An Insomniac’s Conversation with Herself

Being an insomniac is so not funny anymore and I’m putting all the blame solely on my roommate. 1. cause I really think it is really her fault and 2. she doesn’t read my blog so putting the blame on her rather than myself makes things easier.

1. I never ever had problems falling asleep before till I got here. Before this, I can fall asleep almost whenever I want and I gracefully accept that as god’s gift to me wtf. BUT here, my roommate has some dunno what A.D.D and she takes some dunno what pill and does NOT sleep at all. One will think that she takes the pill to help her concentrate in doing her schoolwork but no! She takes it so she can play WARCRAFT the whole night. *faints

Therefore conclusion is, it disrupts my sleep greatly because I can hear her typing to her warcraft mates asking for sword or army wtf. So nevermind, I resort to asking Angie to donate her earplugs to me. Sleep came by easily for the next week or so until one day when I woke up and realized that they’re missing T____T


As you can see, I’m damn free wtf.

Sigh so nowadays I usually take an hour or more to fall asleep even when I’m really tired and sleepy and even when said culprit is not even playing warcraft. It’s like I’m already used to not being able to fall asleep. Long ago when I could fall asleep anytime, I just had to start talking to myself (not aloud la) and the moment when my thoughts became incoherent, that was when sleep would engulf me completely. I would then not fight its possession over me and let myself be consumed totally by it. It was bliss.

But that was long long time ago. Now I can talk to myself forever and without knowing it, the sun will be up and I’ll still be talking to myself.

Example of conversation with myself:

Ok time to sleep! I’m soooo tired yawn.

*blinks 35 times and pretends to yawn again

I’m really tired! and sleepy! I can sleep anytime soon! YAWNNN

Oh I didn’t crack my waist, no wonder I can’t fall asleep! I must crack my waist before I sleep everynight!

*twists body in awkward angle to left, and to right.

*still wide awake

OHHH I forgot to crack my knuckles (fingers and toes)! Silly me!

*cracks every single crack-able part of my body

Hmm what shall I eat tomorrow..Shit did I finish my homework?!?!!$@ Oh I did fuh.

*40 minutes later

OHH I forgot to meditate that’s why can’t fall asleep! Ohm…ohm.. namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammasambudhasa ohm..(WTF why i still remember this)

*60 minutes later

T____________T Why am I still awake I hate myself got class at 8am tomorrow lahhh T__T looks like I have no choice but to skip my morning class. Case resolved.

*falls asleep peacefully

Sigh that’s basically how it is for me EVERY single night. But of course the conversation goes on longer than that. I’ll think of everything think-able like what to blog, what to wear tomorrow, if I should go mall or not, how many days I haven’t shat already, why didn’t I eat vege, why is the sky blue, why did the chicken really cross the road, seriously lah everything imaginable. It’s a wonder why I never ran out of things to think about one lor when it comes to this.

Really really suffering man. Somemore I’m running out of things to ohm with when I meditate. *reminds self to google Buddhist Chants wtf. Last time when I went Buddhist school wtf I damn pro at the whole bhagavato thing one.

Of My Kiam Siapness

I’m so happy! Cause it’s only RM15 to post 1 kg worth of stuff here from Msia!

I’m SOOO forcing my mom to send me indomie/har mee/maggi tom yam! And my favorite biskut ketam! What?? You don’t know what’s biskut ketam?!


This, ladies and gents, is biskut ketam, which happens to be the BEST snack in the world. It’s also known as tam tam/pillow biscuit.

Anyway moving on, I also want the green peas with that white thing! And the yellow ball-y thing! I love those so damn much.

Seriously anyone wants to send stuff to their beloved homesick blogger here? *big wet eyes

p.s: i heard SPM is tomorrow? Well good luck, horses =)

p.p.s: I saw a very nice Guess bag on sale yesterday. $40 after 60% discount (RM140) and I DIDN’T buy it. I honestly hate myself sometimes. It was reallyyyy nice and big and so freaking worth it and the most ‘brand-est’ thing I ever get for myself is..Forever 21 wtf.

I SHOULD SO TOTALLY BUY IT LOR! But I didn’t. Guess why? (guess wtf) CAUSE I can’t! Cause I’m supposed to be stingy like that! Cause that’s so Suet Li and I can’t not be so Suet Li. I can totally afford the $40 and in fact, I HAVE the $40 with me but..but..ARGH. I hate myself T_T

I always tell this to myself whenever I see something nice. “don’t get it Suet it’s ok, just walk away. slowly now, just walk..away..the guilt will go away but the money will never come back” WTF and it always works!

