Kuching, I’m in love

I’m finally going to blog about my Kuching trip a few weeks ago! These are only 1/3 of the pictures I took though. I’ve also been waiting to blog after Ramadhan cos 90% of my pictures are of food wtf

Anyway I really really enjoyed Kuching. Not as much as I loved Sabah, but a very close contender. The more I go to Borneo, the more I feel like I belong there more than in KL. I always feel like if any place is the true epitome of what I imagine Malaysia is all about, it’ll be East Malaysia. The perfect harmony between very different kinds of people, the breathtaking sights, the serenity with a slight but good blend of chaos, and the hunger for food and nature.

I was expecting lots of REAL cats, but I only saw one small kitteh the entire time I was there. All the other cats I saw were either statues or souvenirs -__-

The first thing I did when I was there was get my hands on some Kolo Mee. How can I not!!! I need to eat THE real kolo mee which I’ve been dreaming of ever since I planned to go Kuching! Will post pictures of food at the end of the post cause there are so many that I need to focus on them properly, also need to build up momentum for the climax!

The waterfront, which is one of my favorite places there. I really hope the river of life in KL will end up becoming like this cos it’s so beautiful! I heard it used to be quite dangerous here though, since the river separates the kampung from the city, and apparently people used to come over to rob tourists all the time..

The spectacular DUN building on the other side of the river, which probably costs more than it should and is placed ironically next to the atap houses of the kampung

If you do go to Kuching, make sure you take the sunset cruise down the river! It’s about RM19 for an hour and is super worth it. The sunset here wasn’t amazing for the first few days but we were lucky to catch the cruise at a good time to see this breathtaking view. The hour-long ride was also a great time to unwind since it’s so calming to hear nothing but the sound of the boat wading through the water and to feel the light breeze of the Borneo wind. That’s if a crocodile doesn’t try to jump on your boat and eat you up.

You can also get a sampan to cross the river for 40 cents, which we did a few times just for the joy of being on the sampan. I have decided that if I do move to Kuching and if I was rich, I’d buy a sampan and row up and down the river all day long *writes it on my Bucket List

Right across the river, there’s a kilang kek lapis that’s called….kilang kek lapis I think hahaha. Bought a few loaves here and loved them!

If you want to know which camera I used to take these pictures.. (an excuse. just so i can post camwhore pictures without looking like i’m posting them without a purpose wtf)

It’s an old Canon G10. There’s the G12 now which is super duper awesome cos it has the rotating screen which you can use to take a million pictures of yourself!!!! *hyperventilates

Carpenter Street, which is right behind Main Bazaar (across the waterfront). Right near this arch, there’s this awesome place that serves amazing pork satay!

I met up with Melissa and Daphne, who were extremely kind to bring me around for the entire day! We were at Bing Coffee, which is a very nice new-age coffee place from Kuching ๐Ÿ™‚ Bing, come to KL please, I’ve been looking for a nice hangout cafe here that’s not Starbucks or Coffee Bean but has better coffee than Oldtown. We need our own Malaysian breed of chill out coffee places, and more brownie points for you if you have board games and old mystery novels!

Tiramisu drink from Bing! Which is nice but a little too sweet for me

We went to Damai beach and stayed there for a night just to get away from the city. The beach is nice, but a little too deserted for our liking. We were supposed to stay at Damai Puri for two nights, which was scarily quiet and eerie, so we checked out the next day ๐Ÿ™ There were only like two other groups besides us, and there was absolutely nothing to do or eat.

It’s good that the Cultural Village is really close by the hotel, so we spent the next morning there!

This is uhh..rumah melanau *smart ass captain obvious

This is in Rumah Bajau I think. I saw the fire burning (fire burning fire burning on the dancefloor #lame) and asked the woman there what they’re cooking since theres nothing on top of the fire. She pointed to the top of the house, and said in a hush hush voice “see those skulls? we need to keep the fire to chase the evil spirits away from them”

Then I looked up and saw 3 skulls looking grimly at me.


*pees in pants

We went for the cultural show next and this bottomless dude asked me up on stage to demonstrate the use of the blowpipe ย -___- I was umm..a very good blower.

looking very pleased with self haha

Random: I’ve decided that I like this minimalist makeup the most. Just eyeliner on top and mascara ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m a grown woman now!



Are you excited?? Cause I am! These are the best Kuching food I’ve eaten, food that my kind guides brought me to eat, and food that I’ve found after tons of research. Most of them are also non-halal, sorry!

