The weekend I almost died from taking too many pictures

Guess who was down in KL last weekend!

My favorite Chinese tourist in her super China pose! Angela was in Singapore last weekend and Audrey and I were supposed to head down to see her, but to save more money, she came up to see us instead <3

Angela is Audrey’s soulmate from college, and someone I’ve grown to really love after spending one year in college with her. Angie, Aud and I all went to the same college although I’m 3 years younger than them (doesn’t look like it, I look like I’m the oldest wtf)

We had ramen at this SUPER awesome place in Fahrenheit. Quite expensive though, RM25-ish per bowl.

A very adorable picture of Tim and Aud!

Poor Tim, had to entertain 3 girls in our bimbo talks about hair, makeup and boyfriend problems. He looked like he enjoyed it though wtf. Angie and I stayed over at Tim’s place so we had somewhat a sleepover and talked a lot about our love lives and he listened very attentively and even gave pretty good input wtf.

We spent the ENTIRE night taking pictures. I wish I was kidding when I said the entire night T____T

It was a Saturday night, we all complained that we were too sleepy and tired so we went back at 10.30pm. Upon reaching home, we suddenly regained tremendous amount of energy and proceeded to camwhore for the next 3 hours while Tim cursed away playing his Starcraft.

A million pictures under the cut. Warning: super narcissistic and vain pictures so I’m a bit shy of them wtf

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Chitter chatter

Hello all, I’m blogging to let you know that starting from tomorrow, I will be a normal person and not a bum anymore!

After my one month internship with TFM, I was travelling for a bit and was bumming A LOT (for 3 weeks to be exact). I did nothing at all for these 3 weeks, practically just eat shit sleep everyday. Watched a whole season and a half of 24 (love it!!! watch it if you want a fast-paced chair-gripping show which pushes you to think beyond what your ethical boundaries are), watched a little bit of Game of Thrones but stopped cause I “accidentally” read the whole synopsis so I know the ending is quite sad and I don’t want to depress myself wtf

For the next two months, I will be volunteering at a refugee school in Sentul. I really want to get teaching experience before I start Teach For Malaysia, but I won’t be paid for the next two months and I have to go alllll the way to Sentul so I hope I don’t chicken out! Anyone drives to Sentul from Subang? Boleh tumpang? Otherwise I’m taking KTM and it takes 2 hours *slits wrist

I’ve also been sleeping at 4/5am every night, so starting from tonight I have to sleep by 12am and I don’t quite know how to do it T___T It’s 1 am now and I feel like the night is still so young! I tried to trick my mind into thinking that it’s late by adjusting my watch to 4am but because I consciously adjusted the watch with a sane mind, the trick didn’t work wtf. Why I so stupid how to teach -____-

Random picture (actually not that random, I specifically wanted to put it here to show you that I am actually capable of smiling with my teeth! Whee! Very rare so must post up and pretend to call it “random” so it doesn’t appear that I’m vain and that I just cin cai found these pictures so might as well post them up)

Today I went to Fitness First cause I bought this monthly trial thing and the trainer used the machine to check my body composition and told me that..

she..she..told me *sobs hysterically* that… I…

I….*grabs tissues and blows into them*

that I….*makes loud blowing noise*

I have 30% body fats…


The first thing she did after printing the paper out was made a very loud and noticeable gasp and said wow…

and I was like HUH why why tell me why am I dying wtf

and she said “30% is A LOT. Maximum for women should be 24%”

MAXIMUM is 24% and I have THIRTY percent body fats. That’s like obese or something already!!! ONE THIRD OF MY BODY IS COMPOSED OF FATS. Not vital organs, not bones, not skin, not muscles, but pure FATS. And all this while I kept consoling myself and told myself that I’m not fat, just big boned WTF

Actually I know it can’t be true and it’s a trick to get me to sign up, but what if I think it’s a scam and disregard it and it’s ACTUALLY true *slits wrist

I mean…I know I gained weight but this is very shocking. So I’ve decided to go to the gym everyday from now on but today I ate a fruit tart cause evil Julian forced it down my throat wtf. So tomorrow I’ll try harder to be more disciplined!! *game face on

That is all.

