Going on a diet!

I’m dead bored at work so I think I should:

1. slow down and do my work slowly so I have things to do
(but later my boss thinks I’m a slow worker how!)

2. Read blogs/online boutiques/makeup sites
(which I have already done a thousand times today)

3. Ask for more work
(can’t cause other colleagues will think I’m such a suck up. Me: Boss I finish my work already! Easy peasy! Do you need more help? <–man, don’t you just want to punch this girl right now?)

4. Blog
(which is what I’m doing right now duh wtf)

Buttttt…I don’t know what to blog about T________T

My life is seriously such a bore right now. If I tell you what I’ve been up to, I swear 9 out of 10 of you will fall asleep even before I finish the sentence. Ok here goes anyway! I’ve been:

1. playing children’s games such as cooking mama, diner dash, turbo subs, bejeweled and zuma on weekends

2. googling smoothie recipes and making smoothies for the entire family (except that noone like them that much and DAMN I LEFT MY MANGO SMOOTHIE IN THE FRIDGE T__T SURE SPOIL)

3. Are you sleeping already? Ok this is quite cool. I went to Urbanscapes and nearly died of stickiness

4. Taking stupid Facebook quizzes like “At what age will you lose your virginity” and “What zombie fighting weapon best suits you?” (I told you I’m the most boring person alive!)

Okay wake up I’m done detailing the boring minute details of my life. Ho hum.

Anyway *pause*


going on a diet. I’m dead serious. I’m so serious that the word serious doesn’t even sound half as serious as the seriousness of this whole thing.

My dad came home last week and we’ve been eating like crazy and this HAS to stop. He’s leaving today so I vowed that from today onwards, I’m going on a diet and will start exercising again. I’m DEAD SERIOUS. I’M SO SERIOUS THAT THE WORD– ok you get what I mean there’s no need for me to raise my voice wtf

Yeah. So I’m only going to drink vegetable juice and eat something small for lunch! That’s if I have enough energy to wake up before 6.30am to make my juice…oh tuhanku…….

If you have any suggestions on diet programs that work, let me know!

My Lurve Affair with Baz


It all began one cloudy Sunday morning on a very mundane day. I was young and all pumped up with the adrenaline of meeting someone new, and he was..well, he was just looking for love in all the wrong places. That day, all the angels and demons collaborated and decided that on this fated day, these two individuals will collide and begin something amazing together.

And so we did. We met and laughed and cried and did all sorts of things young couples do. When it was time to let go for a moment to take in all that had transpired, we asked each other what this really meant. He, who was looking for love in all the wrong places, clearly wanted something more. I, who was still young and excited at all things in life, was just having some innocent fun.

What started on that cloudy Sunday morning has long evolved to a new level of maturity. Without realizing it, we had embarked on a journey we both didn’t sign up for but will definitely not complain about.

It’s been 4 years and 6 months since we held pinkies and pushed our thumbs together to that pact. I’ve devoted half of my teenage life planting this seed eagerly, flourishing it with love, watering it with anger and passion, and talking to it every day with such tender loving and care. It has now grown to be a small tree that has just started to blossom with the most beautiful tiny little flowers anyone would have ever seen. It is my pride and joy, my sunshine after a storm, my rainbow after a long day of torrential rain. I’m sure that if I try harder, it’ll grow to be the most beautiful tree in the whole wide world.

My Lurve affair is something I’m rather proud of which all of you may have noticed since I yak on and on about it every chance I get. I’m like a proud parent of some kid who just scored 21As in SPM wtf

Anyway, why I wrote this is because LURVE multigrain chips came up with a new contest. The contest is called “What’s Your Lurve Affair?” and all you have to do is talk about your Lurve affair with anything (boyfriend, car, dogs, water bottle, clothes, Tupperware) and relate it to the Lurve multigrain chips to win!

Prizes: Top 3 creative bloggers will be selected and their lurve affairs will be broadcasted on TV. These 3 lucky winners will also get interviewed on 8TV Quickie =D
Also, one of the top 3 will stand a chance to win a Macbook Pro!

Like my Lurve affair with Barry, my Lurve affair with Lurve started the same way as well.

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Instant Karma

EDIT: Only three hours and 53 of you donated already! YOU GUYS ROCK! Let me tell my boss now so I can suck up wtf

Hey everyone!

So as  all of you know, I’m working with an NGO that advocates for women’s rights and provides aid to abused women. Said NGO is actually Women’s Aid Organisation!

Digi is collaborating with a few other charitable organisations and will donate up to RM150,000 and one of them will be WAO.

So….to make my boss happy (so she’ll like me more wtf), I’m asking all of you to pleaseeee help me/us!

