#55. 26 April ’09

It was CRAZY CRAZY HOT. I cannot believe that 3 days ago I was still wearing my thick coat and on Saturday I couldn’t even wear my this cardigan out. It was 29 celcius!!! From 13 celcius to 29 in 3 days 0.O

#56. 27 April ’09

I’m the clumsiest girl alive. Got two bruises on each knee without knowing how I got them..Maybe shanshan woke up in the middle of the night and hit me in the knee wtf. “that’s for talking in your sleep!”

it’s true, I talk in my sleep T_T It runs in the family cause my brother is the biggest sleeptalker ever! Once he woke my mom and I up and told us something like “he died” and we were like WHAT?? WHO DIED?? and he said his friend died and then went back to sleep wtf.

I used to be a huge sleepwalker also. When I was 13 my maid (ah the joy of having a maid, the spoilt brat that I was used to come back from school, plop myself on the sofa and go “kak! ribena ais satu!” that was why I was so fat) told me that once, I walked into the kitchen and wanted to take off my pants. She asked me what I was doing and I said I was going to pee and thought that was the toilet WTF

How did I start talking about this embarrassing fact of my life??

Anyway I can’t blog much now cause I have super crazy amount of work to do. Such will be my life for the next 2 weeks. Goodbye my dear friends T_T

Becoming MDG

Hello I’m going to talk about Malaysian Dreamgirl again cause I’ve been watching so much of it lately! I thought I said I had a lot of work.. T_T But it’s okay, winning a laptop>studies wtf

Let’s talk about the Top 5! Actually, the more I watch, the more I like all of them! I honestly can’t tell you who I like best.


I actually like her more now cause of her bravery. I think she must be sad that they cut her hair THIS short but she didn’t even whine about it all! Although she doesn’t shine as much as some of the girls, I think she has the best personality.

Dawn has an amazing body but too bad her face is just ok ok for me. She rocked this photo but I don’t know if she should win..


I don’t like this photo at all T_T Why are the pipes so dusty! And although she’s super thin but I don’t like that you could see some flabs. Why didn’t they photoshop it a little like what magazines do?

This picture aside, I think Juanita is one of the best in this competition! Definitely should win.


To be honest, Ming is my favorite. Her outfit is AMAZING HERE I LOVE IT SO MUCH! The tights, the black tube, the belt..perfect! And she’s sooo pretty seriously.

When I found out that she’s only 161cm, I could feel the heavens opening and rays of hope shining down onto every pore of my body. Too bad I’m not pretty nor slim enough 🙁 Do you think if I put tissues into my shoes, will that add 6cm wtf. Argh why didn’t I drink more milk when I was young!!


Natasha is also so pretty!!! I absolutely love this picture. Actually I kinda like her too. She speaks well and brings herself well (especially when it comes to confronting people, this girl has soooo much courage! Is this what you get from going to an international school? Mummy why didn’t you send me to one T_T I was totally rooting for her when she confronted the girls). Can’t believe she’s only 18.

I want Natasha to win too but I don’t think she’s as good as Tandas Wanita and Ah Ming though when it comes to modeling. Oh yeah, didn’t she smuggle a handphone in? Shouldn’t she get punished for that?


Actually I like Pinky too. Yeah yeah big surprise that I like everyone. I don’t know why but I think everyone is so pretty..Anyway I think this is the only picture of Pinky that I don’t like. Bleh, nothing great, like something out of a college ad or something. Kolej Aman, hanya untuk generasi moden wtf. Register now! Promosi hebat hingga esok.

Pinky has always been doing well so I guess it’s ok for her to slip once in a while? Bad mistake for such a crucial stage in this competition though.

My top 3:




Oh! this part of the entry is quite wtf but anyway I was playing around yesterday and came up with these stupid pictures of me trying to imitate all the girls (and failed miserably T_T)

This is Ming with her super hard to copy hairstyle and panda eyes

This is me

1. why is her face so long and slim?

2. I took forever to do this hair but still failed

3. Why am I so fat…

Anyway the rest of the pictures are much uglier but I shall post them up for the sake of entertaining you all. I’m not always this ugly ok wtf

This is Juanita

I didn’t even want to try the hair so I used paint to crop it out instead hahaha.

