To the highlands

This will probably be my last post for a while because I’ll be away for the next 10+ days! I’m going to Phuket on Thursday and will be back on Sunday but then I’m going to KK for a week after that. I’ll be posting an advertorial after this too and I did a quite stupid video for it so must watch ok!

Anywayyy I’m finally posting Cameron’s pictures. Will be back to proper blog posts after this ok! I’m so tired of going out already so I foresee lots of alone time=time to think of proper blog posts after this. Oh wait, I start work right after I come back from KK so don’t think I’ll get to blog much after that too T___T

Summer is always like that for me arghghgh. I never have time at all and there are always too many things to do. Maybe I shouldn’t have interned this summer to finally get one relaxing summer before my life as a student ends. But I can’t imagine waking up everyday and not have anything to do either, confirm will die like that!

Okay so I went to Cameron Highlands with my high school friends the other day! I haven’t been there in forever so it was quite fun, especially when you don’t get all sweaty and sticky ๐Ÿ˜€

Snack for the ride! Everyone started complaining once I ripped it open cause they all hate durian. HOW CAN! BLASPHEMY!

Stayed at Clem’s apartment! Our awesome balcony view =D

And of course, steamboat at Cameron is a must! All of us who went except Kai Tzin. Daniel, Swee Win, Heng Li, me, Clem and Matt!

Eh I look light but I’m actually 53 kg ร–ย รถ รถ รถ. Some more I’m so short! Got the shock of my life in Cameron when I found out that I gained 4 kg T________T How did that happen!!! Cut hair already should be lighter what wtf

Me, Kai and Daniel chilling at the balcony woot

What’s life without Heineken!

Played Kings that night!

With Kai in the morning! He’s the photographer (and Clem) for most of the pictures here

At a pretty good tea+scones place. I loveeee scones!

Awesome strawberry sundae at the strawberry farm! Mmm is this why I’m heavier now wtf

Butterfly park! It’s so sad cause this butterfly was dying and couldn’t move and I had to pry it out of my bag ๐Ÿ™ When butterflies reach this size they’ll die ๐Ÿ™

O hai!

HAHAHHA I LOVE THIS BUG!!! IT’S A BUG WITH A FACE!!!! Damn cute! Got mole some more hahaha

Swee Win the scorpion king!!! *mortifiedย ร–

Went to the Boh tea plantation after!

Taking in the smell of tea in the air

There’s a tea cafe all the way up on the hill which is a pretty nice place to chill ๐Ÿ™‚

All of us!

Candid picture of Matt and I wondering how we should pose hahah

By the way, let me show you this awesome picture!!!!!!!1

T____________T tears of joy running down my face. Look at the sun rays! So nice T______T Too bad both kai and i sudah berpunya. Eh sudah berpunya means got lovers already and not pregnant right wtf

I love Cameron! Not hot and so scenic sigh

At the market before heading home!

OH YEAH GUYS DON’T EVER BUY THE GUAVA APPLE OK!!! It’s super yummy and it’s supposed to be preserved guava. We bought soooo much of it and found out later that it’s just guava soaked in sugar and coloring wuwuwu

And then while going down the hill…………….tragedy struck. Our car broke down T____T

Had to send it to the mechanic for a couple of hours so while waiting..

Photoshoot time! nyehehe

Got more but will post later in an effort to look less vain wtf

And then when we arrived at Perak, the car broke down again and we had to call the tow truck.

Woot! Such rebels, we are. Driving against the general direction hoho

Actually we were just being towed by the tow truck T__T

๐Ÿ™ Super tired by now

Reached home around 12am, 11 hours after departing Cameron. Le sigh, such is life.

Despite the last hiccup, this was such an awesome trip! Especially with people who are as stupid and lame as I am hoho. Although I must say I am always the lamest and stupidest of the lot.

Let me tell you a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!1111

What did Batman say to Robin before they get into the car?



must think first ok!




Ans: Robin, get in the car.

HAHAHHAAHAHHAA I’m so lame how

Ok anywayyy this is the end of my super long post now I shall bid farewell to thee. Don’t abandon me ok I may be busy but I’ll always be here. and you’ll all always be in my heart *points at my heart wtf


Helloooo I’m back! I’ve been back since Wednesday actually but haven’t really had time to breathe, much less blog. The first thing I did when I reached was go mamak with my friends. And then the next day I couldn’t take it anymore and called Ringo to teman me to go CUT MY HAIR.