People in Kuching LOVE their food, that’s all they ever talk about and the pride is a little overwhelming at first. Whenever I tell Kuchingites I’m going to Kuching, they’d be all “you HAVE to eat this from this place, make sure you try this from that place, oh also this this that this YUMS”. My expectations of the food obviously were raised way beyond the bar, and I got very disappointed at first because I mean…I’ve found similar, if not better food in West Malaysia anyway.

But! Thank god I had amazing friends to bring me around and I found better food after that ๐Ÿ™‚ Otherwise I’d always moan about being deceived by Kuchingites for years to come. Thanks for bringing me around Eve, Kenny, Melissa and Daphne!

1. Kolo Mee

This is the first bowl of Kolo Mee I had and also the best. Kenny brought me to this place called KY Cafe at Sekama. If you’re staying near the city center, you can’t walk here so get a cab or something!

I had kolo mee at ten different places after that but this is definitely still the best. There are a few places at Jalan Pandungan that are okay too, but just not as good.

This is the other famous one at the Carpenter Street and Bishop Gate junction, it’s at a restaurant called Min Joo or something. Apparently it’s supposed to take up to an hour for them to serve you, but I was lucky cause I went around 2+pm and it was fairly empty. I was also alone, so maybe the uncle took pity of me and served me in ten minutes ๐Ÿ˜€

2. Sarawak Laksa

Forgot to take picture, but surprisingly this is not one of my favorite dishes although it was undeniably pretty awesome. The best one I had was at Madam Tang’s (Carpenter street). The one at Chong Choon Cafe (Abell Road, have to go before 11am) which Kenny raves about is pretty good but the former is better for me, albeit more expensive.

3. Gong Pia

I love this the most, it’s a snack from Sibu which is basically just toasted sesame bun with marinated meat inside but it tastes soooo heavenly! Definitely a comfort food. This can be found at the Song Kheng Hai food court (stall no. 7 i think, at the back one) located behind Pandungan Road. It’s somewhere behind Bing Coffee.

I ate wayyy too much of this but I couldn’t stop myself T__T Now I can’t get them anywhere at all ๐Ÿ™

4. Tomato Mee

This is really awesome as well. Basically it’s fried mee drenched in tomato sauce but why is it so goddamn good?!??! The best one was at Song Kheng Hai as well, it’s three stalls away from the Gong Pia stall.

5. Belacan Mee

This doesn’t look amazing but it’s quite unique. Soft noodles with belacan sauce and sotong, yums! Found this at Song Kheng Hai as well, can’t remember which stall but since I ate the Gong Pia so often, I’m now BFFs with the cute gong pia guy and he recommended this stall and the tomato mee stall to me. Can go ask him wtf

When you’re at this foodcourt, don’t forget to get this great refreshing drink! It’s sugar cane + coconut, an ingenious mix that drink stalls in KL should adopt. From stall 1.

6. Midin

Midin is my favorite vegetable dish in Kuching! It’s a locally grown type of fern that tastes great with belacan. This is the cold midin salad from Bla Bla Bla, also quite good. Bla Bla Bla is a pretty expensive restaurant but has amazing food with HUGE servings, do give it a try!

7. Kueh Chap

This is something I actually didn’t like but was highly recommended. It’s soup with noodles and pork intestines (which I don’t eat, maybe that’s why). It’s ok lah, prefer bak kut teh ๐Ÿ˜›

8. Sio Bee

Ok sorry but totally not a fan of this. It’s like meatball/siu mai and can be found at open air market.

Dessert time!

9. White Lady

Absolutely in love with this!! Also probably the reason why I didn’t lose weight despite walking 4-5 km a day wtf

Basically it’s just a mixture of fruits, ice and evaporated milk with a slice of lemon but it’s realllllllly good. Found the best one at open air market.


Probably the weirdest dessert name ever. It’s like ice kacang, but without kacang, syrup, evaporated milk and red bean…. Actually I guess it’s nothing like ice kacang at all except that it also has ice hahahahha I’m so dumb.

It’s a sour dessert, has fruits, cendol, ice, pandan and lemon. Very refreshing and probably not very fattening ๐Ÿ˜€

Got this from Hui Sing foodcourt, but don’t ask me how to get there. Not walking distance from city center.

11. Umm..cakes?

Got this triple layer chocolate cake from the shop next to Bing at Pandungan, can’t remember the name..Tom’s or something? Anyway it’s pretty orgasmic and quite light, definitely try it!

Strawberry cheese and masam manis kek lapis from that kilang kek lapis across the river. I loved both flavors but couldn’t finish them at all, so don’t buy too much of them!

