FAQ on American colleges

Hello there, since it’s that time of the year again where the Form 5ers should be finished with their SPM, STPMers just finished their STPM?, and the time when the application date for American colleges roll closer and closer, I shall write on the American education ok?

Let me remind you that whatever information I have here is based on what I know and my personal experience. They may not be true so I advise you to seek further resources to answer your doubts and not rely on me alone okay?

What is liberal arts? Do you only study arts like drawing arts wtf?

Nope, in liberal arts colleges, you get to take courses from various disciplines (in fact, you have to!). For example, you’d have to take classes from science, math, humanities and social sciences. That’s the fun of being in a liberal arts college cause you don’t have to limit yourself to only one specialty! For people like me who don’t have a clue on what they wanna major in, it’ll be a waste of money to splurge on say, going to UK to study engineering cause what if I hate it? Then there’s no turning back!

That was the main reason why I considered studying in the states, cause I’m super indecisive and I want to try every single thing before I decide on my real major. Not only that, studying in a liberal arts college gives education a more holistic approach and makes you a more well-rounded student cause duh, taking classes from 4 different disciplines obviously beat someone who only takes classes based on their major right! Besides, it’s so much fun to try different things every semester (while still concentrating on your major, of course). For me, I’m thinking of majoring in Economics but I also like art/theater a lot, so now I can take classes just to satisfy my curiosity and if I’m not good in it, then I don’t major in it!

Another major difference between a liberal arts college and a normal university is a lib arts college caters to only undergraduates where else a university offers undergrad degree, masters, phd etc. Liberal arts colleges are very much smaller compared to big universities, which is a great advantage since we have much smaller classes and better interaction between students and professors. A typical class will have say, 15-20 students and the faculty to student ratio is usually around 8-1! Also, if you don’t already know, big universities like Yale or Harvard also offer lib arts as their undergrad degree. Students from good lib arts colleges usually continue their masters etc at very prominent universities too, so don’t ya worry about that!

Ok ok I didn’t read all that, all I want to know is how much is it to study in the states? IS IT EXPENSIVE? CAN I GET A SCHOLARSHIP? (capsed cause it’s a super popular question wtf)

Now, now hold your horses! Studying in the states is rather expensive yes, but it’s extremely affordable too! Ok now don’t go “what? expensive but affordable??” yet, lemme explain.

First of all, the cost of studying in a private lib art college is say, about $35-45,000 a year which includes everything from tuition fees to room and boarding. Yes, that translates to (takes calculator), about RM115-150,000!!!!! OMG DAMN KAO EXPENSIVE AND YOU SAY IT’S AFFORDABLE AH YOU WANT ME TO BEAT YOU WITH MY CHOPSTICK AH! wtf. No no listen first! Most colleges in America (private colleges i mean, not too sure about states colleges) are extremely generous and yes, there are scholarships!

The term we will talk about here is not scholarship but financial aid. Colleges in US give lotsa financial aid to students who need them, yes even to international students. What is financial aid? Fin aid can be need-based, which means the college will calculate how much you can afford and then pay the rest for you! YES! They will calculate and come up with a package that includes grant (which you don’t have to repay = FREE), loan (which you have to repay in the next 10 years maybe) and maybe work study (like me work in the kitchen haha). So, if you really can’t afford to pay much, not to worry cause you only have to pay what you can afford!

However, need-based also means that if you apply for financial aid, your chance of getting admitted might be severely jeopardized. Yes, nothing comes free you see. If you’re as smart as the next person but he offers to pay more than you, then the college will obviously choose to admit him over you. So the best thing to do is either be VERY extremely super smart until no one can be as smart as you (smart doesn’t mean get all As only, which I will explain later), or be very rich wtf. Anyway there’re also some schools which are need-blind, which means all the applicants are measured on the same grounds, whether you apply for fin aid or not. (only the ivies are need-blind to international students, I think)

WAH so good!! Where do I start? What should I do now I just finished my SPM! Tell me tell me tell me now or I’ll kill myself!

