Ups and downs

Hey guys, check this out! Most hardworking (retired) blogger in the world man, blogging once a week! Though admittedly I have zero energy to talk about anything right now but when I saw the comments where so many people (all 8 of you wtf) encouraged me and said such nice things, so I felt a tad guilty if I don’t blog. And it’s good because I know for a fact that if I start typing, I can never stop one. Seriously, I can just go on and on about everything and nothing until my fingers die on me. The problem is always just finding enough motivation to start typing.

Speaking of motivation, I started something last week. So you see, this is the context. Ever since I became a teacher, I’ve been piling on weight like nobody’s business. I also found out that I have super high cholesterol (trust me, higher than anyone I’ve ever known) and my metabolic rate is so low that my food takes a week to digest or something ridiculous like that T___T

So I started cutting carbs from my life (only allow myself 50g a day) to see what happens. I’ve been eating normally before this (and if you know me, you’d know that my normal is below an average person’s meal portion), and I’m STILL putting on weight which baffles me to no end. I realize that if I want this to be successful, I need to announce my new diet plan to everyone I know. This is most commonly known as a commitment device, and since my reputation is on the line, I’d have no choice but to stick to it.

Except that unfortunately, in Msia, it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to have a low carb diet. The other day, everyone wanted to go to the noodles shop and I had no choice but to drink fishball soup and almost starved to death mid-day. Went to check my weight at the end of the week, guess what? gained 0.6 kg. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFffffff

But I’m sticking to this and upping my exercise routine (from once a week to hopefully 3 times a week….soon lol).


Anyway, on a completely 180 degrees unrelated note, I’ve been very obsessed about the MH370 mystery. In the beginning, I was crazily disturbed by it since a few of my colleagues actually are close friends with someone on the plane and she also works in our next-door office. We had an interfaith prayers the other day and almost everyone had wet eyes by the end of it.

So for the past week at work, I’ve been refreshing my twitter feed every 3 mins or so, hoping to finally hear something come out of it. Not only nothing positive did, things are starting to get more and more bizarre everyday that it’s painful to read anything on the news anymore. The worst blow is when the pilot is connected to Anwar and it was insinuated everywhere that he did it as a political revenge.

Horrible on all fronts. What if he didn’t, and he either comes back to see that the entire country turned against him, or to have everyone doubting and blaming an innocent man? If he did, we are in no position to make that judgment based on some weak statement by “an unidentified official” or his “friends”. It always always comes back full circle to Anwar doesn’t it? How terribly creative.

Seriously, after spending so many years in solitary confinement patiently, and finally getting a chance to fight for what’s right and being pushed back by the ruling coalition over and over again, to getting sentenced another 5 years yet again – and now this.

As an agnostic, it’s very difficult for me to pray to nothing but I really sincerely hope that 1. this has nothing to do with politics , 2. that they are all safe somewhere awaiting rescue, and while they’re waiting, they have been feasting on delicious food in an island somewhere and living in oblivion to the chaos that has befallen our country, and 3. that we remain united and steadfast in our strong support for each other in this difficult time, and will not let anyone, especially not our “leaders” and media divide us further.




Since I’ve changed my entire commenting system, thought I’ll change everything about my blog! I’ve been super out of touch with all these editing/coding thing, so I don’t know how to make this page beautiful! All I know is I want this header (it’s a combination of all my previous headers since 2007, and my new picture in the paddy field!). Sigh, help?


A brand new start

Hi guys!

So as you can see, my blog is under a huge spam attack! Every post has HUNDREDS of comments now, mostly spam. There are posts with THOUSANDS of comments!! Wah such a popular blogger huh now. People who are here for the first time would think I’m a super big shot. Talk about teaching also can get 1030 comments wtf

Anyway, I’m changing my entire comment system to Disqus to prevent spam now and sadly, it would wipe out ALLLLLLLLLL my precious comments from my entire blog. It was a really hard decision to make since I really REALLY value all my readers’ comments very much. In fact, I hardly care about page views but the number and quality of comments are very important to me.

But after I found out that even my readers who left comments are getting spammed too, I guess I had to do it.

Disqus is awesome cause you can like comments too!

So I hope you like this brand new start to my blog! And I’m also going to be moving towards more posts unrelated to teaching too, so yeap, a new start!


Updated mailing list

Hi everyone!

First of all, thanks for sending me an email to be added into the mailing list. My previous mailing list is a little messy and has too many people in it. With google+, I’m going to create a new circle meant for readers so I can manage the list better. So, sorry if you’ve already sent me an email last time to be added into the previous mailing list but if you would like to read my password protected posts from now onwards, please drop me an email again!

(NOTE: People who have sent me an email since Jan this year, you don’t have to do this again)

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reading :) I think I’ll be posting more private posts since I like the idea of still being able to write more personal stuff despite being a teacher now.

I’m also re-doing this because the previous mailing list may have people who have stopped reading my blog and might not be interested anymore. Later scold me for spamming them with passwords wtf *sad

As usual, if you would like to be included in the mailing list, please fill up this form with your REAL name, email address and in the message, I would like you to talk about yourself in general (not your whole life story wtf) and any other information you would like me to know about you. I will then email you the passwords to this and future password protected posts.

Mailing list form here:

SORRY guys! My mailing list is now closed due to an overwhelming response from everyone and I have no time to add more people in. sorry again!