England part two

Just got back from a great trip to Kuching yesterday! Everytime I tell people I was going to Kuching for a week, they’d go “one week?? what’s there to do there!”. There’s SO MUCH to do in Kuching! First of all, there’s the food, food, food, food, and food. It took me about 5 days before I started finding the real gems (thanks to my local guides!). There’s the forests and mountains and beaches and seas and rivers and wildlife and just SO MUCH to do! I didn’t even get to spend time in the caves, so I’ll definitely be back in Sarawak again 😀

I know I promised a funny post, but I really can’t think of anything funny to talk about T___T I think I just have to succumb to my fate and accept the reality that I no longer have a sense of humor.

*tries hard to think of one last parting funny sentence
Umm, yo mama so fat that..umm..she, umm.

Oh wait, I know! I AM FAT AND STUPID! Hahaha when all else fails, self-deprecating humor always works. And remember, as long as there’s one person who laughs at your jokes and even if that one person is you yourself, it means you’re funny. Wise words by Suet Li Liew.

Anyway, I have tons of pictures!!!! Super excited to post them first so the next post can be all about Kuching 😀

Continuation from my UK post:

Pubs are a big thing in England and we ate at a pub almost every night when we were there. Why? Cause they are the cheapest (Under 6 pounds) Here, you can see the usual clientele at a pub – angry and grumpy bald white men wtf

Ah slutty British girls going pub-crawling at 5 pm, what’s there not to love about this place?

Went to the countryside! Isn’t this beautiful?? Reminds me of Lijiang in China and Kundasang in Sabah, both my favorite places in the world.

Cows grazing under the great blue sky. Koki, my japanese friend from Hong Kong, once told me this story that I don’t think I’ll ever forget. Out of the blue, he excitedly told me that if you put your hand into a cow’s mouth, it’ll chew at it and you’ll feel super good WTF. He said you won’t feel the cow’s teeth and you’ll feel this soft melty sensation all over and it feels orgasmic. I couldn’t help laughing the entire time cause it sounds damn stupid, and he was telling me this while putting on this super syok expression on his face  -___-

But in all seriousness, after he told me that, it’s been my lifelong dream to put my hand into a cow’s mouth. I almost did it in Lijiang but I was so worried that the cow will actually gnaw my hand off!!! Doesn’t help that Koki was right there giving me his super syok face that is both tempting and cunning at the same time. What if he was lying to me! Pretend to encourage me but actually want to laugh when I get bitten. Cannot trust Japanese men wtf


Ok it’s stupider than this, but can you imagine  -____-

Sigh one and me, day.

Ah so pretty! On the way to my house

My house and uh, strangers walking around

Me posing outside my house

My back garden

With my mom. Thank you thank you, my house IS quite lovely

I can sit here all day 🙂

Okay I think that’s all from my UK trip! Today I had too much time on my hands and I found some random pictures I haven’t posted before, so here they are:

Ah my beloved Shanshan and I on one of our last days together.

I miss her so much T____T Can’t believe it’s been almost three months after our graduation!

Here’s a picture to show you the wonders of makeup! My right eye was so much bigger just with eyeliner alone!

Anyway my hair is crazy long now!

Can even curl it too 😀

And to think that my hair was still boyish short less than 7 months ago.

Last picture!

I’m gonna blow this picture up, print it and put it right in front of me to remind myself that if I don’t stop eating and start exercising, then it’s a slippery slope from here on wtf.

No way I want to go back to being fat again, it was a complete zaman kegelapan dalam hidup suet li T___T *memories of friends singing “suet li suet li sangat gemuk, makan makan jadi lagi gemuk!” to the tune of mat kool mat kool kawanku song come flooding back

Alright that’s all for now! I’m going to try to sleep before 3 am so I don’t fall into that unemployed bum cycle wtf

Mad for feathers

Hello sorry I have disappeared again, I’ve been burrowed under the dim depths of the cold and unwelcoming library for the past week finishing up my last paper of my entire college years. Let’s all take a moment to say a silent prayer to both rejoice and mourn that fact.

read about food until damn sien already

I was stupid enough to decide that I should write on something challenging since it’s my LAST RESEARCH PAPER EVER so instead of being normal like everyone else who’s writing on the differences between Chinese and Italian food, I wrote about the relationship between politics and food. In particular, I wrote about the role that food plays in politics, both as a symbol of power and as a political tool. Thanks to my overambitious decision, I ended up spending THIRTY freaking hours on this supposedly “short” ten page paper. Just kill me lah.

