Guess where I went before I came back to college?

Damn right, it was Hong Kong! You’d think that I should get pretty sick of that congested city by now but I kept going back cause I’ll have to fly there before I fly back to the States anyway so why not stay a few days first.

Ah, what else is new. Packed until cannot breathe but thank god the weather was amazing!

The famous streetside curry fish balls which I’ve never been a fan of. They’re too chewy and elastic for me, but actually tasted rather good on cold days.

I was wearing my wool coat, but it’s actually warm enough to do without it! It was around 15 celcius the entire time which is the best weather ever. I kept turning to Alex and screaming “I love this weather so much!!! ^_^” until he ignored me wtf

And yes, Alex is my new boyfriend don’t have to keep asking anymore ok?

It got really warm after this and I had to take off my coat and leg warmers in public. Not shy one wtf

Haih this is the ideal weather for shorts and boots <3

Took the Star ferry to HK island! I usually prefer staying in Kowloon cause it’s more authentic. The main island is too modern for me.

I think I’ve taken the same picture a million times now but it’s still so pretty and mesmerizing

Being emo at Causeway Bay. I wasn’t emo actually, I was feeling more like….

this wtf

happy bunny year!

I wish I get to celebrate CNY at home ๐Ÿ™

(and yes, i’ve gained weight. don’t need you to keep pointing it out ok? it hurts ok? it hurts so much that i puke my food out after every meal ok? T___T kidding lah, but still i don’t think it’s necessary and bordering on being quite mean to keep commenting that. this is why the society is so superficial and so conscious about being skinny. what kinda role model are you to kids?? can’t people be happy and merry and eat a little more wtf)

We then went to Wan Chai to have this crazy spicy crab dish. The restaurant is called “Kiu Tai Lat Hai (spicy crab under the bridge)” and I’m sure the crab was very good, except that I couldn’t feel my tongue after the first bite.

Being Malaysians, we were overly ambitious and arrogant and thought we could handle spicy food, so we ordered the second spiciest crab and almost died wtf. Look at all the dried chilli!!! Siao ah

Slow exposure thingymajig

went up to the peak for this view again! I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of it. I’ve gone up to that peak about 6 times now and have taken this very same picture and posted it up here over and over again wtf

we were only in HK for 3 days but it felt quite long because we walked like 8 hours a day wtf and walked almost EVERYWHERE! I’ve concluded that that’s the reason why people there are so skinny despite the fact that they eat so freaking much.

also, another observation: the food in HK really disappointed us this time. It’s so sad T___T Alex thinks cause the real authentic Hong Kongers have all migrated to everywhere else and hence the HK food in San Fran/London for example are actually as good if not better now. This is a great thesis to my final research paper on Chinese culinary history.

Yes you hear that right! I’m actually taking a class on Chinese food. The class is called Comparative Culinary History: China and Italy. It’s NOT a class about food, nor is it a class about eating. It’s an intellectual class on culinary history and comparison between both countries in terms of their culinary roots wtf


went paintball before I left Malaysia last last week!


I’ve never gone for paintball before so I was actually quite nervous after hearing all the horror stories about people getting hurt near their pepet (aud it’s you btw don’t deny wtf). I couldn’t sleep the night before and kept thinking of how many layer of clothes I should put on wtf

i went with my ex colleagues and some of them are super hardcore! scary sial. some more my boyfriend was in the other team and I swear he secretly wanted to shoot me for all the pain I put him through wtf

but alas, smart (and cowardice) me was hiding behind the barricade the entire time so my team won most of the games for having the last man standing (me) because I basically just hid and shot people but they couldn’t shoot me hoho

in retrospect, I feel like such a loser now cause it was quite an expensive game and all I did was hide =_____= but at least I don’t have bruises on important parts of my body ^_^

aih, i’ve only been back for about 2 weeks but i’m sooo ready to graduate already. have to suck it up for the next 4 months!


EDIT *added video**

I have a million and one pictures to post! I have an exam tomorrow but here I am, resizing pictures and posting them on facebook and blogging =___= good job good job

Dinner with Kok Yew at this posh Chinese restaurant at IFC! The roast pork tasted extra extra yummy, if only I could afford this everyday *dreamy sigh

Green tea frozen yoghurt with mochi for dessert *salivates at the thought of it

Thanks for the dinner Kok Yew, don’t work too hard ok!

Hotpot dinner with basketball teammates! Last week was just food food and food ๐Ÿ™‚

Really expensive teppanyaki dinner with roommate which was sooo worth it cause it was $200 for 5 courses but they gave us so much crap in between!! So happy =D and it was an amazing dinner cause it was just the two of us and they spaced out the serving time between dishes nicely so we had time to talk and bond too ๐Ÿ™‚

one fine day when i couldn’t be bothered to do stuff with my hair, so i just tied it up in a bun! simple and easy!

Brain food for my two weeks of exams!

Hehehe let me tell you a cute story!

So one day the guy in the room below us was playing his guitar kinda loudly and we were studying so it got a little distracting. We wrote him a note to tone it down, stick it in a bottle and send it down to him!