Erm okay, sadly to say, students who just finished their SPM are not qualified to go US wtf. No lah. Actually, to study in the states, you need at least 12 years of prior education. For us Malaysians, we only have 11 years so therefore, you have to go ahead and take some sort of pre-u course for now. A-level is widely-recognized so take it but beware, for A level sucks to the max wtf. The worse year of my life haha. Oh, actually you can go ahead and apply even if you just finished SPM but from what I know, only EXTREMELY good applicants will be admitted if you don’t have your 12th year.

So okay, you took A level/SAM/STPM, what should you do now? Google USnews best colleges. Ok I know everyone sure damn lazy so I did that for you here. (opens in new window) From there, you’ll see the ranking of all the colleges in the US. Click on it and you’ll get basic info of the colleges and the college website. The best way to know about one college is to visit its website. You have no idea how many college websites I’ve been to last year. Clue: more than 50 less than 52. haha.

So many colleges, how to see!!!

First of all, ask yourself this. Do you want a huge university or do you prefer a smaller college? If you prefer a big one, click on Top National Universities. If you prefer a small one, click the lib arts one instead.

Wow, still got 100+ leh, how to see so many!

Just click on the college name and you’ll see some basic info on the college. From there you can eliminate colleges that don’t fit into your criteria. Let’s say you’re a city person, then you can eliminate those colleges in rural areas etc. To know if the college is right for you, do visit their websites cause they’ll tell you more. Only you yourself can choose the college that is right for you and seriously, every single college is different! Some colleges may be stronger in Science and etc. So make sure you research properly before choosing which ones to apply to!

That is so complicated! Okay I think I know which colleges I want. Now, what do I do?

Ok the application process is the HARDEST part. Seriously I’m not trying to scare anyone here but it is seriously damn kao hard, hard until I almost killed myself when applying ok! No kidding! Applying to a college in US is not just about filling simple forms etc, you have to seriously write an essay, get testimonials, get your form 3-current grades blablabla damn a lot to do. If you want me to write, write until tomorrow also haven’t finish wtf. But here’s an overview:

-you’ll need to fill in the common application first. Common app is the most important thing cause usually, people will apply to about 5 or more colleges to secure their chances of getting into a college and it’ll be tedious if you have to fill the same things over and over again. Common app does that for you. Fill in once, send to all the colleges you want.

-in common app, you’ll need to write your personal essay which is super important.

-do your SAT. Oh shit I do realize that you’re too late for that now. Sorry looks like you have to apply next year for 2009’s admission. I know damn potong steam. Anyway SAT is a standardized test that you MUST do to apply to any college in US. However, some colleges like MY college realizes that SAT is bullshit so you don’t have to do SAT to apply to MY college. Hurrah cause SAT sucks to the max seriously.

So how do I stand out from the rest? I got 15 A1s and straight As for A-level, do you think I can get admitted into Harvard/Yale/MIT?

*looks down quietly cause I’m not in Harvard/Yale/MIT wtf

Ok grades are really important but other parts of your application are as important as well. I’m not kidding when I say colleges here look for extremely well-rounded students. (When JPA/MARA/Petronas say that, they’re lying. Yes, that’s what they are, a bunch of liars *sour)

You need to have consistent grades and not just ok grades for Form3-5 and suddenly very good grades for SPM. You also need to write a very good personal essay so they can tell what sort of person you are. Please don’t write something like how you gain insight of other people’s sufferings etc when you visit a poor country, or boast about how good a leader you are cause everyone will write that kinda thing as well. Your testimonials from teachers must also be good and NOT generic. You must be well-rounded in all aspects and must be unique.

So demanding! How long did you take to finish your application?

I only applied to two colleges but it took me forever! Like about one month to prepare all my materials and another month to make sure everything was ok.

Hurm..but what if I really don’t have money at all but really want to study in the states? Should I do ADP?