1. why are her eyes so big?

2. Why is her face so slim?

3. Why am I so fat? Where are my collar bones?? T_T

Now is my face slim enough? wtf

This is natasha with her slick hair and thick lashes and big boobs

This is me with pasted hair, 4 fake lashes and no boobs FML

This is Dawn with her err.. cute hair

I’m getting uglier and uglier…Me and my cute hair wtf

So cool I look like a boy!

Lastly, this is pinky whom I think has the best picture that week. I love her nose!

Phew finally one that I don’t look super ugly in.

Doing this made me realize a few things:

1. It’s sooo hard to imitate pictures

2. These girls are truly very very pretty. You know how sometimes you look at a picture and go cheh not pretty also I think I can do better! Truth is, you CAN’T. I’m a living testament to that fact ok

3. Why am I so fat wtf

4. Let me win the laptop please I took 2 days to take these pictures hence sacrificing my studies hence wasting my education hence wasting my parents’ hard-earned money (which could have bought me a laptop too…but that’s not the point..) hence I should win! Perfect logic right!

Anyway you guys should watch Malaysian Dreamgirl cause I think this season is better than the last! Also, you can fast forward when it gets boring! Not like watching on TV. And you can read the blog too which is actually really interesting.

Ok after this I promise I’ll blog less! (don’t believe me)

Overheard in Suet’s room

Suet: OMG shanshan come look at this video! Why do Koreans dance so well???

Shanshan: Yeahhh! I want a korean boyfriend!

Suet: ME TOO!!! (sorry barry)

After 5 minutes of doing our own thang..

Shanshan: Suet, let’s secretly learn how to dance in our room *looks at Suet with big wet eyes

Suet: *shocked by this sudden request. HAHAHA WHAT DO YOU MEAN SECRETLY! Damn sad ok must hide the fact that we’re learning how to dance!

Shanshan: yeah let’s watch music videos and learn!

Suet: Why are we so sad T________T

Tears start rolling down our smooth cheeks wtf


Suet picks up 5 pieces of paper from the floor with her toes and dumps them into the trash can.

Suet (thinking to herself): wow!! I can really do amazing feats with my toes *stares at toes in amazement

Suet (still thinking to herself): should I show my toes off to shanshan?*throws more paper on the floor so I can show off my amazing ability

Shanshan: WOW! I can’t do that! Try with a pen! *throws a pen on floor for Suet to pick up

Suet picks said pen up easily with toes

Shanshan (clapping excitedly): wow!!!

Suet gloats but realizes that she just spent 10 precious minutes doing this when she has an exam tomorrow morning T__T

Have a nice day

I just realized how far behind I am in Project 365! I have been taking pictures, just that I don’t have the time to blog as much now. So here they are!

#38. 28 March ’09

Mmm we made hotpot again for dinner! It doesn’t look too good but omg it was amazing! Except that it was really way too spicy for me. Look at how red the broth is T_T

We both had diarrhea for 3 days after consuming this. I’m not sure if it was because of its spicyness..or because it’s already 2 months after the expiry date WTF

#39. 29 March ’09

How can two rather small girls eat so much seriously????? But they are oh soooo goooood and sinful. Our food here is always so good!

OK everyone, your favorite shanshan! still as pretty as ever 🙂

It was a great day outside! I think it was almost 17 celcius  =D

I had to take off my coat cause it was too warm! Ah spring has cometh, finallyyy

Random picture of me but Aud said I look tired =( It’s just the flash! I’m anything but tired lately. I always sleep before 12 and wake up at 8am wtf super healthy ok!

Argh I don’t know why I feel ugly again ;_; self esteem problem kao kao. slap me please! maybe cause shanshan is so pretty and i’m always with her so when i see myself in the mirror i feel like punching the mirror WTF kidding i’m not that aggresive…

#40. 30 March ’09

I had to work the ENTIRE day from 8am till 7pm to earn more $$$. Didn’t have to do much but it was tiring to just sit there and watch them play and keep score and be alert for 11 hours.