Then he stopped playing and we felt bad about it so we sent him another note with some snacks! But after that, he didn’t reply or anything even though we left the bottle there for him to reply ๐Ÿ™ sad story

so we pulled the bottle back up sadly with tears in our eyes T__T

This was from Saturday! Went to Lamma Island with some friends ๐Ÿ˜€ Had expensive seafood which wasn’t that worth it wuwu

Final clubbing with my favorite girls on my floor!

From yesterday, final farewell dinner with my closest friends here in HK ๐Ÿ™

We had wine but I couldn’t finish my glass less I risk turning super duper red ๐Ÿ™

Then we went up to the Peak but it was too misty and we couldn’t see anything ๐Ÿ™

The view ๐Ÿ™

And we felt like some crepes but the shop was closed ๐Ÿ™

Then we asked a girl to take a picture of us with the University of Hong Kong sign but she took of us, without the full sign ๐Ÿ™

Undeterred, Maria said we should buy our own ingredients and make our own crepes, which proved to be the best bonding experience we’ve ever had ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is Maria, our master chef

Ser Siang, our strawberry slicer extraordinaire

Kevin, our super fast crepe mix, uh, mixer

Koki, our whipcream, uh, whipper

And finally, your resident camwhore wtf

No lah I had the most important and often overlooked task ok! To document everything *smug

I captured the best moment that night! Koki wanted to pour wine into the mix so we can all get drunk, Rex was egging him on and Maria (our mom) was telling him to stop hahaha

We eventually poured wine into the mix later on which turned out to be pretty yummy!!!

Kevin thought the way I cut bananas was funny. No Kev, YOUR FACE is funny wtf *weak retort T__T

video of us!

With my amazing roomie in polaroid ๐Ÿ™‚ I โ™ฅ her sosososo much!!

I got the wrong pair of grey lenses! But they still look okay I guess

Finally!! the fruits of our labor!


This is really meant to be. I should really make crepe-decorating my profession!

Ser Siang and Kevin got gifts for all of us!!! How sweet T___T Kevin got me a gorillapod, which I’ve been wanting since forever! Now I can take more pictures from every angle possible =D

Ser Siang got me this headband which I’ve been eyeing too! omg they are the best gift-givers ever.

All of us with our gifts! taken with my camera on the gorillapod =D

Maria and her funny eye mask from Kev! hahaha

They are roommates too! We โ™ฅ our roommates

Kev and I, final picture of the great night ๐Ÿ™

And then we sat down and had emo talk and listened to emo music T___T Bye bye great friends, hopefully we’ll meet again some fine day. If not this lifetime then maybe next lifetime! What if I get reincarnated as an ant and get stepped on before I met you guys wtf

Haih fucking emo I don’t want to leave!!! Leaving here is like waking up from a dream and pulling myself back to reality! But i guess the reality isn’t that bad at all.

I’m going to Dubai for Xmas and New Year cause my dad’s there and we’re going to visit him! Can’t wait =D

Sunset Peak

I’m procrastinating so badly! I studied one chapter yesterday for about one hour and then watched my Korean drama for 5 hours wtf. Boys over flowers is exactly like Meteor Garden! Haha but still so fun to watch and now that it has ended I feel like there’s a void inside me now T_T

Today I studied for another hour and now I’m blogging. Aih I don’t like how it works here where everything is so exam-based, just like high school! Apparently, the amount of crap you are able to churn out and how much your hand can write without dying are your keys to getting As in exams here. Shit I don’t even remember how to memorize stuff without truly understanding what I’ve read anymore.ย I’m glad I’m studying in the US then!

Anyway, here are a million pictures of my hike last weekend ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m so excited to show them off!

This was 30 minutes into our hike where the steps were a lot less steep! The first part really killed me and I didn’t think of taking pictures at all!

SHUT UP I know I look like I was going shopping or something hahahah! For some reason I didn’t think we were reallyyy going on a real hike I don’t know why. I was wearing cardigan and didn’t even have a backpack T__T

Seriously what was I thinking wtf

My companions, Mabel, Neil and Tom! They’re all British so I’m constantly hearing stuff like oh crickey, blimey, mate wtf

Amazing weather for hiking!!

Not so amazing shoes for hiking.. I bling-ed them too cause I had extra left after doing my camera so why not wtf

These steps are killing me! Dah lah no oxygen when the altitude gets higher

Only two diamantes came out! not bad

Why oh why didn’t I just not bring a bag! Imagine holding a bag like this while you’re trying to balance yourself from not falling off the cliff wtf

With Mabel!

I love how Hong Kong has everything! Tired of the city? Go hiking and enjoy the scenery!

With Neil and his pan-cute asian pose!

With Mabel โ™ฅ

All of us on the rock!

Super well-equipped hikers, unlike me wtf

Can see the beach from here =D

After 3.5 hours, 1.5 hours to go!

The hills have eyes wtf

Look Ma, I’m studying! hahaha no serious those are really my notes

Going to our next peak!

I couldn’t believe this but we went through all those 4 peaks =O

more pictures after the cut!

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Incomplete guide to HK

Hellooo! I’m so happy today cause 1. I’m done with alllll my midterms/presentations/projects/papers!!! At least for two weeks *gloomy.. but it’s okay I’m gonna play so hard this week! and 2. my camera is not broken!!! I brought it to a camera shop and the guy tried another battery and voila it worked! so it’s just my battery/charger’s problem! Tears of joy streamed down my face and freaked that guy out wtf

Anyway I got tons of pictures to post! My mom just uploaded all the pictures from when she was in HK with my dad on Facebook (took her forever cause she posted 5 by 5 wtf) so here they are!