Yeah, again?? I know how people feel about wanting to cut it shorter and shorter each time, cause that was exactly what I did T____T I do regret it though but oh well, it’s just hair. I’ve had long hair for the past 21 years and I’ve only had short hair for 4 months, not enough!!

But this time, I really cut it wayyy too short……You can’t really tell from the pictures but the back is shorter than most guys’ hair wtf

Only two kinds of people look good in short hair: tall or skinny people. I’m neither tall nor skinny wtf but I’m making it my utmost priority to lose weight now since I can’t possibly grow taller anymore. My face+hair totally don’t match my pudgy body so sad.

Nah. I showed my friends this and they were like “eh same only”




ok sorry but, EH, SAME ONLY??????????

I didn’t cut the fringe at all so maybe it looks similar to my old hair BUT

LOOK at the back! Aiyoyo ahma kenapalah bodoh sangat

for illustration purposes wtf

Seriously I look so much like a boy now. Aside from my somewhat visible bra strap, I don’t think anyone could tell that this is a girl. What more when I don’t have a very feminine body so I look like a short 15 year old boy with cool hair from behind wtf

I’m not really complaining much cause after styling, my hair IS pretty awesome. I just don’t know how to dress anymore and at this rate, it’ll take foreverrr before I get my long luscious hair back.

I’m thinking of buying a wig but isn’t it weird to go out with a friend knowing that you can just yank her hair off anytime and the whole thing will come out wtf. Seriously if I go out with someone who is wearing a wig I’ll be SOOO tempted to yank it out lor and I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on doing anything except fighting that temptation wtf

Anyway, I’ve had an awesome time back home since I arrived! I had a super girly and fun day+night out with Ringo doing my hair and doing our nails and having super yummy japanese food, I had a great time with my best high school friends mamak-ing and making fun of each other, I had an amazing time clubbing with my super best friend Esther and I’m going shopping with Lali today!!! Woots.

Boyfriend coming back next week, roommate coming to Malaysia next weekend, then I’m going to Penang and KK, then I’m starting my long-awaited internship. Oh my god, amazing summer starts now ๐Ÿ™‚

Spring Weekend

Hello! Ok this will be a really vain post so bear with it. Why am I so vain all the time T__T It’s okay I have a reason to be vain when I’ve been doing crazy amount of work lately *consoles self wtf

I just counted, I’ve written 92 pages of papers so far in this semester *GASPS. That is really a lot of work, like a thesis already! I’m surprised I’m still alive. 15 more pages or so and I’m done for this semester wooooot! Anyway, pictures.

Brace yourself for maximum amount of camwhoring…

Last weekend was Spring Weekend! We had some sort of a carnival here with ice cream and everything ๐Ÿ˜€

They gave away free bubbles thingy!

Shanshan and I. By the way, shanshan is confirmed coming to Malaysia!!!!! Woot, tourist guide mode on.

Where should I bring her to besides KLCC and Penang and malls and to see waterfall ah? She’s really excited about the waterfall cause she said in China, there are jungles and waterfalls but they’re always packed to the brim cause too many Chinese people hahaha wtf


Things to do before I get to go back home. I already took down THREE post-it notes yays! Ah, the satisfaction of ripping them down as time goes by

PANGY DAY BEST DAY OF THE YEAR!!!!!!! It’s the annual picnic right before the end of the semester. Best day evar cause it’s usually damn warm, people are all really happy and it’s almost the end of the semester.

I love this top from Forever21! Too bad I can’t wear it like this cause stomach too big. Doesn’t look big here cause of the angle don’t be fooled wtf

Oh well I shall be girly then!

After ber-picnic-ing, we went outside to lie on the green cause it was sooooo hot! 31 celcius yo! Everyone was in bikini/naked yo!

Reflection on shanshan’s shades

Got bikini pictures of shanshan but she said cannot post wtf

So hoho, too bad you guys are stuck with just seeing my pictures wtf

You’re right Xiao, I took some pictures with my short hair and I don’t miss my long hair anymore haha! I just wish there’s an option lah for short hair and for long curly hair. Maybe I’ll get those clip-on extensions or something..

Haih the whole world is so busy studying and here I am camwhoring and editing my pictures T___T I’ve done so much work this entire semester let me rest can or not!! wtf so defensive sial

Made the background black and white so I look like I pop out!

I quite like the black and white background thingy!

Put this on lomo setting with meitu xiuxiu ๐Ÿ˜€

Okay ze end, I shall study now for my finals. I tried making another makeup video but failed T__T So I ended up with just another vlog. Very boring one lah but I’ll post it later since I already made it.