#41. 31 March ’09

Such a nice day!!!!!!1 And it’s getting warmer and warmer too..which means! it’s getting closer and closer to going home again =D

p.s: I can’t believe it! I watch the Here in My Home video more than 5 times a day and I haven’t got bored @_@

p.p.s: I won the lottery! $10,000!!!! can you believe it?? wooohoooo!!!




hahahhaha april’s fool! damn unbelievable and quite fake wtf. since when i buy the lottery. and if i really did win $10,000, you think this will be in the p.p.s ah haha

p.p.p.s: your shoelace is untied! got lizard behind you! you aren’t your mother’s child! your name is actually suet li! i’m gonna stop blogging! i’m actually 27 yrs old my whole blog is a lie! barry isn’t actually my bf he’s my imaginary bf! i found his pictures on the internet and cropped his face and pasted it next to all my pictures with him! my real name is gonzala mazilandoewms and i’m actually your mother wtf


You won’t believe this T_______________T

I don’t and still can’t believe this T_____________________T





to Milan……………





*still speechless

It was actually pretty funny cause we missed the first tram and got on the second tram to the station. We were very happy cause we still had 6 minutes to spare before our train is here so I said..I SAID “you know what will be funny? if we miss this train hahahha so funny hor me FUNNY HOR” then we both laughed and walked into the station to get a STUPID CROISSANT.




First of all, why did I make that joke??????

Second of all, why did I get the STUPID CROISSANT???????

Third of all, why is the train so punctual?????????? It left RIGHT ON THE DOT. We missed it by 20 mere seconds.


you can’t even blink 3 times in 20 seconds ok! you can’t even walk 5 steps! (i know it’s not working but what i’m trying to say here is 20 secs is very very short..)





Luckily, we got the next train but had to pay 20 euros more T_______T

Stupid croissant cost me 20 euros…….

$1 for 1 second that we were late……..

Now I’m staring at the croissant thinking if I should step on it or eat it or throw it away or fart on it wtf as revenge. Haih ok lah I shall walk to the platform now although I still have one hour. Barry just turned to me and said haha funny hor if we miss the next one too

FUNNY YOUR HEAD LAH YOU WANT TO SEE WHAT’S FUNNY I’LL SHOW YOU WHAT’S FUNNY *proceeds to twist his entire head and stick it in his butt wtf

Haih I’m at fault already somemore want to shout and twist people’s heads wtf. I tell you..pastries will be my sweetest downfall T_T

p.s: MY LUCK GETTING WORSE AND WORSE!!! we just checked the weather for milan and it said “heavy rain shower and high of 8 celcius” WTF!!!! We checked yesterday and it was fine!!!

p.p.s: i just turned to barry and started whining and pretended to cry loudly then a small kid turned to me, pointed and laughed………

=________________= small kids also want to laugh at me. weather forecasts also want to lie to me. my life is worthless now lemme go FML.com to make myself feel better wtf

Sweaty Suet

Arghh I’m so used to blogging everyday that now it feels weird if I don’t blog and my fingers will itch wtf. Let’s see how long this persistence will go on for..

So I’ve been doing a fair amount of thinking about this topic and I think I’ve reached a conclusion. If there’s one word you would use to describe me, ask ANYONE who knows me well, and i’m very sure they’ll say that word will either be “wtf” or “sweat”

I’m VERY VERY SURE! I can bet my life on it!

Yeah so I was talking to barry about it and I was whining about how sad my life is. Why can’t that word be “interesting” or “sexy” or “exciting” or “intelligent” or “funny” or “interesting” (yeah yeah I know I’ve said it but I’m repeating it cause I really want interesting to be that one word that describes me wtf but sadly i’m anything but interesting)

What if I die one day and this is what’s written on my tombstone:

Here lies the most wtf and sweat-est person mankind has ever had the chance to encounter. Bless her wtf and sweat soul. May she sweat in peace. WTF (this wtf is wtf to the tombstone, not that it’s on the tombstone itself ok)

I don’t want to be a wtf/sweat girl!!! I don’t want to talk to people and have them go hmm she is so wtf..I want them to go wow she’s so interesting! you know…(or you don’t know but pretend you do! can’t you see how engrossed I am in this topic wtf)

haih I think I’m born to be like this =.= every single thing I say to anyone is bound to elicit some sort of wtf, or sweat (=.=”) response. Why?? Tell me why? (ain’t nothing but a heart ache..tell me why ain’t nothing but a mistake..tell me- WAIT! SEE!! THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU! I AM SO WTF!!!)