This will be a sort of pseudo-guide to HK kinda post, including all my other previous posts on HK before! This is by no means a complete guide to where you should go/what you should do in HK (if you want a complete guide, check out wikitravel or tripadvisor, they’re amazing), but more like where I would bring visitors to just cause it’s not expensive for me wtf

At my parents’ hotel. Ah back in those glorious days when it was too hot to wear anything but shorts. Now I wear FOUR layers to sleep and still shiver from the cold T____T

All pictures are taken with Canon G10 =D

My happy parents!

They lived near Mongkok so the first place I brought them to was obviously Ladies’ Market! (Lui Yan Kai). Mongkok is in Kowloon, which is a completely different island than HK island but I love it so much more cause it’s where the heart of HK really is in my opinion.

Street food in abundance in Mongkok! I haven’t really tried much cause I’m not into fried stuff that much

Mongkok is a nice place to bring tourists to cause of the street market but becareful, it’s VERYVERYRYRYR crowded so if you don’t like crowd you might not want to go there. But what’s a trip to HK without visiting the ladies’ market? Anyway if you’re not into clothes/accessories, you can also find lots of electronic shops, shoe shops, random streets selling just flowers or just fishes wtf (no serious one)

If you’re in the other island (Kowloon), you should also walk along Nathan Road cause there’s everything there! Cheap clothes/shoe shops, cheap restaurants, karaoke, massage, everything!

If you’re super fit and free, walk all the way from Mongkok to Jordan (about 30-40 minutes to walk, you can also take the MTR, two stops away) to try the famous Australian Dairy Company ๐Ÿ™‚

They are famous for their scrambled eggs!! Mmmm made with the best milk ever so fluffy and soft and buttery!

I had milk with it, pretty good! It looks tiny in portion but omg it’s sooo filling! This set is around $28/RM14 I think.

Super famous steamed milk! Quite expensive ($18/RM9) but sooo good! They have steamed egg and steamed choc milk too! You can get it hot or cold but i like cold better.

If you’re not too busy, there’s this street in Jordan that has a lot of fortune tellers/palm readers! Quite cool but I can’t speak Canto that well so I didn’t get my fortune read.

That street also has stalls that sell dildo and sex toys, for some odd reason. Don’t know what’s the relevance between fortune telling and sex toys.. Maybe if your fortune is really bad like you’re gonna die in 24 hours so you get really upset and it’s only natural for depressed people to go on a sex-toys buying frenzy? WTF

From Jordan, walk along Nathan Road again until you reach Tsim Sha Tsui! About 15-20 minutes or 1 train stop away. Every night at 8pm, you can catch the lightshow! It’s basically not a big deal, just buildings with dancing lights for 10 minutes or so. I like it though! It sort of captures the essence of HK in a way.

After watching the lightshow at the pier, walk to the Avenue of Stars to see all the famous hand prints! To be honest, I only recognized Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee ๐Ÿ™ ย Better off not going but it’s touristy so maybe you wanna do it just so you won’t feel left out wtf

Commercial break wtf. must show you how small my parents’ room was!!!! Everything was basically in this picture, except the other bed. Basically it’s just wall, bed, 5cm, bed, wall. Another 5cm between beds and toilet and THAT’S IT OMG OMG OMG SMALLEST HOTEL ROOM I’VE EVER SEEN. The ‘cupboard’ was one tiny space with two hangers wtf

Ok let’s move on.

So once you’re tired of Kowloon, get the Star Ferry and hop over to HK Island! The ferry is fun and cheap! ($2) Alternatively, you can catch the MTR too. If you’re looking for a cheap hotel, Kowloon/Mongkok/Tsim Sha Tsui is your best bet, impossible to get cheap hotels in the main island!

Ok what’s next..I think the best place in HK island is Causeway Bay! But that’s just cause I like crowd and shopping and lights..

Causeway can get kind of confusing and even I don’t know it that well yet but it has a loooot of things. It has a MILLION SASAs and Bonjours (cheaper version of SASA) everywhere! You should definitely plan to spend one night here to just explore around.

Once you’re sick of Causeway, you can walk over to Wan Chai (or take the tram/train, only one stop) cause they have really cool bars there! Except that half of them have slutty ugly girls outside trying to lure white men in wtf. Some bars there are cheap and pretty chill and have live bands and stuff.

Two stops away are Central and Lan Kwai Fong! My second home wtf.

Central is basically a shopping paradise as well but stuff here are more branded and expensive. I like it here cause it’s closer to my dorm but I only shop at H&M and Cotton On cause everything else is either Louis Vuitton or Hermes T_T

When you’re at Central, be sure to take the tram! I love the trams and I always ride it from Central all the way back to my university. You can see how different the buildings are and it’s quite a pleasant (but bumpy) (but very cheap $2) ride.

Along the way, you’ll see this entire street selling the exact same thing – dried food. In fact it’s called the dried food street wtf. Every single shop sells dried squids and dried fish and dried whatever you want! dried humans also got I’m sure har har lame joke wtf

The end of the tram line is Kennedy Town/Sai Wan which is near my university which is also my second home but I don’t think I’m going to talk about it. It’s not touristy at all but it has good local food =D

Pottinger St in between Central and Soho! It’s a steep stone slabs street that sells costumes!!! I got my pearl headband and black wings from here! You can also find wigs/random accessories here ๐Ÿ˜€

And of course when you’re near Central, you have to go to Lan Kwai Fong!