Have a nice day everyone! I know I’ll be having a great day!…not… *nerd mode on

oh em gee









Today, 4 months and 28 days after I chopped off my hair, I am suddenly seized by a momentary panic attack. My hair was perfectly fine, perfectly luscious, perfectly beautiful, perfectly INNOCENT, so why did I have to throw it all away just for a short moment of adrenaline rush?

Was that worth it? Was sacrificing something I loved so much for a fleeting moment of spontaneity and excitement well worth the heart ache and longing that followed?

Why fix something when it’s not broken, or, you only live once so try something new everyday?

I loved my long hair and sure, it’ll grow back, but will it grow back to be the exact way I’ve loved it?

These are the question that will forever plague me till the day I die.

My week in pictures


Ladies and gentlemen, what lies in front of you is the best instant noodle mankind has ever created. It cooks within minutes in the microwave and does NOT taste like instant noodle at all. It’s from Szechuan and therefore I’ve come to the conclusion that anything from Szechuan is effing amazing

Korean instant noodles, although not from Szechuan, are just as amazing. So amazing that one night at 1 am, I acted on impulse and bought 20 packets online. Die lah confirm fat.

Just to show you that I can still look girlish with my short hair ๐Ÿ˜€

So I went to Boston over the Spring Break cause we’re too broke to go anywhere else T__T But at least we have each other ^_^

This is me with my weapon of mass destruction wtf

No lah kidding it’s actually Barry’s

This is me with my new boots from a thrift second-hand store! Happy!!!!

I look like I need to pee but I’m just trying to squeeze into the small mirror wtf. The toilet looks ugly cause we stayed at YMCA wtf what to do cheap ma!

#1 – too hungry to type much so short captions start now. With Dominic and Lali at Harvard Square when it was 20 CELCIUS OUT WOOHOOOO

#2 Such amazing companies =D Btw damn muhibbah got chinese indian dan lain lain WTF HAHAHHAHA

#3 Random artsy picture on the bridge by the Charles River

#4 Harvard dorms by the river

#5 Berryline froyo is the shiznit!

#6 Went to visit Pooh my old friend

#7 but he wasn’t home ๐Ÿ™ (remember the song? ke ren lai, kan ma ma, ma ma bu zai jia, wo qing ke ren qing zuo xia blabla forgot wtf. so it’s pooh bu zai jia ๐Ÿ™ )

#8 Trying to be taller than Lali but failed

#9 Moho girls roxxx wtf

#10 I love Harvard Square โ™ฅ

#11 Random family chalking up the sidewalk

#12 We’re all Malaysian at heart

#13 eat curry mee must put tissue as bib!

#14 Nick Choo’s ice cream collection :O :O :O

#15 Guitar Hero to end the night!

#16 Heart-shaped aviators! โ™ฅ

#17 last picture of my girlfriend and i wtf

Now I’m back in my college with mountains of assignments =___= I can’t wait for this semester to end so I can go back to Malaysia and goyang kaki!!!

Speaking of Malaysia, VERY important news for Malaysians in the US.

I’ve probably mentioned this a million times but here goes again. Malaysia Forum this year will be at Noo Yawk Citeh!!! If you want to see me (cheh wah wtf) and eat Malaysian food and meet all the fawesome Malaysians and indulge in intellectual discussions on anything Malaysian, PLEASE COME!!!

More info here:ย

I’ve been to the past two MFs and they were great cause I always left with so much hope and optimism for our country. I think despite all that political turmoil and dramama happening, we always need that little bit of harapan to keep going.

So if you’re a passionate Malaysian hoping to make a change, or someone who just wants to come for the food and company, or someone who doesn’t give a rat ass about our country but just wants to come to kepoh, do sign up ASAP cause registration closes in a week! Need more convincing? Email me.

I me mine


Sorry for the short hiatus, I’ve honestly been extremely busy but good news is, Spring Break is here!!! I couldn’t believe I actually got through this crazy week of exams and presentations and a million pages of papers!