All I need from you is just one click. No fees/ terms and conditions whatsoever. Click on that banner, type in your email address and wait for the confirmation email. Once you get that email, click on the link to confirm that you are indeed a Homosapien and that’s it!

ok so technically it’s two clicks and a tiny bit of typing..BUT this tiny act that probably doesn’t require much of your energy will give us RM5!

WAO is a non-governmental organisation that receives no funding from the government at all so your help will be much appreciated 🙂

If I can get all my readers to click, I can get up to 4000 clicks (RM20,000) and that will REALLY help us a lot. Please let your friends and family know too! (Give them this link) Thanks in advance!

My 4-day weekend


I took leave on thursday and friday cause Barry’s friend is visiting! (now the question is why am I taking leave when it’s Barry’s friend? To that I’ll say..good question which I have no answer to wtf)

Anyway this is mainly just a picture post of what we have been up to. Half the pictures here are camwhore shots so brace yourself for an eternity of Suet Li’s face from left, from right, from up, with cap, without..and beyond.

So, we went to Malacca on Friday!

#1. Barry and his friend, Duong (pronounced as Zung – I know I know, vietnamese have funny names) at the chicken rice stall at Malacca.

#2. Sweaty me and a  cropped Barry who seems very happy

#3. Chicken rice balls, laksa and cendol! Those are the things I MUST eat when I go malacca!

#4. Unfortunately, what I hate about Malacca the most is how it’s perpetually super hot and humid. Couldn’t stop sweating buckets!

#5. Barry acting gay wtf

#6. Zung acting gay (as in happy kinda gay wtf)

#7. Went fish spa! We wanted somewhere cooling and the fish spa here was a lot cheaper than KL so we tried it out for fun!

#8. Barry giggling cause it was very ticklish!

#9. Happy Zung!

#10. Went to St Paul’s church!

#11. Hot and sweaty again

#12. Boys acting gay again tsk tsk tsk

#13. In A Famosa! which was a loooot smaller than I remembered it to be..

#14. Boys being boys

#15. Nerdy porter boy Barry reading the historical facts

#16. Curled my hair with straightener on both days! I’m getting pretty good at this!

#17. I like using flash now cause it makes my complexion look a lot nicer! (except that it makes my nose look a lot uglier T_T). I also like flash cause my color contacts will show better.

Color contacts make me look like I had more makeup on when I only had mascara and eyeliner <3 flash and color contacts! Gonna try grey next month.

#18. Majolica Majorca mascara and BB cream are the shiznits I tell you

#19. I drove to KL *big wet eyes

Such a big achievement for someone like me! The traffic was bad so here I am using my time wisely

#20. At KLCC cause that’s where you should bring tourists to

#21. KLCC love

#22. KLCC love went wrong wtf

That’s all we did for the past two days! We had a lot of malaysian food in between too =D

p.s: I got my one way flight to Hong Kong for…


it’s super cheap!

super super crazy cheap!

Normal price is RM450-500 one way for Airasia/MAS


I got it for!


I rock period

Losing my religion

I’ve been living the most monotonous life you can ever imagine. Such is the agony and ordeal of the working class. My life has been reduced to an endless cycle of being stuck in traffic jams and waiting to go home 12 hours later.

Where has my motivation flown to? What have become of all that drive and passion of wanting to help educate and empower women?

To be completely honest, there is nothing I want more than loitering in malls and hanging out with ‘friends’ now. (‘friends’, because they are nonexistent now — working has greatly reduced my social life to negative seventy point two-five, since I sleep way before my friends do and wake up when they go to bed).

Such is the despair faced by the working class.

Why aren’t there 4 working days instead of 5? What can you do in those 2 pathetic days you aren’t working anyway? Just catching up on sleep will already take up 1.5 days, which only leaves 0.5 days to do random stuff like watching the girls go by and catching flies with chopsticks.

I have not yet started working full-time  and I have already begun to get sick in the stomach just thinking about it. The more I type this, the harder I’m shuddering at the realization that there is now officially only 729 days and 21 hours before I start working for realz. Great I just wasted 2 minutes of that 729 days and 21 hours to do this math. Now there are only 729 days, 20 hours and 58 minutes left to enjoy my days as a student.


Yesterday when I was showering as a student, I took an interest in this particular baby lizard which was happily loitering around the bathroom. As a student, I obviously freaked out and screamed, hoping that the shrill sound I emitted would be strong enough a decibel to knock the baby lizard off its daze.

The baby lizard (which was also really, really, black in color which happens to be an important fact to note because black lizards have black hearts and it was then a correct decision for me as a student to want to kill this baby lizard which is assumed to have an evil evil heart) then scurried away on its 4? tiny feet.