I don’t recommend you doing ADP if you’re set on studying here in states. Reasons are as such:

1. ADP students who transfer here usually go to a state university (key word is usually, not ALL the time, so please read carefully) and state unis don’t normally give financial aid to international students. I have calculated the cost of doing ADP (2 years in malaysia, 2 years in the US) and the figure is a lot bigger than if I were to come here straight for 4 years. That’s cause if I come here as a freshman, I can apply to a college that gives me financial aid. But this rationale hinges upon sooo many other things. Some people prefer ADP cause they want to go to a bigger uni and they don’t give financial aid to freshmen anyway so it’s cheaper if you go through ADP etc.

2. Most colleges/unis accept fewer transfer students than freshmen so it’s easier to get into a college/uni (especially ivies and other top colleges) if you come straight instead of transferring.

I’m not totally against ADP. I just didn’t think (from my experience and some of my friends’) that ADP is the best choice if you really want to come to the states. Then again, it’s totally up to you and what kind of courses you are pursuing, what kind of college you want to go and a million other reasons.

I get countless emails demanding to know why ADP is not a good choice and I have to stress that it’s not a good choice in MY circumstances and this really differs on an individual level. Do not take my opinion and generalize it cause I’m only giving you my pov, and not your pov.

I feel compelled to put a disclaimer cause I’ve actually gotten emails from people who are already doing ADP and when I told them why I don’t like ADP, they started getting angry at me and said I belittle them. Like WTF?

Before you email me asking about ADP or American colleges in general, please do your own research and take what I tell you only as supplementary information. I am NOT an expert in this, I am not paid to do this and I’m only doing this to help so pleaseeee do not expect to be spoon-fed completely. Most of what I know is already written here so please read it first.

When I get emails asking me to explain what I’ve already explained before, or emails that clearly sound like they haven’t done any research before and just expect me to feed them everything from A-Z, I feel really bad because I don’t like replying to those emails.
I don’t have all the time in the world and if I have to retell something that many resources on the net have done before, I might as well stop studying now and start my own company wtf.

I hope I don’t come off as stuck up or anything but Malaysians have been spoon-fed way too much. I still welcome emails about ANY question you have at all but only if you’ve shown that you have at least put in some effort.

Ze end, good luck!


  1. snowflakez says:

    Hi, erm I’ve just recently stumbled upon your blog again =D (I used to read it once in a while last time but stopped somewhere along the way -_-” Sorry >_<“)

    If you don’t mind I’d like you ask you more about ADP! XD What makes you say that about it?

    I’ve actually just finished SPM and am super duper indecisive about what I’m gonna do for college (I actually haven’t thought of any courses yet =.=)I heard that it’s nice to study in USA but it sounds really hard to get into a liberal arts college =X..and my grades are definitely not that consistent T.T

  2. Baz says:

    actually it’s not just about consistency lor cos my grades were all over the place. sometimes they’ll take you cos they find something interesting about you from your essay or the stuff you’ve done, or even if they think your character is a good fit with the college’s own character.

  3. sweatlee says:

    jess: lost your report card?!?! cannot lah results from f3-5 is kinda important. can you remember your grades? if u can, do an english transcript and get it certified. otherwise pmr and spm results should suffice i think. u still need to give ur f6 results lah eventhough it sucks.

  4. booyah says:

    Ohkay. This is actually the second time I’m writing this, so . .

    Right my question WAS *inhales deeply*, is the STPM/SAM/A-Levels thing just something we’re obliged to do just to fulfill the requirement there for 12 years of prior education or is it actually applied in the future courses that you take there? Because from what I heard these pre-U programs don’t play a part at all in the system there and if you do decide to take either of these programs you’ll be wasting time and money. Which is why I’d like to ask is it more advisable to apply straight for an admission or to wait and complete a pre-U program? Did your college require 12 years of study because you did go without a pre-U program right?