Actually I think that’s all! It’s a pretty comprehensive list if I must say so myself *pats self

I also went to the Orang Utan rehabilitation center (MUST GO!!!!) and Bako National Park for some more outdoorsy fun but I didn’t get to go to the caves ๐Ÿ™ My next trip to Sabah and Sarawak will definitely include Mount Kinabalu and the Mulu caves.

I thought to myself that once I finish Teach For Malaysia and if I do want to continue teaching, I will definitely choose to teach in East Malaysia. There’s just this very peculiar charm and something very unique about this place that’s so appealing to me but I don’t really know how to describe it! It seems so different from the rest of Malaysia, but is also essentially very Malaysian.

On that note, Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Merdeka everyone! I’m truly glad to be home for this Merdeka, and hopefully for many more Merdekas to come ๐Ÿ™‚

Bits and pieces

This is the first time that I actually have things lined up to be blogged about! I have a few community service announcements to make since I’ve promised people that I’d do it, but that will have to wait for a few more days after these few personal posts I’ve been meaning to write.

These are random pictures I hold very dear to because of their significance but I’ll show them to you now ๐Ÿ™‚

This is the Prime Minister’s Office, where I interned at last summer. Now that I found this picture, I suddenly realized that I have yet to blog about my this super amazing internship!

To summarize, I think this is by far the best, most valuable and meaningful internship I’ve ever done, just because I truly felt I made a difference and impact in my work place and wasn’t merely an intern who photocopies and makes the coffee. In fact, I think my director photocopies more than me wtf.

The ultimate highlight of my summer internship is definitely meeting the amazing people who are doing such great things for our nation. Everyone in PEMANDU each has his/her own vision and dream for our country but they’re all united under the same mission to make this place better regardless of their differing political views. To quote my colleague, we’re not here for the government, we’re here for the country and for the rakyats T___T

Actually I feel conflicted, because the other highlight of my internship is equally as awesome! Throughout my short two months there, thanks to my great supervisor/mentor Joyce, I was given very important tasks and projects to handle. I think the most valuable internships are those that made you feel challenged, fully utilized beyond your own capacity, and the ones that truly show you what it’s like to be a contributing member of the workforce.

I did a lot of data analysis on Excel and made lots of confusing looking charts and graphs with pivot table, and my final analysis of the secondary schools was actually presented to the Prime Minister! Obviously I didn’t get to present it, or I would have peed my pants.

BUT CAN YOU IMAGINE?? Never in my wildest dream would I have thought that as an intern I’d have been given a responsibility this big a scale! For all they know I could have screwed the data up! What if I had written “Suet Li sangat cantik” at the bottom and they would have presented it still!! (then najib will wake up from his slumber and go “siapa suet li?? mana?! wtf”

Anyway, it was truly an unforgettable time for me and I’m super glad I had chosen to go back home and help with nation-building, however small the contribution I’d made, rather than chose my other internship option in HK that paid a lot more.

I went around Putrajaya to take pictures one day because I’d never really been there before and I’d never thought it’s THIS beautiful! I was angry at first at how much was spent on all these spectacular infrastructures but I can’t deny that they’re quite something.

This is one of the many bridges all over the city! I didn’t have time to take the other bridges’ pictures but I think it’s worth going to putrajaya just to see the bridges.

On another bridge leading to the convention center.

Putrajaya Convention Center! It looks way more grand in real life

A couple getting their wedding pictures taken!

The view from Pullman. Look at that other bridge in the background!!

PMO at night.

Putrajaya’s architecture is quite breath-taking, I only wish they’d maintain it better than this after all that money spent.

This is not putrajaya wtf. This is taken at Jimbaran Bay, Bali, when I was there last September.

We went for a sunset dinner and it was amazing T_____T I <3 Bali

Our table number! front seat ๐Ÿ˜€

Locals selling SUPER GOOD grilled corn by the sea

I’m posting too many pictures of the sea but look at them waves!

T___T I love this picture so much!

Bintang beer, sun, sand and love, what more can I ask for!

BAKSO! A good bowl of hot bakso after a tiring day chillin’ at the beach haha

This is at the temple in Tanah Lot!

Alex took this picture, not me cos I suck at taking good pictures, can only take pics of myself wtf

Lunch at this dirty duck place by the sawah padi!

That’s it! I’m posting a lot of Hong Kong pictures next just because I <3 HK so much.


I went to Kota Kinabalu two weeks ago on a personal mission to discover what it means being Malaysians in East Malaysia. I don’t know how successful the project was because I didn’t talk to as many strangers as I’d like given that I was only there for a week. I also realized it wasn’t easy to just suddenly ask someone about how they feel about being Malaysians without them thinking that I was some crazy girl..