As a student, I had no choice but to assume the responsibility to rid this peaceful world of the baneful existence of these creatures. So I pointed my shower head at that lizard with an evil heart for I had no other form of weapon with me as I was caught in this battle unprepared.

The baby lizard with the black heart then tried to escape but the student in me was quick enough to turn off the shower, wrap the towel around myself, open the door and run as fast as I could to get the Shieldtox and sprayed a copious amount of the pesticide which is composed of prallethrin d-phenothrin tetramethrin (this is important because I’m still a student after all).

Where was I?

Oh, so I sprayed the Shieldtox on that heinous little monster until it got weak in its knees. AND THEN!!!! It had the cheek to use its invisibility cloak when I turned my head to scratch my back!!!!

I tell you, lizards, especially black ones, are the most cunning creatures on earth. I know that because I’m a student.

I gave up and continued showering and out of nowhere, the villain appeared again! It was already very weak by then so the kind hearted student in me decided to spare  its wicked life and so I just sprayed water on it until it went down the shower hole, back to where it truly belonged.

Being a student surely brings so much joy into my life. 729 days, 19 hours and 49 minutes left.

Say no to domestic violence

It’s a great Sunday morning and I finally have time to sit down, breathe and blog!

So my job! I’m now interning at an NGO that helps women and children who live in abusive environments by temporarily providing them shelter, advocating their rights to them and basically help them resettle in whatever ways that we can.

My first week of work had been fun cause I was supposed to just come up with programs for the children and talk to them etc. Usually, I like love adore children but these children that I was dealing with were very very difficult. Eventhough I tried my best to be patient cause these children have been through hell, at the end of the day I just wanted to scream and throw my hands up in the air (like you just don’t care wtf). They almost never do as told and they start hitting each other whenever I look away.

I haven’t found a way to deal with them yet but after a few days, I found a way to enjoy their antics. Although they usually drive my blood pressure up, there were a few moments when I just melt into a puddle of messy goo. Once, I brought them to a nearby park and they went insane with happiness.

(I think they don’t get to go out and play a lot. Some kids told me that they never really get to play and watch TV. Doesn’t this sadden you when you think back of your own childhood? You get to watch TV anytime, play with toys etc and these kids live in a place where they can’t just do what normal kids do)

Anyway, so I brought them to the park and let them play whatever they want to play. It was a big havoc. They were running around and it was hard for me to keep counting to see if everyone was still there. They were fighting in different groups and it was hard for me to stop both groups. Finally, it got late and I had to go back so I told everyone that we had to go.

Guess what? Nobody wanted to leave. There was me alone who reallllllly needed to go, and 9 other kids who refused to go back. I pleaded and scolded and pretended that I was leaving anyway but nobody cared T___T

And then these kids suddenly just started singing. They sang a Tamil song and even danced along like in Bollywood films. Even the 3 year old one sang and danced!! How could I possibly be mad at these cute albeit monstrous creatures? They saw me watching them then they came to give me a hug and said they really like me T_______T How manipulative! Cause then I let them play a little longer *weak

I’m so sad that for some of these children, it’s not a question of whether they’ll fare well later in life or not. For them, it’s merely a question of survival. Can they even survive in this cruel society given their background and current circumstances? What will happen to these innocent children, thanks to their abusive fathers?

Working here just makes me want to grab every single man and strangle him to death wtf. I told Barry that after reading all the case studies of these abused women, it’s so hard for me to believe that men are nice anymore. Most abuse happen after months and years of marriage, so i guess we never really know a person. I walk on the street and look at each couple and wonder, will this seemingly nice gentleman beat her later? I look at married couples with kids and wonder, is the smile on the wife’s face telling me something? Am I being deceived by their faked happiness?

Anyway I’m probably thinking too much into this. For me, the lowest ever possible thing a man can ever do is hit women and hit children. That is a complete sign of weakness. I’m saddened even more when these wives come to believe that being hit is okay because they asked for it by disobeying their husbands and because it’s okay for men to hit women.

In a lot of the cases, something usually happened like the man had an affair or the man got retrenched, before they start abusing their wives. THIS REALLY ANGERS ME! As if it’s our fucking fault that you are cheating on us and you are so bad in your job and that’s why we should be beaten!

ok chill chill wtf.

I think that’s why a lot of the social workers there are rather cold about all these. Because if they are so hot-headed like me, they would so find all these men, put them in an island and let them abuse each other to death. Oh, but before that, cut their penises off first just for the fun of it. I’m such a dangerous person to be around with teehee wtf.