Ok I know no one wants to hear me ramble about uninteresting school work, but bear with me since I’m getting quite sentimental about the end of my college chapter *sniff.

9 post it notes before I get to go home! Tomorrow I’ll be taking down 3 T___T (must remember to play some kinda ceremonious drum rolls when i tear them down)

The other day at this super crowded party some drunk girl with incredibly high heels stepped on me and I swear I could feel that heel digging into my flesh. It’s healing now T_T

Got an award! I don’t want cert gimme moolah wtf

It was Pangy Day the other day, aka best day of the year cause it celebrates the end of the semester and the glorious warmth and sun after 5 long painful months of winter.

Me and the other Malaysians! Sin Seanne, Emily, Jerusha and Dina.

sorry arm too short and tercut off emily haha

it’s A BUNNEH!!!! WHITE FLUFFY SUPER CUTE BUNNEHHHH! The Biology department is leaving cute furry bunnies for anyone who wants to play with them to de-stress ^_^

We went canoeing in the upper lake next! Sigh I will miss how beautiful my campus is. This lake is extraordinarily beautiful in Fall, when the leaves turn red and orange and yellow.

emily is very happy!

while i’m taking my rowing job very seriously wtf

i like the length of my hair now!

i will miss my pretty library T___T although it’s been a place of nothing but sheer misery for me the past few years

So I went on a crazy feather earrings shopping spree the other day cause I was feeling down about something  *guilty. But they all cost about $4 each so it’s not that bad!

These ones are longer than my hair haha! Also very heavy. I think I’ll use the feathers to tickle people if they make me mad >=(

Also quite obsessed with dove/sparrows now because I’ve decided against getting my sparrow tattoo so here I am buying anything sparrow-like I see wtf

And here’s another pair!

Haha kena tipu, actually it’s the same pair as the first one. (my hair looks awesome so must commemorate before it grows out further into that ugly neither here nor there length ok)

and here’s a very rare picture of me smiling with teeth 😀

sorry ah I so vain, but I’m no longer going to be a college student after this May, and since I’m going to be a teacher I can’t post vain pictures of myself all over the net anymore so I’m going to suffocate you all with them now wtf

Oh ya speaking of which, I got accepted into Teach for Malaysia! After a very intensive, challenging and laborious application process consisting of 5 stages of interviews and mock lessons and assessments and tests, I’m extremely thankful that they’ve chosen me to be in their first cohort!

I’m not sure if I’m accepting it for sure yet though. Gotta convince my parents that it’s not JUST a teaching job 🙁 (mom told me this the other day: you went all the way to the US to study and you are coming back to teach, what a waste!) (issue 1: why come back, stay in US. overseas= good, home= bad; issue 2: be a teacher??? what atrocity!) tsk tsk, teaching should really be perceived as a more noble profession than this. After all, who are all of us today without a good teacher or two?

World spins madly on

This post will be the most meaningless post cause I’m neither emo nor happy nor sad nor anything, so it’s just one of those nah here are some pictures and what I’ve been up to lately posts.

1. I’ve been going to the gym everyday successfully for about two weeks now and I’m so proud of myself T___T Sometimes I get sooo freakin’ lazy but I’ll just push myself anyway and feel a lot better after. I go to whatever drop-in classes they have about 3-4 times a week (usually it’s pilates, step, kickboxing or zumba, which is a really fun dance thing) and I’ll play squash and run for the other days.

Not only that, I also have a yoga class twice a week, but I don’t even wanna count that cause it’s so boring. Just sit down, pull leg on head and put arms under legs and roll like a ball then lie back and meditate for 5 mins wtf.

2. It’s exactly 2 weeks before I leave for Spring Break!!! I’m so excited! Fourteen days before I can embrace the warmth of the sun, frolic around the beach until I get covered fully with warm sand, traipse around the old town in search for the famous Mofongo (supposedly extremely sinful mashed fried plantains with bacon), and be all drunk on love and on Puerto Rican wine.

(this explains why I’m going to the gym so religiously now wtf, need to work off those curry mees and nasi lemaks I overconsumed in Jan)


shanshan my love T_____T it’s my first picture with her in….7 months?!?!? She just came back from her semester abroad in Japan! And as usual I have to look like shit next to her wtf it’s ok ignore my existence in that pic

Prepartying before going to the Drag Ball, basically a party where you’re either supposed to dress like a drag queen (if you’re a guy) or dress as a guy (if you’re a girl). Everyone clearly didn’t care to dress their parts except me, and even that I failed.