Lan Kwai Fong in the day, not as impressive as night.

Dad and I with the sign

LKF is basically this small area where it’s filled with just bars and clubs! Every Thurs, Fri and Sat nights, the entire few streets get jam packed with people partying outside on the streets so it’s quite a cool place to go to just to see the night life.

Tsui Wah is a chain char chan teng (cafe) and is pretty famous! This is where we go to for our after clubbing fix cause it opens 24 hours.

Food here isn’t amazing but I loveee the condensed milk bun!!! Comfort food no. 1 โ™ฅ the milk tea here is pretty good too!

Directly across Tsui Wah is Yung Kee Restaurant, super super famous for their roast goose. This restaurant is rated no.1 in blabla and is apparently a must go.

Geese chilling out wtf

Brought my parents there to try it out!

Don’t ask me what’s the difference between roast duck and roast goose..I think this has more fats and supposed to be yummier? The skin is super crunchy and nice but I don’t know if it’s worth it. We ordered 3 dishes (1/2 goose, some vege, some tofu) and it came up to $500…..So erm, not too sure if you should come here.

Once you’re bored of partying, you should go up the peak ๐Ÿ˜€

You can get a cab all the way up the peak (should be around $50 from Central) or you can get a cab to the tram station and take the tram up! The tram is pretty expensive actually but it’s nice too!

The tram up the peak

The view of the city from the peak โ™ฅ

With my parents!

I don’t know why I keep wearing a skirt up there when it’s always so windy!

Okay so basically those are places I would bring a tourist to – Mongkok, TST, Causeway, Central, LKF, Victoria’s Peak!

Food you must try:

1. Dim sum, obviously!!!

Better dim sums are pretty pricey, especially those at restaurants with table cloths and all. Expect to pay around $60 at least but it also depends on what you order too.

Siew mai, a must have!!!

This dim sum place was at Kowloon and I’m sure there are more at the main island but surely more expensive too. I always go to this dingy looking dimsum place near my college cause it’s very cheap but it also doesn’t have a lot of variety. Not sure of any good restaurant-ish dimsum place near Central though..

2. Egg tarts!! These ones are from Tai Cheong, which is famous for their egg tarts. I found better and cheaper ones in Sai Wan though but it’s hard to get there from Central..Egg tarts here in general are a lot better than the ones in Malaysia =D I don’t know how I’m going to eat Malaysian egg tarts when I go back since my taste is more refined already now wtf

3. Congee! Actually it’s not a lot better than those in Malaysia lah but still good nonetheless!

4. Tong sui/desserts! This mango lo is from Hui Lau San but it’s soo expensive so I don’t go there anymore. I found better and much cheaper ones near my college (at Sai Wan/Kennedy Town again! That’s why I love that place). You can easily find dessert shops anywhere so give it a try!

5. Siu Mei! It’s basically stuff like chicken rice, roast pork rice, roast duck, BBQ pork etc but it’s soooo goooood! It’s all I eat here wtf. I used to hate roast pork in Malaysia but the ones here are heavenly and the skin is super crunchy! You can find this in almost every corner in HK.

6. Japanese/Italian/Western food.

Soho (near LKF) has the best western food ever! There’s this Italian place called Al Dente which serves the best italian food I’ve ever tried. Basically Soho has a lot of bars and restaurants catered to westerners so the quality of the food there is top-notch. Expect to pay at least $100 per person though.

Japanese food in HK is way better than the ones in US/Msia! You can get a really good meal for about $50 in Sai Wan and maybe $80 in Central.

There’s this burger place called Gourmet Burger Union in Soho and it has the best burgers I’ve ever tried. My new favorite place is also this Kebab place in Soho =D

Gui ling gou at HK is also very nice but we got cheated lor! How can it be $50 a bowl??? Cis.

You might also want to visit the Buddha at Lantau Island!

If you have time, you might also want to visit Cheong Chao Island, Shek-O Beach, Stanley Market and beach and Lamma Island! I’m going to Lamma Island this weekend yaysss =D

Other HK-related posts here.

I don’t think this post is very helpful but that’s cause I keep doing the same things once I found things I like to do here so I hardly explore around to find good restaurants and stuff. But leave me a comment/email if you need to know more info!

p.s: DON’T FORGET THE BEST MALL IN THE WORLD IN MONGKOK (Argyle St) !!! I got my boots there for $180/RM90!

Mid Autumn Blues

I’ve been doing a lot of things lately so here is another pictorial post! This type of blogging feels so different from when I was in Mt Holyoke cause back then, I don’t take pictures AT ALL (everyday watch drama in my room what to take picture of wtf). I had to always think of topics to ramble about and constantly come up with lame jokes and secretly hope that people won’t find it boring. So tiring!

Anyway it was National Day on Thursday so we went out on Wednesday cause it was ladies’ night as well!

Cari and I with our free drinks (and Ser Siang being stupid)

With Ser Siang and Koki!

This was at a club and they gave me free bunny ears! ^_^

With Cari again.

