this but there were those guards that won’t move no matter what. Have you seen the Mr Bean episode where he tried to disturb them but they wouldn’t move? it’s true!

Hello Gordon Brown! You are so..brown wtf

westminster abbey but we didn’t go in cause it’s freaking 15 pounds =(

the sri lankan protest outside the house of parliament! kinda cool to see my first protest..

Big ben! couldn’t get a good picture cause it got dark again *gloomy

The london eye! wah the sky looks amazing here! we didn’t go on this cause it’s too expensive too T_T

Went shopping for a bit the morning before we left. This is the superrrr long queue outside M&S cause there was a hugeee sale. Crazy one the queue extended to around the building and to another bulding AND to ANOTHER building!

That’s all! Then we bade goodbye to London and went home.

Airasia’s food! which was actually rather decent. Except that I ordered Malaysian meal but got the international one instead wuwu

so comfortable! the seats were pretty wide and very comfy! highly recommend taking airasia.

one HUGE disappointment though: We stuffed all our heavy things into our handcarry cause there is no information about how heavy the handcarry should be. When we checked in, we had to pay 50 POUNDS cause our handcarry was too heavy so had to check it in T_T

50 pounds…rm280? wasted just like that T_____T

Anyway it was still a terrible flight for me despite the comfortable seats cause I couldn’t fall asleep. Sigh I should really consider taking sleeping pills wtf. I was lying on Barry’s lap on his super soft down pillow and yet I couldn’t sleep in the entire 14 hour flight. fml!

All in all, I really liked London. I used to hate it cause I stopped at the airport and the people were pretty rude but I guess you can never judge a place before going there yourself. I like how london is so modern yet it has all the amazing history and interesting places. I think I like it better than the US! People were actually very very nice too.

shit it’s 3 am T_T Have to wake up for dim sum tomorrow! Can you imagine that this post took me 3 hours??

Milan and more

Ah sorry for the lousy uncreative title cause I really suck at writing titles sigh. Anyway since this post is about my trip to Milan and some other stuff so I think Milan and more sounds apt wtf.

Milan was a complete letdown for us actually. We didn’t enjoy it much at all not because it wasn’t beautiful but because the people there were just..pricks. That was the main reason why I didn’t like Europe in the first place, cause the people here have been very very mean to me but then again..maybe it’s just me ๐Ÿ™

Anyway here are pictures of Milan. It was no doubt one of the prettiest places I’ve seen but what’s the point when people are so mean hmmp!

#30. 20 March ’09

We had so many troubles with our trains (again! but not our fault this time) so we had to stop at this place called Lugano which is south of Switzerland. It was absolutely the prettiest place I have ever seen in my life. If there was heaven, this is what I imagine it’ll look like (so corny haha).

I didn’t take this picture (googled it) but this is exactly how it looks like, trust me.

When we saw it, there were yachts in the lake actually which made it so much prettier. I really hope I’ll get to come here again next time!

Finally got to see switzerland’s snow mountains!

We reached Milan 5 hours later! This is the train station.

After settling down in our hotel (with very rude staff), we headed to the most famous landmark in Milan.

This was what greeted me when I walked out of the train station.

Both our jaws dropped to the ground and we stood there for a few minutes with our mouths open. It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in the whole wide world T______T

Barry and the cathedral. This cathedral (the Duomo) is the third largest in the world! When I first saw it I thought it was fake cause it was just too pretty *wipes tears

Us with the duomo which shall now be called my beloved. I really can’t get enough of it!

Duomo love <3

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the shopping mall next to the Duomo

Very pretty! That’s LV and Prada!

Apparently the architect who did this died the day before its opening cause he fell from the roof ๐Ÿ™

A street in Milan at night

That was also the night we got conned! We were super hungry and there didn’t seem to be a single restaurant anywhere!! All these Milanese so concerned with fashion that they don’t need to eat anymore is it! So we finally saw this cafe and was looking at the menu when the waiter literally sat us down. He kept talking so fast and kept going “prego prego!” wtf. Before we could say anything, he ordered for us!!! wtf?? we were dead hungry so we just nodded like two stupid fools T_T

The food was..mediocre at best and the bill came up to be much more than we thought T_T. We weren’t even full after the meal sigh. Prego your head lah prego!t

OH THEN!!!!! Some pickpocket tried to steal my stuff!!!! I hate Milan!!! There were pickpockets and conmen everywhere seriously. This girl tried to open my bag while we were on the escalator! I felt some tugging movement and I thought Barry was hugging me or something. Then I turned to see her trying to open my bag!!!!

And the stupid thing was I didn’t even scold her wtf. My first reaction was turning to Barry and I said “eh stupid girl trying to steal my bag!” =_____=

……..why was I so stupid!!! Then she quickly said nono! and ran away! And I didn’t even pull her to see if she stole anything!

Thankfully, she didn’t open my bag big enough to steal anything so phew..we really hated Milan after that cause I don’t know if our luck were bad or it was just us but all our experiences with Milan were just getting from bad to worse. Anyway we went back early that night to try to sleep off our bad luck =(

#31. 21 March ’09

The Sforzesco Castle!

The castle was pretty amazing actually, so our moods were lifted slightly.

This is Michelangelo’s last unfinished sculpture in the museum (which was in the castle)!

Us outside the castle

It was pretty sunny that day so we got some gelato ice cream and sat down on the grass!