ARGHHHH I’m going crazy! I don’t want to be remembered like this T_______T I don’t want my parents to go “ahh, that daughter of ours, she is sooo wtf” or my boyfriend to go “oh you know I used to have a very wtf girlfriend” or my friends to go “eh eh let me tell you all about this wtf friend I have” or my readers to go “hey wanna read this blog of a very wtf girl?” or my neighbors to go- ok you know what I mean

I think I’m overreacting. But what would you know ok!! If there’s one word to decribe YOU, I’m pretty damned sure it won’t be wtf!

ok I shall stop now……….*refrains self from saying wtf


On a compleeeetely unrelated note, I have absolutely outdone myself this weekend. I am the epitome of awesomeness because I finished my 3 papers in ONE day. I am indeed thy king. Indeedy indeedy I am. I’m amazed at my own efficiency and determination. and while I’m blowing my own horn, I need you to remember that I am also very interesting sometimes you know. You see..I can err..I err..I have an interesting life because I stayed in the entire weekend to do work DAMMIT ARGH why can’t i ever be interesting even if I have to lie!

Anyway please stop interrupting me.

What I wanted to say is..I finished my work in one day so I spent the rest of my weekend trying on clothes ^_^

#18. 8 March ’09

Remember this plain tee I bought? So I was thinking and thinking if I should return it (since it’s not exactly super cheap..) so I tried it on with other stuff to see how versatile it is

With my mom’s blazer and black skirt

With just a short skirt

With a black blazer and a dress I made into a skirt. Eh super versatile can?!? I’m so keeping it. Some more it’s kinda loose and very comfy! haih $15 then $15 lah T_T

(stupid barry!!! he said it’s a tshirt of course it’s versatile. I hate him T__T now I have no reason to keep this and have to return it T__T)

Since I was bored..here’s more. I’m so in love with my this cardigan cause it has tiny cute gold buttons!

These days I’m so into grey+pink combo! cropped out my face cause I’m still having these self esteem problems all thanks to my inability to have that one word to describe me be “interesting” omg I’m still at it. God I AM annoying.


Letter from down below

#14. 4 March ’09

Ok so I stole this picture off the web..I really want to show you what I did today but I wasn’t allowed to take pictures so steal I must! Today is kind of cool cause I had to go to the childcare center for observation! All I had to do was sit behind a two way mirror and..observe the kids! I had to write down EVERY single thing these kids did and compile a report later. Today convinced me that I really want a job that has to do with kids cause I love them so much *big wet eyes

And then I had the hardest exam ever ever ever in the history of time. Ok fine it wasn’t that hard but I like to exaggerate so please let me do so T__T I’m so sooo sick of retinal ganglion cells and lateral geniculate nucleus now grr.


Dear girl who lives upstairs, I have 3 questions for you.

1. First of all, why do you always sleep so late?

2. So you’re a night owl, but why do you have to walk around so much in the middle of the night?

3. GODDAMMIT ARE YOU LIKE 300 POUNDS OR SOMETHING?!!? Why do you stomp around so much at 2 o’clock in the morning??????????

These are the questions that bug me every night as I lay there wondering what I did to deserve an elephant of a people-who-live-above-each-other mate.

I’ve tried all possible methods to avoid having to write this letter, oh trust me, I’ve tried. Earplugs clearly didn’t work because my entire room actually vibrates along with your footsteps. Sometimes I wake up to find that I have groggily dragged the entire content of my room along with me outside, thinking that there is an earthquake or something.