While I’m blogging, Barry is actually coloring my hair for me wtf. So nice to have him around ^_^ He also takes my heavy laundry down for me and obliges when I asks him to “eh pass me the water please” although it’s nearer to me than to him WTF. I’m so spoilt T___T

Aih what to do I’m in a women’s college and I’m so sick of all that gender equality and we’re all equal and how we can’t get guys to do stuff for us just to show that we’re as capable. Sometimes I just don’t want to carry my heavy bag can or not wtf *waits for the unleashing of the feminists

Speaking of gender roles, despite the fact that I advocate for gender equality (not now clearly..), I actually embrace my role as a woman and that I should be in the kitchen wtf while the man go earn some gluten. I don’t mind cleaning and cooking as long as you carry my heavy laundry and pass me some water. How is this not gender equality wtf

Anyway I bet everyone is dying to know how have I been! (if not also must pretend and say yes). I just realized that I haven’t posted a single picture of myself since..well, a long time. So I’m gonna post sooo many pictures of myself until everyone gets so accustomed to my face that when you look away from the computer you’ll still see an afterimage of me wtf.

Like you know when you play tetris for an unrecommended amount of time then your whole world seems to have tetris blocks falling all over. Never happened to you before? Then I guess you’re not as much of a loser as I am wtf T___T (I used to love tetris but now I’m a Zuma/Bejeweled person โ™ฅ) (I’m SO DAMNED good at Zuma I tell you!!!!)

(where was I??)

oh pictures of myself. ok here goes!! brace yourself!!

This is me and my kawan baik Lali

This is me and my other kawans

My kawan baiks in their usual debauchery

Me with fake lashes

Do I look like a dyke? wtf

Me sucking on a lollipop with my perempuan simpanan Lali after partying


I love styling my short hair!! Always so much fun ๐Ÿ˜€

Aih since I’m posting camwhore pics might as well..this is me a looong time ago when I still had my long hair. Seems like a few years had passed but it’s only been 3 months wtf.

Random camwhore picture to live up to the mood of the post

Actually, I think that’s it *big wet eyes. Tak sangka I’m not as big a camwhore as before wtf

Let me tell you one story. Today I almost had the first panic attack of my life!!!

I went to the mall, walked to Forever 21 innocently and saw this:


*gasps for air

I’m not even exaggerating okay this is so crazy!! It’s no secret that forever 21 is my mostest favoritest store in the world and I’m basically a walking Forever21 mannequin so when I saw this I just wanted to die and fly to heaven right then.

AUDREY AND ANGIE: I’ll have you know that the new Forever 21 at Holyoke Mall is TEN TIMES this size. I swear seriously it’s so fucking big I want to weep in joy everytime I walk into the store

Let’s forget the fact that I couldn’t find something nice and only bought a pair of shorts wtf

Okay my hair is done! I’m dyeing in red this time so let’s see how it’ll turn out!

Hey shorty

Pictures from a million years ago!

Maggie and I with HK egg tarts oh how I miss them so

went for our last dinner together T___T

50% off sushi after 10pm! i love hk!

let’s zoom in on the salmon sushis mmm and it was so cheap! RM2 for 2 very very fresh salmon sushis!

I met some readers from Singapore in my favorite mall in HK!!!! How random hahaha sorry guys i forgot your names, please comment!

and they went to the mall cause they read it in my blog and I actually saw them there! seriously it’s either that was a really good coincidence…or I went to the mall way too much wtf

luk luk with high school friends in malaysia! mmm

night out with Maria and her friends!


siblings and i with colored lips! sis had blue, bro had pink and i had yellow =D

with another khaled hosseini book! i think this is just as good as kite runner, cried reading it too T_T

14 hours to london and 10 hours to chicago. I hate long flights ๐Ÿ™

But finally, snow! I always forget how cold it can get here and how much I love and hate snow

I went out in the cold to take this picture just cause I wanna see how bright the snow will be. Very..very bright


All I’ve been doing here is cook, play rockband, cook, play trivial pursuit, and cook. Hainanese chicken rice and pork noodle soup for my poor msian-food-deprived boyfriend next!

Juan eating rice and chicken with fork and knive, tsk tsk tsk

poor msian-food-deprived bf with my green contact lense in one eye

rockband is soooo fun! turtle to protect my dignity wtf





red hair!! I’ve always wondered how I’ll look like with red hair

or pink hair..

or very light brown hair

haha, this is my real hair color now but I’m really tempted to dye it red next


I thought I would camwhore less with my short hair cause it’s not as girlish but erm.. lalala *looks elsewhere

I can’t imagine having long hair anymore cause short hair is soooo awesome! the only regret I have is not doing this earlier!

Why short hair > long hair:

1. obviously, less shampoo and takes less time to wash, to blow, to dry

2. short hair takes only 3 minutes to style while long hair takes 10 mins to curl! i took a video of me styling my hair, don’t know if that will be useful

3. i used to wake up with very dead long hair and i’d have to tie it up/wear a headband and would still look like shit but with short hair, i just have to put on some wax and it looks good already!