Despite all that, I think this trip did open my eyes to a multitude of things and although this might potentially sound cliched and corny, it also made me feel somewhat more connected to people from east malaysia whom I formerly knew nothing about. I’ll elaborate more on that later in this post!

First day and I already love this place!

After spending some time in KK, we went to Tenom to visit Dom’s sister who owns a farm! This is the view of the farm ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s actually a cow farm, moooo

Dom and his super cute nephew ๐Ÿ™‚

Tenom is actually famous for its coffee so we went to a coffee factory to try it out! We also had a very enjoyable talk with the owner’s mother where I exhausted my entire library of Mandarin words wtf

We spent the rest of our time in Tenom talking to Dom’s uncle in law who was once involved in politics. That thirty-minute talk taught me so much about the plights of Sabahans and Sabah, but I’ll refrain from touching on that so as to not appear more ignorant than I already am.

Stopped by the seaside on the way back

On the way to Kundasang! I love this view โ™ฅ

Amazing view from our hotel.

A very pretty Dusun girl. I absolutely love this picture!

We walked to the nearest town which was about 1.5km away and didn’t have the energy to walk back (which is uphill) so I tried to stop a car….but to no avail. Drivers saw me with my thumb, gave me a big friendly smile and drove away ;___;

I finally tried the more Asian way of hitch hiking – I stood in the middle and waved frantically like a monkey wtf. The first car stopped for me and told us to jump in!

So we jumped into the back with the kids! Highlight of my day ๐Ÿ˜€

Hahah so cute!!

Rainbow after the rain. Am I the best photographer in the world or what???! WORD. wtf

The view in the morning. EXACTLY like the movie The Fog whoaaa

Androo took a picture of my butt cause he’s very fascinated by how the design sort of spells SHUANG in chinese hahaha which is very apt (shuang means double? in chinese)

We went to the Kinabalu reserve forest next!

Where I met my new friend Spiky. OHAI IZ ME, he says

Last day in KK, went island hopping!

Dom and I on the boat

KK from afar

Wunmin, Androo, Yangli, Andrew and Yung Terd!

Amazing beach! Just like Perhentian/Redang

Chilling at the beach, too lazy to snorkel!

Last picture: le sandman chillin’ at the beach too

All in all, Sabah was an amazing place for me. I’m a very nature-loving kinda tourist so I really enjoyed it especially when I had the best host ever! Thanks Dom for showing us a piece of Malaysia which I’ve never seen before!

Lessons from Sabah:

1. People there are WAYYYY friendlier than people in KL that’s for sure. Extremely easy-going most of the time and very nice to strangers ๐Ÿ˜€

2. I was very interested in the general way of life there since i always feel east malaysia seems so separate and different from west malaysia. So I got to see how it’s like there and to be honest, it’s pretty similar in certain ways (language, food (not exactly), ย lifestyle) but also very distinct in other ways (culture, perceptions towards issues like politics).

3. I think like many others, I’ve never really thought about east malaysians before. I mean yeah I study about them in sejarah, vaguely remember them whenever I see the different price tags for east/west msia in magazines, but I’ve never really sat down and thought, “hmm, how are they really like there? do they feel excluded/alienated by us? do they care/ not care?”

From talking to some people, the sense of frustration seems so prevalent. Frustrated at the lack of opportunity, the lack of better leaders, the lack of attention. But of course, different people feel differently towards the same issues. The kak I talked to in a small town said she’s happy and contented, and that she feels ambivalent (bordering on almost no resentment at all) towards her peninsular counterparts. The more educated youth I talked to in the city said he’s getting increasingly disheartened and appears to harbor some minor animosity to us who get a bigger slice of the cake.

But who wouldn’t when all this talk on 1malaysia and equality centers so much on west malaysia. The people of Sabah (and maybe Sarawak?) are already united but the disparity in resources alone hinders so much of their development. Basic needs like education opportunities and infrastructure etc are not even fulfilled yet, what more anything remotely close to what we’re fighting for. Sabah used to be richest state and was abundant in resources but they’re now sucked dry and is left as the poorest state in Msia.

I’m not saying that we should not fight for equality when east msia has it worse, I’m saying we should not be ignorant to their plight too. But then again, I was only there for a week and only talked to a handful of people. I’m not from there nor have I lived there, so perhaps I should be enlightened further?

I had a great time there and I’d love to go back again next time! I have a secret dream of joining Andrew and PACOS to perhaps build schools in the rural areas (wah like so noble wtf but it’s actually a selfish dream of wanting to help others so I can feel better about myself for being so ignorant before).

Sorry if I addressed the wrong issues/totally got everything about east malaysians wrong but this is solely based on my own perceptions so feel free to correct me!

p.s: i realized there are no food pictures at all. that’s a whole different story for another day cause the food there is so awesome i have a separate album for it!