    Plus, if I do decide to do A-Levels and the US uni/college I’m applying to require SAT scores, it means I can only take the test after my A-Levels right? Because it’s kinda impossible to be doing both unless I have bloody good time management, endless supply of caffeine and two brains or something o.o

    And also who or where do I go to to register for SAT? Is there anything to help you prep yourself for SAT? Or do I have to be self-sufficient?

    God, thanks for reading all that. *exhales*

  5. sweatlee says:

    booyah, haha u forgot to put your email right so have to write again wtf.
    ok to answer ur first ques, yes u must take a pre-u just to satisfy that 12 years thing. however, there are cases where ppl are admitted even without pre-u but it is VERY rare, especially if you’re aiming for ivies etc. unless u are very very good and your app is superb, it is unlikely that you’ll get admitted. i’m saying this cause i know for sure, try emailing the top schools asking this ques, they’ll say no you have to have 12 years.
    also, i did take my alevels but i did not complete it cause i started my alvl in may so i wouldn’t have time to complete it before i go anyway. also, some colleges will accept alevel (if you get A or B) and you can transfer your credits. therefore, you can start with a 200 level class instead of an intro class. yes, you don’t need alvl whtsoever in 100 level classes cause it’s almost exactly the same but i wouldn’t really say it’s a waste of money though. although what you’re learning could be the same, other things may be different too. for example, in alvl i only had to memorize my econ theories etc but here in college, i have to do research and write papers. and i don’t really dare to say if it’s advisable to not take pre-u cause the chances of u getting admitted is slimmer than with pre-u. u can try emailing the coll/uni and clarify further if u want.

    ermmm yeah it’s possible to prepare for SAT while doing a lvl, lotsa ppl do that! (although it’s superrrr hard). most, if not all, US colleges require SAT so you really have to take it if you’re dead set on coming here lor. i studied for my SAT while doing alvl, can die man seriously.

    erm i registered online in macee’s website if i remember correctly. if u want, google macee’s website, call them and ask them how lah. you can even register for it through phone. i bought this asssthick book for SAT. if you read my blog last year, you’ll see it. even thicker than my head wtf. it was crazy i tell u i almost died. i hope i didn’t scare u wtf. summore after ALL that, and i didn’t even get a decent score for my SAT ok! super frustrating. usually ppl take more than 1 time to get better scores la.

    fuh i hope i answered everything!

  6. miki says:

    Hey Suet, I would like to know your thoughts on this. I’m studying my degree in the UK, and I myself being a Libran am very indecisive, but I do think that a higher education should be what it is – a specialised/concentrated area of your choice of study at a higher level. I just take a minor module in humanities, something totally unrelated to what I’m studying just because I’m really passionate on it despite beinng crap at writinng essays.

    I realise studying in the liberal arts college opens up many windows and expands your knowledge on various areas. But you do only get a bit of everything and I don’t believe a year of studying your major would be sufficient to secure your degree title (especially towards career advancements) unless you’re studying for a masters soon after. Don’t you think? Or am I not getting the facts right on liberal arts college? Just curious on what you think of this and how you came about this path of choice. Cheers wtf.

  7. sweatlee says:

    miki, hmmmmmmm ok actually i thought of that a lot a lot before i decided to study in US also. there’s no right answer but what i think is this: how much do you actually use what you learn when you work anyway? the answer is maybe 30% or 50% at most. seriously trust me i asked so many ppl before and they said that too! and besides, it’s not only a year of studying for major, if you wanna major in that something, you need around 32 credits which is roughly 8 semesters of 1 class to do with your major. so around 4 years leh.

    not only that right, people who have a degree in lib arts don’t usually work with things to do with their majors lor. cause lib arts is sooo wide that employers know that you have knowledge of so many things. for example, my friend from a prominent lib art college who majored in philosophy is now working in a famous insurance company! and some who majored in asian studies/french are actually working in banks/other notable PR firms.