Ok fine I’m too much of a chicken to actually write her this letter but if it happens again tonight, I shall! Ok fine..i’ll give her another..1 week! No wait, out of the kindness of my gentle and loving heart, I shall give her 1 month! (actually scared wtf 300 pounds ok she can easily squash me to a pulp T_T)

p.s: A short poll!

Project 365 and beyond

Project 365- take one picture that summarizes your day everyday. 3, 2, 1, go!

#1 : 18th of February 2009

When the snow finally melted, the first patch of green grass emerged and the squirrels came out to play, but someone thought it was funny to let it snow again today. When I thought spring has cometh finally, I came to the realization that nothing will ever go my way when I want it most. So I’m more than ready to alter and reshape and accommodate my expectations now. If spring doesn’t want to come now, then let it be.

Yesterday was a day choked with all kinds of emotions possible. I was excited yet scared at the same time, happy yet worried, anxious yet calm, and super stressed. I think I’m really bad at dealing with stress cause instead of stopping it, I let in engulf me completely and tell me what to do instead. But the best thing about stress is it comes and goes. It doesn’t stay in your head forever, like a toxin that gets washed away in your blood stream after some time.

So today I woke up with a solution to all that stress and instead of spending so much time worrying and thinking about it, I just let my heart tell me what to do and I think it’s the right thing after all.


On a completely unrelated and un-emo post, I really have to tell you this. Of all the things I’ve learned from living in a dorm community, the knowledge I cherish most is my ability to put an invisible cloak on myself and just pretend I don’t exist- especially when I’m in the communal bathroom. You have no idea how awkward it is to go into the bathroom when you need to take the biggest dump of your life and see people in there too.

So, I have mastered several very high-skilled techniques that I have perfected over the years. Unfortunately, some daft people never seem to master these skills and have left me very very disappointed.

Case in question is this:

So I was taking my shower leisurely, squeezing some shampoo on my hand, singing to myself lalala when suddenly, I heard this hugeeee splash followed by the smelliest stench I’ve ever smelt in my life. Oh noesss it’s the case of the girl who’s shitting but is too dumb to master these techniques!! AND I was trapped cause I was still showering!!!

Technique number 1:

When you know you’re going to take a dump, you must come prepared. First of all, take some toilet paper and throw it into the toilet bowl. I KNOW I’M WASTING TREES but what the heck it’s just two pieces of toilet paper anyway I KNOW THAT IS 1/8418410 of a tree but listen I’m saving you from further embarrassment.

The purpose of the paper is to cushion your erm..excrement/feces/shit wtf when it falls, so as to prevent the huge splash/ugly “doooop” sound wtf hahahah don’t know how to explain lah!

Technique number 2:

You have to be good at physics for this. You must know yourself how big your feces will be exactly, so you know when exactly to push the flush button. When the feces unattaches itself from your erm..lubang anus WTF, you must be quick and agile so you can push the flush immediately (you can practice this by dropping something on your floor and try to hit the floor before it touches, if you hit the floor after the thing falls, you fail. try again next time)

BUT! becareful! If you push it too early, the flush will only serve to disguise the “dooop” sound but your feces won’t be flushed down (unless if it’s a big flush..thingy). Therefore, you must push it right at the moment BEFORE it touches the water so the flush will not only help to disguise the sound, but will also suck your shit in so it won’t stay there in the toilet bowl and stink up the entire bathroom!!!!

I think flushing really works to prevent the smell of the shit to travel around the air and cause further harm to other unsuspecting victims in the bathroom.

Actually that’s all no other techniques. however, if you’re a tree-hugger/environmentalist, you probably won’t want to do this cause it wastes paper and water but pleaseeee, do it when you know someone else is in the bathroom too!

You have no idea how unpleasant my entire showering experience was thanks to the girl who was shitting but was too unskilled in covering the smell/sound of her feces. What made it worse was the fact that today is Suet’s Dirty Hair day so I had to wash my hair = taking more time in the shower = pure uncalled for suffering T_______T

I tried to drown my miseries my using more shampoo to mask the stench but the it was too strong and even defeated the smell of my shampoo T_T

I then tried stuffing my face in the water the entire time but I almost drowned wtf hahahaha FML

Anyway it’s great that you’re taking the biggest shit of your life, really, I’m truly happy for you and you really deserve this big dump after days of constipation but please oh pleaseee spare my life!! Have mercy! Flush your shit down! You can sit there for an entire hour for all I care but please flush everytime you have shit sitting there in the toilet bowl or else it’ll smell really bad!