We swore off beer and hard liquor, and sticked to wine the entire night!

Simone, shanshan, jerusha and emily!

Ok we got a little too drunk that night, but it’s okay cos it was so much fun!!! Best part about being to a women’s college is that it’s so much more fun being drunk around your girlfriends than when guys are around.

Posting this picture up although my face is red as hell and I have bloodshot eyes cos shanshan looks good and she hasn’t appeared in my blog for months!

Sorry blur pic but this is my attempt at being a guy wtf. Clearly fail with my shorts

My first attempt lagi fail


We came back early from the party cause it sucked but I was still buzzing from the wine, so here

There are more pictures of the night but to protect our dignity I shall not post them up.

4. Other random pictures:

The chef gave me a bottle of mayonnaise and a million pieces of seaweed so here I am eating the best shit ever. Just squeeze some Jap mayo on the crunchy seaweed, fold it up and eat it, SO DAMN GOOD. Everyone thinks it’s disgusting though ;___;

This was during Chinese New Year and I was video-calling with my sister in the UK and my family in Malaysia. My bro with the ugly afro is showing us some kueh kapek and my cousin is showing us some bakua while my grandma is still trying to figure out why they were showing food to the computer wtf

My current Y U NO. Damn lazy to do my schoolwork laaa

5. I have a sad story. I lost my second pair of glasses yesterday T____T Glasses are not cheap ok and I don’t know why they mysteriously disappear everytime! Now I have to wear contact lenses every morning grr. I have a theory, that it’s not really me being careless with my stuff but it’s because there is a mysterious GLASSES STEALER prowling around campus. Said thief will snatch glasses from unsuspecting kind looking victims and make them walk around in the cold all day looking for them.

Now I feel better about losing them hoho. For my next pair of glasses, I’m gonna put the string around them like the ones grandmothers have so I won’t lose them again T___T To maintain my cool image, I will bling my string and add pearls and shit so I don’t appear like a loser wtf

Ok the end of today’s updates please come again next time bye

Double trouble


Two tragedies happened this week.

Tragedy #1

I was stressing out because I had so much work, so naturally I needed some online retail therapy. I went on Asos, spent $80 on a bikini, a dress and some lingeries T__T (actually this is one tragedy, but since I haven’t shopped in months I think this is well-deserved). So as I was looking at the clothes, I saw this:

And I thought to myself, “hmm my hair is almost her length…and I’m sick of the same hairstyle….and since we have almost the same hair and she looks so good in this hair I THINK I SHOULD CUT MY BANGS TOO!”

In the midst of all that pre-exam anxiety and going home excitement, I appeared to have completely disregarded the fact that 1. she’s Caucasian, 2. she has a long face, 3. she’s obviously ten times prettier wtf and 4. this hair is probably after lots of styling

But forgive me, for I was stupid.

So, I went all cutter happy and cut my bangs short and straight across…..

And after I cut it, all the previous memories of my disastrous experiences with short fringe came flooding back to me T_____T

I’ve never looked good in short bangs before, why would it be different now when I still look the same wtf. And I call myself a college student when this is not exactly rocket science to put two and two together.

Anyway, this is how it looked like RIGHT after I cut it:


Sorry it’s super blur cause it’s a screenshot from when I was skyping with Alex and he took a snapshot of it and emailed it to me with the the title “Aspirations need to be managed” and attached both the model’s picture and this picture WTF hahahha

So then I thought hmm, maybe I need to curl it to give it more volume first. Guess what?

I burnt my forehead with the curling iron  T______T

Hello I’m Harry Potter wtf

So now I have NO choice but to put my bangs down until the burnt mark goes away or until it grows out more, whichever comes first wtf

Yesterday I went to the mall so I put on some makeup and realized eh, actually it looks a lot better if I have makeup on so I don’t look like a kid. But I showed the pictures to my friends and they still think I look like a fact they think I look like an emo kid with the makeup FML.

Sigh emo kid then emo kid lah. It’s better than “chinese school kid” or “ah lian wannabe” or “kpop start wannabe” so I’ll take emo kid anytime

I think it looks better with earmuffs but I can’t possibly wear them indoors wtf

It looks slightly better with a hat but I can’t wear this in Malaysia when it’s 33 degrees outside!