To the highlands

This will probably be my last post for a while because I’ll be away for the next 10+ days! I’m going to Phuket on Thursday and will be back on Sunday but then I’m going to KK for a week after that. I’ll be posting an advertorial after this too and I did a quite stupid video for it so must watch ok!

Anywayyy I’m finally posting Cameron’s pictures. Will be back to proper blog posts after this ok! I’m so tired of going out already so I foresee lots of alone time=time to think of proper blog posts after this. Oh wait, I start work right after I come back from KK so don’t think I’ll get to blog much after that too T___T

Summer is always like that for me arghghgh. I never have time at all and there are always too many things to do. Maybe I shouldn’t have interned this summer to finally get one relaxing summer before my life as a student ends. But I can’t imagine waking up everyday and not have anything to do either, confirm will die like that!

Okay so I went to Cameron Highlands with my high school friends the other day! I haven’t been there in forever so it was quite fun, especially when you don’t get all sweaty and sticky ๐Ÿ˜€

Snack for the ride! Everyone started complaining once I ripped it open cause they all hate durian. HOW CAN! BLASPHEMY!

Stayed at Clem’s apartment! Our awesome balcony view =D

And of course, steamboat at Cameron is a must! All of us who went except Kai Tzin. Daniel, Swee Win, Heng Li, me, Clem and Matt!

Eh I look light but I’m actually 53 kg ร–ย รถ รถ รถ. Some more I’m so short! Got the shock of my life in Cameron when I found out that I gained 4 kg T________T How did that happen!!! Cut hair already should be lighter what wtf

Me, Kai and Daniel chilling at the balcony woot

What’s life without Heineken!

Played Kings that night!

With Kai in the morning! He’s the photographer (and Clem) for most of the pictures here

At a pretty good tea+scones place. I loveeee scones!

Awesome strawberry sundae at the strawberry farm! Mmm is this why I’m heavier now wtf

Butterfly park! It’s so sad cause this butterfly was dying and couldn’t move and I had to pry it out of my bag ๐Ÿ™ When butterflies reach this size they’ll die ๐Ÿ™

O hai!

HAHAHHA I LOVE THIS BUG!!! IT’S A BUG WITH A FACE!!!! Damn cute! Got mole some more hahaha

Swee Win the scorpion king!!! *mortifiedย ร–

Went to the Boh tea plantation after!

Taking in the smell of tea in the air

There’s a tea cafe all the way up on the hill which is a pretty nice place to chill ๐Ÿ™‚

All of us!

Candid picture of Matt and I wondering how we should pose hahah

By the way, let me show you this awesome picture!!!!!!!1

T____________T tears of joy running down my face. Look at the sun rays! So nice T______T Too bad both kai and i sudah berpunya. Eh sudah berpunya means got lovers already and not pregnant right wtf

I love Cameron! Not hot and so scenic sigh

At the market before heading home!

OH YEAH GUYS DON’T EVER BUY THE GUAVA APPLE OK!!! It’s super yummy and it’s supposed to be preserved guava. We bought soooo much of it and found out later that it’s just guava soaked in sugar and coloring wuwuwu

And then while going down the hill…………….tragedy struck. Our car broke down T____T

Had to send it to the mechanic for a couple of hours so while waiting..

Photoshoot time! nyehehe

Got more but will post later in an effort to look less vain wtf

And then when we arrived at Perak, the car broke down again and we had to call the tow truck.

Woot! Such rebels, we are. Driving against the general direction hoho

Actually we were just being towed by the tow truck T__T

๐Ÿ™ Super tired by now

Reached home around 12am, 11 hours after departing Cameron. Le sigh, such is life.

Despite the last hiccup, this was such an awesome trip! Especially with people who are as stupid and lame as I am hoho. Although I must say I am always the lamest and stupidest of the lot.

Let me tell you a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!1111

What did Batman say to Robin before they get into the car?



must think first ok!




Ans: Robin, get in the car.

HAHAHHAAHAHHAA I’m so lame how

Ok anywayyy this is the end of my super long post now I shall bid farewell to thee. Don’t abandon me ok I may be busy but I’ll always be here. and you’ll all always be in my heart *points at my heart wtf

Jungle retreat

This post is about the jungle retreat I brought Shanshan to last week! It’s at Serendah and is called Sekeping Serendah. Google it for their official website and more info, too lazy to include the link now but it’s serendah.com or something. It’s basically some houses/chalets in the jungle where you can go to chill and to be at peace with the nature. It’s not super cheap (about RM100 per person per night) but I think it’s quite worth it!