4. no worries of static. in cold weather/long plane rides, my long hair got veryyy flat and ugly cause of the static! hated it so much

5. looks cooler period

6.ย looks cooler period

7 to infinity.ย looks cooler period wtf

ok babai



Hello all, I’m in london! But the weather is really bad now ๐Ÿ™ it’s snowing so hard I can’t go anywhere! So let me finish talking about my hair since I have nothing to do now.

I’m actually a chicken at heart. Not the edible KFC kind but the pok pok pok scaredy cat kind lah wtf. I wanted to try short hair since 2 years ago but I never got around to doing it. TWO years to make one simple decision! If you’ve been reading me since then, you’d know that I’ve tried faking short hair before and that’s the closest I ever got to doing it wtf. True blue example of a chicken T_T

Anywayyy why I wanted to cut it so badly is cause I’m a changed person now so I need to be brave!! Why I didn’t want to cut in the first place is not cause I ‘mm seh tak’/’sayang’/feel wasted of my super long hair, but mainly cause I feel very very insecure of myself. You see, I have shoulders of a giant wtf.

I have broad shoulders and fat FAT arms which I constantly covered with with my long hair. But I dunno, now I feel like whatever lah I have fat shoulders/arms so what not anyone’s business also. (sound so confident but actually now still a bit regret when I look into the mirror and can’t cover with my hair wtf)

So yeah I went to Shunji something (Aud’s hairdresser at MidValley Boulevard) and got the most expensive cut. This is such a drastic change so I can’t stinge on it!! I used to always cut my hair for RM20 only so this RM110 cut is a lot!

The hairdresser asked if I was sure and once I nodded, he immediately cut off 12 inches!!! Walao super wanna cry that time but Aud and Jammie were there so I pretended it was no big deal T__T

Then like that lor the end now I have short hair!

Before, with straight hair


it looks super awesome with styling! but without a bit erm..not so nice lah wtf

he curled and waxed my hair for me so it looks quite girlish albeit short!

Before, with my beloved curled hair


I don’t care what anyone says I super love my short hair! I used to adore love like my long hair cause can curl and all but this is a really good change!

I used to fake short hair all the time but this is really really real! ๐Ÿ˜€

And I found a solution to all that insecurity over my big shoulders! Just wear a cardigan/blazer lor so easy peasy! Except that it’ll be hard in Msia..


I have no regrets at all except that I’m actually quite a girly person and half my wardrobe is skirts/dresses! It’s actually quite hard to pull off the girly look now but I think I can still do it =D

I don’t think your hair should define your personality so even if I have super hardcore spiky hair (oh I did it just now and it’s super awesome! I looked like a dyke wtf), I’m still gonna wear dresses and rock them!

I love my short hair โ™ฅ sometimes it feels weird, like a big part of me is gone (wtf so emo), but the change is extremely refreshing. It takes 2 minutes to wash my hair and 5 seconds to dry it! Don’t even need to comb anymore!

Ok I tell you one secret. Actually right the MAIN MAIN MAIN reason why I wanted to cut is cause I wanted to experience one feeling I’ve been craving for a while now. I wanted to know how it feels to take the towel, put it on your hair and just shake really hard (it’s different with long hair). I wanted to know how it feels like to take some wax and rummage it through your hair and roughen it up. Actually this sounds like penis envy! I just wanted to know how it feels like to be a boy!!! WTF Freud was right after all

I think if you have the right face shape, you should definitely go for it! I have a feeling I’ll be bored of it after a while but oh well, better than not satisfying my need to try something different ๐Ÿ™‚

How I do my makeup

I’m soooo tired right now cause I just came back from a 5-hour SUPER hardcore hike up Sunset Peak!!! Can’t wait to show you the pictures but this post is more important and I’ve already uploaded the video =D

So I know I’ve done makeup posts before (here and here and got some more but lazy wanna look for them) but this is only my second time doing a makeup video! Besides, you can never get enough of makeup posts heh.

This is basically how I apply my makeup on an almost daily basis. I know it’s a lot of work but I always enjoy putting on my makeup cause it’s sort of like drawing/painting! (I know all those art classes I took when I was young did not go to waste wtf) Remember, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones wtf

First of all, this is the video! I had to cut a lot of parts cause I don’t want it to take a long time to load so actually I took about 15 minutes in total for my makeup. I also accidentally cut the part where I lined my upper lids with gel eyeliner, oops. But everything else should be there!