Alllllll of us! It was really fun cause we were hanging out with the locals! Most exchange students only hang out with the other exchange students so we’re like one level above them *smug wtf

Went to see the fireworks at the harbour on Thursday! It was 23-minute long :O

Yummy dessert at Honeymoon Dessert!

On Friday night, we got bored and Maria said “LET’S GO TO THE BEACH” and to that we said “OK NO PROBLEMO!”

The beach is only 15 minutes from our dorm so we got a cab at 12am and off to the beach we went. The next day was mid-autumn festival so there were actually a lot of people at the beach with lanterns. We got some too =D

Kevin wanted to take an ‘artistic’ shot of us but you can’t see shit here wtf

We then went swimming at 2 am which was quite scary cause it was dark and the guys were drunk so there was a high chance that they might just drown and die wtf

On Saturday, we took the tram to Causeway Bay for the Mid-autumn carnival! The tram was fun but very shaky and took us foreverrr

The amount of people was really a little overwhelming

We got a box of glowsticks and had so much fun with them!!!

I was all chained up

Lanterns! and moreee people

More of the decorations.

Proud glowstick-ers. In retrospect, we did look quite ridiculous wtf

This painting was made by a 12 YEAR OLD KID!!!!!!!!!! CRAZY!!! Damn nice omg. They had a display of paintings made by kids to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the founding of Republic of China wtf

Sunday was spent chillaxing in my room, watching drama and cooking aglio olio for myself. This actually tasted nicer than it looked wtf. Went to handball practice for 3 hours after that and came back almost dead.

So that’s all I did the past few days I’ve been missing! I just realize that it’s almost the middle of this semester and I HAVE NOT DONE ANY WORK! I haven’t studied at all yet except for 2 hours cause I had a test the next day but that’s it.

Wow..this is crazy. But oh well, it’s fun being a slacker once in a while heh. I’ve been going to classes diligently and taking very comprehensive notes so I hope that’s enough..*scared. Back in Mount Holyoke, we have to study at least 2 hours a day and here I only studied 2 hours in the past 6 weeks wtf

Adventures in Macau

Hello I’m back from my weekend trip to Macau! Sorry for not blogging for a while so this will be a loooong post to make up for it ๐Ÿ˜€ Mostly pictures though since I don’t have the right amount of energy to string long coherent sentences now.

Oops not of Macau yet! This is a gross looking picture of only the best food in the world! Egg with half cooked yolk is my thang, as you all know. The other day, I found the second best feeling ever- the moment when I stick my fork into the egg only to realize that it’s HALF COOKED. Oh. My. God.

WUWUWUWU!!!!! Played squash and netball the other day and broke my nails!!! Broke 4 of them actually. So stupid I didn’t even break my nails when I played basketball and it was supposed to be a rougher game than netball!

So off to Macau we went! Guess what color is my new eye color!

Kevin and Koki in the bus.

Near the heritage site in Macau.

There’s this street leading to the St Paul’s ruins where people from the shops will just randomly give you food to test! How amazing โ™ฅโ™ฅ And they’re sooo yummy too!

God I love it when cathedrals/churches pull this shit on me. Like Milan’s cathedral, this one was just so unexpected too. It’s nestled behind shop houses so you don’t expect it and suddenly it’ll just go WHOA LOOK AT ME I’M SOย MAGNIFICENT!!!

You naughty thing, you *shy

How beautiful!

All five of us! We’re the most fawesome group ever ๐Ÿ˜€ From left: Koki from Japan, Ser Siang from Malaysia, me, my roomie Maria from Sweden and Kevin from California!


Kevin and Ser Siang reenacting the scene hahah

Climbed up the fort and perspired like shit!!!!! Perspired wtf hahaha I refuse to use the word sweat hmmp!

There’s this drink called Pocari Sweat which is sorta like 100 plus and everytime someone drinks that, they must point and laugh at me one lor!!! Doesn’t help that it’s my favorite drink too so whenever someone sees me drink it, they’ll go “Pocari Sweat hahah look Suet it’s your name right there hahaha”. Erm I’m well aware of that thank you very much wtf

The cathedral (or what’s left of it) overlooks the city

Macau in its glory

I hate sightseeing on hot humid days T_____T

Dinner at night at this reaaaally goodย Portugueseย restaurant! Highly recommended to people who’re going to Macau! It’s called A Lorcha and it’s atย 289 Rua do Almirante Sergio. Very hard to get there for us cause we don’t know the name of the road in Chinese and it was hard telling the cab driver! We went in without reservation but it’s almost impossible to get seats if you don’t reserve so call them up first!

It cost us HKD $100 per person but it was worth it!

Maria and I โ™ฅ

Woohoo sangria! I drank like two sips and called it a day wtf sucks when I have to pay just as much T_T

Me and Kevin the birthday boy!

Cheers to Macau and great friends =D

There was a fireworks competition the same day so we saw that too!

Went to the famous Venetian after that. Very very pretty!

The fake blue sky is so nice!

The river. Looks very disney world-ish actually.

The rest went gambling but I hate casinos so here I am spending my time wisely wtf (and it doesn’t cost money!)

The next day we went BUNGY JUMPING! tallest bungy jump in the world!!!