But I’m starting to get tired of it. Seriously I have so much money in my bank account, even more than my mom and whenever she asks me when am I ever going to use it, I’ll say “USE IT?? OF COURSE NOT! I’m gonna save it till I REALLY need it” and she’ll then give me a talk on how money is meant to be used sometimes. Can you imagine my mom telling me to spend instead of save?? And then I’ll usually give her a super long talk on how saving is good cause bank gives you interest (free money $__$) wtf and it’s more worth it compared to spending on clothes etc.

And whenever we go Giant or whatever wtf, my bro and sis hate it when I go along cause I won’t let them buy snacks/useless stuff because it’s a waste of money.

And I manage my family’s account.

And my mom usually consults me when it comes to financial stuff cause I’ll calculate like crazy and come up with the most economical budget wtf. Like when we go grocery shopping then she’ll go “eh should I buy A or B?” and I’ll hold up my calculator (yes i’m one of those aunties who brings a calculator to supermarkets wtf) and calculate how much is 1g of A and how much is 1g of B and see which one is cheaper. Repeats process for every single thing we buy.

I know I know everyone hates me now. I hate myself for being like this too but hmm why do I feel proud when I list all these useless things down? Being stingy sucks ok. I’m always the one who have the least fun when I go theme parks or whatever cause I’ll be busy calculating how much I’ve spent today and end up not having fun at all.

I can so see myself earning a lot in the future but still drive a kancil and live in a flat wtf. Sigh I don’t want that life 🙁 (not really, imagine all that money in my bank!! =D wtf)

(looks like my whole entry is based on my p.p.s wtf)

Wear Yellow Day


I can’t believe this is all happening back home! In Malaysia!


The road I used to take to Nuffnang’s office everyday!


I got lost here once! near Masjid Jamek right??


(pictures from kickdefella.wordpress)

Everything is so familiar and scary. I never thought I’ll wake up one day to see all this happening in my country. Burma yes, Thailand yes, but Malaysia??

C’mon isn’t it supposed to be a peaceful protest? Then why the teargas! Why the water with chemical!

I’m so proud of each and everyone of you who was there today. You guys really made history. You guys proved to me that Malaysians are not a bunch of domestic fowls who sit at home and complain incessantly. You proved to me that we, no matter how insignificantly unimportant and small to the making of this country, can make a significantly large difference.

I don’t know if what happened today will actually make a difference, what’s with our own NATIONAL NEWSPAPER refusing to talk about it at all. Seriously, I’ve lost whatever respect I used to have for our local media. Thank you so much for giving us a completely biased and skewed updates of what happened.

Stupid RTM news here

Damn stupid ok not only did they juxtaposed the protest in Malaysia with other obviously much more violent protests in other countries to brainwash us rakyats of how violent these people are, they even say that it’s outside our “budaya”.

Fuck off la!!! What do you mean outside our budaya? Is it our budaya to have corrupted officials in the first place? Is it our budaya to cheat in the national election? IS IT our budaya to simply throw teargas and chemicals at a completely peaceful protest?

If it’s our budaya to oppress other people’s voices, if it’s out budaya to not show what we believe in and hide in the comforts of our own homes forever, then this is not the country where I came from and I don’t want to be a part of it anymore.

A more accurate update here

I know we can’t do shit from where we are


but we can wear yellow =)

HAHHAA that’s Aud transforming into a trash lady wtf

Again, I’m so proud of everyone. I kept wishing that I’m back home so I can march along with pride with these people. I know I’ll surely cry one wtf. Seriously watching the news gave me goosebumps all over what makes you think I won’t cry if I’m there T_T

I love you, brave countrymen (and women).

p.s: Thank you for choosing yellow! It’s my favorite color! I’ve always liked the yellow power ranger anyway wtf. Daulat Tuanku! (these words give me goosebumps too, dunno why)

Oh Let Me Die Now

Today I had the best dinner ever. EVER. I can now die a happy woman.


A damn good bowl of instant har mee is the way to go, along with sneakily stolen egg and grilled chicken from the salad bar. Seriously this is so so so good, bless you whoever that decided to invent instant har mee. Now will someone please invent instant char kuey teow, pan mee, chicken rice, nasi lemak and thai fried rice please!!!