The entire area was filled with people chillaxing on the grass, walking their dogs and playing football wtf in the castle.

This is where Da Vinci’s Last Supper is! The Santa Maria delle Grazie.Too bad we didn’t get to see it cause the tickets were all sold out =(

Went back to see my beloved for one last time. These are the stupid Africans who tried to con us! GRR they are everywhere! They’ll try to tie this string on you and tell you that it’s free blabla but when it’s tied they’ll ask for money! and you can’t take the string out cause they tie it really tight or something. Stupid one tried pulling my arm to tie that string on me!

There were also these people who will give you some corn to feed the pigeons even if you didn’t want it. And then they’ll make you pay or something. Stupid conmen.

It was a saturday so there were so many people here. I think the whole of Milan was here!

Inside the cathedral, which was even more amazing than the outside. I couldn’t get a good picture of it though.

The front of the cathedral

One of the many many altars. Some saints were even buried here as well.

Haih see this picture also angry!!!! We already had our lunch but we wanted to eat some more before our train ride back so we went to a nearby restaurant. We knew the pizzas were gonna be too big for one person so we ordered one to share. AND!!! the stupid waiter said cannot! he said we must each order one and it’s not possible to share!!

How can!??! It’s up to us lah if we want to share right? So I told him that I won’t be eating and he kept looking at us the entire time to see if he gave me some pizza or not. stupid!ย  How can you force us to order so much when we already had our lunch! And the whole place was pretty empty so it wasn’t like we were taking up much space. grr stupid rude and unfriendly italians who spoilt this trip for us

#32. 22 March ’09

Since I won’t have time to blog until a few days later, I shall blog about today too. Today we went hiking up the black forest! This area is called the black forest cause of all the dark pine trees. This is also where the black forest cake is from!

It was a crazy crazy 4 hour hike (to and fro) and we walked for almost 20km T_T But the view was so pretty! We could see the entire city from up there.

The forest

I usually really like hiking but this time was bad cause I was wearing these:

T____T I didn’t bring sports shoes with me so I had to climb up the hill in these boots that didn’t have grip at all. Thank god I didn’t slip and fall! luckily i brought flats otherwise i’d have to climb in heels wtf


I love this place! A small cafe halfway up the hill where you can see the entire city too.

I guess here ends my adventure in Europe cause I have to leave tomorrow morning =(((((( I really like Freiburg cause it’s a small city so people are very nice (unlike milan and other big cities in europe! hmmp). I don’t know if it really was just me being a small asian who looks like anyone can bully her, or the fact that people in Europe are just like that. Such a pity when everything else is so nice and the people totally just spoil everything. Maybe they really hate tourists or something.

Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed these posts as much as I enjoyed being here!

Milano here we come!

#26. 16 March ’09

We went to the city again cause he had to go for his classes. After this picture, the rest are pretty much just pictures of me and him cause we didn’t go anywhere new so nothing much to add! Not because I saja want to camwhore ok…………..ok…..ok…….

Went to a thrift store and we were really happy cause we both found pretty good deals!

Hmm I think that’s all for today cause then I went home cause he had to go to his class and I had to cook like a good housewife wtf.

I got this bag from the thirft store for 5 euros! I really like it cause it’s round and not just plain square.

And the skirt for 10 euros! It has very pretty pleats but it’s not obvious here and I realllllllly like it. Barry got two ties for 1 euro each!!!

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Europe Day 2-3

#24. 14 March ’09

We ordered banana split but we got an entire fruit farm along with it hahaha super good though!

I made oyakodon for lunch! well I tried..but it doesn’t quite taste like it..oh well

Going to the city again. No way I’m wearing heels again haha I suck


It was a saturday so the city was reallllly packed!

Guess where were we =_______=

20+ pics under the cut

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Freiburg Day 1

#23. 13 March ’09

Happy Barry! We woke up early and went to get breakfast. I love Europe cause they have bakeries everywhereeee

This is me with the biggest pimple in the world. How unfortunate T__T got pimple when I see him haihhhh. That’s why I’m never gonna camwhore on this trip

Then we went grocery shopping! I’m so proud of him cause he knows what to buy now that he cooks for himself. I thought I’d never see this day *weeps a little wtf

Oops I forgot the part about me being embarrassed of my huge pimple. Ah whateverlah pretend you didn’t see it!

Waiting for the tram to go to the city! Happy cause it was warm enough to just wear like this =D

How quaint and nice!

I saw this and went “EH got longkang!!” and barry thup-ed me on the head wtf. He said this drain thingy has a history of serving fresh water from the river which provides fresh air blabla and if you accidentally fall into it you’ll marry a man from freiburg. Then he tried pushing me into it so he doesn’t have to marry me anymore hahahah

SUPER SUPER YUMMY bratwursts!!!! So yummy seriously! Juicy hot german sausages on a cold day mmm

Eating at one of the many many fountains there

The cathedral in Freiburg. Every single town/city has a cathedral which is usually the tallest building in that place. Look at how intricate the designs are!

I think the cafes in Europe are the equivalents of our mamaks haha. They are always really really packed! It’s nice to just sit outside sipping hot chocolate and people-watch.

Hot choc and waffle with baileys and ice cream

My feet hurt on the way back so he carried me for a while hehe

ok the end of day 1! Thanks again for all your comments everyone ๐Ÿ˜€