Signing the form that says if you die then oops too bad wtf

Scared face T___T


I can so see the jaws on my parents’ face now! hahahha. No lah I didn’t jump! But I really really almost did it!! Too bad it cost like $1500 (RM750) and it’s way too expensive for me ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

Koki who was dead pale before his jump. Ahhhh damn jealous I really wanted to do it! I promised them I’ll do it next month so I better start saving up now!

We went home after that the end.

Macau is a nice place to visit but I didn’t like the place that much. It was veryyy hard to get a cab and people just run into the cab you flagged down all the time! People here are VERY rude. It’s also expensive to keep taking cabs but we didn’t know which buses to take so we didn’t have a choice. Keep that in mind when you’re choosing a hotel in Macau so you can choose somewhere close to where you want to visit!

I guess that’s all for now, I hope you like the pictures!

Hong Kong, Mon Amour

I’m soooo dead tired right now I feel like I’ll just fall asleep once I stop typing! Crazy tired but I feel so bad that I haven’t blogged in so many days when I really want to! Anyway I can sleep in tomorrow so let me finish this super duper long pictorial post first and then I’ll zonk out.

This is another HK post so sorry if you’re not into touristy stuff! It’s so hard to choose the best few pictures to summarize my entire week but here goes ๐Ÿ˜€

This was on Friday night and everyone was out partying. It’s so funny cause EVERYone hangs out outside 7-eleven cause they sell very cheap booze. We call this Club Seven cause it sounds cooler that way wtf

With Yoo Rim! We were at some BBQ thingy.

Look at my mozzie bites T______T mosquitoes here are EVIL. I have 7 of this exact bite T_T

Went to Cheong Chao island with my floormates last Saturday. I really love this place! A must go if you’re going to be in HK for some time.

It’s a pretty small town and it’s nice to walk around here

Cheong Chao’s beach is amazing too!

My floormates!

Jennifer from HK. She’s super pretty in real life!

With some of my floormates.

All my floormates are too nice to be true! They always always try to help me whenever they can. I got sick last week and they went around asking for medicine for me! I needed sports shoes and someone borrowed me a pair immediately. Le sigh such nice people.

The fishing boats. 30% of cheong chao’s occupants live in these boats!

BBQ after going to the beach! I love it โ™ฅ

A very sweaty and gross me blowing a hugeeee bubble! Damn big ok!

The next night or something..argh shit I have to blog more often or I’ll forget when I take which picture! Guess where I was wtf

After dimsum on Sunday! I guess this is where all the TVB dramas are filmed wtf.

We had a cooking session on Tuesday with our floormates! mmm

With Genie who’s very hyper all the time! ย Funny how everyone has english names except me

had a short jamming session with some girls. Can’t believe I can still play a tiny bit of drums even after 4 years of not playing!

Hiked up the peak with heels and skirt cause the hike wasn’t planned. Damn champion lah me somemore got typhoon warning no. 3 and got 2740 mph wind and I was wearing skirt T_T

But the view was so damned worth it! Can see the whole of HK from Victoria’s Peak!

With Jamie who was drinking beer and I was drinking yakult wtf

AH SHIT I’M SOOOO SLEEPY will continue this post tomorrow morning! I went to Shenzhen and got sooo much stuff can’t wait to blog about them! Continue reading tomorrow ok!

ok I just came back from dim sum and I had ten hours of sleep so I’m all energized now!

Yesterday we went to Shenzhen for shopping!

My super duper kind hosts who brought us around AND bought lunch for us! Thanks Zoe and Garrick!!

Look at their drinks! Hahaha how creative is that!

Lunch at this VERY posh looking place but the food is great and very very affordable. Definitely eat here when you go to Shenzhen! It’s called hi-tea and it’s located at …ok I don’t know where.. Zoe, where is it?

The crowd here is ten times more than HK =O





So we were walking around and was quite tired so we wanted to get our nails done since it’s supposedly only 10 yuan (RM5). This woman approached us and so we followed her to this dingy looking place.ย There, we were seated and I saw a book with fake nails with diamante and flowers so I was just looking at it for fun. My manicurist took my hands and started doing something to my nails and didn’t even ask me what I wanted to do!

I thought she was just filing them first while I decide what I wanted but I realized that she had already scrubbed all my nails raw (don’t know how to explain..erm like roughen the surface?) cause she thought I wanted the fake nails. I was like WTF?? I didn’t even tell you I wanted fake nails!! She said oh you were looking at the book!

Please keep in mind that this entire conversation was in Mandarin and my Mandarin sucks monkey balls

Finally I gave up and said ok if you can give me this exact design (with diamantes and flowers), I’ll do it. She said ok that will be 80 yuan and I thought fine fine what can I do anyway. She then applied fake nails and then told me I can only choose one color and if I want OPI nail polish I have to pay extra 10 yuan! Then I was like err I thought you told me I can do that design I chose! She said ok that one will be extra 5 yuan PER STONE.

Double Eww Tee Eff??

Fucking hate Chinese people lor why they do business with such dishonesty one!!! Not only are they dishonest, they totally have no qualms about it and never think it’s a problem or anything!

At this point I was beyond frustration already. I came here wanting a normal 10 yuan manicure and now I have to pay 80 yuan already and this stupid lady refused to give me anything beyond a one color polish. 80 yuan (RM40) is not expensive for a manicure and I didn’t mind paying but she lied to me and I didn’t like that at all so I really didn’t wanna pay anything more.