Thank you readers for letting me know about it!

This is the timber house. We wanted the glass house which is much cooler but they were all taken!

Outdoor shower! I’ve always wanted to try showering naked outside *shy wtf

Much needed aircon in my room! It gets really chilly at night but still very warm in the day

It’s walking distance from the waterfall!

Ok so the picture looks better than the real waterfall actually wtf

Matt and me and barry in the background

Damn fun to go under the waterfall cause it feels like you’re getting massaged…although it hurts like hell wuwu

Using Clem’s underwater camera to camwhore

Lat tali lat tali tan pong to see who has to go up to take care of our belongings wtf

Daniel doing the impossible, swimming into the waterfall. I tried and failed multiple times T__T

Random guy with a giant leaf on his head HAHAHAHAHA

People polluting the river with shampoo!

Went back to swim in the swimming pool instead!

Took a million shots underwater.

I have this SUPER DUPER UGLY picture of me taken, which was our entertainment for the day cause we kept bursting into laughter everytime we saw it. Seriously it’s damn ugly if I put it here I swear my hits will plummet to zero before tomorrow wtf

Let’s all not spoil my current image in your head and move on wtf

Barbecue at night yumssss. One of the best parts of the trip!

Daniel’s buttons got stuck on the hammock and we refused to help him hahahaha

Board game at night!! Bring cards/board games over if you go so you can be entertained at night. Very fun ๐Ÿ˜€

We also brought Maggi and ate supper while playing!

All of us before leaving. That’s our house surrounded by trees!

Ok as usual I’m dead tired now, have to squeeze in blogging before I sleep and my eyes are already half closed T___T Sorry for all these uninspiring/half-hearted posts! Hopefully they weren’t too dry or something.

P.S: My grades are out! I did very well this semester so I’m very happy ๐Ÿ˜€ All that hard work has been paid off finallyyy

P.P.S: Going to Phuket next weekend woot!

P.P.P.S: One of the reasons why I’m going to KK, Sabah, is to conduct the US Application Workshop. So if you’re from KK/know someone from there and are interested in learning about the American education, do attend the workshop. I really think it’s an amazing workshop (not just cause I’ll be there lah wtf) and you’ll benefit so much from it. More details HERE.

Please help spread the word!

Being a tourist

Sorry I have been away for so long! I think this is the longest I’ve gone without internet for a while. You have no idea how tired I am now ;______; Seriously I can’t feel my body anymore and I can’t even think straight now. It’s been a super jam packed two weeks for me. All that traveling and bringing a tourist around don’t sound tiring but trust me, they suck out every single muscle and grain of energy from you..in a good way.

I’m gonna skip Cameron’s pictures and post the more recent ones first cause I have yet to take the pictures from my friends! So here are pictures of what I’ve been up to this entire week. I have no energy to write too much and I’m sure there will be lotsa typos so be warned!

Shanshan! Who is the most challenging tourist ever *faints

Went to Batu Caves! Let me tell you what happened right before this picture was taken.

That stupid monkey stole my drink T___T

I was posing for that picture with my empty 100 plus can when this monkey RANย full speed at my direction!!! I panicked and didn’t know what to do so I threw the can at him wtf. He took it and tried drinking from it but hahah it was empty serves you right!

Inside Batu Caves

Ate banana leave rice ๐Ÿ˜€

Went to KLCC of course!

Pictures are totally not in chronological order at all (I feel like dying now damn tired but die die must finish this blog post)

Are you confused about this picture? Be confused no more for here is the explanation wtf:

It’s physically impossible for me to wink/close one eye so I always have to manually use my finger to close my eye to take a picture with Clement’s camera cause I have to look through the viewfinder or something

Shanshan thought this was funny so she took this picture of me. Barry the kelehfeh on the other hand, was trying to block me so I don’t accidentally fall into the lake hahaha

True story.

I also look like I’m shitting

Anywayyy, to take your mind off that unflattering pose of mine, here’s a picture of us with super long bodies wtf

Don’t have to go slimming centers all, just get a camera withย wide lense!

Went to Sky Bar next, which is just right next to KLCC (rooftop of Traders’ Hotel)

All of us. Me, Barry, Shanshan, Matt (Clem’s friend from the US), and Clem

Amazing view of KLCC and the city here

Aย Guinnessย girl at heart

Intermission wtf

HAHAHA I wrote this on Shanshan’s palm and told her these are the words she should know before we went to Petaling Street!

Was so tempted to write swear words and tell her they mean something else wtf

Pukimak engkau: You are very kind

Bodoh sial: Ah, this price is too much!