Maybe I should print this out and paste it on the toilet stalls. Community service, please read this first wtf.

How I lost my phone

Yesterday I lost my phone and thus began the most terrifying 12 hours of my life. Losing my phone has never been a big deal to me cause I used to have this lousy butterfly 8250 phone which no one wants to steal anyway. (classic joke I like to retell over and over again: everytime we go to a mamak or something, I’d leave my phone on the table without worrying whether people would steal it or not since it’s so old. My friend said if someone wants to steal my phone, instead of stealing it, he’d slip in some money for me so I can get a better phone wtf hahahaha how come I still find this funny)

The first time I lost my phone was in form 4. I just got this brand new Nokia 3310 (you know the big super bulky one with Snake 2 wtf) and I just had the cover changed into some pink transparent cover. Not only that, I bought this huge sticker of a dragon (omg…) with glitters (omg….) and stuck it at the back of the phone. IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH, I got those beads thingy that’s supposed to spell your name or something.

Tell you something funny. The minimum number of beads you have to get is 4 so I was trying hard to think of what word I should put. 4 letters: SUET duh!! But guess what I put. In a pathetic attempt to sound cool..I chose DUDE.


T_________T Why??? WHY?? why on earth I want to see the word dude everytime I reach for my phone??

And there’s more! I also bought this thing that would light up whenever someone calls wtf. Damn cool man me! Got 3310 with pink transparent cover with dragon sticker with glitter AND this DUDE thing hanging from it AND NOT ONLY THAT IT ALSO LIGHTS UP WHEN PEOPLE CALL OK! I should have won the award for the coolest person at school.

Anyway that’s beside my point. I don’t even remember what was I talking about before this wtf. Oh yeah my cool phone that was stolen. So it was sports day and I stupidly brought my cool phone along. You know back then I was quite athletic one wtf so I had 3 events that day and I was trying to think of ways to run the 200m, 400m and 800m with my cool phone. Maybe insert it in my sports bra or something WTF

Alas I didn’t and had to leave my phone in my school bag near the tent…..and lo and behold….when I came back…..my phone was gone T___________T

Why would anyone steal my cool phone? HUH! Did that person know how much money and time I spent on decorating it!

So yeah anywayyyyyy, that was my first time having my phone stolen which was also why I never believe in having a nice phone anymore lest it gets stolen again.

OK back to my story of how I lost my phone again. Damn I’m such a good storyteller wtf

Yesterday I went to watch the acapella groups sing and I think I probably left my phone on the seat. I only realized around midnight when I was about to sleep and panicked like crazy CAUSE MY PHONE DAMN NICE OK

My super nice phone. Super nice lah compared to my nokia 8250 which had blue screen, monophonic ringtone, no camera, no walkman etc and only had snake 2

So I couldn’t sleep the entire night and when I did finally fall asleep, I kept dreaming about my phone and how I actually found my phone. When that happened, I kept waking up thinking that I really did find my phone and got disappointed cause it was only a dream. I guess what you were thinking the night before does formulate your dreams. Oh but I also dreamed that I became a lesbian and my gf is this super hot and quirky girl teehee

I woke up today, got dressed and ran to the hall where I left my phone. What if someone took it already T__T I have some scandalous pictures in my phone okkkk (actually just one picture of my tummy wtf one day I was sitting down and was amazed that my tummy is so big from my POV so I took a pic wtf)

Good news is my phone was still there! yays a happy ending to my long tale! I wasn’t really super worried too cause the phone was free and people here are pretty nice. I’m sure if someone finds my phone, she’ll definitely return it to me. Such is the honesty of women worldwide wtf

Ah my good ol’ phone, what will I do without thee?

p.s: i’m trying very hard to decrease the amount of wtfs I use but it’s so hard when everything I said is so wtf-ish! how how how!

p.p.s: *serious mode on

I’m applying for funding from my college for me to do a research in malaysia this summer but I have no idea what research to do! I’m majoring in Economics and Psychology so my research has to have something to do with both. If anyone has any idea/knows people who have done this sort of research before, please please let me know. Thanksss!