Finally after a million years, she finally agreed to give me french manicure. She did it VERY VERY angrily too so I was angry and she was angry and we were both staring at each other angrily. Totally spoilt my mood!

I didn’t want fake nails cause I have to go for basketball and handball practices tonight. How to play now!!! Sure break my nails one.


But it’s okay! cause we went shopping after that and that made me happier!

I got this top for 20 yuan! (RM10) woohoo happy!

I love shopping here cause the bargaining part is damn fun! They will always quote you a ridiculous price and then you are expected to go whaaat so expensive! then they’ll go oh ok lor give me your price lor then you’ll give a crazy low price then they’ll go wah how can! like that I bankrupt lor then you’ll go ok ok then drag for another 5 minutes and you’ll get a dress for 30 yuan(RM15). I never paid more than that for my clothes!

30 yuan sandals! Too cutesy for my liking but what the hell it’s RM15 and it’s the nicest already

Got a blazer and three dresses too! (Actually two of them are my roommate’s but too small so she gave me)

Got mp3 player too! Look like Aud’s Sony mp3 but this is China brand so it’s only 100 yuan (RM50). The ‘Apple’ earphones are RM10 wtf

So I got:

-two dresses
-an mp3 player
-a set of cute lingerie (no pictures obviously wtf)
-a pair of shoes
-a top
-a blazer
-a stupid manicure

for…jeng jeng jeng…370 yuan! (RM185)


My shopping companion, Maria, and I. We were dead tired at the end of the day cause we only slept 5 hours the night before and we just spent 12 hours shopping and crossing borders and getting cheated. Really fun though!

Yays I’m so happy cause I can listen to music in the bus and look cool now wtf.

One Nite in Mongkok

Actually I don’t quite feel like blogging about Hong Kong anymore cause isn’t it kinda boring to keep seeing pictures of a place you’re not familiar with? But I don’t know what to blog about otherwise since all I’ve been doing lately is exploring and taking pictures..I guess I’ll blog about HK after all.

Anyway I have already started classes for a few days now and I can safely say that classes in HKU are definitely not easy. I really like some of my classes but the rest are probably going to kill me a million times over. The grades are curved here and people from China are apparently CRAZY smart and they just memorize the entire textbook or something so even if I got a 90, that will probably be a B wtf

Other than the painful commute to classes everyday which I’m so not used to since I’m used to just waking up 5 minutes before my class and just hop two steps to my lecture wtf, I think this place is definitely my calling. I can sort of blend in rather well with the locals and the internationals and this is a great refreshing change compared to my previous two years. Some things are just meant to be.

Ok fine I don’t know what emo shit to churn out anymore so here are pictures of HK what else is new. BUT GUESS WHAT?? no camwhore pictures woohoo!

Went to karaoke with a big bunch of students from Europe mostly.

With…can’t remember who wtf. This was taken at 3 or 4 am and I was sooo tired already. These people are crazy I don’t think I can hang out with them much cause all they want to do is party party party!

Seriously there’s this street filled with bars and clubs called Lan Kwai Fong and everytime I see them they’ll go “SUETTT LAN KWAI FONG TONIGHT!!!” ……………

No, no thanks..

Nicholas is so funny! We were waiting for the bus to see the lightshow and he brought..camembert along. Yeah, the cheese!! He’s french so he’s really into cheese and what’s funny is he brought a knife along too wtf

The ligthshow! They have it every night at 8pm and you just have to take the Star Ferry to the Kowloon side to see this. It’s amazing and I’ll so definitely do it again!

Went to Mongkok the next day! This is the famous ladies’ street! They really do have everything from clothes

to wigs

to weird Agogo clothes and lingerie for women AND men wtf

I truly love Mongkok cause it’s so vibrant and makes me feel very alive somehow. I love crowd!

The crowd and lights

Very creative street performer! He would just stand very still and not do anything and he has a sign underneath that says if you put in money I would sing. We really wanted to see him sing so we put in some money and he started singing!! hahhahah damn funny! After awhile he stopped and stood still again hahaha

Handsome police officer patrolling the streets. Ok lah not very handsome but he looks like the police in the TVB drama wtf

Street food!

My companions- Andrew and my roommate Maria! Andrew Loh Zhu An, this Andrew’s chinese name is An Zhu! hahaha

Ok that’s all, I promise the next post won’t be about Hong Kong! I’m also a little tired of talking about it already. Back to Emo, Contemplative, Soul-Searching Suet? Right like I was ever like that wtf. No seriously I want to be more like that from now on cause I’m turning 21 and I have to really find the purpose of my existence wtf. I’m turning 21 and all I want to do is become more serious and pensive T_T

Before the school starts..

Two more days before the school starts and everyone is going out like crazy now! I know people who just decided to go Macau or fly to Korea these few days just because they can. As for me, I like HK too much so I’m going to explore this place first before going to China or elsewhere.

On Saturday, I went out with two other Malaysians who have been there for a long time! We went to Causeway Bay for some makeup shopping! Mmm now we’re talking business.