    So i guess it doesn’t really matter lah. I was worried about this initially too cause someone who has a degree in say, accounting in UK did 3 whole years solely on accounting subjects and someone who has a degree in lib arts and major in accounting did roughly 8 classes of accounting only, how do they compare amongst each other? but now that i’m in a lib arts college, i can tell you that the quality is almost if not the same. it’s so intense here too and we have research papers etc. i don’t think i’m explaining myself well here hmm but i hope u get it? wtf

  8. Baz says:

    actually i won’t rule out applying if you’ve had less than 12 years lor, especially since our education system is like that. some more our math is more advanced than the americans’. for example, the chinese applicants to my coll just had to explain that their high school system is a year less, and it should be fine lah since our curriculum also not bad.

    and for miki, it’s really a matter of difference between higher education and job training la. i think lib arts is more valuable to a person’s life than job skills, and besides, many employers are now looking for employees with soft skills, critical thinking abilities and a broad multidisciplinary view of the world, especially in the higher ranking positions. i know it’s not necessarily true, but i like to say to ppl, “sure, you’re going to be a top accountant, but i’m going to be your boss wtf”

  9. miki says:

    Haiya why always like to attack accounting wan har!! But I think most technical/science degrees these days are trying to complement it with more subjective/social-related topics. And also it’s the whole university life that provides the softer skills and international experience, depending on the university. Thanks a lot for the answers =)

  10. esil3 says:

    suet, actually no la, mhc is quite cincai one. they loveeeeee having international students so they give a lot of aid, and also provide lots of help. i also didnt do 12 years of sch before i went.. i think its quite possible to do that as long as you have a good personal essay u can wow them. (i say this in conjunction with good grades are probably the first 2 things admissions will consider)

  11. jess says:

    1. does applying for early decision actually give u an edge?

    2. and how to make do if u need to mail half your application and send the other half online?

    3. What makes a good personal essay?

  12. zj says:

    hi there and i noe that i have asked this a zillionth buzar time and even personally to you but still wanna try my luck here.:0) ehm how does designing uni in USA works? and does all this SAT thing apply to designing courses?

    thank goo.

  13. sweatlee says:

    jess, 1. YES a very big edge lor
    2. yeah that’s what i did also. in fact that’s what you have to do!
    3. very hard to answer leh i think you’ll find a better answer elsewhere. try googling it or something. but basically a good essay show a lot about yourself lah.

    zj, I reallyyyy cant help you cause i don’t know anything about designing schools. i think they are different compared to liberal arts colleges leh. sorry..try googling? maybe? sorry

    mandy, hmm?i dont get your question. international students are not allowed to work outside uni and working in uni gives u extra allowance. doesnt have anything to do with more chances of getting in lor..

  14. Baz says:

    i think ADP sorta defeats the whole purpose of the true college experience, and is more like a means to get a degree with a fancy american college title. depends lah whether you value the whole experience and education more than just a piece of paper at the end.

    and people, please lah, if you want help, why don’t you email Suet instead of asking her to email you. she’s not a counselor and she’s not getting paid for this. be a little courteous lah.

  15. Baz says:

    nope, masters is different, scholarships are very limited, if any, and you have to take different tests (GRE, LSATs, etc.). sorry ah we don’t know enough about master’s to help you. better check online and stuff

  16. Dave says:

    Hi Baz,

    The thing is that my college doesn’t have affiliate in US only in UK and Australia.

    And I do not know where to start or look for help here.

    I don’t need a scholarship will that be easier?

    Help much appreciated 🙂

  17. xiao says:

    hello! I’ve applied for the Fall 2008 (considered Mt Holyoke after reading your blog posts but decided -20 degrees will kill me!) application. Is F3-F5 really really important? Taylor’s said something like “*shrug* we can put that [not applicable] chop here and send in your A level’s forecast and whatnot. US colleges are very flexible bla blah..” Just a little paranoid about my application =P

    Thank yous!

  18. Baz says:

    dave: i’m not sure if MACEE knows enough to help grad students, but you can try asking there. try this website too: http://courses.graduateshotline.com/ and search for your desired course, and you’ll get a list of the top schools in the US. then check out the websites of the schools you like for more info, or email them.

    don’t worry about your former college not being affiliated bla bla, doesn’t matter wan. my uncle graduated from a local uni (UM or dono what) and went to harvard for his masters.