The camper in me

I don’t know what to blog about. I think this could be one of the few rare times that I’ve started a post without knowing what I want to talk about.I think that’s cause I’m trying to avoid talking about the one and only thing I have in mind all day long.


The only other thing I can talk about is my cooking but I don’t think anyone wants to see pictures of more food..


Let me just browse through my camera pictures, post them up and call it a day then.

It snowed again the other day and it was sooo soft

Snow is so pretty before it gets hard and icy and mushy

time to bring out the thick down coat!

The other day a juggler came to our college to perform to us poor students who were here for j-term!

Didn’t have to wear thick coats cause it was like 2 or 3 celcius outside!

Sigh looking at this picture makes me want to be all emo again but I have to refrain! have..to..refrain..from..being..emo..

I think everyone is sick of emo posts anyway! After he left this morning, I kept getting sad whenever I think of us being together all the time T___T My heart aches so much T___T Why do people have to leave their loved ones all the time T__T Who am I going to sing stupid songs with now? Or play territory war with! Or cook and bake with? Or do practically EVERYthing with?

Ok not going to be emo! I’m going to suck it all up like I always did the past few years and live with it. I’m just so tired of being reunited and being separated again and again and again. It’s like you think everything will be fine and dandy now and then poof you wake up alone the next day.

But I guess what matters is at the end of the day, I know despite all that differences in time zones and us being thousands of miles apart, we still think of each other every single second of the day. We might not be together physically but we sure are mentally…. Awww so cheesy but sweet hor wtf


Ok in a pathetic attempt to un-emo myself, let me tell you this story I told Barry last night before we fell asleep.

Back in the days when I was fat (hahaha this is like a legend already), I once told my mom that I was going to go camping. I was about 10 and my mom was pretty reluctant to let me go but she finally did anyway. We went to some jungle and it rained a lot all of the 3 days we were there.

All my clothes were wet and I had no choice but to wear them anyway. So I guess all that dampness caused a lot of friction when I walk, especially when I was kind of fat and my thighs were always rubbing against each other wtf

So it became so bad that I had really bad rashes all over my thighs WTF and I had to walk with my legs apart hahahaha and have to constantly pull my pants away from my skin cause of all that rashes hahahah

Ok so one time, I had to walk from one end of the camping site to the other and had to walk past the main tent where all the teachers were. One teacher saw me walking funnily and out of concern (i guess when you see someone walking like that it’s only normal to be concerned wtf), she asked if I was okay.

I was pretty embarrassed so I had to :

1. try walking faster but the faster I walked, the more it hurt cause more friction WTF

2. pretend everything was ok, smile, and give a friendly wave. “ok cikgu, no problem!”

3. continue pulling my pants away from my skin while walking with legs slightly apart

Yeah I guess it was a pretty big ordeal for a 10 year old to handle that’s why I still remember it now hahaha

Then when I went back, my mom prepared a tub of water with dettol for me to soak in and I found out that I got bitten by a leech…near my..pepet WTF


but thank god the leech was nowhere to be found, i think it died from too much blood and just fell down wtf the end

Strange enough, despite all this, I signed up for the next camping eagerly. and the next..and the next. I think from I was 10 to 12 alone, I went to around 8 campings in 8 different jungles all over Malaysia! I guess all that fat thighs and rashes and ok cikgu no problem and leeches only made me of a stronger person wtf

Sigh I miss camping..but I don’t think I’ll ever want to do it again. It was fun as a kid to grow up in an environment where I was constantly pushed beyond my means and tested beyond my limits but as an adult, I wouldn’t want to be pushed like that again. But I don’t know..I might. Maybe someday I’ll get my adventurous mojo back and this blog will be all about hiking and all that jazz wtf. who knows!