In the mini bus to the city. Mini busses are like vans and it’s so funny cause you have to shout for the driver to stop whenever you want to stop and the first few days, I was so nervous to do that! I would practice what I wanted to shout over and over again in my head and then miss my stop wtf

Causeway Bay and the sea of people! I’m always so amused by the amount of people. Not irritated, don’t hate it, but very amused.

I actually quite enjoy the crowd! Makes me feel alive somehow.

Causeway Bay at night. The streets are actually very cooling cause shops from left and right will blast their aircon so if you walk in the middle, it feels so nice!

Stopped by the famous Hui Lau San for their famous mango lo. HLS is like HK’s version of starbucks!

Citrine my amazing guide and I.

Debra who is also from Malaysia!


To be honest, it’s good but expensive too! $40 for this (RM20) and I actually didn’t feel like it’s amazing or anything.

Dim Sum the next morning! The siew mais are reaaally good. The meal cost us $60 per person ouch!

Super yummy roast goose and char siew. Suuuuper yummy!

Famous egg tarts from Tai Cheong Bakery!

Quite expensive for an egg tart ($4.50) but it’s so goddamn worth it I tell you. Seriously I’m like a HUGE fan of egg tarts and I’ve tried sooo many egg tarts from all over but nothing beats this. It does look a little gross here but it’s fucking orgasmic and the pastry is so soft and crumbly and the egg part is pure heaven. (pardon my french but it was thaaat good)

Shit I should have gotten more but what the heck I have 4 months here! Breakfast lunch dinner!

Went to the beach next! I didn’t want to go at first cause it was 2pm and it was soooo hot and I hate beaches but I told myself that I cannot be lazy or I’ll end up having no friends and will have to stay in my room and eat alone forever wtf

Beach was like 15 minutes away. What is there not to like about Hong Kong?

This is Michael doing the funniest thing ever. He was digging a hole to make a seat for himself hahahahha. He says EVERYone in Germany does it! Damn cool ok!

Andrew and a girl with her tongue out wtf. He’s such a bad camwhore cause he didn’t wait for me to get ready first T_T

The rest getting ready to swim. We’re a pretty diversed group actually! We have people from Korea, Germany, Netherlands, France, UK, America and Malaysia (me)!

Michael took my camera and snapped a picture of Jon and his..uh..nipples wtf

And someone’s butt..Maybe he secretly likes guys wtf

I see he’s very proud of his manmade seat hahaha

Had Ajisen Ramen for dinner and it was sooo good! So much better than the one in Malaysia mmm!

Ok that’s all I’ve been doing lately. I also went clubbing on Friday night but I forgot to bring my camera to capture this very very rare moment! Seriously pictures of Suet clubbing is like worth a million dollars cause it only happens once in a blue moon wtf

But that’s all about to change soon….jeng jeng jeng

Ah I can’t wait to go to Mongkok and Shenzhen!!!

Hong Kong: The Beginning

Chehhhh my title like some cheesy movie/book title only. Anyway, I’m all settled down in HK already! In case you forgot/never read my previous 2392 posts before, I’m here in HK for a semester-long exchange program! I’m in HKU so anyone who’s nearby and who wants to show me around, please let me know! I’m seriously quite desperate to meet locals wtf

Thank you for all your well-wishes but I’m fine now! I managed to get the right bus here and everything worked out well =D

Sorry I look super gross here but I want to show you my super big pimple! This is after ONE week and after I’ve popped it THREE times. It’s poisonous I tell you! Maybe that’s why everyone kept looking at me wtf

This is my room! I was actually pleasantly surprised at how spacious it is cause I’ve seen pictures of rooms that are smaller than store rooms! But my hall is far from campus so I guess that’s why rooms are bigger.

This. is. so. upsetting!!!

I actually have to buy a prepaid card for the airconditioner and if I turn it on, I see the meter running and my money going down T____T

Worst thing is, my room doesn’t have a freaking fan! So I’m forced to turn on the aircon! Anyway I got a table fan so it’s better now.

My view. I actually have an amazing view of the sea! But my hall is sort of under construction right now so this is my ugly view T_T

While waiting for my roommate!

Pimple is a lot smaller now phew. I’m going to do a post on my this makeup next! This is my favorite eyeshadow color =D

Got double eyelid for my smaller eye cause I used the sticker!

I’m so excited cause there are SASAs everywhereeeeeeee here in HK and they look super amazing from outside. Makeup makeup and more makeup *salivates to death. Can’t wait to go into one! They seriously have one Sasa on EVERY street.

Today, I went to the city with my roommate and her mom. They are Swedish but have been living in Malaysia for a long time now ๐Ÿ˜€

The char chan tengs here are sooo packed during lunch time. It’s crazy!

I seriously wish I can read Chinese T_T Most of the signs and menus are in Chinese!

These bamboo scaffolding thingies are so amazing. How can bamboos be so strong? And they’re only tied together with flimsy looking strings!

I haven’t camwhored in forever! Forever=3 days hehe.

That bottle I was holding? It was $8. RM4 for a bottle of mineral water. I really need to get used to the prices here. An average price for a meal here is $30-40 (RM15-20). Ouch! I miss RM4 chicken rice now ๐Ÿ™

Otherwise, HK seems like an amazing place to be. I haven’t found someone who likes shopping and eating as much as I do, so I’ll be exploring alone for these few days first. That way, I can spend hoursss in Sasa without worrying!

I think I’ll really grow to love this place.