Let it load while you finish reading this post ๐Ÿ™‚

List of products used:

BB cream: BRTC Jasmine Water (only in Sasa HK)

I personally LOVE this BB cream! Sooo much better than my previous (much cheaper) Etude House’s. BB cream stands for blemish balm cream and basically works like a foundation except that it works as a moisturizer, sunscreen, anti-aging cream blabla basically all in one lah that’s why it’s amazing!

I know Dr. G (from Sasa also, can find in Msia) is also good! Oh yeah, Aud said Faceshop’s is good too! It costs about RM100+ for one but it will probably last you for about 4~5 months if you use everyday.

BB cream is actually one product I will swear by so you know how much I โ™ฅ it!

Powder foundation: Bare Minerals

I don’t usually use this since the BB cream is good enough for me but sometimes I do just cause I have it wtf

Eyelid primer: Urban Decay Sin Primer Potion

This is used before applying your eyeshadows so the colors will show more and it helps to prevent creasing. I really like it cause I think the colors stay longer too. It’s quite expensive, about RM70 but it can last you for about 10 months (maybe cause I use very little each time..)

Mascara: SASA

I actually really like this. Show you pictures later

Eyeliner: Pencil (Sephora) Gel (Sasa)

The gel one sucks ๐Ÿ™

Eyeshadow: Kate

The colors are nice but don’t know why they don’t blend that well

Brushes: Mac 239 (eyeshadow brush), Everyday Minerals (Kabuki brush)

Alright that’s all!

More pictures:

Sorry I look quite pan-cute here wtf but if you’re too lazy to watch the video, here’s my final makeup

I don’t really like my eyes cause they’re very small (even theย optometristย say so leh! I couldn’t put my contacts in after a million tries and she was quite frustrated also and asked me why are my eyes so small T_T) that’s why I like darker shadows to make my eyes look bigger.

The mascara is quite good right! The curling effect is gooood =D Can’t say the same for the gel eyeliner >=(

Oh, the contact lenses are Geo Angel Green ๐Ÿ™‚ I love them cause they make my eyes look sooo big

After 5 hours and the curls are still standing strong, yays!

This was for another day. Green shadows to match my eyes! Didn’t put that much so that I won’t look like Incredible Hulk wtf

Long live double eyelid tapes! Now I have two even-looking eyes and don’t have to cover one eye with my hair =D


Darker eye makeup cause I was going out clubbing.

I used grey shadow as base, black for the smokey eye effect and pink shimmerish one for highlighting. This method works for my eye shape but different eye shapes require different methods for the smokey eye effect so you should practice to see what works best for you!

I don’t like it when you can see too much of the black shadow with your eyes opened like this:

cause it makes me look scary and over made-up but you can try it!

Okay that’s all let me know if it helps or if you want more clarifications! Sorry if this bore you, guys. My next hiking post will be sooooo nice! Not nice also must pretend it’s nice okay I climbed 5 freaking hours up really steep steps to get those pictures!!!


All curled up

Today is Sunday!!!!

Sunday is:

-postsecret day

-wake up after noon day

-get started on work for real day

-dim sum day

-be happy for no reason day

-ignore Facebook requests day

-listen to Beatles and Bowie on full blast day

-think of what ants do on rainy days day

-reread Norwegian Wood in bed day

Sunday is an amazing day ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway! After a million years, I finally got around to taking a video of me curling my hair with a straightener! Giang taught me this last year and it took me soooo long to master it! I’m such a slow learner T__T But I’ve nailed it now so let me show you how I curl my hair with a straightener ๐Ÿ˜€

Sorry the music is a little emo but it’s my current favorite song so whatevaaa

Other info:

-I always apply heat protecting serum/spray before curling/straightening my hair

-I put the heat to the highest (420) otherwise the curls won’t look as good but I only curl my hair once a week or so so I guess it’s not as damaging

-I like this method better than using curling tongs cause the friction+heat make my curls last longer but this could also be potentially more damaging? not sure. as long as you don’t do it that often and still apply serum before then it should be fine!

-Yeap that’s my roommate behind me. There was one scary part where you can’t see her but you see her reflection on the mirror moving around so quite freaky wtf

If you need other clarifications, let me know! I hope the video is clear enough. Will do a makeup one next but a bit lazy to do that cause you can find makeup videos everywhereeee and I’m nowhere as good as most of them!

p.s: life is only complicated if you think it is. Let’s all live in a yellow submarine and occasionally visit the octopus’ garden and live happily ever after like that.