Balik rumah tanam jaggung lah: I think this is a very nice country

Went kelabbing with Maria and Ser Siang!

Barry and I


Will continue in my next post!!!! I still have 20+ pictures of Serendah and 50+ pictures of Cameron wtf

Stay tuned yo

Weekend in Penang

I went to Penang last weekend with the Oois minus Audrey cause she had to do Project Alpha! (will be revealed in her blog later)

This time in Penang, I made it a mission to capture the hard work behind all that marvelous food. All that sweat and dedication poured into making all those amazing Penang food is totally worth capturing!

Oh yeah, some of them are taken in Bidor actually. Yummy yam kok!

This time, aside from being gluttons, we also went sightseeing! This is one of the numerous temples we visited.

Barry and I in front of some kongsi’s temple.

This used to be a secret passage! Coolio..

The courtyard inside and an old man carefully snipping on his bonsai plant. I’m constantly amused at how passionate these old people are in what they do, be it cooking or taking care of a temple ๐Ÿ™‚

Next, we went to one of the few jetty communities in Penang. This is the Chew Jetty, the longest jetty with the most houses!

Me with my broken umbrella T____T It’s my favorite umbrella and now it’s broken ๐Ÿ™ Don’t care I’ll still use it!

Oh yeah you may notice that I’m still wearing the exact same outfit I wore to Malacca and various other places. That’s cause this is my comfort outfit to combat the sweltering heat. The shirt is very thin and hence encourages air circulation wtf. The skirt is quite poofy and thus enables the wind to caress my sweaty legs wtf.

I love this nostalgic looking shop on the jetty! I can so imagine myself as a kid growing up here and eyeing the snacks and candies from this shop =D

Aww, I really wouldn’t mind waking up everyday to this calm scenery.

Except that it’s kinda scary to be walking in a house built on stilts..and it’s kinda gross when the tide is low..

And I probably shouldn’t ever wear heels here

Uncle Ooi commented on how life is almost at a standstill here and how true that is! This old woman was staring into space in this exact position when we walked past her. We walked past her again 30 minutes later and she was still in the exact position! This fact made me feel at peace somehow when I was there.

After that, we went and got some coconuts!

Barry eating his coconut with his coconut spoon.

I actually really like Penang cause it has so much history. Aren’t you Penangnites proud of your hometown! Anyway that’s all! I took a lot more pictures but those are for my makeup post next. I think I’ll write on my makeup routine! That’s if I have a lot of female readers who’re interested lah.

p.s: i’m going for a skin checkup/analysis thing by Cellnique! Best advertorial everrrr โ™ฅ

My 4-day weekend


I took leave on thursday and friday cause Barry’s friend is visiting! (now the question is why am I taking leave when it’s Barry’s friend? To that I’ll say..good question which I have no answer to wtf)

Anyway this is mainly just a picture post of what we have been up to. Half the pictures here are camwhore shots so brace yourself for an eternity of Suet Li’s face from left, from right, from up, with cap, without..and beyond.

So, we went to Malacca on Friday!

#1. Barry and his friend, Duong (pronounced as Zung – I know I know, vietnamese have funny names) at the chicken rice stall at Malacca.

#2. Sweaty me and aย  cropped Barry who seems very happy

#3. Chicken rice balls, laksa and cendol! Those are the things I MUST eat when I go malacca!

#4. Unfortunately, what I hate about Malacca the most is how it’s perpetually super hot and humid. Couldn’t stop sweating buckets!

#5. Barry acting gay wtf

#6. Zung acting gay (as in happy kinda gay wtf)

#7. Went fish spa! We wanted somewhere cooling and the fish spa here was a lot cheaper than KL so we tried it out for fun!

#8. Barry giggling cause it was very ticklish!

#9. Happy Zung!

#10. Went to St Paul’s church!

#11. Hot and sweaty again

#12. Boys acting gay again tsk tsk tsk

#13. In A Famosa! which was a loooot smaller than I remembered it to be..

#14. Boys being boys

#15. Nerdy porter boy Barry reading the historical facts

#16. Curled my hair with straightener on both days! I’m getting pretty good at this!

#17. I like using flash now cause it makes my complexion look a lot nicer! (except that it makes my nose look a lot uglier T_T). I also like flash cause my color contacts will show better.

Color contacts make me look like I had more makeup on when I only had mascara and eyeliner <3 flash and color contacts! Gonna try grey next month.

#18. Majolica Majorca mascara and BB cream are the shiznits I tell you

#19. I drove to KL *big wet eyes

Such a big achievement for someone like me! The traffic was bad so here I am using my time wisely

#20. At KLCC cause that’s where you should bring tourists to

#21. KLCC love

#22. KLCC love went wrong wtf

That’s all we did for the past two days! We had a lot of malaysian food in between too =D

p.s: I got my one way flight to Hong Kong for…


it’s super cheap!

super super crazy cheap!