Looking at the picture now makes me want to cry cause I only had one packet of that and I already ate it T______T

Yesterday I was taking a shower when I reached for my toothbrush and toothpaste. After squeezing the toothpaste on my toothbrush, I realized just in the nick of time that whatever I squeezed out does not look like toothpaste at all.

Indeedy indeedy, it was my face wash that I squeezed out wtf =.=Fuh almost wasted my expensive face wash on my teeth.

I was talking to my mom yesterday and she told me that one of my cousins, during a big family gathering, showed EVERYONE my blog. *FAINTS

They even watched my video of me in my stupid accent showing my stupid room around. She said “everyone couldn’t recognize which one is you cause all 3 of you (aud, angie, me) look alike, even I couldn’t recognize”

Where got own mother dunno which is her own daughter she carried in her womb for 9 months and nurtured for 19 years one you tell me.

Dear Weather God, you cannot do this to me. I am so NOT prepared yet. Did you ask me whether if it’s ok for it to happen now? Did you ask my permission first? Then how can you simply assume that I’m prepared already!!

Friday Night

Slight Chance Light Snow Showers


It’s only November!! I’m still not used to 4 celcius and you’re gonna bring me snow?!

When I told my roommate this then she said IT’S ABOUT TIME ALREADY, YAY!

dot dot dot.

Eh I’m still damn not used to this blog. I feel like shifting back to my blogdrive T_T

Do you prefer this layout or my old one ah? Maybe I should import my old layout here.

Jay Chou’s new album rocks, thanks Cass!


everyone, don’t relink me first ok? I’m changing my domain to soon after I make up my mind to pay that $10 a year (ya not $4 =( ) or not. Either that or it’ll be, shorter.

That’s all for now! It’s 7celcius outside. I wore my winter jacket for the first time and it was still cold!!! #%!%!#$ what is this! Now only autumn leh.

Ok that’s all babai.

Hello World wtf

Hi everyone!! Selamat datang wtf

Nice leh my new layout. Super damn kao random suddenly got highway, tunnel and bull wtf. I like random, random is good mmm. Anyway welcome to my new blog! I’m tired of my old blog for now. Damn suck right always can’t load, I wanna sue blogdrive already. This blog is kindly hosted by Andrew so everyone, say thank you Andrew wtf.

For those of you who don’t know me, hi my name is not sweatlee. I’m Suet Li, 19, in a relationship wtf. Lazy wanna intro myself so you can read my archives if you want. DO read ok i painstakingly transfered all of them here ONE by ONE T__T Wah wordpress damn nice to use hor *jakun wtf. It automatically saves whatever I write as draft, perfect for stupid people like me who always accidentally press back or accidentally close the page.

I’m treating this as a temporary blog for now till my old blog rights itself and regains my trust again wtf. Yes what’s with the annoying WTFs?? I’m sorry I use wtf as a punctuation wtf. I say it whenever or wherever I deem necessary, which is the end of every sentence wtf. My loyal readers don’t mind the unnecessary (and somewhat rude but humorous) punctuations so why should you? Anywayyy, this is how I look like:


Sorry lah I’m so ugly but I’m human too ok, got feelings one. Just because I look like a monkey (only slightly what) doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to blog. Ok fine so I actually look like this:


What?? Just because I’m 80 then I can’t blog is it?! what do you have against poor old me T_T Somemore my husband (deceased-oh bless his poor soul!) gave me that dandy red shawl for my 70th birthday one.

I’m so bad make fun of ugly and old people wtf. Both pictures are not of anyone real ok, they are both drawn I think.

Sigh I hate the weather now. It got dark at 5pm today. 5 PM GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME. It felt as if half the day was gone and all I felt like doing then was to just hop on my bed and sleep. It’s supposed to only get dark at 6 (as if 6 is damn late) but thanks to the daylight savings, it’s dark at 5 T_T

Oh daylight savings is, according to wikipedia, “the convention of advancing clocks so that afternoons have more daylight and mornings have less. Typically clocks are adjusted forward one hour near the start of spring and are adjusted backward in autumn.”

Basically everyone has to adjust their clocks an hour back so yay for the extra hour of sleep but no yay to days getting dark by 5pm.

Alright the end of my first post. Tell me if you like my random layout! Don’t tell me if you don’t wtf. And thanks for reading me again, it’s my pleasure to be at your service wtf.

p.s: I don’t know why everything is in spanish and am too dumb to change it >.> just learn a new language la wtf

p.p.s: looks like I’m not as dumb as I thought I was wtf. Everything is in English now hallelujah!