Random. Just showing you I can’t do this

Worst comes to worst I’ll wear eyemask lah wtf

Or my bunny ears wtf

Is there a way to make your hair grow faster? Eat more eggs? Drink milk? what??

Tragedy #2

I went to the mall and to my favorite store in the world, forever 21, and realized that I cannot fit into size S anymore. CRISIS!!

WORST DAY OF MY LIFE T_______T I’m gonna lose weight now for sure! What kind of stupid metabolism do I have? I hardly eat these days!!! GAH.

Hahaha why are both my tragedies so shallow. I feel quite stupid now after writing them out and remembering that there are millions of people who couldn’t care less about their hair or weight and have bigger problems in life. It’s okay, I shall compensate for my bimbo-ness with a super intelligent post next about..umm..about the value of education or something serious like that.

2ne1 makeup

Okay so I haven’t done this in a while because I’ve been too lazy to put on makeup and even if I do, I’m too lazy to take a million pictures of myself (surprise). But I was feeling vain the other day so here’s a makeup post!

For Halloween this year I decided that I’m not going to do anything because it’s overrated and people only use it as an excuse to dress slutty anyway…(actually I was just too stingy to buy a costume wtf). I then decided to put on really scary makeup instead but on that day itself I got incredibly lazy and would rather watch Weeds (loser).

But then Giang and her friends wanted to be 2ne1 and all that hoohaa putting on makeup in my room inspired me to do my own makeup even though I wasn’t going anywhere wtf

So here it is!

I didn’t really take pictures of every small step so this will do.

I used pencil eyeliner to first line my top lids, then gel eyeliner THEN liquid eyeliner

Pencil eyeliner for bottom, made it a lot thicker than usual

Added dark brown eyeshadow to sort of blend the colors so they don’t appear that harsh

Added fake lashes and done! The glue dried after a while so it didn’t look that obvious after. Also added a bit more brown shadow to make it look darker. I love this look!

I thought I made them really dark already and I felt like my makeup was ridiculously heavy but actually doesn’t look that bad..

Here is a very rare picture of me smiling with my teeth!

Since this post is already filled with vain pictures you might not care too much about, let you cringe more lah. Here is a picture of me looking like a kid. I’d like to think it’s a picture of me smiling with my eyes ^_^

In case you were thinking “why wasn’t she wearing anything??” I shall put on more clothes to protect my dignity wtf

(btw I really love my current hair now. OHH YEAH forgot to say the short red hair in my previous post was fake wtf. it was a wig. whoops…………………)

(aren’t you glad THIS is my real hair? but without styling it still looks like shit)

ok that’s all! that’s the vainest I can go without cringing myself hahaa.

I have lots to blog about but recently I caught this really lazy bug that makes me feel like I don’t have the motivation to do ANYTHING but watch tv shows. Argh. I need to get rid of it pronto so I can move on with my life!!

All Hyped up

I’m in a good mood because the clothes I ordered from Hype arrived the other day!!!

Excitement in a package

First dress I ordered is this seemingly innocent floral dress..

With a freaking heart-shaped cutout at the back!!!!! It was love at first sight when I saw it and I knew I had to get it ♥

I saw this next but wasn’t sure if I should get it. After all, it’s just a normal little black dress..


BUT IT ALSO HAS A FREAKING HEART-SHAPED CUTOUT! How to resist T___T Not a single regret, love it to bits!

The next top I got is this toga floral top, but I like to pull it down and make it a tube top instead. I’ve always wanted a frilly floral top but never found the right one.

The last thing I got is this cardigan and it’s only been a week or so but I’ve been wearing this so often cause it’s so versatile! Can wear with a black dress to look dressy, or with a plain tank top to look casual. I especially love all that studs cause it makes me look like a stud wtf *lame is a Singaporean online boutique I just found out about recently and I fell in love with it instantly mainly because the clothes are A LOT better than most online boutiques. After receiving the products, I can assure you that they are of super high quality as well! Well worth the already affordable price 🙂

Plus, their models are so damned hot. Seriously. I’m not even kidding. I sometimes go to their website just so I can stare and drool at their models wtf

More clothes here:


Anyway, I only have two more weeks until the end of my internship. How upsetting because I’ve only begun to really learn how things work here and despite how frustrating things may be sometimes, I still really love this job!