Normal price is RM450-500 one way for Airasia/MAS


I got it for!


I rock period

Redang! (finally)

Finally, after all that drama about Firefly, I can post pictures of Redang in peace! Oh yeah I haven’t talked about what Firefly finally offered me, have I?

Ok after tons of emails and phone calls, they finally put someone who knows something in charge. This woman is extremely polite and nice and understanding, basically just someone every company in the service industry should have. She offered us a RETURN ticket each to anywhere in Malaysia + our refund back. I know airlines don’t usually give cash compensation anyway so we took up her offer.

It was also confirmed that the two flamers in my firefly post are indeed firefly staff. I have mixed feelings about this..on one hand I really want to do something more like write in to the media and complain about MAS/Firefly’s unethical staff, but on the other hand, I keep telling myself that bah it’s not worth all that trouble. Actually I’m just a chicken lah, what if I get them fired then they throw acid at me T__T

But still, they should be reprimanded for such an unprofessional act too. How can they, representatives of a reputable company, leave such insulting comments? Is that how they deal with criticism?

Anyway, since that is somewhat settled, redang!

**there are around 60+ pictures, so I’m gonna separate them into two posts and put them after the cut**

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Penang trip


US Education Fair this Saturday! More about it here and anyone who has the slightest interest in pursuing your education in the states MUST go to this fair ok! You know why? Cause I’ll be there hoho wtf no lah cause over 50 American colleges/universities will be represented there and it’ll be really useful for you, even if you are unsure where your education path lies. So be there or be square!


Hokai here are my Penang pictures!

Since Penang is nowhere new/foreign like Timbuktu or something, I’ll skip the landscape pictures (not that I took any wtf).

Sleeping in the car haha Barry took this picture of me. I look cool cause I’m cool like that

Round 1 in Gurney Drive, Char Kuey Teow, Oh Chien, Rojak, Ice Kacang, Hokkien Mee, Claypot Chicken rice, Apom, Grilled Fish and Sotong

In the hotel after dinner. My curls unraveled damn fast due to the humidity i guess =(

Mirror. cant. resist. sorry

lalala a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do

This is how my curls look like right after I curl them, have to do them really tight like that cause no matter how much hairspray I use, the curls will go down one after 1 hour or less.

Round 2: Laksa in Air Itam!

and popiah too mmm

with parents

Barry and bro

Taking picture of my bro who’s taking a video of me

Went to kek lok si next. Dragon! my year!

Camwhoring with the snake

and dragon

with family

in batu feringgi

reclining buddha! eh let me tell you one scary story. Behind this buddha, there were like urns and profile of those deceased so I was pretty intrigued and started reading about them, when did they die, who they left behind etc (average age 78 =S) Then Barry pulled me away and told me that his dad’s friend did that once, he was reading about this young girl who died and said that it’s a waste for a pretty girl to die so early and the ghost followed him home!!!!!!!!!111111 o_0 dont know how true is that but it’s damn scary la

bored in the room while bro and barry watched football. haiya euro cup so what they have that every few years, and got premier league la what league la world cup la yawns

trying to smile with my eyes. i know why i look ugly already, cause can see a lot of my gum!

round 3: char kuey teow (again!), sotong, chicken wings, tomyam, loh mee and hokkien mee! Everytime eat the same stuff one haha

Gurney Drive

Hotel lift

Round 4: ice kacang, cendol and rojak for supper

Got Round 5, 6 and 7 some more but lazy wanna take pictures already. Went to the famous lorong selamat to eat ckt (again!!) and had to wait like 1.5 hours grr i’m now officially sick of hawker food!


I’m so happy cause I just bought the sims 2 (with everything inside! sims university, pets, holiday stuff, glamour life, nightlife EVERYTHING also got!!!)! I’ve been doing nothing but install everything and playing it hohoho now I know how it feels like being unemployed =( It’s like you feel DAMN kao lazy wanna start applying for jobs and will always go haiya tomorrow lah tomorrow lah in the end never do one.

No worries though cause I’ve decided that to hell with it I’m not gonna do internships! I already emailed WAO to ask if they need help and they said I can go over and help them take care of kids omg best job in the world!!! Sigh I know I’ll regret this 3 years later when I start applying for a real job and look my resume with no real work experiences and when they ask me what i did in my first year summer then i’ll say i took care of kids =( whatever la why worry about something that’s gonna happen 3 years later anyway sigh