But *serious voice* whatever it is, it’s never okay to hit women and children. You’ll be ruining more lives than you can ever imagine.


1. I sleep before 11 pm every night

2. I get soooo sleepy around 9 pm. WHO gets sleepy that early?? Not even babies!

3. I work from 8-6 when my working hours is 9-5 T___T cause Barry has to send me first so I have to go earlier T_T

4. I do NOT get paid

5. I am very very emotionally drained

6. I enjoy my job very much but I see things that make me lose faith in humanity everyday

7. I wish one person can make more changes in the world

8. I really have so much to blog about but I’m way too sleepy

9. Why are some men so cruel?

10. It’s time for bed

My week

Sorry sorry I really have no time to blog now although I’m in high spirits to blog right now. I’ve already started my internship and as usual, it’s back to the waking up at 6.30am and sleeping before 11.30pm routine again. Even so, I’m not getting my required 8 hours of sleep wuwu. Will talk about my work later.

Firstly! My week! What have I been up to?? I haven’t blogged for an ENTIRE WEEK *GASPS

I’ve never not blogged for this long before! What have become of me! Lazier and fatter that’s what T__T You’ll see..

Jammie brought me to this eyebrow threading place! I was an eyebrow threading virgin before this *big wet eyes

So much nicer than plucking myself!

So Giang and her boyfriend, Linh, came to visit me last week! This is Linh and Barry waiting for us while we shopped. Aiya wait a bit also cannot wtf

Giang and Linh =D

Us with her beloved hello kitty

One fine day after I spent so much time curling my hair

after FIVE minutes T_________T I hate this seriously. I woke up so early for shit ah

I also changed cause I looked exceptionally fat that day so I couldn’t wear a tube dress. I threw such a big tantrum that day cause everything about me went sooo wrong. Must be the PMS *blames

Majolica Majorca mascara which is amazing! But a pain to remove

Barry Marry Strawberry

Me, looking bitchy wtf. I’m not bitchy one ok although I look like I am..I’m only mean when I’m in a very bad mood.

Usually I’m like this one wtf. This is my favorite pastime now! Putting random pieces of food on my teeth and take pictures. This time I took chili and almost burnt my tongue to death..

HAHAHAHA! This is the most unflattering angle EVER! Try it! Even if you’re damnnnn good looking, you’ll end up looking like shit too!

Omg look at my meaty arms. I hate it that the first parts that get fat first will be my arms and shoulders and upper back!! Make me look so bulky T_T

Oh by the way, this was at Timothy’s birthday party!



NICHOLAS YOU DAMN STUPID LAH HAHAHAHA your eyebrows hahahahha damn funny!!!!

Us with the drunk birthday boy

HAHAHA can you spot nicholas again??

With Jammie and the man with them brows wtf

look at what barry did to me!!! domestic violence sial wtf. No lah actually he was playing wii and I walked in front of him and chiakkkkkkkkk and wuwuwuuwu and sorry sorry baby sorry and wuwuwuwu somemore

look at the fats on my back! sigh this is what malaysian food does to people T_T I won’t even bother photoshopping it cause lying to myself will only make me eat more..

With Giang in her hotel room. Guess what we were doing!

Nyehehe! Soaking our feet after a long day of walking. Don’t know why was the water green though!

🙂 Thanks for coming babe! I hope you liked Msia!

My crown earring!

We had one hour to kill before dinner with my family so guess what we did wtf. We went to the cyber cafe hahaha! We played SPORE, this amazing game created by the creators of The Sims! Sooo fun!

Then we went to Sheraton for buffet and I ate sooooo much and now I feel so guilty 🙁 But the food was free! Cause my sister works there for her training thingy now. So, yays!

OK 11.30pm sharp, time to sleep! Shit forgot to talk about my job. Will talk about it next time. Sorry for the hiatus, hope this post made up for it!

You know how sometimes you wake up and you’ll go ok today I really don’t feel like blogging at all but I should write something just so my readers won’t think someone kidnapped me and chopped me into a million pieces but I really don’t know what to say should I say err hello I’m still alive or should I say something more interesting like hello I can’t blog cause I’ve been busy running around playing tourist guide or should I talk about the Tiger Party where I basically just stoned around most of the time?

but I really don’t feel like blogging. It’s just one of those days.

A Few Days in My Life

A-few-days-in-my-life-in-Malaysia-for-the-first-two-weeks-before-I-start-my-internship post!

I love this time of the year cause it’s my total relaxation period. I can wake up whenever I want, sleep whenever I want and do whatever I want! Woohoo!

So this is what I’ve been up to these few days..

(+25 pictures under the cut(mostly camwhore shots))

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