Future Music Festival 2012

I’m sorry, I know I’ve been boring some of you with my Cikgu Suet stories and some of you think that I’m not as funny/cool/interesting anymore, but those days are behind me now. What’s a teacher to do, we have a certain image to uphold!

…except maybe for the weekend of March 17.

For that one day I get to leave all that stress of an educator behind in Simpang Durian, let my hair down, and dance to the Chemical Brothers, Flo Rida, the Wombats, Chase & Status, Tinie Tempah, Kid Sister, Kyoto Protocol, Grandmaster Flash (he’s still around?!) and my favorite…LCD SOUNDSYSTEM!!!! Well, actually just James Murphy and Pat Mahoney, but I don’t know why they’re not listed on the official lineup page :S

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Greetings from Kuching

Hello from the Cat City! I’ve been here for about 5 days now and I have really begun to fall in love with this somewhat sleepy town :) I think I’ve probably walked every street near the waterfront and my legs are going to fall off any minute now.

I’m also going on a crazy food hunt to find the best food in Kuching! Almost every Kuchingite I’ve spoken to tells me that their food is the BEST but frankly I’ve been quite disappointed :( kolo mee is pretty awesome because it’s such a homely comfort food but everything else is just..meh. Maybe I’ve gone to the wrong places!

Anyway I’m going to leave Kuching for Damai tomorrow so let’s hope I find better food today!

Will definitely post the pictures later, need to do more exploring today. I kept thinking to myself that if I do continue teaching in public schools, I would definitely choose Sarawak or Sabah as my next destination. There’s just this very strong charm about Borneo that appeals to me. Sigh I love my country so much *suddenly get all teary and patriotic wtf

Also, today I’m alone! What’s the best thing to do in Kuching when you’re traveling alone? I have the whole day until Alex returns tonight! Contemplating either venturing into the other side of the river to the Malay kampungs to walk around but I heard it’s a little unsafe? Maybe I’ll just do the museums and souvenir-shopping today. Or find a nice cozy coffee place and read.

Have a great day ahead everyone!


Hopeful graduate


And my sister is now a graduate too! very proud of her *sniff

Although her favorite phrase ever is “yeah I’ll never be as good, I’m a lousy kid who has the middle child syndrome”, she’s really a lot more mature now and I’m so glad that she’s extremely happy too! She’s going to be looking for a job in Leeds and would probably stay there for some time though :(

That concludes my trip here in the UK, will be heading home tomorrow. I’ve only been away from home for about 9 days and yet it somehow feels like forever! When I get back, I have to figure out what I want to do for the next 3 months before my training starts.

I’m going to be volunteering at a school but my mom is not happy that I’ll be unemployed without income, so looks like I’ll have to work part time somewhere too. Know any job that gives you quick income legally? wtf


Graduating in less than 12 hours

Sorry I’ve neglected my blog for so long, I’ve been busy traveling with my parents who are here for my graduation! I’ve also been busy catching up with friends and professors, hardly have time to breathe. I also have NOT packed although I’m leaving in 2 days!!!

The past few days have been incredible for all the seniors who are graduating. We attended the final lecture where amazing professors gave their final parting advices to us. Most of them were really inspiring and emotional and I never thought I’d say this but I kinda want to stay longer so I can attend more lectures like these.

I’ve also been exploring this area more with my parents and have fallen in love again with this place. Why do we always love something so much more when we know we are losing it soon? I regret not taking the time beyond the walls of my room, the classroom and the library on the last few months I was here, but alas there was only so much I could do. This place is beautifully breathtaking, and I’ve come to appreciate it so much more now.

Today was a jam-packed day and I was out from nearly 7 am to 1 am, don’t think I can feel my legs now T___T I will definitely blog about everything in greater detail later with pictures, but I just need to jot this down while it’s still raw.

Our dean asked us this in our Baccalaureate ceremony: “Do you still remember the person you were when you first came here?”

To be honest, I do remember that person, but that person is so far from who I’ve grown to become in the last four years. I talk about my abhorrence for this place, for its seclusion, for its lack of testosterones, but I have only recently stopped to really reflect on what this place has taught me in return. I will one day talk about this more, but coming to an empowering all-women liberal arts college has opened up an entire new world to me.

So I will graduate tomorrow and I’m happy to announce that I’m graduating with a Magna Cum Laude! It’s a Latin honor and it means “with great honor”, awarded to the top 10% of the class :D I’m really nervous but excited at the same time, and I really just hope I won’t trip on the stage T___T I have decided that for the sake of placating my fear of falling, I shall sacrifice looking tall and will wear flats.

Ok I have to sleep, big day tomorrow!!!!11 if you want to keep up to date with my life and see pictures, go to my twitter! I update pretty frequently.

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Once upon a time

There once was a young girl, whose dreams were bigger than all that she was ever used to. She would wake up full of joy, sing to all the birds and deers in the forest where her small hut was, and daydream her days away. She wanted to do so many things: get out of the small hut! meet her prince! save the dying and the poor! change the world!

But like any other fairytales with similar storyline, she was trapped in the hut by a wicked stepmother.

There was nothing she could do. She was beautiful, but there was no one to see it. She was intelligent, but all she could do was spin imaginative ideas and create an ideal world in her head. She sang wonderfully, but only the animals would know that. She was perfect, but her perfection was trapped in the four walls of her mind and the physical space she was confined to.

And so that was how it was. There was never a prince to rescue her of her miseries, no children accidentally discovering her hut in the deep end of the woods, no miracles, no fairy godmothers.

And she lived happily ever after.