  19. sweatlee says:

    xiao, hahah so where did you apply to? unless u applied to west coast then u do have to suffer this weather also =(
    ermmm i dunno la from what i know f3-f5 IS important. Alvel is really not enough la. cause these US colleges want people with not only good grades but consistent as well. i dont get why is it notapplicable. takkan u never go high school meh. i’m pretty sure high schl results are a must lor.

  20. lysha says:

    hey there.
    Where do you go to sch?

    I’m currently enrolled in an university here too.
    Anyway just to comment what you mentioned,
    If you would like to fulfill the the 12years requirement besides enrolling yourself in a pre-u course, here are my recommendation ( if you would like to save money)
    1. you can go for Form6 (only lower 6 is sufficient)then apply to schools in US as a freshman.
    -or what i almost did was, 1 yr high school in Canada

    anyhow, i did ADP and i personally LOVE IT. It was a good head start for me. I am very passionate about the US education too. In adp, the way classes are conduct are very similar to the education here (easier and more relaxing)

    Also I’ve transfered all my 42 credits here and i saved a lot from there! However you should know what classes to take and not take too many credits (research3!). As for A levels, I do not how true it is but I know a couple of my friends who did extremely well in high sch did not do so well in A levels. I heard its pretty tough. Plus u cant transfer as many credits as ADP.

    I dont mind answering questions about the US edu system too. Just email me @ lteh@ic.sunysb.edu

    ps US education is great! =)


  21. lysha says:

    eh sorry, 1 more comment ( sorry guys)

    if you’re transferring to US as a transfer student (ADP students), chances are you DO NOT have to take the SAT =) =) =) …..unless you’re applying for a scholarship or the ivy league schools.

    thanks again!

  22. cheez says:

    in other words, liberal arts is kinda like IB, no?
    and surprisingly a-levels was also my worse year of my life. would it be to late to apply to the states though I’m already in my first yr uni in msia?

    i pay my uni fees by sem.. so fees should not be much of a problem.. rather the acceptance from US unis..

  23. Cruel Angel says:

    Shyt…now i’ve got the reply from Japan University for my fall enrollment, while i m waiting for the states’ reply….. when i ll get the results from the states….

  24. em says:

    hey zj, i can take your question on design colleges.

    well firstly, no, the sat system GENERALLY does not apply and common app definitely does not apply to design colleges, conservatories or just bassically any specialist school… regarding the sats, most design schools do not require it from international students but ENCOURAGE it, and it may be a good idea if your english is good, you can use it as your toefl waiver.

    the application procedure is similar to that of applying to liberal art colleges and ordinary academic universities. common app however, does not apply and you will have to apply to each college/uni individually. on top of the grades, essays and recommendations you will also either be required OR encouraged to present a portfolio/audition.

    design courses in the us function quite similarly to liberal art courses. they generally consists of a general education curriculum (the liberal art component that comprises humanities, science, maths, languages etc), a concentration/major curriculum (which will be your design major, say interior design for instance) and electives… you can also opt for double majors and minors just like any other ordinary college. some colleges however, may have a first year foundation course, so for your freshmen year, you’ll only be exposed to a pure grounding in artistic techniques. then the 2nd year onwards, it’s pretty much like any other college, except it has a strong emphasis on design as your major. design courses are also 4 years long; graduation depends on a fulfilment of credit; scholarships, grants, loans etc work the same way as lib art colleges and erm, yea, that’s pretty much it i guess…

    hope i’ve helped 🙂

    dave, i can also help out a bit with your question.

    the thing with graduate application to the us is that the process is very personal and tailored, meaning, each uni will have its own application procedure and each area of study/research will also have its own individual requirements and the requirements for the same course at different unis may differ. the general process however is that you will have to take graduate admission tests (as baz noted, gre, lsat, gmat etc) depending on the area you’re applying for. and then there are some areas that do not require standard graduate admission tests, generally artistic areas. some areas require some amount of professional experience, some others don’t, it really is hard to say what the exact procedure is because like i said earlier, it’s very personal.