But I’m also looking forward to going back to the US for my senior year. Senior year will be very exciting this time because I will be living in an apartment! with my own kitchen and bathroom (but have to share room with three other friends). Lots of partying and debauchery, lots of laughter and tears, but also lots and LOTS of stress because I will have to figure out what’s next after college. .. ….

Argh, I’m actually dreading it already T___T I thought I just finished SPM a few days ago?? Has it really been 5 years?!



Today I’m really excited because I have one free hour to do anything and everything I want!!! I just came back from Tawau, Sabah on a work-related trip (can my job get any better?!?!) and I’m super tired now but die die must blog. I’ve abandoned my blog for so long but here’s an entry with a million pictures for your viewing!! As you can see, my sentences end with a lot of proclamation marks because I’m that excited to blog!!!

These are from…a few weeks ago when Angie came to visit! Expect lots of camwhore/vain shots.

Now I haven’t seen Angie in TWO FREAKING YEARS, so naturally we were quite clingy and couldn’t stop taking pictures with each other wtf. I love you ♥

I stayed with her in Tim’s house for two nights and we couldn’t sleep the whole night cause we couldn’t stop talking about everything that has been happening in our lives. We kept saying “ok damn sleepy want to sleep” but then one of us would start asking questions and we finally slept at 4am or something wtf

With Audrey! I can’t believe even after two years, once you put three of us together everything was as if we’ve never left each other at all. My college years have never been the same without you guys 🙁

We went Malacca for a day! Too lazy to put pictures of Malacca since we all know how it looks like so let me put a camwhore shot instead haha

We went to Central Market and Aud got cheated by this STUPID CONMAN!!!! Angie tagged him as CHEAT ASS FUCKER hahahahhahahaha

It’s a longgggg and stupid story so read it here at Aud’s blog. Basically this guy didn’t know shit about fortune telling and just randomly told Aud every single characteristic there is and told her wrong info about herself. Angie and I told him that he got it all wrong and he had the audacity to tell us off and chased us from his shop!!!!

But all is well again when we had our fish spa ^_^ Before that we were sooo fuming mad ok. Angie and I even went as far as telling other tourists not to go into his shop WTF if I have to I would bring plycards and signs warning other people and camp outside his shop to protest against his lies wtf

Tim brought us to Klang for Bak Kut Teh! I’ve never tried it even after 22 years of my life so now I can proudly say that I have hmmp!

At Pavilion!

Went back home to continue what we enjoy most. Each other’s company and self-shots wtf. Sigh this picture is so loving I’m tempted to print a poster size of it for my room

Silly shots ensue

Angie’s face looks like those in anime! And Aud why is your tongue yellow wtf

Audrey why are you so freaking cute?!?!!?

ok not anymore wtf. hahahahha how can two such cute people look so scary!!!

Don’t ask wtf. Omg Angie’s melting face hahahaha. We laughed so hard that day I swear I built a few packs on my abs wtf

Went Ampang Lookout Point with high school friends! It was my first time there and it was so amazing to see the entire KL!

Me, Sarah and Andy.

There were 8 other people but I forgot to take a picture ;_; I suck.

Ok last picture before I die of exhaustion! It was Yvonne’s last day at work so here’s a picture of all the interns! Yangli, me, Andrew, yvonne, Reihan and Wei Jia!

With Joyce, our honorary member!

The interns are all leaving one by one and I’ll be all alone later 🙁 I’m having so much fun at work I don’t want to leave can? 🙁


So they took a picture of me at work and made a life size cut-out of me for some event. After that event, I brought home the cut-out since they had no use for it anymore. I came back home, put it in front of the door so when my brother comes in it’ll scare the shit out of him hahaha

Then today I came back, opened the door and saw this:


HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA they added the cap, jacket and fake arm!!

My sister is so freaking funny. One day, when my brother was sleeping, she put that cut-out next to him in bed and scared the shit out of him again when he woke up hahahahha

Then, another time, she put it right outside my mom’s door to scare her when she came out to get some water at night. HAHAAHA

It’s damn fucking scary ok cause it looks exactly like me (duh it IS me) and it’s just standing there with a perpetual smile. So far, that impostor me has been moved around the entire house to scare everyone. My brother said he is no longer afraid of it wtf. We now leave it right outside my house to greet visitors to the Liew household wtf

OK GOODNIGHT! will check for typos in this post tomorrow.