    affiliation is no matter at all. the affiliation thing is a non-issue, unless you’re an adp student going to us on transfer, which you’re not. and i personally differ in opinion (with baz) in reference to scholarships. i personally think there are more fellowships available out there for graduate students, if you check with macee, there’s a long list of research grants, fellowships etc available to graduate students. i also know for sure that wesleyan university offers full tuition exemption to all music graduate students.

    so yea, that’s about as much as i can help you with, with the limited information you’ve provided, all the best!

    to booyah, i want to encourage you to take your sats!!! go, take!!! i took my sats while doing my a levels at the same time and i ended up doing really well, much better than i expected, so don’t think it’s impossible, it’s not! it’s only eng and maths anyway, so if you’re doing maths for a levels, you mine as well kill two birds with one stone 😉 also, if you finish a lvl in june, like i did, doing sats after a lvl means you’ll only have 4/5 months to prepare for sats, assuming you do the oct sitting, to me, that’s a bit of a rush man… the december sitting is as late as you can take it and you won’t be able to apply ed, so prepare for sats, now!! 🙂 the longer your preparation period, the higher your chances of scoring, in my opnion la..

    and fuh, finally, i want to make an additional note to lysha’s comment on adp students transferring to ivys. ivy leagues generally do not accept transfers from adp students and adp students are usually confined to transfer within the affiliations/partnerships that their current college/uni has. also, if you transfer unis as an international student, you are not eligible for scholarships. so adp students really shouldn’t bother taking the sat, you won’t get a scholarship (as a transfer student), even IF you get into an ivy. which is why, if you want to go to an ivy, don’t take adp!

    all the best to everyone. 🙂

  25. Jay J says:

    hi suet li.

    should I really take SAT? how long do you think one’ll take to study it? months? weeks?

    how about TOEFL/IELTS/english proficiency test? is it necessary?

    thanks a lot.

  26. sweatlee says:

    jay j, if u wanna go US without doing adp, yes u do have to take toefl. sat is usually required in most colleges but some waived it, you can find that out easily. try usnews america’s best colleges (google this). erm it’s up to you how long you wanna study for it, you can try looking at the practice tests first (you can get these books in any bookstore) and see if you can do it. if you can’t, you can study for it. again, i can’t tell you how much time you should spend on it. it took me 1 month though.

  27. CraSH says:

    just to add, you can find prep courses that would help with your SAT, GRE, LSAT and GMATs. check with Macee. yeah it is quite pricy, but it does help you prep better for the tests.
    if you score average in any of the test, dont worry.. the schools admissions will consider your essays and your fit to the graduating class if you have just an average grade.
    the goal of the school admission is to have a diversified pool of student that would benefit all.

  28. Quik says:

    hey, found out that you actually not encourage to go for adp.. what is the reason ..could you please mail me ? what college and courses are you in before you went to the states ? THANK YOU… seriously need the information.

  29. Toc says:

    I read the part “WAH so good!! Where do I start? What should I do now I just finished my SPM! Tell me tell me tell me now or I’ll kill myself!”
    I applied even before I finish my SPM with my super duper sucky pre-SPM result! I applied to Community College, which is way cheaper than University. So, is possible to apply even w/o the 12 years.

  30. joey says:

    hai!my situation is im takin foundation in one of the private uni in msia which is so fuckin hard and i heard lots ppl said study at state is more easier then msia,izit true?i thought v need to take the TOEFL test then oli can apply uni in state?can i jz stop my foundation here and take the TOELF test and apply the financial aid then apply uni in state?moreover,i wanna ask u the cost of living in us izit very expensive?and and when is the new intake for the all the uni in state?izit after summer hols?
    hopefully u can answer all my questions,cz im nw screwed up wit the uni in msia..!thx!

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